Top 10 Overtakes of the 2020 F1 Season


Late on the brakes, full send! Take a look at our top 10 overtakes of the 2020 F1 season as voted by you...
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  • Mario Gavranić
    Mario Gavranić小时 前

    I really thought they were gonna put in vettel's last lap podium overtake on charles

  • zexn
    zexn5 小时 前

    Max Verstappen 70th anniversary overtaking bottas was the best one in my opinion

  • Samantha LaRusso
    Samantha LaRusso10 小时 前

    #3, Alex Albon goes around the outside of Stowe, wait... i thought that was copse

  • Andrew Dickie
    Andrew Dickie10 小时 前

    The George overtake is at Bahrain is not overtake of the season

  • Casual _Gagah
    Casual _Gagah12 小时 前

    Haha Yess number one on the list is George Russell Vs Bottas wohoo

  • BS Gaming
    BS Gaming21 小时 前

    1:17 join the party? 😂

  • James Gowie
    James Gowie天 前

    Russels move was easy compared to a lot of the others with the context of valterris tyres more like 10th

  • Fabian Cifuentes
    Fabian Cifuentes天 前

    with the sound of the engines it is more exciting ... the rest takes away emotion

  • Recommended
    Recommended天 前

    i agree with no 1 this year

  • Kotirosvo Oy
    Kotirosvo Oy天 前

    This list IS a YOKE

  • Fakhruddin Hawari
    Fakhruddin Hawari天 前

    I 'm not agree Russell overtake Bottas is number 1 on this list. Sainz did exact move with slower McLaren

  • Zach Lee
    Zach Lee天 前

    albon on perez at the restart was way better than his move on ricciardo

  • Islam Benyahia
    Islam Benyahia2 天 前

    George Deserve That Black Arrow Seat !!

  • Markus Pellikka
    Markus Pellikka2 天 前

    Where is Kimi Räikkönen first lap overtakes? Just wondering.

  • Luis Echevarria
    Luis Echevarria2 天 前

    Sainz did the same move as Russell with a McLaren

  • Preston Boyd
    Preston Boyd2 天 前

    how no sainz on Leclerc in Bahrain

  • midelro
    midelro3 天 前

    Corrected title: Top 10 Overtakes of 2021 Choosed by Ferrari Engineer

  • Antonino Cirinesi
    Antonino Cirinesi4 天 前

    Name of Music?

  • Kokob Mekonen
    Kokob Mekonen5 天 前

    Russel is overrated how in the world is his overtook top 1. It was easy move and ricciardo move too

  • jason bell
    jason bell5 天 前

    Can do better!

  • BUZ1952 Z
    BUZ1952 Z6 天 前

    Listening to Sky Sports broadcasters is like listening to a horse race on the radio.

  • Illuvatar2k
    Illuvatar2k6 天 前

    10 of the best overtake of this season... among the 12 in total that took place in the entire season.

  • Evan Nagy
    Evan Nagy8 天 前

    That number one place shouldn’t have even been on this list

  • Allard de Groot
    Allard de Groot8 天 前

    Hmm, thought the season was more exciting... 🤔

  • Papp Boldizsar
    Papp Boldizsar9 天 前

    What about Vettel's last lap last corner overtake in Turkey! To me that will always be the best overtake of the season! The only person on the grid that race who truly deserved that podium was him!

  • Hasan Akin
    Hasan Akin9 天 前

    Where is perez vs sainz austria

  • Gavin Nash
    Gavin Nash9 天 前

    No clips of the king of overtake Perez??? Do better.

  • M. R.
    M. R.9 天 前

    Best overtakes.... no Mercedes involved... except when ham is not there haha... how sad f1 has become

  • szewei85
    szewei859 天 前

    hahahaha cool

  • Youri Denisse
    Youri Denisse10 天 前

    The fact that this list doenst have max, valteti or lewis in it shows how boring the front is

  • Vladi48mir
    Vladi48mir10 天 前


  • ReQ
    ReQ10 天 前

    Russell in first hahahaha nice joke

  • Fdcerroni
    Fdcerroni10 天 前

    Where's Kvyat on Leclerc?????

  • The Gator
    The Gator10 天 前

    How about Albon? Sad to see him go

  • Skyline Racing
    Skyline Racing11 天 前

    Checo vs Albon in Imola was much better than Russel vs Bottas

  • Eulo GP
    Eulo GP11 天 前

    Disliking this abomination. Full of irrelevant overtakes and nothing from Perez amazing ones from Sakhir, or his Ocon one from Portimao.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo11 天 前


  • Jack dey
    Jack dey11 天 前

    So smooth.

