This Kid Solves RUBIK'S CUBE In 5 Seconds..


OK these people are so good at rubik's cubes..
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  • Kerrie Guarino
    Kerrie Guarino11 小时 前

    That "LEGO" Rubix cube was actually a dominoe Rubix cube.

  • Carter Grzechowiak
    Carter Grzechowiak22 小时 前

    i am scarde

  • Nichole Halstenrud
    Nichole Halstenrud天 前

    People be happy to every cuber

  • Romer Rünno Põldaru
    Romer Rünno Põldaru天 前


  • Piano
    Piano天 前

    10:30 Infinite- So easy! Me- He knows nothing...

  • valeria garcia
    valeria garcia天 前


  • brockwave scp cak
    brockwave scp cak2 天 前

    Fck that clickbait thumbnail

  • Charlie Yt
    Charlie Yt2 天 前

    XD my big brother is 21 years old and hes scared of rollercosters while I'm 10 and I'm not

  • Mariam Awad
    Mariam Awad2 天 前

    T E R F I D E

  • mrsnake_st gamesmc
    mrsnake_st gamesmc2 天 前

    i watch infinite nearly everyday my sisters obsessed

  • Wild Children
    Wild Children3 天 前

    Hello, Pro Infinite fans! I hope y'all safe right now during Covid 19! The vaccines are coming out soon! So they just need SAFE kid vaccines. I hope you will survive this pandemic!

  • I play roblox
    I play roblox3 天 前

    My friends rubix cube broke at school and we fixed it that boy is just pretty dumb >,

  • Fun with Mr
    Fun with Mr3 天 前

    I can solve a rubix cube in one minute

  • Dante Gutvajn
    Dante Gutvajn4 天 前

    lol lol lol😯😯😯😯😯

  • Jae Kim
    Jae Kim4 天 前

    there is a champion that does it one hand

  • Redstone Specialist
    Redstone Specialist4 天 前

    Fake thumbnail

  • Jordan Dude
    Jordan Dude5 天 前

    The massive amount of clickbait

  • dirust
    dirust5 天 前

    I have never been on a roller coaster before

  • Kathy Caruana
    Kathy Caruana5 天 前

    2 more people can do 1 handed

  • Lizzie Liz
    Lizzie Liz5 天 前

    I’m scared of roller coasters well, by the looks I’ve actually never been on one cause I don’t wanna end up dead by the end, what I mean by that is I don’t wanna fall off and die

  • Evan Witten
    Evan Witten5 天 前


  • 26fight and vt 2
    26fight and vt 26 天 前


  • Andrew vlogs
    Andrew vlogs6 天 前


  • Kristin Søviknes
    Kristin Søviknes6 天 前

    The other video Infinte: ah no moves Me: OMG CANT YOU SEE IT MOVED YOU SKAVAKASKK

  • Katy Schriber
    Katy Schriber6 天 前

    2 seconds

  • Josha Hendricks
    Josha Hendricks6 天 前

    No am not

  • Savage Wolf
    Savage Wolf6 天 前

    I slowed it down to 0.25 still don’t know what’s happening

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran6 天 前

    So hack

  • Angel the cool gamer forever
    Angel the cool gamer forever6 天 前

    1 millisecond

  • Hajjah Kamsiah Abu
    Hajjah Kamsiah Abu6 天 前

    Djduddjdhdhdudgdhduegd8dudhduhd8eyeidud8e8eueuw899888868686327-0423576556543rdddd4739352926292730338393730393039398383737493847394884039493938dhhdhdjdhruru awy uttwy cautcway w eaj ecaw ukway=

  • Slippery Noddle69
    Slippery Noddle696 天 前

    “This kid” like he totally isn’t one of the best in the world or anything

  • landon Brown
    landon Brown6 天 前

    😱😀so cool

  • Random Mackenzie Zamora
    Random Mackenzie Zamora7 天 前

    I don’t like Roller coasters and I’m scared

  • hussy devid s
    hussy devid s7 天 前

    The massive red ironically hug because polish baly laugh off a tranquil bucket. wary, broad evening

