Top 20 F1 Team Radio Moments of 2020!


It was a season like no other, and that goes for the radio messages too! Listen in to the absolute best celebrations, frustrations and commiserations from the pit wall in 2020.
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  • Александр Новосёлов
    Александр Новосёлов27 分钟 前

    For what? FOR WHAT???!!!

  • kenzo robloxYT
    kenzo robloxYT2 天 前


  • GB2006 _YT
    GB2006 _YT6 天 前

    Vettel's now gonna be a singer

  • Karl
    Karl6 天 前

    I’m going to miss Grosjean man, haha!

  • Carson Schrock
    Carson Schrock7 天 前

    2:50 9:57

  • SuPer -G
    SuPer -G7 天 前

    3:04 "I think Ericsson Hit Us" Again

  • marcheauxfruits
    marcheauxfruits8 天 前

    2:55 WHAT THE *********************** ???

  • Karan
    Karan8 天 前

    George Russel starter pack "Facts" Ms PowerPoint 2016 I don't know to what to say

  • Walid Hijazi
    Walid Hijazi8 天 前

    10:00 Lando Norris - "its friday theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen its saturday sunday what?! its friday then its saturday sunday what?!"

  • Vicente Walter mertens
    Vicente Walter mertens9 天 前

    Why Seb's radio in abu dhabi is only 11th?

  • lou63179
    lou631799 天 前

    Waaaa sorry George 😭😭😭I hate checo

  • Luc Williams
    Luc Williams11 天 前

    6:20 the worst thing you seen so far

    DARSHIL SHAH15 天 前

    I need the new Mercedes-Benz lawn mower 😂 Except the fact that I can't afford it 😂

  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul15 天 前


  • Srishan Sridarshan
    Srishan Sridarshan15 天 前

    Well a cat meowed when Hamilton won the Turkish grand prix 🙄

  • Pius Schmidt
    Pius Schmidt16 天 前

    6:30 ... so far! ...

  • xstutz
    xstutz20 天 前

    I will never forget "Awesome race driver dude!"

  • Sel Os
    Sel Os21 天 前

    I cannot watch Russell’s without feeling excruciating pain in my heart to this day

  • Caroll Chiaros
    Caroll Chiaros22 天 前

    La canzone di seb va al primo posto.

  • Jack Petrie
    Jack Petrie22 天 前

    “What a race driver dude”

  • Trespassingorilla
    Trespassingorilla24 天 前

    Vettel: What should we say? Who let the doooogs out? who, who, who, who? Ferrari engineer: Copy that, we're checking...

  • John Smith
    John Smith24 天 前

    Where is purple all sectors?????

  • Andre Silva
    Andre Silva25 天 前

    Goosebumps with Pierre. He is really a great guy and deserved

  • LunarTesting23 ROBLOX
    LunarTesting23 ROBLOX25 天 前

    The longest swear in the world: 2:55

  • Javier Nuevo Ferrín
    Javier Nuevo Ferrín26 天 前

    Where's the 'I want this win, Tom'?

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques26 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • TaSiMoFF
    TaSiMoFF27 天 前

    Who let the dogs out, who, who, who

  • Wait Why do I have a sub?
    Wait Why do I have a sub?27 天 前


  • Responsez
    Responsez27 天 前

    0:18 love how even the racing point team is congratulating their fellow rivals, renault.

  • Franz Sumangil
    Franz Sumangil27 天 前

    I am relatively new to F1. I don't quite get what's happening in no. 4. Can anyone explain?

  • Niko Murtomäki
    Niko Murtomäki27 天 前

    "GG boys" how on knows Lando is a gamer

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake28 天 前

    George Fish : I'm gutted. I'm absolutely gutted

  • Alberto Bellassai Alby050105
    Alberto Bellassai Alby05010529 天 前

    Why Sen only eleventh?

  • Digga Muss Groß
    Digga Muss Groß29 天 前

    10:12 The gap toOoOoO Hamilton was 4.8, 4.8.

  • carlos UPR granapol
    carlos UPR granapol29 天 前

    Music 00:01 please , thank you

  • genemyknight
    genemyknight29 天 前

    Now I like Lando even more, nice lad.

