The Boy Abunda Interview Specials: "Who Killed Christine Dacera?"


The Interviewer goes live with Rommel Galido, Clark Rapinan, Valentine Rosales, JP Dela Serna and Gregorio Angelo (Gigo) De Guzman on “Who Killed Christine Dacera?”
Interview starts at 29:07


  • The Boy Abunda Talk Channel
    The Boy Abunda Talk Channel个月 前

    Interview starts at 29:07

  • Pumpkin Diamond

    Pumpkin Diamond

    29 天 前

    Well at least Boy Abunda isn't rrally completely BIAS here. Coz I believehe can sense pinagtatatkpan nila yung sa kabilang room who probably commited the crime coz how can they be sure Christine wasn't gangrape there? Bskit nga hindi sila tumawag ng tulong agad!? BOY Abunda is using his logic. These men are hiding the truth.

  • Miyah vlog

    Miyah vlog

    个月 前

    @Ana Coloma me too

  • Joan Almento

    Joan Almento

    个月 前

    @maskipaps10 yeah which is very common to anyone who's in the situation like that... Everyone will grab such opportunities not just them, and it's very understandable that they made mistake by saying those words because they're tired, shock and hang over...

  • Redd String

    Redd String

    个月 前

    @Tokyo SnowIts normal the lawyer is not the highlight because they are not in the court and the people that will explain the events in that night are the respondent and I think they are confident enough not to depend it in their lawyers and vice versa.,,,

  • Joyce Zone

    Joyce Zone

    个月 前

  • Chan JL
    Chan JL3 小时 前

    Subtitle pls

  • Roger Rubio
    Roger Rubio18 小时 前

    Kaya pag Tito Boy Abunda Interview Inaabangan ko and my Family

  • Maria Sto. Niño
    Maria Sto. Niño3 天 前

    Sad ,tin paid for the room :( tpos ... Hays

  • Ram Cano
    Ram Cano14 天 前

    That one common thing. We're all gay.

  • July Fei
    July Fei15 天 前

    Bakit walang sound?

  • Mark Alfonso Robles
    Mark Alfonso Robles15 天 前

    I am a loser

  • Luxury Purganan
    Luxury Purganan18 天 前

    They all look traumatized

  • Ludivina Valdez Nicdao
    Ludivina Valdez Nicdao22 天 前

    I think sa grn Hotel n medc hosp are oblige in this situasn.bka 50/50 pa when she arrived. The family 2st not PNP to Embalm.

  • makemebetch
    makemebetch23 天 前

    Nakakaawa sila... Ibang level ng mental health and emotional abuse na naranasan nila

  • Miko Carson
    Miko Carson24 天 前

    JUSTICE FOR CHRISTINE AND HER FAMILY. There’s obviously a HUGE cover up happening with her case. Praying the NBI solves it all and puts all the messy pieces together. 🙏🏻

  • Alpha Leahy
    Alpha Leahy24 天 前

    I encourage you to counter charges to Dacera's, especially that Marichie and police who trigerred and prompted the Dacera mother of their malicious accusations of rape and drugs. It all started from those careless and idiot persons (Marichie and Makati police). If that Marichie and police were only discreet in speaking out their "personal malicious haka-haka" the mother would have probably not desperately put all of you to judicial court. Dacera's can't even establish facts and evidence till today, what they have is only irrational and no common sense evidence. Bring Dacera and Marichie to court, that way they experience what it's like to be where you are at. Sharon is desperate to put you all behind bars. She, especially that Marichie and the police (Depositar) who trigerred all these baseless and "fault finder" cause of death must be behind bars as well. From all of us here in London: WE CARE for the innocent. WE HATE the abuses and manipulation powered by money.

  • Nzo Trend
    Nzo Trend25 天 前

    sometimes cocaine ang cause ng rupture ng aneurysm.. kadalasan party drugs ngayon may cocaine kasi.....

