Woman Accidentally Slips Thumb in Girl's Crotch While Lifting Her - 1169996


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  • Lonny Park
    Lonny Park21 天 前

    Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

  • Dark Ness
    Dark Ness25 天 前

    Quick! Smell your thumb while it's still fresh. 👍👍👍👍👉👌👍👍👍👍

  • ReDmAn
    ReDmAn25 天 前

    Whole new meaning to thumbs up 👍🏽

  • Madame Lesfressange
    Madame Lesfressange28 天 前

    That thumb went straight to her magic fwem fwem 🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • TIA1988
    TIA198829 天 前

    The way she reacted lol

  • Yae Yoe
    Yae Yoe个月 前

    She likes it

  • Bo Goss
    Bo Goss个月 前

    Girl? Looks like a dude.

  • NYX
    NYX个月 前


  • Joel Dahanga
    Joel Dahanga个月 前


  • Relax Your Mind
    Relax Your Mind个月 前

    As a woman that didnt hurt but it wasnt comfortable either something tells me she been wanting to do that

  • king lone
    king lone个月 前

    Bruh that girl touch her g spot while her cloth on

  • Zer0gen
    Zer0gen个月 前

    Instant horny.

  • JezzmanGAMES
    JezzmanGAMES个月 前

    The thumbnail is golden!

  • 99
    99个月 前

    Orgasmic clip indeed

  • manny2fs
    manny2fs个月 前

    2 in the goo one in the.... nevermind

  • MrBeastEs
    MrBeastEs个月 前

    Yeah, she did it in purpose

  • Robin Persaud
    Robin Persaud个月 前

    let me try my new visa card here

  • Mr. darkchocolate
    Mr. darkchocolate个月 前

    *Sighs* grabs lotion

  • tickle 4 ever
    tickle 4 ever个月 前

    Omfg I fucking thought that chick's arm just went into the woman they are holding.

  • Manuel Rogoz
    Manuel Rogoz个月 前

    "Thumbs can go up, down and in." ~ Somebody

  • Manuel Rogoz

    Manuel Rogoz

    15 天 前

    @poemkid1 Hahaha

  • poemkid1


    16 天 前


  • ThotKilla420
    ThotKilla420个月 前

    The day she became a woman

  • Miguel Castaneda
    Miguel Castaneda个月 前

    now she owes her 50$ for happy ending

  • PeeKayEx
    PeeKayEx个月 前

    “There are master oogway” -No accident

  • Steven Amato

    Steven Amato

    29 天 前

    I caused this

  • Rafael Andrade
    Rafael Andrade个月 前


  • Ross Templeton
    Ross Templeton个月 前

    CNboth Recommended this to me, Priceless... And I can't even get a 1000 subs

  • Subhankar Paul
    Subhankar Paul个月 前

    She's just checking

  • Sarthak Shresth
    Sarthak Shresth个月 前

    1.9 M views and 1.9 million subscribers!

  • Equinsu Ocha
    Equinsu Ocha个月 前

    Looks like the girl on the left called her a fat ass.

  • bongolol1
    bongolol1个月 前

    why is every comment a quote?

  • baddie b

    baddie b

    个月 前

    Ikr! It's mostly people copying each other!

  • S67S ASD
    S67S ASD个月 前

    I’ll never see the like button the same way as before again

  • Bruce Jackson
    Bruce Jackson个月 前

    That made her day

  • Rusty Quartzy
    Rusty Quartzy个月 前

    CNboth says: No swearing Me: Why this RM Videos? Why is this on my recommended?!?!? Stupid

  • justin william salter
    justin william salter个月 前

    entertainment for your children

  • justin william salter
    justin william salter个月 前

    she would of swollowed the whole fist if it werent for the lycra we all know what goes on back stage

  • brendan wilson
    brendan wilson个月 前

    No that’s a full on bloke an a half right there

  • StevoB
    StevoB个月 前

    brooooo lmaoooooo

  • Timothy Lawson
    Timothy Lawson个月 前

    Sure it was a accident!

  • Salt Trader
    Salt Trader个月 前

    She wasn't too worried about it in the end

  • Marco Tardini
    Marco Tardini个月 前

    A thousand years of pain...

  • SuperMichael 98
    SuperMichael 98个月 前

    “Famous Movie Quote” - Movie character

  • Deviant Devil
    Deviant Devil个月 前

    So, son. Tonight I'll tell you the tale of how thumbalina got her name...

  • Manie Mane
    Manie Mane个月 前

    Lovely 💘

  • Home Depot
    Home Depot个月 前


  • fobo420
    fobo420个月 前

    Damn i mean hell of a way to celebrate

  • Bryle
    Bryle个月 前

    "Thumbs up" for that.

  • Original American
    Original American个月 前


  • Geezabreak Man
    Geezabreak Man个月 前

    Ah a human puppet

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous个月 前


  • JonThis IsMoody
    JonThis IsMoody个月 前


  • Louis Olivarez
    Louis Olivarez个月 前


  • FloBraMan
    FloBraMan个月 前

    Now, THERE'S a face that says "OHHHHHHHH, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found youuuuuuu!"

