Who Is Better With The Ladies? Lando Norris vs. Carlos Sainz


Join Matt, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz as we play a game of Mr & Mrs at the McLaren F1 car launch! Who’s more likely to pee in their seat?
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  • jack sabbath
    jack sabbath20 天 前

    McLaren stinks.....

  • Mini Bonzo
    Mini Bonzo29 天 前

    “Hes the social media king but my memes” im in stitches 😂

  • Sport Fanatics
    Sport Fanatics个月 前

    Why does lando seem like a kid?

  • Beau Goddard
    Beau Goddard个月 前

    Glad to see Sainz' move payed off. McLaren and Ferrari are on par for a tight fight for 3rd.

  • Di M
    Di M个月 前

    They are like 2 drops of water

  • Harrison Morgan
    Harrison Morgan3 个月 前

    4:38 Lando: we're both shocking. Matt: Yes but who is better? I think matt wanted the answer you know🤣🤣

  • janvi merchant
    janvi merchant4 个月 前

    It’s like they know each other so well man ugh I hate that they’re not teammates anymore

  • Kahin
    Kahin4 个月 前

    The host looks like a mix of both racees

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman4 个月 前

    my favorite team

  • Klaus Neumann
    Klaus Neumann5 个月 前

    Turn 1 sochi


    they sing in the car together awwww

  • Jc2112
    Jc21125 个月 前

    1:38 That question aged so well since that Lando hornet "crisis"

  • M Szerlag
    M Szerlag6 个月 前

    Stuff that was recorded just before COVID is weird to watch.

  • Komal Pote
    Komal Pote6 个月 前

    Please do more videos with them

  • Nuwantha Panangala Gamage
    Nuwantha Panangala Gamage6 个月 前

    2:12 Look out for Sainz braking late in turn one everywhere....Sochi...I understand why Carlos was trying to be a hero now...

  • Elfoni
    Elfoni7 个月 前

    Im a simple man, i see Carlos Sainz or McLaren in the title , i click

  • Evan Marcon
    Evan Marcon7 个月 前

    Carlos wins the meme of the year thanks to all the Ferrari memes

  • Giulia Mazzoni
    Giulia Mazzoni7 个月 前

    "Who's the better singer?" Me: SMOOOOTH OPERATOOOR (and the rollercoaster obv)

  • Becca
    Becca7 个月 前

    Lando looks like he's pogging in that picture

  • Emma Pullen
    Emma Pullen7 个月 前

    Lando ‘can’t do both mum’ oh my god his mum was there 😂 I love a lad that loves his mum

  • Dora
    Dora7 个月 前

    Cam we have another one of these with Carlos and Lando please?

  • Anna Sigala
    Anna Sigala7 个月 前

    1:55 well we saw it with the hornets in your room mate 😂

  • Maaike Korting
    Maaike Korting7 个月 前

    Never appreciated how funny Carlos is

  • tg72201
    tg722017 个月 前

    Question: Who would be better in a crisis? My immediate thought: THERE'S A HORNET THE SIZE OF A BIRD, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, ITS RESISTING THE HOOVER

  • tg72201


    26 天 前

    @Fawzia Adiba look up "lando norris hornet" and watch the WTF1 video that comes up

  • Fawzia Adiba

    Fawzia Adiba

    27 天 前

    i want the context

  • hxiil


    4 个月 前

    That’s perfect I’m crying 😭 😂😂😂

  • George Fox
    George Fox7 个月 前

    1:56 the hornets are coming to get you

  • SugoiRyan
    SugoiRyan7 个月 前

    Sainz is the Mr., Lando is the Mrs.

  • Paulo Monteiro
    Paulo Monteiro8 个月 前

    Who's the bigger diva? Hamilton, by years

  • Luca Buckley
    Luca Buckley8 个月 前

    Some of these Lando looks like he’s contemplating life choices

  • Eder Lozano
    Eder Lozano8 个月 前

    What an amazing these guys mate I'm going to miss them in the same scuderia buuuuut for the next year Baldo and Avocado it's going to be incredibly 😂😂😂

  • Jess Jess
    Jess Jess8 个月 前

    I can’t believe this is 6 months ago!