  • estelita isabel Valdeavilla
    estelita isabel Valdeavilla25 天 前

    I love you tito boy ang galing galing mo at dapat ganyan may dignity to the lgbtq community because i cannot agree with the police officers saying kahit mgabakla lalaki parin the narrative of being bakla was not understood by the police who said that frankly i think that was a very insensitive comment and i wish if he is gay himself he would be placed in the same predicament that he would realize kaya nga po bakla indi lalaki this isn't a gender issue this is an issue of the process of investigation that tended to come out as faulty so let's work on that and not on the gender of anyone

  • Ela Kato
    Ela Kato26 天 前


  • Mommy Jaz
    Mommy Jaz26 天 前

    Boy Abunda is the best but the audio is not good

  • Marissa Bacarisas
    Marissa Bacarisas29 天 前

    Sir tinanung mu b King Anu dahilan ng pag aaway nila ed at macala ngkabukol pa

  • Pumpkin Diamond
    Pumpkin Diamond29 天 前


  • Mo Yapching
    Mo Yapching29 天 前

    Galing talaga ni Boy Abunda mag interview. I can’t believe ‘til now some officers in the Philippines doesn’t know how to conduct an interrogation. So sad...

  • alsiyonealternate
    alsiyonealternate个月 前

    2:16:45 With all due respect kay Attorney, gays dont identify as girls, unless they are role playing. It is transgender women who identify as girls. Pero I get what he is trying to say. It does change the narrative and complexion of the story. Hindi nagmukhang pariwara na babae si Christine at ndi nagmukhang premeditated nitomg men ang intention to rape (though wala naman tlgang rape)

  • Melanie Valmadrid Reyes
    Melanie Valmadrid Reyes个月 前

    LOL!!! Pag nagmake out ang mga beki ba high on drugs? Natawa nmn ako kay Jp🤣🤣🤣

  • allene gorospe
    allene gorospe个月 前

    OMG mukhang pamilya i girl gusto palabasin for rape tlgah..blame someone yayyy pag me pera nga nman... thums down sa pamilya ni girl..

  • My orchid paradise
    My orchid paradise个月 前

    I believe in these guys. Baka na alcohol poisoning si Christine yun din ikinamatay ng singer na si Amy Winehouse at just 27 years of age. Puro hard ang mga iniinom ng mga 'to.

  • maria clara
    maria clara个月 前

    how to get away with murder🤔

  • Karah Kross
    Karah Kross个月 前

    Tingin ko lang magkkasama at mgkkakilala sila at sadyang pinareserved ang 2 room for them. Kasinungalingan marami kesa totsa sinasabi nila syempre ayaw makulong eh. Well, tandaan nyo alam ng Diyos ang totoo kaya humanda kayo sa balik nyan sa tamang panahon.

  • Miss Gracey
    Miss Gracey个月 前

    They are telling the truth. The Dacera family are just in denial. Accusing innocent people is also a crime.

    CHiLLaXXX个月 前

    Sana po mainterview mo rin ung PBB SEASON9 tas prangkahin mo lahat ng backstabber, plastic hahah katulad nung sa batch nila JANE OINEZA po hahaha

  • Tetet Jamora
    Tetet Jamora个月 前

    Ipa DNA hair follicle drug test ninyo silang lahat pati si Tin.. sa EZ DNA na suki ng RTIA. Para magka alaman na.

  • Cynthia Aure
    Cynthia Aure个月 前

    If these guys were her real friends, they should have taken better care of her and not let her out of their sight. Also, this would never have happened if they had just taken her home or called her mom to pick her up when they saw that she was already drunk. That would have been the responsible thing to do in my opinion

  • Maribel De Vera
    Maribel De Vera个月 前


  • seek justice
    seek justice个月 前


  • cherry mingollo
    cherry mingollo个月 前

    May God Bless You top 5😇🙏❤ truth will always prevail Laban lng

  • Ces Ces
    Ces Ces个月 前

    I remember my best friend, gay din sha pag sobrang bangag na bangag kame sa kalasingan. Sha yung nagaalaga saamen.

  • Kim Anderson
    Kim Anderson个月 前

    Ung training Ng police na they should name names, my gosh,sop ba Yun? So wrong.

