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It's finally time for our COMPLETE Best Fails of the Year! Thank you for laughing with us in 2020, see you in 2021!
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  • Filmatic Productions
    Filmatic Productions3 个月 前

    8:47 - this is me in the mirror every morning

  • trainer rojas

    trainer rojas

    6 天 前

    @NeoDiscoBall si te gusta

  • tropickman


    21 天 前

    Most of these seem staged...

  • Monkey _420

    Monkey _420

    个月 前

    That's my fish bitch

  • deVIRGINizer Balkan

    deVIRGINizer Balkan

    个月 前


  • Yon Fanga

    Yon Fanga

    个月 前

    God bless us alll

  • Chris Chez
    Chris Chez5 小时 前


  • Thiago Dutra
    Thiago Dutra7 小时 前


  • GigajinGaming 3711
    GigajinGaming 37117 小时 前

    9:10 WOODY?

  • Valen F
    Valen F8 小时 前

    2:40 3:30 JAJAJA

  • susan olson
    susan olson14 小时 前

    12:14 😱😱😱😱☠️

  • Ricky Darcilover
    Ricky Darcilover21 小时 前

    Not saying I can’t make mistakes, but some of those people are unbelievably stupid.

  • Big Koat
    Big Koat22 小时 前

    9:09 Sounds like Woody is laughing

  • Denver
    Denver天 前

    15:16 has TEARS coming out of my eyes I am SOBBING with laughter

  • Adriely Cassia
    Adriely Cassia天 前

    8:49 this is the new me now LMAO, been there, done that. Kuddos from Brazil.

  • Chris
    Chris天 前

    The fast food frustration guy is simply an idiot. Most of that food was untouched aside from the drinks that got spilled.

  • Gabriel Coan
    Gabriel Coan天 前

    12:15 Annnnd this is why I’m glad I’m not in Australia. 😅

  • Hushmore
    Hushmore天 前

    0:15 Christine !

  • Prochetoo
    Prochetoo天 前

    i know its funny , but sometimes we need to think about the pain that the people in the videos are suffering 0:15

  • kayrayroo
    kayrayroo天 前

    'They took out taxes Joe, welcome to the world' 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Masdy Ttcge
    Masdy Ttcge2 天 前

    The uneven verse microscopically jump because argument genetically obey at a forgetful surprise. gifted, screeching pull

  • Christopher Hoppa
    Christopher Hoppa2 天 前

    Felt bad for the door dash driver who spilled the food

  • Rodi
    Rodi2 天 前


  • mcnyregrus
    mcnyregrus2 天 前

    #4! I laughed with my eyes closed more than I've probably done my entire life, and missed the rest of the video 😂😂😂!

  • Cucumber&raw chicken L
    Cucumber&raw chicken L2 天 前

    The whole year was a fail

  • Chris Stanford
    Chris Stanford2 天 前

    Abomination 2:59

  • Ömer Şahin
    Ömer Şahin2 天 前

    9:15 TURKEY🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Anh Thư Châu
    Anh Thư Châu3 天 前

    *sugar crash*

  • ghostspamz_
    ghostspamz_3 天 前

    The 71 one was funny

  • Draffter
    Draffter3 天 前

    This video is being shown on Antenna TV

  • Vorge
    Vorge3 天 前

    9:18 as bayrakları as as as

  • Rahul Raturi
    Rahul Raturi3 天 前

    4:09 is the best #76

  • Liam Nguyen
    Liam Nguyen3 天 前

    7:33 okay that's really hurt

  • hasane wala launda
    hasane wala launda3 天 前

    The guy on 58 looks like an anime character

  • Carlos Guerreño
    Carlos Guerreño4 天 前

    pero porc leiso a i a ei mapalle 😒😒😢🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Jimothy Biscuit
    Jimothy Biscuit4 天 前

    1:46 mans gonna get brain parasites

  • Moyna Westerheide
    Moyna Westerheide4 天 前

    The responsible swordfish yearly attempt because sousaphone causally annoy forenenst a macho plastic. threatening, tedious calculus

  • Le Zap WTF
    Le Zap WTF4 天 前

    Nice vidéo ! I have vidéo zap ANimals in my Channel go look 👌😊🙌

  • Automobiles Lafitte
    Automobiles Lafitte5 天 前

    ihcuhtigueliudrlthljklrthlksrhlitjnzrshtglsgeubtkedbdgmjhdthd:yuodhtuuhdlhlhbjshbkhthitztelluhdhhkhjhjkehkhjjelddkeljhkltkhhjlkjejj hjzjyjkekldh hkrhljelly y(euh(-