  • Ammar Dhamiri
    Ammar Dhamiri8 个月 前

    This means u need more subs

  • Ammar Dhamiri
    Ammar Dhamiri8 个月 前

    That dude in the blue sweater is WTF1?

  • Marc Init

    Marc Init

    7 个月 前

    Nah thats Matt

  • Lucy Bennett Gaming
    Lucy Bennett Gaming8 个月 前

    Who would be better in a crisis Carlos: Me I keep the cooler head Lando: I just panic LANDO FREAKING OUT OVER A WASP 😂

  • kevo1978
    kevo19788 个月 前

    I'm gutted these two won't be team mates anymore after this year however Norris/Ricciardo should be just as good if not better.

  • JoshuaW_2
    JoshuaW_28 个月 前

    He is the social media king *but my memes*

  • SilverBerryB
    SilverBerryB8 个月 前

    can't do both mum

  • Lmeow
    Lmeow8 个月 前

    3:00 I'm sure that should have been Lando - fulltime streamer

  • Aryaa Karthik
    Aryaa Karthik9 个月 前

    Their chemistry>>>>>>>

  • JJ4824
    JJ48249 个月 前

    1:39 nice foreshadowing Matt 😡

  • KonKar Pinguin
    KonKar Pinguin9 个月 前

    0:58 The mechanic love was already there back then

  • elizabeth Jeffs
    elizabeth Jeffs9 个月 前

    Love rewatching these. Carlos is so caring with how he answers everything, you can tell he never wants to put Lando down or say anything negative about him, it’s so sweet!

  • Rahil Parkar
    Rahil Parkar9 个月 前

    Lando is the sort of person you would always have a laugh riot with

  • BenSturgess HD
    BenSturgess HD9 个月 前

    god the host is so fucking annoying

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen9 个月 前

    Matt looks like an English Carlos Sainz hahaha

  • ShanePerkins Gaming
    ShanePerkins Gaming9 个月 前

    Even T1 at Russia????

  • Kenny Patts
    Kenny Patts9 个月 前

    I don’t want Carlos to leave 😭😭😭

  • Luca Previati
    Luca Previati9 个月 前

    Actually the admission of Carlos in being a good meme is a meme itself. Nice one Carlos.

  • Edge Dislocation
    Edge Dislocation9 个月 前

    God lando looks super cute here

  • JW97
    JW979 个月 前

    1:38 Let's analyse. One signed for Ferrari, the other shaved their head. I think they both didn't do well in a crisis.

  • Beau Goddard

    Beau Goddard

    个月 前

    This didn't age well. Ferrari are almost back...

  • Stella Duson

    Stella Duson

    5 个月 前

    I was eating something and i was reading this comment. Conclusion i almost choked.

  • Ricard Casanovas Pons

    Ricard Casanovas Pons

    5 个月 前


  • Nikoleta Molnárová

    Nikoleta Molnárová

    6 个月 前

    im dying 😂😂😂

  • Nikola karen Wibisono

    Nikola karen Wibisono

    8 个月 前

    and then the duel of Lando and two hornets / wasp idk

  • Syb Yt
    Syb Yt9 个月 前


  • nude1auf1auf
    nude1auf1auf9 个月 前

    2:58 For now, Lando has this one covered.

  • Not Sosig Ramsey
    Not Sosig Ramsey10 个月 前

    Who's more likely to pee in their seat? Yenson my frrrend !

  • Morgan Fajersson
    Morgan Fajersson10 个月 前

    Can´t just Charles go to Mclaren and Lando to Ferrari for 2021?

  • Dario Manfron
    Dario Manfron11 个月 前

    1:43 COVID-19 came to test it

  • Péter Gánicz
    Péter Gánicz11 个月 前

    Who is here after Sainz signed to Ferrari.

  • WassapDude94
    WassapDude94年 前

    3:01 spanish BWOAH

  • full movies uk
    full movies uk年 前

    Late breaking "well look out for that this season".........