  • G
    G个月 前

    wala na, another crime has evaded the law

  • Jackie Breit
    Jackie Breit个月 前

    baka ni rape sya by force at tinakpan ang kanyang bibig kaya may nakita rin na aneorizm na maypmotok. at yong cut sa leg and bruises sa legs nya those are the sign na by force. basta lasing at nagsusuka mahirap maglaban kasi weak na. that's why the mother sees the other side of angle, at bakit namatay lang na ganon ganon na healthy naman ang anak nya at may cut at bruises pa sa legs pa?! palagay ko may nagmamasid sa kanya...maganda at napaka bata pa!!

  • Eriza Tanteo
    Eriza Tanteo个月 前

    Kawawang Mark.

  • Jonella Veizu
    Jonella Veizu个月 前

    This show will not judge anyone but only entertainment with a little sense...not a courtroom though no guilty person will say I killed her on television...but Mr Abunda can be an excellent judge though!

  • Al-Fayyadh Abdul
    Al-Fayyadh Abdul个月 前

    You can like this if naniniwala kang inosente sila 🥺. Nakakaawa naman sila! 🥺🥺🥺 👇

  • Arthur Monica
    Arthur Monica个月 前

    Ang walang paliguy-ligoy.. Diretchong tanong... The best Boy Abunda 💙

  • Mari Belle
    Mari Belle个月 前

    Alcohol poisoning ! Alcohol intoxication ! Severe dehydration! She has the criteria and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, but they did not reveal the serum alcohol level!



  • Ma. Jamie Ann Beltran
    Ma. Jamie Ann Beltran个月 前

    San social distancing as interview NATO? Tas faceshield walang mask.

  • Karen Ubungen
    Karen Ubungen个月 前

    I doubt all of them cared enough about Cristine that night..lalo na ung na kissing scene nia na frend..not a trustworthy face..boy abunda asked frank questions but i doubt all of them are telling the opinion..maybe one is honest but not all of them...seeing cristine vomit once would be ok to ignore..but keeps on vomiting and they didnt do anything??!they should at least call the clinic or bring her n to the clinic..walang tigil n pagsusuka ay di gosh dun p lng waley na sila concern kung ano mangyari kay tine.nakapagtatataka n lahat sila inisip na normal ung walang tigil na pagsusuka😮maybe no rape happened..but a motive na pabayaan siyang madehydrate gang still a motive.only JP and rommel looks honest.. hopefully...but they already lied the first Rommel na mismo nagsabi na pag lasing mejo wala sila sa sarili.

  • Guia Lorraine Seuffert
    Guia Lorraine Seuffert个月 前

    Naaawa ako sa kanila I believe them I will pray for you all fight for your innocence don't give up!

  • 88 Mir
    88 Mir个月 前

    How can you even sleep at a small room, drinking and all. I mean this was a New Year's eve party - party like a Rockstar kinda of night. Something does not add up. In a crime scene, when a spouse dies, it's mostly the person closest to you because he/she knows all your moves . Someone gave the girl drugs without her knowing or she took tried it herself.

  • Toni Sarinas
    Toni Sarinas个月 前

    gusto nila ilaglag si Mark para makalaya, ayan naging unreliable kayo tuloy.. siguro nga willing na sila ilaglag si Mark kasi pagod na pagod at takot na takot na sila...

  • CAM Curv-A-Match
    CAM Curv-A-Match个月 前

    There is a popular guy in Poland who solves cases like this. His name is Krzystof Jackowski. Maybe he can shed some light in this case. Even police in Poland is asking help from for missing dead persons. He knows where to find the missing dead bodies. Sounds impossible but it happened. There was a case where a Polish woman asked help from him to locate her husband who went to the fjords with his speedboat and didnt come back for 3 days. Police already gave up finding and declared him dead, but the wife didnt give. Jackowski gave them the exact location of the boat where they will find the dead body of the husband. It was there. My husband's family asked help from him many times too. His uncle died and we asked what exactly happened to him, we just gave him a photo and he was able to tell us what happened during the night and why he died. I am not sure if there is someone in PH who can do the same. But this Polish guy has been doing this for many many years and really a professional one.