  • LordOfTheBored
    LordOfTheBored11 天 前

    No 9: That was legendary. A car with a Ferrari engine overtaking a car with a Merc engine. Under normal circumstances this would be a Mission Impossible

  • Steven Yeing
    Steven Yeing11 天 前

    It’s funny how most of them are of Albon now he’s no longer in F1!

  • szewei85


    9 天 前

    haha if only he did not overtake and then punt hamilton after overtaking he could have rub more with verstappen in fact albon should have won the first race of 2020 hahahaha

  • Fortzezzz TM
    Fortzezzz TM11 天 前

    N1 overtake isn't "the best overtake of the 2020 season", it's rather "the most overrated overtake of the 2020 season". But, honestly, the list is just a joke

  • Giuseppe Monteleone
    Giuseppe Monteleone11 天 前

    Russel overtake first?! Honestly!

  • SportsGamingCubing
    SportsGamingCubing11 天 前

    F1 should do a best defense list! Some of us appreciate a nice defensive move just as much as an overtake!

  • Vetle Fosse
    Vetle Fosse12 天 前

    What about Kvyat for 4th in Imola, better than the one one Perez and ocon

  • Valentin B
    Valentin B12 天 前

    First is absolutely not deserved

  • USS Discovery
    USS Discovery12 天 前

    Some really amazing overtakes in 2020 I can't wait 2 C some more great overtakes this year

  • Diego Pardo
    Diego Pardo12 天 前

    Carlos un portimao

  • Baelly 7
    Baelly 712 天 前

    So strange to see here the Leclerc pass on Magnussen at Imola and not the Kvyat pass on Leclerc Always in Imola

  • Michael E
    Michael E12 天 前

    3:04 perfect audiosynchro

  • Viktor Šubić
    Viktor Šubić12 天 前

    So best overtakes are with opend DRS and softs. Well done F1, you have sunk to rock bottom. Congrads, keep killing it.

  • Ludvic Freire
    Ludvic Freire12 天 前

    Russel's overtake had nothing special. Only P1 because of popularity. N. 10 was way harder to make. I could go on, but... Naah

  • VladK
    VladK12 天 前

    All I learned from this video - if Kimi is ahead you gonna need something special to get past him.

  • DaxXx988
    DaxXx98812 天 前

    If there is no Russell vs. Bottas here, I'm gonna be disapp...

  • Alvaro Delgado Cava
    Alvaro Delgado Cava12 天 前

    Sainz made one exactly the same of Russel's overtake but he's not in top 10🤔🤔

  • Namranil Roynath
    Namranil Roynath12 天 前

    C'mon FOM you 're losing your touch now. This ranking is POORLY done, kimi's opening lap is missing and likewise many bold overtakes. For me personally, kvyat in imola on perez,albon and leclerc was the best, then albon on kimi in britain and then gasly on perez belgium. The russell bottas is a very basic one and not intersting..

  • Saud Shaheen
    Saud Shaheen12 天 前

    Verstappen on bottas !??

  • Bukhari Jabar
    Bukhari Jabar12 天 前

    2:12 What’s a switchback? That’s a f***ing switchback!!!

  • Sima Biswas
    Sima Biswas12 天 前

    Considering Ferrari, Leclerc made a great move at Monza the 2 moves on both the Alfa's on the straight and their horrible top speed and horrible engine = horrible power. So I would rate that 1st

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari12 天 前

    How many times does LeClerc shows up in this list? 😏

  • Alexandre Garrido
    Alexandre Garrido13 天 前

    Albon on Ricciardo...on q much better car with tyre advantage...gimme a break

  • Jay
    Jay13 天 前

    George Russle #1... Everyone liked that

  • ZodiaCk XT
    ZodiaCk XT13 天 前

    No se me hacen los mejores.👎

  • Davi
    Davi13 天 前

    Verstappen Styrian overtake....

  • Wilson Wilson
    Wilson Wilson13 天 前

    The Russell Bottas one was ridiculously overhyped

  • mmatthes
    mmatthes13 天 前

    Some pretty basic overtakes there...

  • Rafael Rodrigues
    Rafael Rodrigues13 天 前

    Very lame overtakes picked up for this, I mean, if I hadn't watched 2020 races I'd think there was really poor racing, which it wasn't. Russell on Bottas for top overtake of 2020 really?!?!?!?! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mitchell Larrieta
    Mitchell Larrieta13 天 前

    Perez vs Ocon

  • javier gonzalez
    javier gonzalez13 天 前

    come on! there was no one from Checo, really?

