The Men Waiting to Die | Indiana’s Death Row Inmates: Part One | Real Stories

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This two-part series sees veteran presenter Sir Trevor McDonald come face to face with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals as he gets exclusive access to one of America’s oldest and most notorious prisons.

Housing 1900 inmates, 12 of whom are on death row, Trevor spends two weeks in the dark and forbidding world of Indiana State Maximum Security Prison. He hears from men who know what it is like to live under the shadow of the death penalty and even the date and time they will die.
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  • k ar ma
    k ar ma10 分钟 前

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  • Dan
    Dan41 分钟 前

    I was a Correctional Officer for 30 years and was quite happy to walk out and into the sunshine at the end of each shift.😊

  • Lea Welsh
    Lea Welsh小时 前

    The reporter is a real gentleman. He talks to everyone with respect and dignity. Before he goes in their cell, he asks "may I"?

  • Randy Ma
    Randy Ma2 小时 前

    What do I say, they feel like decent people that have made bad life choices....

  • butrint mollapolci
    butrint mollapolci3 小时 前

    tbh i love how the reporter spoke and how nice the death row inmates were compared to the others but also crimes commited when someone is like 15 or less shouldnt be punished that hard since the person was a kid and dint understand the world. my opinion though.

  • Mr. Hemlock
    Mr. Hemlock3 小时 前

    I don't understand the 20 years of appeals... If after 5 years you or your attorneys haven't been able to prove you're innocent then it's time to pull that trigger... Especially the scum that hurt children... The fact that tax payer money is wasted on child predators infuriates me...

  • MaybeSo MaybeNot
    MaybeSo MaybeNot4 小时 前

    I've met many good, older people over the years who's lives are harder and with less comfort than in prison. It's sad that life in prison seems like a viable retirement plan for many Americans...

  • 701
    7014 小时 前


  • heyitsablackguy
    heyitsablackguy4 小时 前

    There's no difference between a president and a death-row inmate. Both given the order to kill. The president, a country they deem terroristic ( which overall majority aren't at all, they just want the resources ) and a death-row inmate who psychologically wasn't fit to function in society, so put his life in his own hands.

  • Britnee De LA Vega
    Britnee De LA Vega4 小时 前

    Ok that’s messed up I ALWAYS get betrayed here in regular life do I have to go to prison to finally find trust in someone? Lol

  • Arrow's Theorem
    Arrow's Theorem5 小时 前

    An excutioner was asked, why did you end the life of someone who never hurt you? He replied, it's my boss. He hired me to do it. It's just my stream of income. Just a job

  • Nils engman
    Nils engman5 小时 前

    Their cell is bigger then my room

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons5 小时 前

    Kids shouldn’t be given life sentences. Such kids were surrounded by the wrong people, in the wrong environment and are fed wrong thoughts. *Evil is not born, it is taught.* Kids should be sent to rehabilitation centres. While it’s true that u can’t unteach someone, u certainly can teach them that what they already know is wrong and dangerous.

  • Mazhar Khan
    Mazhar Khan7 小时 前

    Listening to their stories i came to conclusion that unemployment is the main reason of their crimes, America has money to fund billion dollar wars but will not invest on its own people.

  • すたろ
    すたろ7 小时 前

    There’s a conflict on my mind that says they deserve to be locked up in there and the other says it’s sad to see human being locked up for the rest of his life like this.

  • Panderjit SinghVV
    Panderjit SinghVV8 小时 前

    Wish they’d had a less racist media type doing this.

  • Brett Phillips
    Brett Phillips9 小时 前

    As if it's not bad enough that they have to live on death row but they also have to live in Indiana

  • Richard Clement
    Richard Clement9 小时 前

    where is andy dufresne and red

  • S C
    S C10 小时 前

    can someone @ me the time stamp with the dude with the xbox please?