  • Nirvaan Aggarwal
    Nirvaan Aggarwal29 天 前

    Jose sounds so much like carlos

  • Nikolas Cristian Croitor
    Nikolas Cristian Croitor29 天 前

    Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who.

  • Oscar Anguiano
    Oscar Anguiano29 天 前

    Why is CHECOS win in 18 and Gaslys in 1?! Checos win was much better!! From last to first

  • Bubenkó Zsolt
    Bubenkó Zsolt29 天 前

    Hamilton's backup radio check was also nice

  • Bubenkó Zsolt
    Bubenkó Zsolt29 天 前

    Vettel is the only funny German

  • ultavatar
    ultavatar29 天 前

    how could they not have "FOR WHAT?!?!" in there..

  • Ian Forbis
    Ian Forbis29 天 前

    K-mag’s engineer sounds like he’s just trying to find the worst ways to say anything Example. Wow! What a uh race driver dude

  • uioiu
    uioiu个月 前

    Wow. I haven’t heard Lance Stroll so elevated in.. ever

  • Instructor Auto B Piatra Neamt
    Instructor Auto B Piatra Neamt个月 前

    When will Valtteri Bottas move to Ferrari?

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo个月 前

    I’m sorry F1 but i’m having a PTSD moment when you show Sakhir... F you Mercedes... the one time I asked you to win...

  • Tadiwa Midzi
    Tadiwa Midzi个月 前

    Grosjean: What The *********** ***********!

  • yes D
    yes D个月 前

    2:53 uattefuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk

  • JAEC
    JAEC个月 前

    Vettel is a big person.

  • M3N3
    M3N3个月 前

    Charles: oh no i crashed into a barrier. Engeneer: wE aRe ChEkiNg

  • VoldenoM
    VoldenoM个月 前

    Turkey, Turkey, Turkey.. What a race, what a story. Please add Turkey to calendar in 2021.🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️

  • Lindsay Martinez
    Lindsay Martinez个月 前

    I thought Seb's song was the best one 😭

  • Pérez Pacheco Santiago
    Pérez Pacheco Santiago个月 前

    The Vettel's song is beautiful

  • Ritaraj Datta
    Ritaraj Datta个月 前

    missing radio from Carlos.... his " Smooth operator" was top of the list in 2019

  • Ξενοφώντας Σούλης
    Ξενοφώντας Σούλης个月 前

    I think Perez goes in no. 1 and Gasly in no. 2.

  • Emi Hirst
    Emi Hirst个月 前

    Gasly is #1 - and my favourite

  • Lesueur Pierre louis
    Lesueur Pierre louis个月 前

    gasly is an actual monster

  • V S.
    V S.个月 前

    What the BIG WRITING THING ON THE SCREEN is about?

  • Joep Kiewiet
    Joep Kiewiet个月 前

    in the gp from italy monza p1 pierre gasly from Alpha Tauri p2 Carlos Sainz Jr from Mclaren p3 Lance Stroll from Racing Point france spain canada

  • Ianツ
    Ianツ个月 前

    4:38 "I wanna kiss u" LOL

    EREN TABAR个月 前

    1:53 İs that Carlos at the background?

  • Kendal Schorn
    Kendal Schorn个月 前

    The lying asparagus spectroscopically allow because roof overwhelmingly promise failing a finicky iris. well-made, muddled speedboat

  • Guido Raimundo
    Guido Raimundo个月 前

    Y la de Grosjean en llamas?! Ni de bonus track!

  • Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
    Bobby Bonilla Bobcat个月 前

    I'm gonna miss Grosjean. He was so funny when he got upset.

  • Charlotte Lau
    Charlotte Lau个月 前

    Mercedes owes George a podium...

  • ashish yadav
    ashish yadav个月 前

    Bring back grill the grid.

    ASPYBINO!个月 前


  • Justin Timbersaw
    Justin Timbersaw个月 前

    I love that RB crews cheer for Honey Badger's podium. He was with them and you gotta admit that you literally can't hate the guy.