  • ruel ledesma
    ruel ledesma个月 前

    How can we believed you guys you all proven liars to all inconsistent declaration.

  • E L
    E L个月 前

    Bayot to bayot....

  • Elle Respicio
    Elle Respicio个月 前

    I definitely agree! No to another #Giveuptomorrow case again. No to another Paco! I must say sorry but no offense, Dacera, you can really establish her being a party girl on those cctv footages. Apakalandi po mommy dacera! So I think you should stop blaming innocent people and make their lives miserable! To Phils justice system: Not because this case is again sensational you will focus on the play victim side, Prove your worth to be right and just!

  • lm buliag
    lm buliag个月 前

    Si rommel parang pressured

  • Farhanah Nabila
    Farhanah Nabila个月 前

    I really need a translation 😭😭

  • JoGin Adventures
    JoGin Adventures个月 前

    Kawawa mga inosente😔

  • Snylim Mini Videos
    Snylim Mini Videos个月 前

    Bakit si Christine lang ang namatay?

  • Leandra Kate Rabanal
    Leandra Kate Rabanal个月 前

    Grabehas intro oy giahak

  • Courtney Athalia
    Courtney Athalia个月 前

    Lord tulungan nio po na ilabas n ang katotohanan alam ko po n walang mllihim s inyo kayo nkkaalam ng lhat🙏

  • marilyn villarama
    marilyn villarama个月 前

    I believed you guys. I can’t help but cry. My son is also gay and he loved her girlfriends more than he loved me. May the Lord touches the heart of Christine’s mom. The truth will always prevail. Rest In Peace Christine Dacera. 🙏🙏🙏

  • MR F
    MR F个月 前

    First answer: aksidente Atty: natural causes

  • Julighty Gap
    Julighty Gap个月 前

    Why would she enjoy partying with many men.When she knows his the only one girl??Drunking????

  • Geraldine Robinson
    Geraldine Robinson个月 前

    Tito Boy sana matulungan mo sila kawawa naman.

  • MsD GalSauMag
    MsD GalSauMag个月 前

    Sila na nga iyong tumulong sa dalâ na, sila pa ang napagbintangan.

  • Ann Duchess Santos
    Ann Duchess Santos个月 前

    Jp dela cerna you are an evil man, galawang demonyo lies pa more nilason na si Christine Dacera kaya nanghihina na at noong binuhat mo mahina na si CHRISTINE Hindi mo dinala sa hospital Kasi takot ka sa mga addict na naglason ,acting pa more JP DELA CERNA

  • G Republic
    G Republic个月 前

    to VALENTINE ROSALES... di ako makikipaghalikan sa yo... MALIBAN na lang KUNG high NA high ako sa DRUG at WALA NA SARILI....

  • Renweick Villacarlos
    Renweick Villacarlos个月 前

    Ilove you gigo deguzman😍

  • E DF
    E DF个月 前

    JP is crying crocodile tears, Gigo chose to be interviewed publicly. These were the same actions of Chris Watts. That's why I don't trust these gays.

  • E DF

    E DF

    个月 前

    ​@Molly Abcede I disagree. Based on their body language, they are guilty. Kasi kung innocent ang isang tao, magiging consistent ang statements nila regardless of the situation and yung questions na ibato sa kanila. Gigo and JP's actions are very suspicious too me, Rommel is uneasy. Since they were the last people Dacera was with before she died. Basta my intuition is never wrong. That's why I won't let them off the hook that easily. Tama lang na ituloy ni Mrs. Dacera yung kaso.

  • Molly Abcede

    Molly Abcede

    个月 前

    I’d also get really tired of people especially sa ganitong situations ano. Wag ka agad mangjudge gyan. Kahit ako na innocent, i’d probs have inconsistencies sa kwento due to the fact na pwedeng di ako nagpay attention plus short attention span, kabado on normal questions kasi feel ko may mali akong nagawa na di ko alam, or may random thoughts popping in my head na minsan inappropriate kahit dapat seryoso (so either matatawa or distract ako), etc. Napanood mo yung kay Chris Watts diba, questionnable yung actions nung pag dating sa bahay, and even sa phone pa lang na on the way na daw siya lol. Ibang situation to. Sure, we can get clues from other crimes, pero wag mo sanang icompare dahil iba iba naman yung reactions ng tao. Pero like i said, bata pa lang ako, naimagine ko noon na what if makwestion ako sa ganito, tas totally innocent ako. Feel ko mataas chance i’d be blamed or accused kasi nga nataranta ako hahahuhuhu.

