Top 10 Moments of Romain Grosjean Brilliance in F1


We take a look back on Romain Grosjean's best moments in Formula 1, going back to his debut for Renault in 2009.
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  • YettiFN
    YettiFN4 小时 前

    Why isn't Belgium 2012 here? hI iM ROMAin gROSEaN

  • Andrew Omeruo
    Andrew Omeruo天 前

    People say romain is trash as expected they dont watch f1

  • blista2
    blista22 天 前

    Top 10 cra..khmm... "moments" of Romain Grosjean.

  • Hobson McMaster
    Hobson McMaster3 天 前

    grosjean in his prime was op

  • HV
    HV4 天 前

    Best debut performance for a team since 1970s *coughs in brawn gp*

  • JB 02

    JB 02

    3 天 前

    I think Brawn doesn’t count because technically they existed last season under the Honda name. Haas however was a completely new team

  • wiktorz
    wiktorz7 天 前

    Now he's replaced by someone who groped a woman punched his opponent hospitalised a driver and unsportsmanlike driving and conduct. What has the world come to

  • John Cannizzaro Jr
    John Cannizzaro Jr8 天 前

    i honestly wish he could of lucked a win before he wrecked. would of loved to see the reaction.

  • Doyou Reallycare
    Doyou Reallycare9 天 前

    Grosjean is the greatest crasher of all times

  • Josh Flewers
    Josh Flewers9 天 前

    More like no brakes full send 🤣🤣

  • Bhavraj Serown
    Bhavraj Serown10 天 前

    Grosjean deserved so much more than that he could have easily won championships

  • TheYorkMan
    TheYorkMan12 天 前

    It's a shame that Grosjean kind of burnt several bridges as he went along... Effectively getting fired by Renault at the end of 2009, but then getting his drive for Lotus in 2012... He could have, and should have got a win that year. But he also got a race ban in 2012 too, which I am sure caused some consternation for him and the team. It probably also meant, along with said firing by Renault, that no 'winning' team would ever hire him. It is sad, as I think in a 'front of the grid' car he would have been a match for anyone, but i suspect he would have lacked that higher level of consistency which would have won in a World Championship. It IS a crime however that he didn't get a single win... I mean, David Coulthard won 13 races.. And he was nowhere near the driver that Grosjean was in F1.

  • Dieter Müller
    Dieter Müller12 天 前

    After this video, I have a complete change opinion about Romain. Now I am sad that he left F1. Best wishes for his future!

  • Ventiman
    Ventiman13 天 前

    Slap slap slap, oh wait, this is real! 😂😂😂

  • miguel angel tudela sanhueza
    miguel angel tudela sanhueza16 天 前

    Grande Romain !!!

  • Arthur Finco, o Gamer
    Arthur Finco, o Gamer20 天 前

    Grosjean: 10 podiumsss Kimi: Bwoah many podiums and WIN in AbuDbabi and Australia...

  • Atif Hussain
    Atif Hussain22 天 前

    253 dislikes by hamilton

    KYN GAMES23 天 前

    8:30 is the guy on the team radio lerclerc

  • Thefatcat
    Thefatcat25 天 前

    I’m gonna miss this man so much especially after his crash :(

  • Stepladder
    Stepladder26 天 前

    He overtook HAMILTON in a FASTER MCLAREN in VALENCIA without crashing Bruh that’s skill

  • Stinger NSW
    Stinger NSW个月 前

    Madder than a cut snake, so thankful you are still with us! Enjoy you F1 highs and lows well done!

  • lambert saint
    lambert saint个月 前

    un super mec et tant pis pour les rageux! a great guy and too bad for the haters!

  • peterprm19ify
    peterprm19ify个月 前

    ''Romain Grosjean is one of the most exciting drivers who have raced Formula 1 on recent years'' just wow..being political correct @Formula 1? Even Romain himself will not agree with you guys haha.

  • House Station Live .com
    House Station Live .com个月 前

    we had the ice man, now we have a fireman ^^

  • alex bolton
    alex bolton个月 前

    Unpopular opinion (and im not just saying this because of what happened as ive been a fan of Grosjean for time) but Grosjean from 2012 to 2015 is championship winning worthy

  • Luke Foran
    Luke Foran个月 前

    I shall miss Romain grosean dearly

  • Luke Foran

    Luke Foran

    个月 前

    I meant grosjean

  • Derek 58
    Derek 58个月 前

    Has any other driver gone from F1 back to gp2 (F2 now) and then back to F1 again?

  • Tyler Walmsley
    Tyler Walmsley个月 前

    How was Haas most successful new team since Shadow? Did we just forget about brawn?

  • MrSam
    MrSam个月 前

    I like to hear Grosjean swearing with this french accent. There is something strangely beautiful in this.

  • Frozen_ Finn
    Frozen_ Finn个月 前


  • Anthony Tremblay
    Anthony Tremblay个月 前

    so underrated that man... one of many underrated drivers

  • giorgio ciaravolol
    giorgio ciaravolol个月 前

    I never liked Grosjean because he complains a lot during races. That's the same reason why I don't like Hamilton, but both of them are true ambassadors of the sport

  • Simbarocks ONE
    Simbarocks ONE个月 前

    For me, India 2013 immediately springs to mind.

