Tottenham v Brentford | Carabao Cup 20/21 | Match Highlights


Tottenham v Brentford | Carabao Cup 20/21 | Match Highlights
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  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen17 天 前

    The prodigal Son strike again.

  • kurt10 k
    kurt10 k18 天 前

    Red card was trash

  • KeezyWithABanger
    KeezyWithABanger19 天 前

    Son is playing like ronaldo in man u . The way he timed that run was perfect.

  • Jimmy Quach
    Jimmy Quach19 天 前

    darude SONstorm

  • kiriakoz
    kiriakoz20 天 前

    Why is everyone talking about Son in the comments but nobody is mentioning Reguilòn’s cross?

  • Eğlenceli Oyunlar Çocuk Şarkıları
    Eğlenceli Oyunlar Çocuk Şarkıları20 天 前

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  • DZ Vu
    DZ Vu20 天 前

    Video thumbnail looks like the guy is doing naruto run to be the first guy in school cafeteria.

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    Clark Kent20 天 前

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  • Sumairi Rahman
    Sumairi Rahman20 天 前


    POPENYCO20 天 前

    I see my guy SON celebrating I gotta click.

  • Nick L
    Nick L20 天 前


  • Time Travel Walk
    Time Travel Walk20 天 前

    The long awaited final is finally here, spurs all the way

  • Rebel Mslater
    Rebel Mslater20 天 前

    Support a brother

  • Daniel Leite
    Daniel Leite20 天 前

    Say whatever you want about mourinho's tactics the man his in the final.

  • Haunted Hariom
    Haunted Hariom20 天 前

    They got lucky with the team they got, anyone would've beat Brentford

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Us20 天 前

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  • DJ
    DJ20 天 前

    Son goal looks like something from FIFA 16

  • letitr0ck
    letitr0ck20 天 前

    manu tottenham final

  • Syaifullah Edi Azman
    Syaifullah Edi Azman20 天 前

    I dont know why 1.2 million people want to watch brentford play Or Tottenham going to final after 2008

  • Malek Crews
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  • Norman Perez
    Norman Perez20 天 前

    The players should feel confident of achieving their goals this season after that performance. Lot's of positives. They did everybody proud.

  • Dahir Hussein
    Dahir Hussein20 天 前

    That first cross was one of the best i've ever seen.

  • NickOfTime
    NickOfTime20 天 前

  • Carneyar the Druid
    Carneyar the Druid20 天 前

    If this was a red card how come that Pickford is still in football ??????

  • murath mohomad
    murath mohomad20 天 前

    0:59 I take 172 each and every day thanks to this *f u n d a i l y p a y*

  • cyber mechanics
    cyber mechanics20 天 前

    What is the tune played after the goal?

  • Sportd_ Key
    Sportd_ Key20 天 前

    Друзья,Всем привет)Оцените видео буду очень благодарен)

  • Babach TV
    Babach TV20 天 前

    Neymar digon

  • Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor20 天 前

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  • Kev Ngu
    Kev Ngu20 天 前

    Just smack everyone in the head lol

  • WxRicxW
    WxRicxW20 天 前

    Just like in FUT

  • Армеец По Жизни
    Армеец По Жизни20 天 前

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  • Ice Swoll0w_come
    Ice Swoll0w_come20 天 前

    No wonder why he is son goku lost son

  • William Nodhturft
    William Nodhturft20 天 前

    Check this out

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    The Messenger20 天 前

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  • Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

    20 天 前

    Shut your ass up man

  • Opick Project
    Opick Project20 天 前

    2-0 golllllll

  • Nar Nar
    Nar Nar20 天 前

    The best chanel

  • NickOfTime
    NickOfTime20 天 前

  • Ben7731
    Ben773120 天 前

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  • D J
    D J20 天 前

    Toney is such a baller always scores

  • Therapy with Jesus
    Therapy with Jesus20 天 前

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  • DH L
    DH L20 天 前


  • Bader Alsaleh
    Bader Alsaleh20 天 前

    Tottenham vs Bamford

  • Jack B
    Jack B20 天 前

    This is a respectable channel. What the fuck is that resolution

  • P G
    P G20 天 前

    Guys son is really good we get it. Buts it’s fucking Brentford

  • mbah Rohman
    mbah Rohman20 天 前


  • newcrt
    newcrt20 天 前

    0:30 lol Lucas slapping them baldies

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor20 天 前

    1:40 wtf is that noise??😂

  • headset lyrics
    headset lyrics20 天 前

    Lovers KANE 👇

  • headset lyrics
    headset lyrics20 天 前

    Lovers SON 👇

  • Junk_ Bear
    Junk_ Bear20 天 前

    What is Jose feeding these kids ???