  • Christian Rios
    Christian Rios7 天 前


  • ninjagamer pro
    ninjagamer pro7 天 前

    Inifinty is focuding on 3 things on video on being funny and me4ch

  • ninjagamer pro

    ninjagamer pro

    7 天 前


  • Athar Sewsanker
    Athar Sewsanker7 天 前


  • Edward Sivali
    Edward Sivali7 天 前

    Thumbnail anda tercuri berlian beku

  • yashvi Shah
    yashvi Shah7 天 前

    Tuje hindi aate hai

  • lilyann gonzalez
    lilyann gonzalez7 天 前

    love how clicbait the title is

  • Avocado Panda
    Avocado Panda8 天 前

    7:24 bro can I be friends with you?

  • Tutorial4Life
    Tutorial4Life8 天 前

    Good vid but the it's clickbait the thumbnail pic was not in vid

    ROBOT KID8 天 前

    🤩 wow

  • AD - 02TH 891266 Worthington PS
    AD - 02TH 891266 Worthington PS8 天 前

    The roller coaster one is in Canada’s wonderland when I am old enough I am going on this roller coaster 🎢

  • simone muzzall
    simone muzzall8 天 前

    l love it

  • Davinder Dhillon
    Davinder Dhillon8 天 前


  • 777 Bouake
    777 Bouake8 天 前

    I have 4 Rubik 's cube

  • Alya Özbiliş
    Alya Özbiliş9 天 前

    My friends mum can do it in 5 min

    MAD VLOGZZ9 天 前

    9:09 now imagine he messes up and has to start again

  • biken karim
    biken karim9 天 前

    your thumbnail has been robbed

  • Chien Nguyen
    Chien Nguyen9 天 前

    What ter fax

  • Gabriel jairus tan
    Gabriel jairus tan9 天 前

    4:19 thats feliks zemdegs bro. Dont disrespect the god of speedcube.

  • Dao Tran
    Dao Tran9 天 前

    I am scared of them and I do not like rollercoasters

  • ggfortnite Wheeler
    ggfortnite Wheeler9 天 前


  • Mehreme Gashi
    Mehreme Gashi10 天 前

    i am scARED OF EM

  • Aditya yogi
    Aditya yogi10 天 前

    King of cuber can solve a rubix's cube in 1 sec

  • Akif MC
    Akif MC10 天 前

    👁👄👁 uh its cool and nice?

  • Gamergeorge 147
    Gamergeorge 14710 天 前

    1. Not even a second 2. Editing 3. It ain’t real it’s just one swipe 4. Isn’t he scared 5. A Rubix fail 5.5. MERCH 6. 5m subscribers rubix cube :O 6.5. another brief construction montage 7. 1 hour 8. A 1x1 rubix cube solving,this is useless 9. 7 HOURS 10. Wtf that’s a destroyer hand 11. How is it not the world record? 12. Another one 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • snuppe533
    snuppe53310 天 前

    3:10-3:25 infinite) i cant focus two things same time) he be like (watching video and talking)

  • ITHADchannel
    ITHADchannel11 天 前

    The big Lego Rubik’s cube he just lets go and it breaks its just sooooo satisfying loll

  • Matthew Skaggs

    Matthew Skaggs

    天 前

    your the best



    3 天 前

    @Cubing Gaming why nobody cares about your comment behind me? They're never know about domino

  • Cubing Gaming

    Cubing Gaming

    5 天 前

    It’s a dimono cube or whatever but I know it’s not a Lego cube

  • Emma Gamal
    Emma Gamal11 天 前

    I was completely confused in th second one

  • Aaron Groover
    Aaron Groover11 天 前

    You are cool caylus

  • Aaron Groover
    Aaron Groover11 天 前

    Cool caylus

  • Lanny Ntukidem
    Lanny Ntukidem11 天 前

    Me:looks at thumbnail closely nahhh bro those are just normal rubliks cubes stacked