  • Muzhafar Faiz
    Muzhafar Faiz个月 前

    Will Buxton : "Racing drivers love a challenge" Albon : "They race me so hard"

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza个月 前

    People tend to forget but he is pretty fast

  • JolinR32
    JolinR32个月 前

    Didn't realise Grosjean and Vettel met at the podium several times... he's definitely one of the best midfield drivers, perhaps not a world champion for being not as consistent week in week out though. With the Russian mafia taking over his seat, I would really miss him.

  • Not Streamer
    Not Streamer个月 前

    *The only 10 moments


    Everyone hates him for some reason before his crash now everyone loves him and wants to comfort him. When someone needs help nobody notices or tries to help them. When they die everyone is there. If grosean died everyone who didn’t like him would claim they loved him. People need to realize he had the potential to be a world champion about 2 or 3 times.

  • Jonathan marvel saptrasto Red Dragon
    Jonathan marvel saptrasto Red Dragon个月 前

    the haters doesnt know that he used to got some podiums in lotus that time.

  • Maxitsu24
    Maxitsu24个月 前

    that crash from Vettel at germany GP, It was the start of his decline in performance.

  • Kameron Simpson
    Kameron Simpson个月 前

    Unlucky that Romain had that crash cos if he didn't, he could of raced! I'll miss him 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • Superfast Jellyfish
    Superfast Jellyfish个月 前

    Well that's not what we would learn about him according to Hollywoodian Netflix standards

  • Tommy Mckeown
    Tommy Mckeown个月 前

    A true underdog , not enough credit

  • Ale
    Ale个月 前

    aaaaaaaaaaahahahha. Still better than Kubica and Palmer

  • aaa sss
    aaa sss个月 前

    7:38 "It was a moment, that will live long in the memory" f1 CNboth next season: "5 moments you forgot from the European grand Prix"

  • Sledge
    Sledge个月 前

    absolutely battered that he's leaving, i really hope to see him again

  • big boof
    big boof个月 前

    That pass at Valencia was insane

  • Mega Firdaus
    Mega Firdaus个月 前

    I might have hated him back in 2012 when he crashed and took out a few other racers in Belgian GP, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed his radio talks over the years! Merci beaucoup, Romain!

  • Alban Vigneau
    Alban Vigneau个月 前

    Japon 2013 where is it.?

  • Jono Leech
    Jono Leech个月 前

    Such an underrated driver. Such a shame he never got a chance in a competitive car. I wish haas could live up to the promise shown in their debut season. And grojean should have got a win.

  • Daniel Dmello
    Daniel Dmello个月 前

    Grosjean's best and worst moments were at Bahrain

  • Andrew Elderkin
    Andrew Elderkin个月 前

    When you look for the edge, sometimes you cross it. Nothing but respect! ✊

  • kake
    kake个月 前

    So many years passed i didn't remember how brilliant he is, taking the fight to Kimi himself

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett个月 前

    Next career move: Demolition Derby

  • Jeff Mattel
    Jeff Mattel个月 前

    Memorable? For all the wrong reasons maybe. 🙄

  • Francisco do Nascimento Júnior
    Francisco do Nascimento Júnior个月 前

    We have Grojean 10 moments of brilliance but we don't have Piquet 10 moments of brilliance. Such a YOKE! PS: I like Grosjean.

  • Afroboo
    Afroboo个月 前

    We gonna miss you hero

  • fathir 5214
    fathir 5214个月 前

    8:39 Longest Radio Celebration ever?

  • Deniz
    Deniz个月 前

    Goodbye Grosjean We miss you FIREMANNNNN💪🔥

  • Le Bagn ard
    Le Bagn ard个月 前

    passing a 7 times world champion like it's a 7 year old in a go kart. Not everyone can do that

  • Alex Aviation
    Alex Aviation个月 前

    Spa 2012. Pinnacle of his career I guess

  • TheRealMoto
    TheRealMoto个月 前

    Grosjeans time with Lotus was awesome... The car was really brilliant. A brilliant car for a brilliant driver!

  • Exe cutoR
    Exe cutoR个月 前

    Why couldn't they do these top 10 moments in chronological order? -_-

  • Eric Janke
    Eric Janke个月 前

    Many people have forgotten that

  • Hubert Wirakotan
    Hubert Wirakotan个月 前

    Many said he was prone to error, too many spins, stuff like that, but look at how he pushed the lotus and the early haas car like charles is in the ferrari now. All that while obeying team orders. You dont get anywhere without risks, and he took them with all the glory and setbacks. Full credit to him

  • Just Some Guy With Full Of Despair
    Just Some Guy With Full Of Despair个月 前

    Lewis:got overtake from grosjean Lewis:*out of mclaren

  • Muhammad Nasrul
    Muhammad Nasrul个月 前

    Grosjean world champion f2

  • Its raining TACOS!
    Its raining TACOS!个月 前

    Please make one about Kevin Magnussen. I world love that.