  • Heri potter
    Heri potter20 天 前


  • Heri potter
    Heri potter20 天 前


  • Heri potter
    Heri potter20 天 前


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    Heri potter20 天 前


    ПРОЕКТ 48 СКРЕПОК20 天 前

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  • Heri potter
    Heri potter20 天 前


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  • 박행복
    박행복20 天 前


  • Chinmoy Talukdar
    Chinmoy Talukdar20 天 前

    Congrats Spurs you got gem of an LB in Reguilon

  • Weirdo Willa 102
    Weirdo Willa 10220 天 前

    most all shot takers would have skied over the bar but not SON totally composed WAYTOBE

  • Legacy Collector
    Legacy Collector20 天 前

  • Weirdo Willa 102
    Weirdo Willa 10220 天 前

    wow Moussa Sisoko finally get one after all of his hard work WAYTOBE

  • I don't have name
    I don't have name20 天 前

    It really gonna like game against wolf but after that offside goal,all Tottenham players they boost of , they realise 1 goal is not enough, they score second, and play attacking until the end, they learn lesson from there mistakes, that makes Tottenham as a great, hope for more best game.

  • Captain Mutato
    Captain Mutato20 天 前

    Love how no one mentions that Brentford's goal wasn't offsides....bunch of blind people out there

  • KingKaiO5
    KingKaiO520 天 前

    Alright fair enough Spuds, you might actually win a trophy. You've had a fairly easy draw, but fair enough, good for you. Just know, London is still red, and we will come back in 2022.

  • David J
    David J20 天 前

    Son is currently the best player in EPL. No doubt.

  • LeoAngel67
    LeoAngel6720 天 前

    Barca fan here and I have to say Son is so underrated. He’s such a great talented player no one talks about.

  • Fitri Johari
    Fitri Johari20 天 前

    Wait for revenge from united at final

  • Melvisharam Gaming
    Melvisharam Gaming20 天 前

    My mother is not having any job" "I want to do something for my mother" "But youtube is not giving me views" "Ya i am worse than others,,...

  • wnrudwls88
    wnrudwls8820 天 前

    Son 토트넘 우승 시키고 차붐처럼 레전드로 팬들에게 오랫동안 사랑받자~~^^

    ЧУЖАЯ ГОЛОВА20 天 前

    Отличное видео !!! с новым годом всех !!! Забегайте на мой канал посмеяться как - ПЬЯНЫЙ МЕНТ ЧЕЛЯБИНСКОГО МУЖИКА НА ТРАССЕ ОСТАНОВИЛ

  • Agus hermawan
    Agus hermawan20 天 前


  • van avin
    van avin20 天 前

    SONALDO #CR7 from korea republik

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    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE20 天 前

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  • Sarru Sharma
    Sarru Sharma20 天 前

    I dont know why pele did this

  • Institute___ Project 2301
    Institute___ Project 230120 天 前

    Kane, I love you

  • aaron jacob
    aaron jacob20 天 前

    I have no idea who that 'MMA' assistant commentator is, but he can't have been a very good he serious? Cruyff turn, "the problem is the move that he makes is PART blah blah naturally as you do that you're trying to THROW your right foot forward"... (while trying to break your opponents think?), so unfortunate", WTF. Is that what he thinks a Cruyff (CHOP...huh...what????!!) turn technically consists of? Hilarious ...can someone tell me who it is? I couldn't stop laughing! Idiot! (from 5minutes 45 seconds on the video...have a look/ listen yourself)

  • Onyeachu Ikwuakolam
    Onyeachu Ikwuakolam20 天 前

    No, you don't give Son that kind of chance, cos he won't miss it.

  • D O1
    D O120 天 前

    Anjiim ayam sayur trending😂

  • Agent Pav
    Agent Pav20 天 前

    Что я здесь делаю!.?😄

  • JPremulix
    JPremulix20 天 前

    football fans. sub to me


    I never look for it, but Sandstorm... *we meet again* edit: another observation; this is the worst 720p I've ever experienced

  • shxyse
    shxyse20 天 前

    COYS dis is going to be our trophy

  • Vanison
    Vanison20 天 前

    Man that Reguion cross was real message and spot on

  • hiitscallum
    hiitscallum20 天 前

    Shout out to all my Korean dons on this video

  • 4241sun
    4241sun20 天 前

    Son's pace is just impossible.. he such an insane finisher.

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    Mega cash заносы в казино онлайн20 天 前

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  • 미래소년
    미래소년20 天 前

    토트넘 최고....

  • Pang kub
    Pang kub20 天 前


  • Alekclop Kilm
    Alekclop Kilm20 天 前

    Рекомендую посмотреть канал❤

  • Remo Vlog
    Remo Vlog20 天 前

    Nonton bola sambil lihat ikan. Seger rasanya

  • Ramzi Abou Arraj
    Ramzi Abou Arraj20 天 前

    Tottenham have a chance to win a trophy 😀

  • Rendi Sugiarno
    Rendi Sugiarno20 天 前

    Besok klo Tottenham di final ntah lawan emyu/city, pasti MOU bakal pakai strategi parkir bus parkir tank parkir pesawat parkir angkot parkir truck

  • louw saviour
    louw saviour20 天 前

    Poor game against minnows

  • Phanuwit G Janmatha
    Phanuwit G Janmatha20 天 前