  • Saging Lord
    Saging Lord个月 前

    The day that she gave up being a lesbian

  • Cxrtez
    Cxrtez个月 前

    Meanwhile.. the girl on the right has no idea what just happened

  • Saajan Raee
    Saajan Raee个月 前

    Oh wow

  • cookiegirl14uwu
    cookiegirl14uwu个月 前

    i thought she misplaced a water bottle in the front of the pants .. i wasn't paying attention to the thumbnail

  • baddie b

    baddie b

    个月 前

    Nah you knew or else your comment would have been edited.

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace个月 前

    Quick oil check thumbs up sis your well lubricated 🏅

  • Babbayagga
    Babbayagga个月 前

    She did that on purpose we all know that

  • Hadid Harahap
    Hadid Harahap个月 前

    My gf never made that kind of face. Thank you youtube for telling me about this technique. Now all I need to do is to find a gf

  • daenerys targaryen
    daenerys targaryen个月 前

    Thats a girl?

  • Moonrock
    Moonrock个月 前

    It wasn't her first

  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales个月 前

    That was funny

  • Anthony Collini
    Anthony Collini个月 前

    Is that how they make fish fingers?

  • Karim Barouda
    Karim Barouda个月 前


  • Steve Gardner
    Steve Gardner个月 前

    2021 worthless

  • Samantha Reilly
    Samantha Reilly个月 前

    没有事故。 (Translate this).

  • Miguel
    Miguel个月 前


  • Maverick 41
    Maverick 41个月 前

    Poor attempt at a “Ramboing”

  • MegaRudeBoy69
    MegaRudeBoy69个月 前

    * Poggers *

  • Lorik Qui'in
    Lorik Qui'in个月 前

    That was a battlecry!

  • CallardAndBowser
    CallardAndBowser个月 前

    Hitting the G spot the Hard Way.

  • tavi
    tavi个月 前

    When you realize this man almost has 2 mil subs

  • Shivansh Singh
    Shivansh Singh个月 前

    Her reaction was like she knew the whole Avengers endgame 2 years before and when she saw it she was like this.....😂

  • wenaldy
    wenaldy个月 前

    What kind of gender is that?

  • Jasim Zahoor
    Jasim Zahoor个月 前

    Lmfao the video itself was funny but then the uploader spiced it up with the slow Mo! Thanks to them now my stomach hurts!

  • Zayne Beharie
    Zayne Beharie个月 前

    accidentaly.............yeah right 0:05 look at the pleasure on her face LMAO 😂😂😂 but why is her hand there anyway tho

  • ꧁Just meh꧂
    ꧁Just meh꧂个月 前

    I am speechless Her face tho

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar个月 前

    Men don't comment

  • NB. PH Gamer
    NB. PH Gamer个月 前

    Every hole has an entrance.

  • Antwun Trademark
    Antwun Trademark个月 前


  • Donny Darko
    Donny Darko个月 前

    Look magic that girl made her thumb disappear tah-dah!!

  • Hussnain khan
    Hussnain khan个月 前

    UAV online

  • James Gatz
    James Gatz个月 前

    Video gets a thumbs up from me

  • mintu kalita
    mintu kalita个月 前


  • BardooCicada
    BardooCicada个月 前

    CNboth: SWEARING IS BAD IT'S WORSE THAN WW2 Also CNboth: Hey check this out

  • Lainiel San Angel
    Lainiel San Angel个月 前

    She just discovered the true meaning of life.

  • blud diamond
    blud diamond个月 前

    "that ass"

  • blud diamond
    blud diamond个月 前

    Sly grin but even funnier the chick darting out from the side in the background

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary个月 前

    With that reaction maybe she wasn't lesbian... but she might become one now after this

  • Psycho Diary
    Psycho Diary个月 前

    Ok but actually what is '1169996'? A date, her ID or something?

  • Gretchen Reilly
    Gretchen Reilly个月 前

    That's gotta hurt so bad

  • Thouyangba Naorem
    Thouyangba Naorem个月 前

    What if the whole fingers

  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
    Lorenzo Von Matterhorn个月 前

    "There are no Oogways" - Master Accident

  • Steven Amato

    Steven Amato

    29 天 前

    Steven Amato is responsible for this comment

  • Isoya Yasuji
    Isoya Yasuji个月 前

    _I’m sorry I thought that was a dude, would’ve freaked out the entire world_

  • Nuggets
    Nuggets个月 前

    I think she just turned her on 😂

  • Stevey Ray
    Stevey Ray个月 前

    Are there no accidents? Oogways Master.

  • Strawburry_ _playz91
    Strawburry_ _playz91个月 前

    The pain in her face just made me laugh like just look at it


    Thumbs in im da winner, ok 1,2,3, hiyah, we got that on camera, oh yeah I think she liked it, completely inappropriate

  • shaik NOORULLA
    shaik NOORULLA个月 前

    0:05 might be fine goes inside

  • Armand Seokardi
    Armand Seokardi个月 前

    Just a happy little accident -Bob Ross

  • Brad Libby
    Brad Libby个月 前

    My kind of woman.