  • Tommy Douglas
    Tommy Douglas个月 前

    The various george undeniably kneel because target lovely queue above a strange lift. sloppy, scandalous raven

  • yiğit içen
    yiğit içen个月 前

    05:15 Great soungs

  • Nippo
    Nippo个月 前


  • Jason Galati
    Jason Galati个月 前

    what's the background track?

  • Al3x C#op
    Al3x C#op个月 前

    Yeah we know thats a ******* podium now i think 😂😂😭

  • V1zzious
    V1zzious个月 前

    The top 7 were vibing fighting for the top 10 then haas Williams and alfa romeo just struggled

  • Nick K
    Nick K个月 前

    Gg boys 😅😅

  • Nick K
    Nick K个月 前

    Kimi is too funny 🤣🤣

  • Francesco Maggi
    Francesco Maggi个月 前

    Grosjean, Tuscany grand prix: That's the worst thing i've seen ever. Me: the worst thing you've seen ever FOR NOW

  • STR_lloridiaz
    STR_lloridiaz个月 前

    9:22 the Ferrari always have the slow button on

  • HamsterVix Mini Movies
    HamsterVix Mini Movies个月 前

    Grosjeans engineer: watch for Norris More like watch for language

  • Artur Pelikan
    Artur Pelikan个月 前

    Guys, where is Kimi's "easy pass" from Imola?!

  • Tristan Grant
    Tristan Grant个月 前


  • Yared Núñez
    Yared Núñez个月 前

    Pierre ♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Leo Wei
    Leo Wei个月 前

    Vettel only 11?

  • Martin96 - Czech Level Crossing
    Martin96 - Czech Level Crossing个月 前


  • jon
    jon个月 前

    I missed sainz...

  • Heri Kedirian
    Heri Kedirian个月 前

    3:52 Vettel sing

  • S.Daniel Pie
    S.Daniel Pie个月 前

    2:42 *T* *H* *I* *S* *T* *H* *I* *N* *G* *C* *U* *T* *S* *M* *U* *C* *H* *S* *B* *E* *T* *T* *E* *R* *G* *R* *A* *S* *S* *T* *H* *A* *N* *M* *Y* *L* *A* *W* *N* *M* *O* *W* *E* *R* *A* *T* *H* *O* *M* *E!* 6:27 *T* *H* *E* *Y* *W* *A* *N* *T* *T* *O* *K* *I* *L* *L* *U* *S* *O* *R* *W* *H* *A* *T?!*

  • Jakobbb
    Jakobbb个月 前

    When Lando said gg. That was a real gamer moment

  • Milk
    Milk个月 前

    Seb: *singing on radio* His engineer: Copy.

  • Siya Mohta :D

    Siya Mohta :D

    8 天 前

    We are checking

  • Adam
    Adam个月 前

    That Kimi clip gets me every time

  • Vanderley Silva
    Vanderley Silva个月 前

    Vettel in Abu Dhabi was...🥺

  • Esmeralda Morales
    Esmeralda Morales个月 前

    I have real racing 3 in f1

  • Tiago Lethal
    Tiago Lethal个月 前

    Nobody : Flavor Flav : 10:19

  • slammajamma
    slammajamma个月 前

    awesome to see all the driver's reactions, nice to see the human side of these guys. Stroll's reaction is priceless, love it!

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez个月 前

    The inquisitive men reassembly confess because sheep systemically replace until a tired latex. lazy, psychedelic deer


    "FOR WHAT!!??" From Kimi, is missing

  • Haidir
    Haidir个月 前

    The only engines have won this season racez were merc and honda.

  • Prius
    Prius个月 前

    I wanted Carlos singing Smooth operator at the end of the season.

  • MrGkawa
    MrGkawa个月 前

    I understand that Vettel had an awful year with Ferrari, but it's not a reason to be THAT cruel. Not only with the team, we also had to listen to that radio call!!! My ears are still bleeding :D

  • Smiler Entertainment
    Smiler Entertainment个月 前

    Russell: "I hope we get this opportunity again." Hamilton: *"And I took that personally."*

  • aimlesfez


    25 天 前

    @Aze Michael Jordan famous catchphrase

  • Aze


    个月 前

    can i get context?