Top 10 Dramatic Moments of the 2020 F1 Season!


What an incredible, jaw-dropping season we had! We've got the most dramatic moments across 2020's 17 races here.
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  • Logan Kolb
    Logan Kolb15 小时 前

    No last lap lando?!?

  • Marcos De Sensi
    Marcos De Sensi22 小时 前

    1:11 What happen? What is "lock-up" ?

  • davidca96
    davidca96天 前

    Lewis Lamelton

  • Sck Bih
    Sck Bih天 前

    Let me guess. Grosjean, Bahrain no. 1?

  • Gábor Miklay
    Gábor Miklay2 天 前

    05:08 low downforce car control. And also engine performance. Ferrari PU (in the Alfa) had no chance. Was 2019 a loophole year for Ferrari PU?

  • Gábor Miklay
    Gábor Miklay2 天 前

    03:16 👍

  • Gábor Miklay
    Gábor Miklay2 天 前

    03:00 younger Max Verstappen was also in a too much hurry sometimes. Charles will calm down. I think.

  • Gripen LS5904474
    Gripen LS59044742 天 前

    Hamilton took blame Alex Albion AGAIN

  • Gripen LS5904474

    Gripen LS5904474

    2 天 前


  • Ryder
    Ryder3 天 前

    3:33 Stroll's laugh made my day haha

  • Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio
    Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio3 天 前

    Momentos que van a quedar guardados en la historia de la f1

  • Ömer Hakim
    Ömer Hakim3 天 前


  • Purab Kothari
    Purab Kothari3 天 前

    I'm 13 and thinking of doing F1 racing. This settles it.

  • FakeNoob Yup
    FakeNoob Yup3 天 前

    Driving gloves are not Fire Proof ? W**

  • formulafan
    formulafan4 天 前

    Just the thing I needed after this day in home office to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  • Ferdinand Hu
    Ferdinand Hu4 天 前

    飞哥:“啊!不行了不行了!他撑不到的,撑不到的兄弟们!” 然哥:“他撑得到的他撑得到的!把底板打碎也要跑!”兵哥:“他冲线了嘛?他冲线了嘛?维斯塔潘在哪里?导播我们需要赛道图啊!呜!!!!!!”

  • Jarno Van de put
    Jarno Van de put4 天 前

    I always love Leclerc self reflection although he performs awesome he beats himself up for mistakes and learns a-lot from the thats whyhe is my favorite driver

  • Jonesyboi
    Jonesyboi5 天 前

    Goosebump moment when Lewis won that race

  • Mustafa Kaya
    Mustafa Kaya6 天 前

    6:16 : Mcqueen’s blown a tire Mcqueen’s blown a tire go go go go go

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan6 天 前

    Grosjean's fatal crash at #1 gave me tons of shocks.

  • Insano D
    Insano D6 天 前

    These cars are so fragile

  • le lu
    le lu6 天 前

    The insidious porcupine substantively describe because prepared advisably command over a wet act. frequent, productive fiber

  • Alexis Reyes R
    Alexis Reyes R7 天 前

    3:41 that makes me feel happy :')

  • tung cs
    tung cs7 天 前

    the greaterst lewis

  • Privacy Is Everything
    Privacy Is Everything8 天 前

    No, Alex, Lewis is a winner.

  • Mano Manikkam
    Mano Manikkam9 天 前


  • LunarTesting23 ROBLOX

    LunarTesting23 ROBLOX

    9 天 前

    Yea, cuz I wanted Mercedes to wim that race.

  • kayo
    kayo10 天 前

    Roman Haas Crash and explodes into a fireball horrible

  • Yannick
    Yannick10 天 前

    Where is the Perez Win ?

  • Reformed
    Reformed10 天 前

    F1 looks like circus to me I cant take this seriously

  • rishav raj
    rishav raj11 天 前

    2020 scenario was everywhere...

