Top 10 Moments Of Sergio Perez Brilliance


The Mexican waited 10 years for his first ever F1 win. Journey back through the career of the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix winner and relive some of his stand-out moments.
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  • Leo
    Leo20 小时 前

    As someone who generally is only a fan of the teams rather than the drivers f1 is different, I find myself liking the drivers, and I’ve slowly become a Perez fan! Especially being a Red Bull fan. Perez is the first driver I can say I’m truly a fan of

  • Roger Vallve
    Roger Vallve2 天 前

    Did he get any poles?

  • Jose Mata Ledezma
    Jose Mata Ledezma2 天 前

    Does anyone think he still so handsome since 2012

  • Amayas Bourahla
    Amayas Bourahla4 天 前

    I think Ericsson hit us 😂

  • Scott Mulholland
    Scott Mulholland5 天 前

    “I hope I’m not dreaming”...........brilliant! Just brilliant!

  • CoolGamer Z
    CoolGamer Z7 天 前

    "that was on of the best moves of my career hehe" That cracked me up :)

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores8 天 前

    Master driver > underrated driver

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero9 天 前

    I HOPE THIS 2021 HE CAN WIN MANY PODIUMS AND ALL THE HARD WORK Finally pays off!! He has a big chance with RB and he will rock on !! +++++++++++++ Viva MEXICO CABRONES********

  • Rishab Hanamar
    Rishab Hanamar9 天 前

    10 years... never loose hope.. never give up... 👍

  • George
    George10 天 前

    3:09 *casually poirs champaigne on Checo's head*

  • Le on
    Le on10 天 前

    all 275 were probalby made by all of albons accounts

  • Emanuel Diaz
    Emanuel Diaz11 天 前

    Alguien Sabe Si Esta Este Video Traducido??

  • Eliseo Terrones
    Eliseo Terrones11 天 前

    About Lando... he laugh because he still thinking like a kid, that move get him (Lando) out of top 10 that season.

  • Garet Helwig
    Garet Helwig13 天 前

    That shot of Checo with his arms stretched out, fully embracing and living in the moment, with beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky behind him has to be one of the most incredible shots ever taken in sporting history.

  • Mawile #303
    Mawile #30313 天 前

    6:04 They couldn't resist could they, the whole meme from start to finish

  • cuauh medina
    cuauh medina13 天 前

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another ten years. 😜

  • Arnav Mummineni
    Arnav Mummineni15 天 前

    Had Perez won in Malaysia 2012, he would have taken the record of "longest gap between wins" away from Kimi at Sakhir. Kimi's record is from Australia 2013 to US 2018, Checo would have been Malaysia 2012 to Sakhir 2020.

  • Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes15 天 前

    Checo's parents when he was a kid: Why can't he talk yet? Baby checo: I'm uhhhh liddle bit speechless

  • HaydenBigNOOB
    HaydenBigNOOB15 天 前

    And now he’s going to Red Bull!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alebal76
    Alebal7615 天 前

    0:29 so what? I have done that in a Go-Kart at 10km

  • Periphalos
    Periphalos16 天 前

    + he is a nice guy. :D

  • Alejandro Romero
    Alejandro Romero17 天 前

    His time as a champion will be in Red Bull

  • Jai Auvers
    Jai Auvers17 天 前

    Me: Anybody knows where's the top 10 moments of brilliance of Lance Stroll video are? Random guy: it doesn't exist.

  • Sebastián el papu grespan
    Sebastián el papu grespan17 天 前

    Grande checo

  • Thomas vangenderen
    Thomas vangenderen18 天 前

    Could you do also one about Lewis Hamilton

  • Hamit Ayan
    Hamit Ayan21 天 前

    since the 2012 turkey at almost any platform, '' Perez got the champion fabric. Perez is the best pilot I've seen after Senna. '' I still believe this and I want you to pass verstapen. We made a bet with Turkey. Do this for me

  • I Tube
    I Tube21 天 前

    I always said that if Button and Nico were able to win a title, than Perez and Ricciardo could win as well.

