Ten things to know if you're new to Abu Dhabi (2019)


Every year thousands of new people arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport to start a new life here in the UAE.
One thing is for sure, the first time you step off that plane things are pretty daunting.
But, it doesn’t need to be that way - newbies, we see you and welcome you, you’re going to have a blast.
You’ll soon find your feet and will fall in love with the capital just like we did.
There’s a lot to learn and plenty of things to know about the city, but don’t worry, Time Out will always keep you updated with the best deals, events, restaurants and news.
So if you’re new to the capital? Here are ten things you should know to get you started.
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    That is incorrect I was born in the uae and all that information is not correct

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    I'm coming to live in AD this summer and wonder if you have stats on Scottish folk in the UAE??

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    Just remember to get your sunscreen

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    ABU Dhabi would be lovely if the lifestyle is the same as Europe, Turkey kind of

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    oh love your channel... I’m coming to Abu Dhabi this month until new year... thanks for the guide... ❤️

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    Abu Dhabi is the best city in the world to live in!!!

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    You say that 'UFC' is coming to Abu Dhabi but don't give any clues as to what 'UFC' stands for. Surely I am not the only one who has no idea what UFC is supposed to be.

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    ultimate fighting championship

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    Al Maryah island in Abu Dhabi is also a must visit

  • Time Out GCC

    Time Out GCC

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    Absolutely, have you watched our video about the things to do on Al Maryah Island?

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    I always visit Abu Dhabi but never try yet to go to the bar.

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