  • Keptic
    Keptic12 天 前

    3:40 me on the mic after my teammate clutches

  • Find The Odd Emoji Studios
    Find The Odd Emoji Studios12 天 前

    'D a n y'

  • MidnightGaming
    MidnightGaming13 天 前

    3:41 sounds like dream

  • Kieran Millar
    Kieran Millar13 天 前

    Kyvyat's crash could of been the same as grosjeans had he been 2 foot to the right. Scary Stuff

  • Alessandro Donadeo
    Alessandro Donadeo13 天 前

    No overtakes by Hamilton 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 카운트 튜브Count Tube
    카운트 튜브Count Tube14 天 前

    Best 2019

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli14 天 前

    Hey F1, please adjust the Portuguese GP into the 2021 calendar. It was one of the best races last year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭 What a track, Portimão! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ramon Santos
    Ramon Santos14 天 前

    Musics by?

  • Герман Янов
    Герман Янов14 天 前

    Albon austria 2020 still hurts...

  • Bogdan Vischet
    Bogdan Vischet14 天 前

    2:05 Binotto: Pronto GioGio. Antonio: My name is Antonio. Binotto: Belgium 2019

  • Henrique Machado
    Henrique Machado14 天 前


  • Henrique Machado

    Henrique Machado

    14 天 前


  • Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen15 天 前

    Indeed, the top two are so nasty.

  • RXS stra
    RXS stra16 天 前

    stroll was first in wiliams and at that time he was the hole time last and in racing point he gets a pole pretty nice

  • Yildiray Atalay
    Yildiray Atalay16 天 前

    Grosjean'in olayı ibrettir.

  • Bair Jolsonaro
    Bair Jolsonaro16 天 前

    8:00 i see this on live

  • mozaarrjuhh
    mozaarrjuhh16 天 前

    The world looks ****** with those masks

  • Juan Juju
    Juan Juju17 天 前

    I love F1 i love cars

    KABIR VASUDEVAN Student17 天 前

    Why does the Tuscany crash remind me of an online lobby in f1 2020 with sim damage on and no assists🤣

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu17 天 前

    lets just put every race on a wet track

  • Matthews
    Matthews17 天 前

    in the last one he is alive thanks to the HALO... he finished all his lucky in that race!

  • Gian Frances Cruz
    Gian Frances Cruz17 天 前

    FE fans: F1 are so boring and it's so predictable 2020 season: whatcha saying bruh???

  • Wait Why do I have a sub?
    Wait Why do I have a sub?17 天 前

    1:06 truer words have never been spoken

  • Luís Bita
    Luís Bita18 天 前

    Best Regards 🏎 ❤

    JNTHN18 天 前

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  • Zars Virus
    Zars Virus18 天 前

    They are nothing compared with michael schumacher.

  • Krisztián Tóth
    Krisztián Tóth18 天 前

    Ok so we all know what is the top 1 even if we don't watch the video until the end

  • szewei85
    szewei8518 天 前

    Haha 2020 is explosive

  • Csaba Trostovszky
    Csaba Trostovszky18 天 前

    At next season who want to see a HAMILTON VS SCHUMACHER battlet

  • Csaba Trostovszky
    Csaba Trostovszky18 天 前

    I didnt watch it full but i know the first is grojan in the bahren

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques18 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • hamzamoum
    hamzamoum18 天 前

    Song 4:00 please?? Song 6:00 please?? Song 4:00 please?? Song 6:00 please?? Song 4:00 please?? Song 6:00 please??

  • petarbg123
    petarbg12318 天 前

    Grosjean has been enlightened!

  • Marco Vinicio Gonzalez Matus
    Marco Vinicio Gonzalez Matus18 天 前

    Goku le gana😎👊🥵

  • Scut Dark1x
    Scut Dark1x19 天 前

    Just im french and the gasly’s victory isn’t dramatic alright 😡

  • toto64
    toto6419 天 前

    The best moment is in the last lap with the french commentator because i am french and it's a beautiful Day for all the french

  • SLA Ray
    SLA Ray19 天 前

    F1 drivers do love using bad language

  • AsmonsZ
    AsmonsZ19 天 前

    Everyone is blaming Mazepin, but look what Hamilton doing when losing.