  • Razvan Negoitescu
    Razvan Negoitescu10 小时 前

    the guy at 24:50 is so well spoken and articulate, i genuinely feel sorry for him, he seems like a cool guy

  • King of Newyork
    King of Newyork10 小时 前

    Dude that went in at 13 must be broken inside knowing he will never leave there alive

  • T squirrel
    T squirrel11 小时 前

    4:24 is anybody else wondering why that inmate has a cat in his cell?

  • Tier lll
    Tier lll11 小时 前

    youtube sent me here

  • Redneck Ninja
    Redneck Ninja11 小时 前

    The black guy who killed 2 people has no remorse he is smiling and laughing while talking about it pathetic

  • lastixoseksypnos
    lastixoseksypnos12 小时 前

    That barber seems like a nice and genuine guy. He made some stupid decisions when he was younger but you can tell that he's a totally different man now.

  • Ellie Leung
    Ellie Leung12 小时 前

    They're allowed pets in prison? 😮

  • LetsBeHonest
    LetsBeHonest12 小时 前

    Updates would be nice

  • Ryan Dalton
    Ryan Dalton12 小时 前

    The barbershop guy is awsome I would love to see his barber shop on my main St In my small town so he could do it rite

  • Ryan Dalton
    Ryan Dalton12 小时 前

    Such a nice guy that made a mistake at such a young age sucks people died but I bet the guy he was cutting grass with was the real bad one he was just there I mean 13 crazy

  • Ryan Dalton
    Ryan Dalton12 小时 前

    That dude in there from 13 he should get a chance

  • D. Kintner
    D. Kintner13 小时 前

    “Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • D. Kintner
    D. Kintner13 小时 前

    “Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • Nate Lightning
    Nate Lightning14 小时 前

    I'd prefer to be dead than to spend 20 years in prison. Death would be a release.

  • Logan Lejeune
    Logan Lejeune15 小时 前

    The cat

  • Gray Joe
    Gray Joe16 小时 前

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  • Nik Iko
    Nik Iko16 小时 前

    So glad I live in Canada where the longest sentence is 25 years

  • flqtter
    flqtter17 小时 前

    so cool he has a cat

  • Gray Joe
    Gray Joe17 小时 前

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  • Fb Nnnnbn
    Fb Nnnnbn17 小时 前

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for these people? What about the victims and their families?

  • Jurnee Larsen
    Jurnee Larsen17 小时 前

    That guy at 15 wow

  • Доктор Млем
    Доктор Млем17 小时 前

    Примечательно, что именно эти люди самые близкие к Богу на нашей грешной земле.

  • WaterKnight
    WaterKnight18 小时 前

    You can see the regret and sadness in their eyes after being locked up for so long.

  • errrwr78
    errrwr7819 小时 前

    It's crazy that someone that has been in prison since they were thirteen is more well-spoken than 90% of college graduates.

  • Jake Barone
    Jake Barone19 小时 前

    Still better than basic training... they have TV’s!!

  • jarrhead JA
    jarrhead JA19 小时 前

    Damn their cells are bigger than my studio apartment looks like they're living good so if i ever go back i guess it might as well be death row

  • Star Dugan
    Star Dugan20 小时 前

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  • русский
    русский20 小时 前

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.``For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.``He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.``This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.``For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.``But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God." `But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. Jesus said to him, ``I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

  • Geek Machine
    Geek Machine20 小时 前

    people on death row do not deserve to have TVs or a x box, they deserve to rot in their cell for however long.

  • Reinhold Lumpenerner
    Reinhold Lumpenerner21 小时 前

    I'm so confused on what to think about this... On the one hand it's very sad to see some of them like this, on the other hand most of them deserve it. Especially the guy who killed his family. He can be as polite as he wants, I feel nothing for him, he deserves the death row. It still is disturbing. How you can ruin your life within a split second because of a bad choice. But imagine they wouldn't be in prison for what they did. The United States would be in a chaos, people like this endanger the public, so they have to be isolated from the public. Sad but true. However, crimes like robbery with kidnapping three people shouldn't be charged that hard. Here in Germany he would've gotten away with 4-6years most definetly, the U.S is fück€d up man...