  • Redge Diakité
    Redge Diakité个月 前

    Y'all need to understand his career, he was a effing fast guy, went to Renault in 2009 and it was too early for him, 2010 he went drive the Ford GT and other championships and won Le Mans and other races, 2011 went back to GP2 and won the title, he has the talent but rare luck and spins a lot.

  • Tarek El-Maddah
    Tarek El-Maddah个月 前

    He was a very promising prospect ... having a very fast lotus in 12' and 13' .... then it fell apart once he went to Haas

  • Zsuzsanna Makai
    Zsuzsanna Makai个月 前

    Thanks for this video!

  • Kieran Cliffe
    Kieran Cliffe个月 前

    Surely number 1 is Bahrain 2020 Who will miss Roman 👇

  • Stephen Gamble
    Stephen Gamble个月 前

    Romain got into F1, at a time when the top teams and cars, all had established drivers in them. The same drivers that would dominate the sport, and the seats up to the present day.( Even if they had slightly passed there sell by date.) Makes you wonder how many of the younger drivers have been swept aside, not able to show their speed due to being in poor cars. Granted, now and then a Schumacher, Alonso or Webber arrive and move a tail end charley right up into the mix, and in one race get noticed. The top teams have their driver development programs to bring on new talent. What is the point , if when they get to F1 there is no top drawer drive for them. Russel stomping on Bottas is the latest, and possibly best example of this. A Ken Tyrell, Chapman or Dennis would have had him in the car next year, signed and sealed before they had left the circuit . As for Romain, I am pleased that he has survived his F1 career relatively unscathed. He was briefly able to put some excitement into the sport with Lotus and Haas. As a viewer I will miss him next season. All the best from a fan.

  • Tocato
    Tocato个月 前

    Where ia spa 2012

  • m felix
    m felix个月 前

    We're not hyping Grosjean *because* of his crash, we're just reminding ourselves of what we could've lost that day. A truly special guy.

  • William Busuttil
    William Busuttil个月 前

    the most underestimated f1 driver of the 2020 grid. I'll miss him

  • Gabriel Śliz
    Gabriel Śliz个月 前

    This is the Grosjean i remembered all the time despite those memes.. He is underrated.

  • Jacob Brassard
    Jacob Brassard个月 前

    Grosjean should work for a team in the futre. It would be cool to see him working on the grid.

  • J L
    J L个月 前

    We're all very happy that he's ok and got out of that crash but lets not get delusional now.

  • Fabrice Zenhäusern
    Fabrice Zenhäusern个月 前

    how is the song named on 6:09

  • Ronen Beniaminov
    Ronen Beniaminov个月 前

    All drivers says that they don't afraid dying or getting in accedents etc... Well, this guy, setting a new limit . You can say what ever you want, but he got no fear at all.

  • Hobson McMaster
    Hobson McMaster个月 前

    the biggest moment of brilliance was him getting out of the fire in 20 seconds

  • Pmhz
    Pmhz个月 前

    0:50 who ?

  • 我愛416
    我愛416个月 前

    a man always with his smiles hope he can back to the f1

  • waffleriles
    waffleriles个月 前

    this dude was known as the crash man, but he’s one of talented drivers on the f1 grid. and he’s no doubt, an amazing driver

  • GabyGab 17
    GabyGab 17个月 前

    where is japon ? ;

  • SDBandit
    SDBandit个月 前

    Can we get a K mag and a Kvyat aswell :))?

  • Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort个月 前

    I wasn't a big fan of him as a driver for the last couple of years but he is a great human being

  • Gunnerchris30
    Gunnerchris30个月 前

    Haas the most successful debut team ever! Um have you not heard of BrawnGP

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t个月 前

    Weird hearing the name Brendon Hartley again.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk个月 前

    His best moment ever was snitching on Lewis after he snitched on Seb for no reason in a pre race briefing.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk个月 前

    To be unfair, he's in the business for a long time

  • Giannis Nikolaidhs
    Giannis Nikolaidhs个月 前

    Grosjean most underrated driver in f1's history

  • O B
    O B个月 前

    All the Love to you Romain! thank you for everything!

  • X NoLxve
    X NoLxve个月 前

    Make one with Kevin Magnussen

  • Victor Sinha
    Victor Sinha个月 前

    A brilliant racer! You did well Grosjean.

  • Emil Forsberg
    Emil Forsberg个月 前

    wonder what they'll do for Magnussen...

  • Jyllenberg
    Jyllenberg个月 前

    He has a race winning potential for sure. Sadly the equipment wasn't really there. He performed strikingly well alongside Kimi challenging him quite often.

  • Der_Mantie
    Der_Mantie个月 前

    3:28 Nice Words by Leclerc.

  • kamfire productions ._.
    kamfire productions ._.个月 前

    Bro who tf disliked this video.

  • Luke Finnila
    Luke Finnila个月 前

    From 1st year f1 follower, Grosjean was made out to be a joke. I see now over these last few weeks how absolutely wrong that thinking is.