  • malcolm glasson
    malcolm glasson11 天 前

    Rubik's cubes are ez

  • Jaivyon W.Tuggle
    Jaivyon W.Tuggle11 天 前


  • ShanNicole
    ShanNicole11 天 前

    And then the other part He didn't solve it in 1 second Completed it 1st Then he turn it around on A other Side Then he Put it back on the Blue

  • ShanNicole
    ShanNicole11 天 前

    That was editing he cut The part out when he was solving It

  • Zuka Nopro
    Zuka Nopro11 天 前

    is there any web to learn the formula f2l fast k mn

  • Phill Pickle
    Phill Pickle12 天 前


  • Tzen-yi Ng
    Tzen-yi Ng12 天 前

    that kid solving the rubiks cube one handed it the world record holder for 3x3

  • Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan Ortiz

    11 天 前

    He does not have it today but his world record are thebest

  • remzyboy games
    remzyboy games12 天 前

    Dis was dum f this 😒

  • Aayan's World Video
    Aayan's World Video12 天 前

    4:50 uhh that's Felix zemdegs as a kid and there are full on events of one handed I have done it before and he holds one of the world records of solving a 3 by 3

  • Familien Vintervoll
    Familien Vintervoll12 天 前

    I kan solve a 4x4 and 3x3 rubix cube

  • Linus Nyman
    Linus Nyman12 天 前


  • ThunderBoy
    ThunderBoy12 天 前


  • Madelyn Elliott
    Madelyn Elliott12 天 前

    I saw it move

  • Rachael Rivas
    Rachael Rivas12 天 前

    I need someone like that to solve my cube

  • Elijahman
    Elijahman13 天 前

    this is the first yt video i ever watched. WOW

  • Elijahman
    Elijahman13 天 前

    my record is 58 secs

  • Elijahman


    13 天 前

    on 2x2 its 9

  • Ethan Clark
    Ethan Clark13 天 前

    I can do a 2 x 2 Rubiks cube and 12 seconds

  • King of the world Infinity
    King of the world Infinity13 天 前

    I can solve a 2x2 in 10 seconds

  • Kaitlyn Lehman
    Kaitlyn Lehman13 天 前

    What's poppin I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!

  • Noreen Mehfooz
    Noreen Mehfooz13 天 前


  • cindydarnell157
    cindydarnell15713 天 前

    The guy who tried to solve the cube in the first halve of the video you can’t snap and solve it he just posed it

  • Mahir Osaj
    Mahir Osaj14 天 前


  • Mahir Osaj
    Mahir Osaj14 天 前


  • Jessica Steubing
    Jessica Steubing14 天 前

    I am scared a roller coaster

  • rajaths videos RK creations
    rajaths videos RK creations15 天 前

    What theeeee thumbnail bro preety atractive

  • Trâm Anh Trâm
    Trâm Anh Trâm15 天 前


  • Jpro BG
    Jpro BG16 天 前

    Leo Borromeo watching this : lol easy

  • Vy Nguyễn
    Vy Nguyễn16 天 前


  • Miss Sama world
    Miss Sama world16 天 前

    I am really scared of roller coaster

  • Potatman17
    Potatman1716 天 前

    Who else got triggered by the fact that he called them all “Rubik’s” cubes.

  • Alexandra Barrera

    Alexandra Barrera

    12 天 前

    No 👎

  • Logan Gojira

    Logan Gojira

    14 天 前


  • pysduck
    pysduck16 天 前

    Its so fash even i make it 27x slow hahah

  • Jamal Marquez
    Jamal Marquez16 天 前

    Stop making scary videos

  • Jasmin Rosa Montes
    Jasmin Rosa Montes17 天 前


  • AumSumser boy
    AumSumser boy17 天 前


  • Tiffany Littlejohn
    Tiffany Littlejohn17 天 前

    The first won was in 1 blink

  • Sebastian Smart
    Sebastian Smart17 天 前