  • Tomas Matejka
    Tomas Matejka21 小时 前

    Those people should not have access to anything enjoyable...No playstation, no books, nothing...

  • iNeon Gaming
    iNeon Gaming21 小时 前

    This is something my teacher would put on in class

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard22 小时 前

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  • mello
    mello22 小时 前

    They look so kind and calm but there story is haunting😐

  • Jakob
    Jakob22 小时 前

    that 13-year-old double killer who with a friend slaughtered two older ladies. He would not be prosecuted here... we have a 15-year-old legal limit for criminal sentencing here in old Denmark.. and it worked, the most peaceful and safest country and the least corrupt and least religious country and the world oldest national flag, so also millenniums to mature and a good part of Europe were danish back in those days... England became a sovereign nation in 1266 and not part of the Danish kingdom anymore. a world of difference but our legal limit at 15 is being fronted hard these years... our region is bleeding hard from lmmlgrant gangs, fighting and killing, and simply speculating in that 15 year limit for who shall do the killing. Be careful with mass lmmilration from some of the most sectarian and ldeologlcal torn regions in the world... that sectarian tension will sadly follow and when you also the least religious country on the planet, ur afraid to take a stand for common sense and relate to the facts. our court system here in Scandinavia is simply not geared for the new situation that is taking center but the system is so afraid to relate to the facts that stats are now being silenced, as relating would also show the undermining work these politicians and the elite have done..

  • Mr. Allen
    Mr. Allen22 小时 前

    Joe Thornton is waiting for his beard to die in the thumbnail.

  • Pia Eve
    Pia Eve23 小时 前

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  • Jovan Bajceta
    Jovan Bajceta23 小时 前

    Tattoes bird inmate is eastern orthodox christian.


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  • GRRTEAM and SavageGirl82x
    GRRTEAM and SavageGirl82x天 前

    HI ri everyone i find this very sad and well i wish people would have more money and thing they what so they dont have to do crime so we have better world maybe we see lest people in jail

  • Cartman CartGuy
    Cartman CartGuy天 前

    I’m surprised the kid who wore a hoodie to class isn’t in this

  • Diego Maia
    Diego Maia天 前

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  • Sunrise
    Sunrise天 前

    Felt kinda sad for the guy who got 170 years at age of 15 just because he's black.

  • Sunrise


    11 小时 前

    @nils 1142 yes but people of other color got 30-40 for similar deeds

  • nils 1142

    nils 1142

    18 小时 前

    he killed two people ??

  • Didi Wever
    Didi Wever天 前

    buhu so sad

  • Mistee Lee
    Mistee Lee天 前

    Damn if this doesn’t make you appreciate everyday life, then nothing will 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 $5 dollars 💵 and the life of two older women taken. That’s rough.

  • Grace Ren
    Grace Ren天 前

    Why do I have the feeling that some of these guys are innocent?

  • Tanner Elliott
    Tanner Elliott天 前

    37 years for armed robbery? Fully rehabilitated? Let’s get real about our justice system

  • Dominator Jeff The Gamecat
    Dominator Jeff The Gamecat天 前

    I’ve never heard of this interviewer but he has really good questions and I like how he can get to the deep questions but without sounding intruding and disrespectful so good on him I think he’s a great interviewer.

  • sakarias Persson
    sakarias Persson天 前

    This is top tier fkn documentary.

  • Josh
    Josh天 前

    Mr Ronald L Sanford is more well-spoken than most people I know, including at my college.

  • Raymond Caylor
    Raymond Caylor天 前

    26:20 hey dumbass, he's in segregation for s reason. His behavior in prison got him locked in a cell by himself. He's learned nothing. He's still a murdering criminal. He's learned nothing snd he never will.

  • Live4Beats
    Live4Beats天 前

    Dude at the 12th minute mark shouldnt of been given 170years at 13 years old ..