  • alex coll
    alex coll22 天 前

    Gracias for doing and Amaizing job

  • alex coll
    alex coll22 天 前

    Wow Que incredible trabajo. Amaizing job

  • Sathish KUMAR
    Sathish KUMAR22 天 前

    Verstappen won't be having a easy time out there, but Redbull doesn't want their teammates to battle out. So it's important for Sergio to pounce on this opportunity from Australia onwards. Otherwise we may be hearing checo, it's Marko please let max through.

  • Animozz
    Animozz23 天 前

    There are more Sergio Perez moments of brilliance coming in the future........❤️❤️

  • felipe garcia
    felipe garcia23 天 前

    10 years to win 10 seconds on the back the next competitor

  • Squirrely Bird
    Squirrely Bird23 天 前

    Checo's experience may be just what Reb Bull needs after having young drivers for so long. Experience is very beneficial in the feedback and development of the car, especially when you can compare it to a 2019 mercedes.

  • Andrés Meza
    Andrés Meza23 天 前

    Pérez : Exists *Everyone liked that*

  • Formula One Fix
    Formula One Fix24 天 前

    I'm so glad he stays in F1

  • Jarrad Ghent
    Jarrad Ghent24 天 前

    Living proof that hard work does pay off.

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez24 天 前

    Too much ❤️

  • Twinbee
    Twinbee24 天 前

    It is time for the Mexican Tom Cruise to rise to World Champion material

  • Omer Turker
    Omer Turker24 天 前

    the dislikes are from albon fans.

    JORGE BUSTOS25 天 前


  • Nico Meier
    Nico Meier25 天 前

    I'm happy that Perez will be driving for Red Bull in 2021 - he will finally be able to show what he can do.

  • Henryy
    Henryy25 天 前

    Instead Albon was on the sidelines Reeee

  • Vega Guy702
    Vega Guy70226 天 前

    The Mexican Bull. 🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽💪💪💪💪

  • LeviathanOps
    LeviathanOps26 天 前

    Love Bill's vocabulary. "Portentious" is a great word and Google is trying to tell me it's not a real one. Outrageous, i just heard the mighty Bill Buxton use it in a sentence

  • Hugo Hernandez Lopez
    Hugo Hernandez Lopez26 天 前

    this victory meant more than a world championship to some others i'm sure

  • Leonardo L.M.
    Leonardo L.M.26 天 前

    He got the sit in Red Bull thanks to 3 of last 4 races of the season

  • Leonardo L.M.
    Leonardo L.M.26 天 前

    Perez & Kubica have a lot of same things

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern27 天 前

    A last to 1st challenge even Jimmy Broadbent couldn't achieve racing against iRacing rookies

  • fran solis
    fran solis27 天 前

    Sergio Perez, the new driver of Red Bull Racing

  • Rahul77_ YT
    Rahul77_ YT27 天 前

    Now that he's gone to Redbull, don't hate Aston Martin now 😊

  • Seshvir Seodutt

    Seshvir Seodutt

    23 天 前

    I’m still gonna hate Aston Martin, stroll , vettel that whole team for kicking their best driver

  • Anant Krishna
    Anant Krishna27 天 前

    He was the one to take care for more than hundreds of family when force India was removing more workers Truly a great person on track and as well as off track

  • Kl _kl
    Kl _kl27 天 前

    R E S P E C T

  • DKW
    DKW28 天 前

    There is a little bit of video in this marketing

  • Gabo Cejitas
    Gabo Cejitas28 天 前

    1:32 hehehehe

  • Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores
    Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores28 天 前

    Everyone says Max is the best driver nowadays, he doesn't have any titles, yet he's considered the fastest and best in the grid. This brings us a little bit of a controversy ,if Checo beats Max, would he be considered the best because he beat the so called best driver? I don't know but this season could put an end to a lot of misconceptions about f1, perhaps people will start saying that even Hulk could beat Verstappen or Hamilton if given the right car before considering Perez as the best in the grid. So eager to see the next season.

  • Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    25 天 前

    @HKF1 I hope you are right, now more than ever I would love that red bull to be on its best year , something tells me the Mercedes won't give Lewis another title, something about Schumacher's legacy won't allow them, I think next year will be Hamilton's last in thst team, next year will be either Max or Checo's year mark my words.

  • HKF1


    25 天 前

    @Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores I dont think theyll catch up, the cars are esentially the same for next year, its safe to assume Red Bull will easily be the second fastest car.

  • Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    25 天 前

    @HKF1 That's the narrative right now I agree but once the season starts if Checo is on pace and he hets a win here or there, everything could happen, suddenly you have to very capable drivers that are always there to capitalize on mercedes errors, and that's kinda one of Perez virtue's, to always be there whenever that opportunity presents itself. Let's just hope red Bull is at least the second fastest car again next year, Ferrari could catch up, the same goes for McLaren and Renault, and Aston Martin.

  • HKF1


    26 天 前

    @Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores It will be interesting to see how it develops, people speculate he was brought in as a second driver and so Red Bull would sacrifice his strategy in favour of Max... as an incentive to retain Max for the future.

  • Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    Sergio Alejandro Rubio Flores

    26 天 前

    @HKF1 well he's there for a reason, I don't think Horner would've pushed for Checo if he didn't know him well and what he's capable of achieving, just one pit stop less and he's 20 seconds ahead , if that forst stint is well timed everyone will be playing catch up with him. By the time they catch him he could already be changing tyres and arrivederci ma friends, I mean that's happened with him in inferior cars, don't see why it couldn't repeat in a Red Bull, many people say that car munches ln rubber but Checo is supposed to be the best or one of the best managing tyres, so two very different but somehow very evenly balanced skillsets in their team red bull has now.

  • Gerardo G
    Gerardo G28 天 前

    Todo México apoyando a Sergio Pérez , viva México ♥️🇲🇽♥️

  • Jess Segura
    Jess Segura29 天 前

    Gracias por el regalo, momentos importantes en la carrera de Checo en la F1, sobre todo el último, emotivo y que fue lo que finalmente le dio el asiento en RB para 2021.

  • Zugaikotsu
    Zugaikotsu个月 前

    who's here after his red bull announcement?

  • BowsePlayz
    BowsePlayz个月 前

    The first clip is literally the living inbodiment of "turn right to go left"

  • Cairo Brito
    Cairo Brito个月 前

    Song name in the start the vídeo?🤔

  • Shayan K.
    Shayan K.个月 前

    funny how they made this thinking he was leaving f1 for a year but Red Bull said NO

  • Max Martinez
    Max Martinez个月 前

    Muy bien, Checo eres chingon!

  • Manuel Herrero
    Manuel Herrero个月 前

    Simply Beautiful thanks Checo to make a Nation Proud.

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo个月 前

    He’s going to Red Bull

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo个月 前

    Perez has great tire management?

  • HKF1


    26 天 前

    does he not?

  • JMB
    JMB个月 前

    Dios te bendiga Checo!! Todo Latinoamérica te apoya Checo!!

  • andrea guadalupe Aguilar Robles
    andrea guadalupe Aguilar Robles个月 前

    It was beautiful 😭 I actually cried on Sakhir GP

  • John Bloor

    John Bloor

    12 天 前


  • Nehru Roger
    Nehru Roger个月 前

    I never liked or support Red Bull or Vettel. I always support Lewis and Perez from Force India. But for the first time in my life I will support Red Bull Racing and I want them to beat Lewis's Team (Mercedes AMG) bcoz Red Bull picked Perez. I hope he wins the Championship next year. Such an intelligent driver should be given long term chances by other teams. I hope that Mercedes should consider George Russell over Botas....Russell has that X-factor which lacks in Botas. Piarre Gasly is the next super star of F1 if he gets proper assistance.