  • Alina Masilungan
    Alina Masilungan个月 前

    Valentine 'the unbothered queen'

  • E DF
    E DF个月 前

    Symptoms Alcohol poisoning signs and symptoms include: Confusion Vomiting Seizures Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute) Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths) Blue-tinged skin or pale skin Low body temperature (hypothermia) Passing out (unconsciousness) and can't be awakened

  • Ezekiel Dialo
    Ezekiel Dialo个月 前

    Parang selos ang dahilan

  • Ezekiel Dialo
    Ezekiel Dialo个月 前

    ang mata ni galido mukhang may tinatago.makunsensya ka sa buong buhay mo!!! Magsumbong kana ng totoo.

  • *ylie coleen
    *ylie coleen个月 前

    Good job tito least nalaman na marami palang tao sa room 2207... At pabalik balik sila don

  • Eric Gaviola
    Eric Gaviola个月 前

    Gay talk, boy abunda will smell if they were telling lie,, gay raday

  • J R
    J R个月 前

    Lumalabas pagka mukhang pera ng abogado nila, "basta isa lang client nya yun lang i-aassist nya. Period. Yun lang concern nya. Hahaha. Di man lang nabigay ng briefing or advice kung ano ang mga dos and donts nagagawen ng maiiwan since kasama ang client nya sa possible crime. Oh di ayan may pag-retract tuloy ng statement na nangyare. Smh. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • godidakrumper
    godidakrumper个月 前

    Dahil sa pangyayari itong Dacera Case ay lalong napatunayan Ang katigasan ng ulo ng mga tao,, mantakin kabilinbilinan na Social Distancing,,,, ano ang ginawa lalong nag New Year’s Eve Party sa hotel pa na tinawag na quarantine,,, mantakin nanduon Pa sila, eh Kung nagksndawahawa sila ng Corona,,, eh Di lalong big problem na namn ng gobyerno,Ilan Pati sa kanila mga flight attendant,, Grabe Kong nagkataon unsafe din mga passengers 😭😭😭😭😭😭hoyyyyyy kahiyahiya kayo,,,

  • Kate Custodio
    Kate Custodio个月 前

    They said they found bruises on her body and if she was throwing up for 4 hours from 4am to 7am, the floor would’ve been cold. She was probably on her knees throwing up over the toilet which could possibly explain the bruises on her knees.

  • dianne nanana
    dianne nanana个月 前

    Panget ng audio

  • Malou Galimba
    Malou Galimba个月 前

    If something bad happened to her at room 2207, she should have let her friends know or call the police for sure she has her cp with her, or call her parents maybe! Well that’s just my opinion! I just hope that justice will prevail!

  • Princess Serenity
    Princess Serenity个月 前

    If wala tlga clang ksalanan its unfair kung makukulong cla ,,,,

  • Alice Grace Razon-Dalit
    Alice Grace Razon-Dalit个月 前

    Too painful to watch... this interview would’ve been a lot clearer if they all just spoke tagalog! 🤦🏻‍♀️ sakit sa bangs!

  • Jenny Avegar
    Jenny Avegar个月 前

    I believe they're innocent, We must continue to pray for these guys that their lives will not be wasted.

  • nokia9510
    nokia9510个月 前

    This is so F wrong. This interview. Why interview them where they are still the person of interest. Giving this guys to earn sympathy people. This interview can happen if they are aquitted or convicted. Using her death to get viewers???

  • Bisdak Bern vlog
    Bisdak Bern vlog个月 前

    Smells something bad.. hoping that the truth Will come out.

  • Dhel of the Zhangkani
    Dhel of the Zhangkani个月 前

    It is also very interesting na when they brought Christine to the hospital, they already had their counsel with them. Kaloka!