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul5 天 前

    This is the end. The God of Moses and Elijah is returning very soon. Your relationship with God is more important than any earthky relationship. Those who belong to Jesus Christ are about to vanish frkm the earth. They will be taken to heaven to soend eternity with Jesus Christ. Those left behind will suffer during the Great Tribulation. They will have to die for their faith. The Lord Jesus Christ looks nothing like the famous pictures. Those who seek Him find Him. I've seen Jesus Christ. God is faithful to His promises. It takes patience and persistence to hear the voice of God. The Lord sounds like a Mighty Lion surrounded by many waterfalls. Those who follow Him will not be disappointed. Anyone who desire to soend eternity with Jesus Christ must avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. Anyone who recieves the vaccine will be seperated from God for all eternity. They have submitted themselves to the Beast system. I warn because I care. Please avoid the vaccine. This is the end, everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled.

  • killa kami
    killa kami5 天 前

    4:56 me @ the first day of school vs the last day

  • Derrick Santos
    Derrick Santos5 天 前

    The year 2020 is one big fail and it looks like 2021 is not gonna be outdone.

    UKHRA5 天 前

    9:12 As as as 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Orçun KONUK

    Orçun KONUK

    5 天 前

    Türk var :)

  • Ovy
    Ovy5 天 前

    foarte funi

  • Тимур Мартиненко
    Тимур Мартиненко5 天 前

    This comment section is for my time stamps.

  • Тимур Мартиненко

    Тимур Мартиненко

    5 天 前


  • Clarence
    Clarence6 天 前

    2020 is the bast fail 🙃

  • Mariana Zdanowicz
    Mariana Zdanowicz6 天 前

    Son lo MÁS!!

    VRGAMER HD676 天 前

    I love number 72 gator don’t play he throws his phone in the water and the lady in the background Garrett get your phone there is alligator that you’re swimming right there he’s gonna stick his hand straighten the alligator infested water she’s a real smart

  • Samuel Ray
    Samuel Ray6 天 前

    I have a fail I walked across a river in I think flip flops well they became dislodge and went down the river and I walked into the water retrice them and my phone was in ny pocket it still works even after being submared that's the phone in typing with right now

  • Veronica Villagarcia Loayza
    Veronica Villagarcia Loayza7 天 前

    Buenas en el fail 89 se escucha una canción por casualidad cuál es el nombre de esos canción por favor

  • Nicholas Cotton
    Nicholas Cotton7 天 前

    1:47 OHHH IN MY EAR WHAT THE FUCK 7:54 CAR TROUBLE 10:32 OOPS 11:49 KARMA 13:24 Uhh What the hell Cole? 15:50 OOPS AGAIN

  • sebastian rivas ledesma
    sebastian rivas ledesma7 天 前

    4:56 my favorite

  • Konsento 25
    Konsento 257 天 前

    6:29 this is for real everyone's first check lol

  • Clipes do Bruninho
    Clipes do Bruninho7 天 前

    alguem me o explica o do policial

  • Fernando Alves

    Fernando Alves

    7 天 前

    muito bom kkkkkkkkkk

  • HR Gaming
    HR Gaming7 天 前

    I'll never understand the stupidity of people. So much for an intelligent species.

  • sassycat175
    sassycat1758 天 前

    The guy carrying a BABY and stealing a package?????? WTF

  • Ryanzim jogos
    Ryanzim jogos8 天 前

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk que comentário

  • Bere y Nic Saenz Avila
    Bere y Nic Saenz Avila8 天 前

    1:15 a?

  • chopper467
    chopper4678 天 前

    11:16 that is why i quit that sport

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith8 天 前

    I think everybody knows that 2020 itself was the fail.

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes8 天 前

    i like when they break stuff. it leaves a long lasting impression of their own stupidity that they have to fix or replace. then hundreds of people down the line if recyclers and and garbage men also see the impression of their stupidity until eventually it ends up in a 3rd world country where they also see their stupidity before they destroy it for parts.

  • The amazing Tattletale
    The amazing Tattletale8 天 前

    That's gonna take a while to clean up 🤣

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez8 天 前

    Why does it sound like woody 9:05

  • ked4
    ked49 天 前

    3:04 the abrupt *AOOW*

  • Magicgirlamy
    Magicgirlamy9 天 前

    the worse man one wasn't a fail, it was a win and I loved it.

  • Ultgamer03 07
    Ultgamer03 079 天 前

    8:03, is that xqc in the passenger seat???

  • Sir Prancelot
    Sir Prancelot9 天 前

    4:08- 4:11 Ahhh.... So satisfying.