  • Fernando López
    Fernando López13 天 前

    Ehh where is Sainz on Charles in Barhein or Sainz vs Max in portimao, Sainz vs Norris in Imola, Sainz vs Bottas in Shakir and moree??? Why Carlos doesnt exist for F1??

  • Infiniti Chico
    Infiniti Chico13 天 前

    Russell got robbed that race and Hamilton should have taken the next race off and let Russell try again. There was no need for Hamilton to rush back he already won the world title!!

  • Tiago Couto
    Tiago Couto13 天 前

    Kvyat in imola vs Leclerc

  • Omer Faruk Pazar
    Omer Faruk Pazar13 天 前

    Russell's overtake was perfect but albono. Just brilliant

  • Gameren over dem alle
    Gameren over dem alle13 天 前

    3:34, no Crofty, that’s Copse corner

  • Gameren over dem alle
    Gameren over dem alle13 天 前

    3:34, no Crofty, that’s Copse corner

  • Lastchatte2
    Lastchatte213 天 前

    the mexican always tries to block others against the wall. He should eat less tacos

  • Isak Santiago
    Isak Santiago13 天 前

    Sainz made two races from P15 to P5 just by waiting others to retire, isn't it?

  • Christian Graham
    Christian Graham13 天 前

    These were not the top 10 overtakes of the season. Plenty missing that were a lot better than this selection!

  • Mr WiiU
    Mr WiiU13 天 前

    russell really mugged off bottas lol

  • Vincenzo Esposito
    Vincenzo Esposito13 天 前

    Russell's overtake is a bit overrated, isn't it? Albon's move at mugello is so much better!

  • Joseph Greener
    Joseph Greener13 天 前

    Gasly on perez should be number 1. That pass was utterly breathtaking and so much better than george in valtteri. No offence to george but any move at eau rouge will instantly be incredible. And it was eau rouge not raidillon.

  • ??????????
    ??????????13 天 前


  • Parham Azadi
    Parham Azadi13 天 前

    Russell's overtake is so overrated. He was on fresh mediums, Bottas was on old hard. Also it wouldn't have been ideal for Bottas to block him when they were losing the race and Bottas had no chance with those tyres. Sainz did a similar overtake that race.

  • Jurijs Fjodorovs
    Jurijs Fjodorovs13 天 前

    No overtake of Kvyat on Leclerc? Cmooon

  • Q. Anyui
    Q. Anyui13 天 前

    Biased vote. Sainz did the same as Russell too. But I'm more impressed with Gasly overtake at eau rouge, difficult place to overtake.

  • DeWaterMalone
    DeWaterMalone13 天 前

    I am gonna miss Albon for those overtakes though. He seems so comfortable around the outside

  • ---------------------
    ---------------------13 天 前

    lol no max passing bottas

  • Yuxi Zhang
    Yuxi Zhang13 天 前

    Honorable mention: Verstappen vs Bottas in Red Bull Ring

  • Yuxi Zhang
    Yuxi Zhang13 天 前

    That Kvyat at Imola deserves more appreciation!

  • James Layzell
    James Layzell14 天 前

    Albon overtake on perez at mugello needs to be in there, instead we have a drs pass on ricciardo

  • stupidmg
    stupidmg14 天 前

    Albon on Perez in Mugello should be on here

  • Ishaan Saxena
    Ishaan Saxena14 天 前

    Okay but Albon shouldn't have been racing some of those cars...

  • Al Morey
    Al Morey14 天 前

    Reaaalllll funny how Hamilton can’t pass in George’s merc......

  • HEB
    HEB14 天 前

    If you think George did really well in the merc as he had boots which were too small the cockpit wasn’t properly fitted for his body and he wasn’t fully used to the car but he got a win taken away from him twice and didn’t get it. Maybe he’ll have another opportunity like that’s again in the 2021 season


    Arte y magia.

  • Samuel Jayachandran
    Samuel Jayachandran14 天 前

    Missing Kimi's opening lap although that won FIA Action of the Year. Perez in Sakhir, Sainz in Sakhir honorable mentions if not top 5 in this list.

  • Daniel Cracknell
    Daniel Cracknell14 天 前

    Russell will be world champion 2022, mark my words!!!

  • Kwaku Baah-Bempong
    Kwaku Baah-Bempong14 天 前

    So like can we do a redo for this whole video? Pick out the best overtakes from each race...that seems fair

  • Miguel Seijo
    Miguel Seijo14 天 前

    F Carlos Sainz

  • bluejayrover
    bluejayrover14 天 前

    How many overtakes for the lead not on lap 1 or in the pits?

  • Derick Krajnovic
    Derick Krajnovic14 天 前

    Overtakes with ferrari vs alfa romeo 🤦🏼‍♂️