  • Asantawaa M

    Asantawaa M

    13 小时 前

    Yes he should have

  • Mohsen meree
    Mohsen meree天 前

    In sweden people under the age of 18 get a maximum sentence of 5 years for homicide

  • Maegan Fitzpatrick
    Maegan Fitzpatrick天 前

    Sanford (10:28) is such an intelligent and well-spoken man

  • hubtuqa ninuccok
    hubtuqa ninuccok天 前

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  • Michael R Kegg Jr
    Michael R Kegg Jr天 前


  • less less
    less less天 前

    wierd..... no 1 comments on the guy who sentenced for 170 years at the age of 15. I mean his crime is Terrible by all measures. but you just cant lock kid for 170 years. he should be paroled after... I don't know you say ! lets say at the age of 50 let him go free jeez. kiddo 15 has no mind... and see how he regrets it. can some 1exaplin me ?

  • Cratty


    天 前

    You r right though. At least 1 chance should be given to them. Right?

  • Riki beston
    Riki beston天 前

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  • joshua
    joshua天 前

    Always someone is in a worst case than you so just enjoy life no matter what

  • joke sta
    joke sta天 前

    Sgt. what? 7:52 Can not imagine how many "good mornin Sgt. F*****" he gets

  • kasp


    天 前


  • Christopher ERICKSEN
    Christopher ERICKSEN天 前

    The energetic teaching physiologically ask because apology qualitatively explode unlike a selective deposit. drab, flashy cone

  • Scorp Seven
    Scorp Seven天 前

    These guys are well-spoken and articulate. The retrospect of each prisoner indeed gives a glimpse of their history and how the truth is reflected in the present. Oh, the "could've beens" of these men who turn out to be criminals.

  • Saberease Era
    Saberease Era天 前

    My man has a cat in prison

  • yakikadafi
    yakikadafi天 前

    watching this makes me think, for better or worse, people who spend real time in prison become really intelligent

  • Jose I
    Jose I天 前

    This man had an Xbox on death row.. wow

  • Truth time With Tamzen
    Truth time With Tamzen天 前

    Hard to watch and fathom.......

  • Pennie Tiell
    Pennie Tiell天 前

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  • Dragonowl21
    Dragonowl21天 前

    13:55 what’s his k/d in cod

  • Dragonowl21
    Dragonowl21天 前

    10:30 13 years old Jesus. They ruined that kids life instead of rehabilitating him.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez天 前

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  • Edward Witt
    Edward Witt天 前

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  • ih8aria ok
    ih8aria ok天 前

    I can't believe this happens irl

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius天 前

    23:50-26:45 was tough to watch. Self education, and maturity was obvious. Incarcerated since 13yrs old, charged as an sad. Sorry for the victims as well. Just a sad situation.

  • Declan Conroy
    Declan Conroy天 前

    Sentencing a 13 year old to life without parole is unjust, even for a killer.

  • Brodyn Compton
    Brodyn Compton天 前

    I really appreciate that most of the men are friendly and willing to chat. Super respectful as well

  • Delegado valdivia
    Delegado valdivia天 前

    The garbage of society

  • Candyman Ilkley
    Candyman Ilkley天 前

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  • mahdi mdh
    mahdi mdh天 前

    I still wonder why he killed his 2 little children, the reporter just talked 5 min about how often he clean his room

  • Shourya Dudeja

    Shourya Dudeja

    8 小时 前

    Yes because if he didn’t talk about it himself he clearly didn’t wanna talk about it and it might be entertaining to some people to know why did he what he did which i get but as a human being you don’t put someone back in that moment again just for entertainment.

  • Dianne Pochkar
    Dianne Pochkar天 前

    How does a death row inmate get a cat?????The ones on death row seem to have more than the other prisoners.. ???

  • Giannis G
    Giannis G天 前

    The reporter sounds exactly like Terion

  • Alexander Lovmand
    Alexander Lovmand天 前

    The Dark Age is alive and well.