  • shannon mason
    shannon mason个月 前

    I think checo deserves a race winning and a championship contending car after everything he's been through. He's one of my favorite drivers in f1 and I hope he can take the fight to max and mercades in 2021

  • wan ramli wan khairuzzaman
    wan ramli wan khairuzzaman个月 前

    Strong drive Checo, well deserved seat in red bull next year

  • Damian Chua
    Damian Chua个月 前

    I dot think in hindsight that rp would keep Perez even if they knew of his brilliant result

  • Palace
    Palace个月 前

    he's world champion material. we all were waiting for him to get his chance. I wonder if the Redbull signing is his chance.

  • Alex Cordoba Rodriguez
    Alex Cordoba Rodriguez个月 前

    Hi, Anyones knows the BGM?. I liked it.

  • viT climb
    viT climb个月 前


  • themacs
    themacs个月 前

    6:11 - the most legendary :D :D

  • Benjamin Cottle
    Benjamin Cottle个月 前

    Wholly deserving of a win.... finally!!!

  • Cure
    Cure个月 前

    "I think Ericcson hit us" meme will never die

  • R Carguy
    R Carguy个月 前

    This video Red Bull. I want more of these vids. Here's Albon Red Bull

  • Victor Uribe
    Victor Uribe个月 前

    Checo is Brown!

  • I’m an Alcoholic

    I’m an Alcoholic

    个月 前


  • Anton Chastyuk
    Anton Chastyuk个月 前

    Now in Red Bull he will be winning more often)

  • Bálint
    Bálint个月 前

    Racing point really hit themselves in the nut by letting him go, and basically giving him to redbull

  • Pedro mota mota
    Pedro mota mota个月 前

    Awesome video,that is how really Checo is.

  • Takamusasu
    Takamusasu个月 前

    Did I forget to mention “tire management expertise”

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar个月 前

    Now he is in the Bull.

  • Jakob Nybo
    Jakob Nybo个月 前

    Sergio Perez congratulations and nice video ;-)

  • Pinki Hernandez
    Pinki Hernandez个月 前

    Thanks for is top10 de checo

  • Abdur Rashid V
    Abdur Rashid V个月 前

    No reason for this since he is now with Red Bull.

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall个月 前

    I’m so happy for Checo! And the best is yet to come 🙌🏼

  • Irving Vazquez
    Irving Vazquez个月 前

    0:28 Nani? Kansei dorifto!

  • Baxrok2
    Baxrok2个月 前

    He's as likable as Riccardo.

  • Giulio Ferrino
    Giulio Ferrino个月 前

    Red bull 😍

  • Ryan
    Ryan个月 前

    Victor Mids in één team met Max. Nice. 😉

  • ///MPOWER 9
    ///MPOWER 9个月 前

    Glad he got that RB seat, he deserves the opportunity to drive in a top team.

  • Dankind
    Dankind个月 前

    Red Bull will be coming out guns blazing next season!

  • Grant
    Grant个月 前

    Racing point made a mistake but it's the best thing for Sergio

  • Rodrigo Santos Sevilla
    Rodrigo Santos Sevilla个月 前

    whos here after red bull announced checo :D

  • Fernando López
    Fernando López个月 前

    Confirmado: Checo firma por Red Bull

  • John Bloor

    John Bloor

    12 天 前

    @rodoxxs The Mexican Bull

  • rodoxxs


    个月 前

    El Toro Mexicano

  • Junior Mello Pro Player F1
    Junior Mello Pro Player F1个月 前

    PEREZ RED BULL 2021 !!

  • Gabriel Chauriye Fernández
    Gabriel Chauriye Fernández个月 前

    Who's here after he get announced at Red Bull?

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller个月 前

    who’s here after he got the seat?