Verstappen vs Bottas Qualifying Comparison | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


There was a dramatic finish to qualifying in Abu Dhabi as Max Verstappen snatched pole from Valtteri Bottas - here's a close look at their quickest laps under the lights...
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  • DxD
    DxD5 天 前

    Honda engine 🔥🔥

  • Dani N
    Dani N10 天 前

    In the corner its the driver on the straight its the car and u see who is the man

  • Gerry
    Gerry22 天 前

    Bottas : Neeeeeooooowww~ Max : BRRRRGGGRRRRR BRMMMMM GRRR

  • Samuel Jayachandran
    Samuel Jayachandran23 天 前

    The Mercedes has fantastically quick turn-in responsiveness and just changes direction very rapidly and immediately. But still in the slow corners, Max Verstappen is actually able to rotate the car more than Valtteri Bottas within the same physical distance. Bottas also rotated the car much more in the first chicane after the end of sector 1 but he was pointing too far to the right and had to turn more to get around the hairpin.

  • みみ
    みみ个月 前


  • Angel Osorio
    Angel Osorio个月 前

    This is the best kind of video you have ever produced guys. Amazing!!

  • gian m
    gian m个月 前

    i think Mercedes better when exit from the turn

  • gian m
    gian m个月 前

    i think Mercedes better when exit from the turn

  • Awake ASAP
    Awake ASAP个月 前

    This sounds too awesome with proper headphones.

  • Pridhveswar kallepalli
    Pridhveswar kallepalli个月 前

    They race as one !!

  • No Tru
    No Tru个月 前

    I love this movie.

  • No Tru
    No Tru个月 前

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard个月 前

    Incredibly fine margins.

  • Viper
    Viper个月 前

    So confusing to see the Red Bull on the left and hear the engine in the right ear with headphones on.

  • Brian Barba Gonzalez
    Brian Barba Gonzalez个月 前

    I did not know that vacuum cleaners could be used as a motor :3

  • kevin garay
    kevin garay个月 前

    the merc engine sound... Love it

  • Fernando Torres
    Fernando Torres个月 前

    watch my last video vettel say azzuro

  • Bryant Ortiz
    Bryant Ortiz个月 前

    Post one of these for every race please.

  • Flying Spagetti
    Flying Spagetti个月 前

    Mercedes TURN DOWN their engine after Perez and Russell engine burned.

  • Eduardo Rezende
    Eduardo Rezende个月 前

    honda engine has a better sound, a bit better

  • CS Wong
    CS Wong个月 前

    It seems Redbull is quicker in straight

  • nathansharma
    nathansharma个月 前

    Love that gravelly Honda sound and raspy downshifts

  • Andreas Feldmann
    Andreas Feldmann个月 前


  • K D
    K D个月 前

    The real difference between these drivers, is that verstappen actually wants to win.

  • Traxy
    Traxy个月 前

    I wonder how fast max would be in that merc

  • erikas ridikas
    erikas ridikas个月 前

    Verstappen's just built different

  • Flying Spagetti

    Flying Spagetti

    个月 前

    Mercedes TURN DOWN their engine after Perez and Russell engine burned.

  • Salman Fauzi
    Salman Fauzi个月 前

    If red bull has mercedes engine, i think max will makes lewis struggle in chasing the championship

  • Flying Spagetti

    Flying Spagetti

    个月 前

    Mercedes TURN DOWN their engine after Perez and Russell engine burned.


    Max just takes much more track which gives him an advantage for every exit

  • Onur G.
    Onur G.个月 前

    you can clearly see that max has done a better drive.

  • Musharraf Nazeer
    Musharraf Nazeer个月 前

    Soooooooooo close

  • Marcelo Alves
    Marcelo Alves个月 前

    Red Bull car download speed curves come out winning

  • chrissdevanoツ
    chrissdevanoツ个月 前

    You can really see the lack of front tyre grip on Bottas’ car steering into the hairpin

  • Ali Razvi
    Ali Razvi个月 前

    Verstappen has been in these great positions to succeed numerous of times. but I feel when it comes to race day he can’t pull it out the bag to get the win.


    Its funny how i hear the honda engine on my right earcup of my heaphones instead of left and the mercedes engine is the opposite

  • whoisjohny
    whoisjohny个月 前

    Bottas is the perfect driver for mercedes... will never peace lewis off 😂😂😂

  • Flying Spagetti

    Flying Spagetti

    个月 前

    They learned from toxic 2016.