  • Mr Typo
    Mr Typo年 前

    McLaren: The meme team

  • sasukecruz2000
    sasukecruz2000年 前

    can’t believe this just popped up on my feed

  • Sean Dowell
    Sean Dowell年 前

    Love it

  • Clare Atkinson
    Clare Atkinson年 前

    Matt: we will look out for that this season This season: lol no

  • Deacon McDonagh
    Deacon McDonagh年 前

    Carlos virus

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones年 前

    Carlos science

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths年 前

    2:15 ...if there is one

  • LGS
    LGS年 前

    2:15 Well that didn't age well

  • Sitranine
    Sitranine年 前

    It's adorable that their answers are consistent with one another

  • Rhea Rosingana
    Rhea Rosingana年 前

    They both work for , “ McLaren”, cool!

  • Arran Clark
    Arran Clark年 前


  • Eddie
    Eddie年 前

    2:16 are you sure about that?

  • Jaylah
    Jaylah年 前

    Two words. MEME LORD

  • Juan Núñez
    Juan Núñez年 前

    Who's the best singer? Carlos: Lando: Me: Smooooth Operatoooor !!

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion年 前

    Great team. The grew allot and i feel a bright future coming.

  • TNH
    TNH年 前

    Carlos has a girlfried??????? and it's not me???? i'm suing

  • Andy.mtb. Vlogs
    Andy.mtb. Vlogs年 前

    Such a bro mance. Most fun two drivers in f1 for sure. Landos lil laugh gets me. Bless him

  • D McC
    D McC年 前

    Nobody can sing better than the smooth operator!!

  • alone vera
    alone vera年 前

    carlos remind me of those hot playboy guys and lando reminds of boys at my college hehe

  • Matt Newman
    Matt Newman年 前

    A driver partnership that needs to be kept together for the rest of their years in the sport, regardless of success they bring so much to the team through the fans

  • Cynthia Wijnen
    Cynthia Wijnen年 前

    Who is Carlos’s girlfriend?

  • Valentina Maria
    Valentina Maria年 前

    Loved itttt

  • Tom Murphy
    Tom Murphy年 前

    Love this game ahahahah

  • Andrew Surowiec
    Andrew Surowiec年 前

    Respect for Lando for saving Carlos' ass with the who's better with the ladies question

  • Andrew Nanlohy
    Andrew Nanlohy年 前

    I hope if they ever fight for WDC their relationship would survive. I know it's a longshot but one can hope.

  • devonte276
    devonte276年 前

    Saw you in s02e03 matty!

  • Simon
    Simon年 前

    Could’ve at least printed in colour

  • tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
    tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG年 前

    It's unbelievable how similar Carlos Sainz Jr looks to when his dad was the same age. They are the absolute spitting image of each other.

  • Varun Patwal
    Varun Patwal年 前

    That picture is from USA I guarantee it. Matt

  • Kena
    Kena年 前

    1:32 The sound Lando made lmao I died

  • Cal Kestis

    Cal Kestis

    年 前

    Goodness 😂

  • Bronco 787
    Bronco 787年 前

    We all know lando is the meme lord

  • Yourworstnightmare Ever
    Yourworstnightmare Ever年 前

    my aunts likes Carlos .pls don't ask who i like☺️

  • Epicoof
    Epicoof年 前

    Imagine if hamilton and bottas had a bromance....

  • Wishwere Perera
    Wishwere Perera年 前

    Matt: Who wears the craziest outfits? Carlos : Lanno.

  • Wishwere Perera

    Wishwere Perera

    年 前


  • 聖なる天使


    年 前

    im dying rn lol

  • Sticky Viper
    Sticky Viper年 前

    I saw you made into Formula 1: Drive to survive for just a few seconds. Season 2, episode 3, 2:40

  • Centurion 78
    Centurion 78年 前

    I hope lando and carlos stays in mclaren

  • Babaloey15
    Babaloey15年 前

    Is Lando baked? lol

  • Raihan Abdillah
    Raihan Abdillah年 前

    They Both Are The bEsT oF F1 mEmEs Cuz Chili Needs Milk

  • Faruko Zee
    Faruko Zee年 前

    F1 teammate goals right here

  • Scott O
    Scott O年 前

    I'm new to F1 and McClaren is my favorite because their drivers are fun friends to watch aside from racing..........and good...in that order.

  • sergio.
    sergio.年 前


  • Nic Clarke
    Nic Clarke年 前

    SHOP NOW Link is BWoken

  • Vishnu B
    Vishnu B年 前