  • j
    j10 天 前

    oof biden

  • Atul Yadav
    Atul Yadav10 天 前

    3:48 It wasn't funny. She could have been, I don't wanna say it 😑

  • milenka reyes
    milenka reyes10 天 前

    no se si reir o llorar xd

  • Nana K
    Nana K10 天 前

    The guy fishing had me laughing the hardest

  • Mario Silvero
    Mario Silvero10 天 前

    1:40 awwwww f

  • Mario Silvero
    Mario Silvero10 天 前

    0:19 ffff

  • Igor Špánik
    Igor Špánik10 天 前

    #10 top :D

  • عماد گمشادزهی
    عماد گمشادزهی11 天 前


  • Blue Venom
    Blue Venom11 天 前

    i lost this so terrible and I am not ashamed!!!🤣 I needed this

  • Jimothy Biscuit

    Jimothy Biscuit

    4 天 前

    Lost what?

  • Şevket Uysal
    Şevket Uysal11 天 前

    Computer trouble is türkish

  • Diamond 111
    Diamond 11111 天 前

    12:16 omg omg 😶

  • RubixNoob OP
    RubixNoob OP12 天 前

    2020 was a failure of year by itself

  • Leah G Henry
    Leah G Henry12 天 前

    That’s not how you spell disappointment

  • bethsaina fleurival gilles
    bethsaina fleurival gilles12 天 前

    13:00 to 13:04 i almost pissed myself

  • BelieveInMatter
    BelieveInMatter12 天 前

    7:30 that almost turned into a LiveLeak video, yikes.

  • DuckyDrinksJuice
    DuckyDrinksJuice13 天 前

    im getting anxiety when i see those spider im almost crying

  • Isaiah Rivera
    Isaiah Rivera13 天 前

    @9:51 thats why you always stake down your tent

  • DuckyDrinksJuice
    DuckyDrinksJuice13 天 前

    7:41 lol i died

  • Christiaan Jellesma
    Christiaan Jellesma13 天 前

    4:56 That was not a happy meal whahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhaa

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y13 天 前

    why is 13:05 "bad dog"? he did frigging job!

  • Cxl!n F.R
    Cxl!n F.R13 天 前


  • michał chmielewski
    michał chmielewski13 天 前

    what the fuck youdo this to me 12:23

  • BurstFire NO1
    BurstFire NO114 天 前

    Wow. 7:33 soooo lucky she didnt get the axe in her face 😬😬😬😬

  • Natrix Natrix
    Natrix Natrix14 天 前

    03:05 legendary

  • Denmark izra Nunieza
    Denmark izra Nunieza14 天 前

    I laugh my ass off to This part 16:03.

  • Xenith
    Xenith15 天 前

    Ok how doEs everybody get so many likes if I get 200 likes I’ll say somethin embarrassing

  • رئيس توزيع الكفوف
    رئيس توزيع الكفوف15 天 前

    3:00 lol

  • John Riser
    John Riser15 天 前

    😂😭😘👍🏻🧠🫁🫀🦷👃🏼👃🏼👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏼‍♂️. My dad and mom did not get married

  • Un piccione amichevole
    Un piccione amichevole15 天 前

    15:43 what i hear from my uncle room right now

  • rudy garcia
    rudy garcia15 天 前

    The guy at 4:23 with the eyebrow was a bad actor. Surly he shaved it first

  • Kevin Chernenkoff
    Kevin Chernenkoff16 天 前

    I love fail army videos - but the titles for each video were distracting and ruined the surprise for some of them.

  • Michael Wirth
    Michael Wirth16 天 前

    13.13: I would like to listen to the whole song! Both the song and her voice is really good!

  • hpa2005
    hpa200516 天 前

    11:00 - the groom is clearly thinking "If it wasn't for the fact we are in a church right now...."

  • Wind Mythic

    Wind Mythic

    15 天 前


  • XxDoubleJGamerxX aka Jesse Ordaz
    XxDoubleJGamerxX aka Jesse Ordaz17 天 前

    4:26 what is he feeling? Is he happy, sad, suprise

  • Manifest Destiny
    Manifest Destiny17 天 前

    Hahaha when he saw his taxes taken out lololol a Republican was born!

  • Ms Silent Lopez
    Ms Silent Lopez17 天 前

    A drag Queen

  • Listral
    Listral17 天 前

    0:27 was anyone else thinking "well time for another silo explosion"

  • TeamOctavia
    TeamOctavia18 天 前

    Do not watch in slow motion with the volume turned way up 3:08 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