  • A Fraser
    A Fraser个月 前

    Hope Max can convert this tomorrow! Little bit of motivation for them to go into the off season with and bring the fight to them next year, with Perez as his teammate.

  • xpentor
    xpentor个月 前

    That mercedes acceleration is crazy

  • Flying Spagetti

    Flying Spagetti

    个月 前

    Mercedes TURN DOWN their engine after Perez and Russell engine burned.

  • Wiggle Piggle

    Wiggle Piggle

    个月 前

    There engine is turned down for reliability.

  • Blaayou
    Blaayou个月 前

    You can really hear how much faster the Mercedes engine is.

  • Robin Teuwens
    Robin Teuwens个月 前

    Interesting how Bottas catches him in every high-speed left-hand turn!

  • Jörgen !
    Jörgen !个月 前

    If the line was later on the straight bottas would have got pole, he was so much quicker out of the last corner

  • Avinav Bhandari
    Avinav Bhandari个月 前

    The Mercedes top speed is detrimental to its cause in this track. Faster straight line speed means earlier or harder braking. Historically also the red bulls have been faster in slow, medium corners That's their philosophy behind building a car. Bottas just makes slight mistakes every now nd then in the race. Also, maybe due to how he sets up the car, he is very cautious during rain.

  • GreatJaro
    GreatJaro个月 前

    The sound😳

  • shogrran
    shogrran个月 前

    almost the same line... same gear shifts... same accellerator use

  • telemnaro
    telemnaro个月 前

    100 gram Valttery's watch on left hand made the difference

  • Rand_0m Gameplays
    Rand_0m Gameplays个月 前

    25 milliseconds difference! man that is so close. the funny thing is that verstappen did not get any fastest sectors, but still he got pole position

  • Thommas Gravel
    Thommas Gravel个月 前

    One more lap and Bottas would have him.

  • Azodlaramo
    Azodlaramo个月 前

    1:24 look at how the Mercs respond to Bottas sudden correction. That traction is insane, no wheelspin or anything whatsoever🤯

  • Harvey Carter
    Harvey Carter个月 前

    Lewis Hamilton

  • Centurion MK.1
    Centurion MK.1个月 前

    Vtec just kick in yo

  • Pukito Kiho
    Pukito Kiho个月 前

    Verstappen can win 10 titles with Mercedes I swear.

    BIBIN LOHI个月 前

    Thanks for sharing the secret!!!

  • Antti-Jussi Lakanen
    Antti-Jussi Lakanen个月 前

    Valtteri seems a little bit quicker in the fast corners, Verstappen quicker in the slower ones.

  • Andrea1491to
    Andrea1491to个月 前

    Still not a perfect lap for max, he could improve the time

  • Erik


    个月 前

    Yeah by driving a merc

  • robin kreeft
    robin kreeft个月 前

    Bottas exit of the final corner was mega. If the line was were the lights are, I think Bottas would've stolen pole position from Max

  • Brayan Jimenez
    Brayan Jimenez个月 前


  • Muse4Games
    Muse4Games个月 前

    Can't wait for Doornbos to claim HE "put this together" in the pre-show of Ziggo Sport.

  • TheColinChapman
    TheColinChapman个月 前

    Valtteri wasn‘t perfect in the hairpin in sector one, that‘s where he gave it away. this also explains why Lewis‘s first sector was better than Valtteri‘s.

  • RaikeTV
    RaikeTV个月 前

    The Merc crawls back on the straights. Max will have a hard time keeping them behind.

  • John Vergel Lagrisola
    John Vergel Lagrisola个月 前

    the merc engine sounds rough today..

  • NJ chills
    NJ chills个月 前

    Bro imagine If max was in the Mercedes. I think the best drivers are leclerc and max by far

  • SportsGamingCubing
    SportsGamingCubing个月 前

    Is Max on a low downforce setup?

  • Marco Verma
    Marco Verma个月 前

    Go Vallteri

  • Prateek Gupta
    Prateek Gupta个月 前

    At times Max was already on those racing lines on the track where eventually Bottas came to during corners. Seems Max had to do EVERYTHING right to beat Merc. Amazing stuff

  • Merc722
    Merc722个月 前

    The Merc looks more stable mid corner and at corner exits

  • Loknath Shankar
    Loknath Shankar个月 前

    I really can't get read on anyone who drives in merc, it feels like they have such op car that skills have less impact on results

  • Rupanjan
    Rupanjan个月 前

    Russel to bottas : You get what you deserve

  • My Profile
    My Profile个月 前

    Gr gr gr brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Submaridz
    Submaridz个月 前

    people saying “the car was built for verstappen” and not realising that the black mercedes was built for the black vegan....