  • Илья Сидоров
    Илья Сидоров19 天 前

    Hamilton is like Lightning McQueen

  • 8illy
    8illy19 天 前

    3:42 uhh dream?? 😳

  • Noahツ
    Noahツ19 天 前

    Wloki wlkneoy Hamilton not gonna win race next year

  • JrP
    JrP19 天 前

    Yeah, I agree that they put Grosjean's Crash in 1st place, I wasn't expecting to have a crash like that but He got away from devastating scenario. Halo definitely save him.

  • fredvlees pet
    fredvlees pet19 天 前

    Remind me why Latifi is in F1

  • Icantdrive
    Icantdrive19 天 前

    Cant wait for Hamilton to get to his 10th (IK he has 7 but I'm saying in the future)

  • Atleast37ninjas
    Atleast37ninjas19 天 前

    And that's why they invented the fire suit kids

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit19 天 前

    Grojean's crash still sends chills down my spine.

  • skiller03
    skiller0320 天 前

    Gasly moment yeahhahqaüdhassaü

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts20 天 前

    Hamilton really is a sore loser.

    DB25GAMES20 天 前

    I'm so thankful that Romain Grojean made it out alive ❤ F1 2021 cannot wait for it to start!

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales20 天 前

    When Pérez win are a most happy day in latinoamerica and México 👑 vivaaaaa Méxicooooiiii

  • Grooove e
    Grooove e20 天 前

    Stroll: Gets Pole Also Stroll: Doesn't podium from pole start

  • Salah El Hadary
    Salah El Hadary20 天 前

    The music name??

  • CM25 Gaming
    CM25 Gaming20 天 前

    Alonso thinks of spa*

  • Chafik El Azhar
    Chafik El Azhar20 天 前

    what a year

  • Batirjan Yuldashev
    Batirjan Yuldashev21 天 前

    Typical Grosjean

  • Sardine -iwashi-
    Sardine -iwashi-21 天 前

    Is this dramatic? Not top 10 crashes?

  • christoph !!
    christoph !!21 天 前

    Look at the footege of him turning left to hit him off

    LFC FAN21 天 前

    It is a shame for them to not include George's misfortune.

  • Porki Puuki
    Porki Puuki21 天 前

    Alle haben sich für Gasly gefreut das er gewonnen hat jeder

  • Netcald
    Netcald21 天 前

    I'll never forget the sinking feeling when grosjean crashed but then the relief when I realised he was ok

  • Tanya Sullivan
    Tanya Sullivan21 天 前

    left rear tier

  • Jan Ste
    Jan Ste21 天 前

    Where is Lando getting 3rd place in Austria?

    BWT AMG21 天 前


  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris21 天 前

    Why did this make me cry?

  • Sergio Amaya
    Sergio Amaya21 天 前

    3:28 Hello people I'm new in this, can someone explain to me what does it mean "pole position" and why it's so incredible?

  • Rose Black

    Rose Black

    19 天 前

    @Sergio Amaya You‘re welcome!

  • Sergio Amaya

    Sergio Amaya

    19 天 前

    @Rose Black thank you bro

  • Rose Black

    Rose Black

    19 天 前

    Pole position means that you are going to start from 1st place. And it was incredible bc it was the first non Mercedes pole of the year.

  • PK 12
    PK 1221 天 前

    The final part is top10 best overtakes

  • Lorenzo CB
    Lorenzo CB22 天 前

    I will never forget how deep we all held our beaths this day.

  • Rex DmcPoweR
    Rex DmcPoweR22 天 前

    yep, most "dramatic" moment is Stroll's pole position, like Perez first win, just dramatic...

  • Citrus
    Citrus22 天 前

    It would be a shame if the Turkish GP isn't added to the calendar for the next year... It's a great track with a lot space for delicate driving.

  • Bahrain360Degree
    Bahrain360Degree22 天 前

    It wasn’t Hamilton fault seriously he was going wide and couldn’t turn in enough so how can he not make contact with albon

  • sienna
    sienna22 天 前

    so, hamilton winning is more dramatic than the moment russel got robbed? k...

  • Danny Dev
    Danny Dev22 天 前

    The earsplitting course chemically share because door specifically race save a incompetent quicksand. mixed, dysfunctional stage