  • greene slazenger

    greene slazenger

    20 天 前

    U got. It

  • Dottie agudon
    Dottie agudon个月 前

    This happen to Christine parang unulit ang case ni Dennis Sivilla now he is Innocent after 19yrs nakulong siya ngayon binawi nang girl na inde siya na rape ni Dennis Sivilla itong mga friend ni Christine i think all of them telling the truth kasi kahit pabalik balik question all media pareho ang sagot nila hopefully mabigyan pa rin nang justice si Christine kung true na may nangyari condolence to Dacera Family

  • Ann Duchess Santos
    Ann Duchess Santos个月 前

    Dangerous criminals I wonder why they were at was planned to destroy and to target christine because clark said they were hanging out with Christine already ,Rommel Galido said he was sleeping while CHRISTINE was physically abused most of the CRIMINALS were reasoning that Everytime crime was committed ..he was an actor and traitor friend of CHRISTINE

  • Yedzz Conti-TV
    Yedzz Conti-TV个月 前

    Tito boy pa post po ng mais sa snow salamat po. ayan po sa mga nabobored dyan nood po kayo... salamat po, 😊

  • David Ward
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  • zion wellness vlog
    zion wellness vlog个月 前

    Kapag tlaga mayaman sumiskat at walang humpay na pasikat para sa hustisya pero kapag mahirap ..goodbye bahala kau dyan..kamusta ang magina n pinaty at un pingkamalan na suspect ba un?wala na balita

  • Frankly Samson
    Frankly Samson个月 前

    Haha kabog si Valentine ah, parang pang miss universe siya sumagot! Halatang gay na gay May pa “to tell the world “ siya haha at mga top 5 niya! Tas pansin ko lang mas maputi pa siya kay Tin, jusko nmn parang mas malambot pa siya Sa marshmallow. So paano nmn niya magagawa yun? Tsk tsk

  • Kokin
    Kokin个月 前

    Literal na “ accidenti “ang sinasabi ni JP , ano ba nangyari what are you trying to convey JP

  • Stanley Olivar
    Stanley Olivar个月 前

    It was a fun night gone bad. Too bad for all involved but most especially for the deceased. 😢

  • japan kaigo
    japan kaigo个月 前

    Christine is very lucky to have those friends, true and caring. Sa nanay ni Christine nakakadurog ng puso, dami na nasasaktan inosenteng tao ano ba.

  • Pinky Aguilar
    Pinky Aguilar个月 前

    Stay strong guys..

  • Justine Apostol
    Justine Apostol个月 前


  • glayza dalida
    glayza dalida个月 前

    this is the lesson to the party goers specially what's happening right now that we need to know where to stop drinking, and to know our limit. pag di na kaya stop na kasi if there's accident like this ang pamilya kasi di alam ang buong story ibiblame talaga mga tao na kasama tapos madadamay na lahat

  • Laurrice Estrada
    Laurrice Estrada个月 前

    Grabe mga mata nila. Antok na antok na. Patulugin niyo na sila ng maayos jusko. Hope their health are well

  • Cherry Laysa
    Cherry Laysa个月 前

    They did not kill Christine , pero paraNg may kulang sa mga info n binigay nilA na paraNg may pinagtatakpan silA. Ung pag change palng ng statement about the drug issue ay may parang something na at un dapat Ang mainvestigate ng mabuti. Baka malaking tao Kasi Ang madadamay pag nakalkal yang drug issue n Yan kaya ginagwa LAHAT para mapagtakpan lang,pati pag autopsy may foul play na paraNg sinadya...

  • antonio matias
    antonio matias个月 前

    baket si mark ? at same pa sila na sinabing name sa magkahiwalay na interrogation at same pa reason na " since bago si mark " ...sinabi nila yan sa magkahiwalay na interrogation..hmmm ! I smell something fishy... may nagsisinungaling dito

  • Bibi Ella
    Bibi Ella个月 前

    Mukhang pagod na pagod na sila. Sana matapos na. :(

  • Bhing A
    Bhing A个月 前

    I think itong 5 nato are all inoscent they love Tine pero may nangyari n di maganda...