  • Yousuf Rizwan.grade9E
    Yousuf Rizwan.grade9E个月 前

    Max! max! max! super max

  • vatsal gohil
    vatsal gohil个月 前


  • Rahul77_ YT
    Rahul77_ YT个月 前

    Honda engine sounds so awesome 😌😩😩

  • mago97615
    mago97615个月 前

    This circuit is like a REVOLVER loool !!!!

  • Tomas Eriksson
    Tomas Eriksson个月 前

    It really looks like a mirror image

  • Alex Axel
    Alex Axel个月 前

    Honada's power

  • marble89
    marble89个月 前

    Why would Honda leave after catching up to Mercedes? Do they think Mercedes has even more under the sleeve?

  • Amsher
    Amsher个月 前

    Max is clearly faster in corners and loosing most of his gained time in straight line speed.

  • Elizuat Italia SchuNorriSainz
    Elizuat Italia SchuNorriSainz个月 前

    Does anyone know what time the race will be tomorrow .. Mexico time ???

  • Catalina
    Catalina个月 前

    Shawn Mendes (Verstappen) vs Imagine Dragons (Bottas)

  • クレーア
    クレーア个月 前

    Thought it was Honda and Red Bull finally catching up but then found out it happened because Mercedes had to tune down all their engine due to the fire last race. sigh.

  • MadelnOahu
    MadelnOahu个月 前

    Wow... Just wow


    Red bull has the downforce but not the power, but Mercedes is the opposite is what I’d say

  • Nathan630pm
    Nathan630pm个月 前

    why do I feel like each respective car's audio was coming out the wrong side of my headphones?

  • brettwrb
    brettwrb个月 前

    Let’s hope everyone brakes for the turns tomorrow on lap one.

  • Andrew Arreguin
    Andrew Arreguin个月 前

    This is what we get without Lewis being dominate , a lot closer and more funn

  • Firmansyah
    Firmansyah个月 前

    that's so close

  • Chris Kaschel
    Chris Kaschel个月 前

    Wow the downshifts sound just brutal.. I love it

  • aka DL
    aka DL个月 前

    Honda PU sounds so much better than any other on the grid!!

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield个月 前

    It better not be a first lap disaster for Max again . Plz.

  • Mirza Saima Mahmud
    Mirza Saima Mahmud个月 前

    f1 drivers and f2 drivers should watch this to improve their driving tbh

  • Ramon Fadillah
    Ramon Fadillah个月 前

    merc hav less vibration & less effort at cornering..or maybe because of driving style

  • Rizuol
    Rizuol个月 前

    When vtec kicks in

  • A A
    A A个月 前

    This driving style from Max is very different from a few year ago. Less twitchy more smoother and at the limit where he's now triggering a rear end bite after the car has rotated. LH has similar style.

  • FiFo Da Bahia
    FiFo Da Bahia个月 前

    Max verstappen simplesmente fenomenal

  • 虎ちゃん
    虎ちゃん个月 前

    Actually the most outstanding is lando qualify p4 in a mclaren...

  • Sylvius the Mad
    Sylvius the Mad个月 前

    it looks like Max's tyres were starting to go by the end of the lap, because at the start Bottas lost all his time in corners, and by the end of the lap he was making time up in the corners.

  • Shahir
    Shahir个月 前

    Max Verstappen on his way to become the most feared driver in f1's history......

  • Chris MB

    Chris MB

    个月 前


  • Chris MB

    Chris MB

    个月 前

    in all honesty he’s very close. reminds me of Senns almost how he would test people limits putting them in critical positions and defend almost flawlessly. Watch the 2018 USA GP where he defended against Hamilton, forcing him to back out of the battle.

  • 6AL-4V
    6AL-4V个月 前

    Okay, switch cars between the two of them and watch Max go .600 quicker.

  • Round House
    Round House个月 前

    I'm seriously gonna miss the machine gun noises the Honda engine makes when downshifting

  • abis07
    abis07个月 前

    Had the start finish straight been a bit longer I think Bottas would've nicked it. Great job by Max tho

  • Alejandro Singson
    Alejandro Singson个月 前

    Straightline speed of the Redbull is superior than the Merc. It will be an interesting race tomorrow. I expect Max to get to turn 1 ahead of the Mercs. That being said, the Mercs should have better corner speed.