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  • Delin resyiana
    Delin resyiana小时 前


    VIOLET XIONG2 小时 前

    omg he watches kai too😍😍😍

  • sugaryplum s
    sugaryplum s2 小时 前

    good morning ten lee

  • Santaearth _fc
    Santaearth _fc2 小时 前


  • xingie ً
    xingie ً4 小时 前

    half of the views are mine

  • Juliana Santos
    Juliana Santos6 小时 前

    por favor nao toquem no cabelo desse homem FIQUE LONGE DA TESOURA

  • Derliyanti Rei
    Derliyanti Rei10 小时 前

    Ten love cats and me toooo 😭😭😭 its my favorit relay cam 💕😻

  • iioueee
    iioueee10 小时 前

    i miss ten

  • Yajaira Carrillo
    Yajaira Carrillo11 小时 前


  • Nam Wan
    Nam Wan11 小时 前

    This is very relaxing. I am not a cat person but I found this very relax to watch.

  • leeyoungheum wife
    leeyoungheum wife11 小时 前

    Ten ultah tanggal 27

  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar11 小时 前

    Cute boy.

  • 12 trsr
    12 trsr11 小时 前

    Wait, Do they have housekeeper?

  • N Thapa

    N Thapa

    4 小时 前

    @12 trsr its usually like that. Maybe after this comeback. They will promote in China. After that, they get better dorms

  • 12 trsr

    12 trsr

    4 小时 前

    @N Thapa I mean the 4+ years thingy. They could only get better dorms when they hit 4+ years..

  • N Thapa

    N Thapa

    4 小时 前

    @12 trsr not rules but from what I have seen. Its like that. Most exo members live on own too. One or two lives in dorm and its literally looks like wayv dorm too much things in tiny dorm. Rv old dorm looks like dream new dorm according to some fans.

  • 12 trsr

    12 trsr

    5 小时 前

    @N Thapa oh I see, I didn't know SM has rules like that.

  • N Thapa

    N Thapa

    5 小时 前

    @12 trsr yes but they are still in 3rd career. Sm is stingy. Only when they hit 4+ years ,they get better dorms. And after 6+ years, many sm idols live on their own too

  • Kyla Marie Aloyon
    Kyla Marie Aloyon13 小时 前

    No wonder why this is the longest relay cam among everyone❤️

  • Barsha Sunuwar
    Barsha Sunuwar14 小时 前

    My heart popped out when he said: You want to see how I change?🥰🥰😆😆

  • fans stray kids and ikon
    fans stray kids and ikon14 小时 前

    i really like cat

  • Barsha Sunuwar
    Barsha Sunuwar14 小时 前

    Omg 3 cats being cute 😍😁😆

  • mons ter
    mons ter15 小时 前


  • Pari Jamatia
    Pari Jamatia18 小时 前

    Ten calling his cat.....Leonnn Me dead I love his tone 0:20

  • MarcelaAcosta
    MarcelaAcosta19 小时 前

    I watch this almos everyday, woah~

  • Barapus Danea
    Barapus Danea20 小时 前

    21:25 jangan heh jangan😳 Anda meresahkan T_T

  • Jihan Meylly
    Jihan Meylly21 小时 前

    Go go 3M for cutie of the year TEN😽

  • Little Princess
    Little Princess22 小时 前

    Eat moreeee tennnnnnn

  • April Wang
    April Wang22 小时 前

    Let’s make it to 3M !

  • Eis
    Eis22 小时 前

    This relay cam is happy pills

  • 가미
    가미23 小时 前

    Why I like ten so much like I like louis, bella and leon lol I miss my cats and dog TT

  • 유자
    유자天 前


  • I'mtheboss
    I'mtheboss天 前

    whaaa my cat cant do that

  • I'mtheboss
    I'mtheboss天 前

    wow smart cat

  • Feby Kahtarina Turnip
    Feby Kahtarina Turnip天 前

    My favorite relay cam

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky天 前

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky天 前

    He is so kind

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky天 前

    I love his relation with animals

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky天 前

    I love him

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky天 前

    Why is he so cuteeeeeeeee

  • Glayseral Fabio
    Glayseral Fabio天 前


  • Rose with thorns
    Rose with thorns天 前

    I love Ten eating cake he likes sweets.

  • Mary Gamer
    Mary Gamer天 前

    tem e seus gatos

  • ここぽこ
    ここぽこ天 前


  • orenji
    orenji天 前

    let's be honest we all cat owners talk to our cats and ask them what's wrong whenever they meow and we tolerate the cats' bites and kicks and scratches even though it hurts and how we talk in a meowing voice and how we spoil them with treats and love :))

  • leeyoungheum wife
    leeyoungheum wife天 前

    Andwae andwae

  • leeyoungheum wife
    leeyoungheum wife天 前

    Lucunyaaa yg mau ultah

  • Thanc .h
    Thanc .h天 前


  • 1305 S
    1305 S天 前

    WOW 2.8m

  • womp0
    womp0天 前

    Girls don't want boyfriends, girls want 23 minutes of Ten playing with cats.

  • Marcel Magabilin

    Marcel Magabilin

    21 小时 前

    No, girls want ten to be their boyfriend

  • Samantha Francine Paguio
    Samantha Francine Paguio天 前

    You can obviously see how Ten love his Cats Look at that belly HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH

  • Shrix J
    Shrix J天 前

    2.8 million with my views being 1 million lol.. love this

  • Eis
    Eis天 前

    Can we reach 3M before Ten's birthday on Feb 27?🎁🎊

  • Sheryl L

    Sheryl L

    天 前

    we can try but 2.9M seems more attainable

  • Conan Dao
    Conan Dao天 前

    Tennnn, WayV will come back !!! Kick back OMG i can’t wait but u disappear from SNS for long time i miss uuuuuu

  • Yulia Irawati백현
    Yulia Irawati백현天 前

    Heh kenpa lo ganteng sii😭🔫🌱

  • Sarahcha Sauce
    Sarahcha Sauce天 前

    Not ten having a whole drawer filled with cat snacks. That is the cat parent I aspire to be.

  • MY____1020
    MY____1020天 前

    I really want to have more contents of ten and his pet. It's so healing to me.

  • Baby Mobile
    Baby Mobile天 前

    2,800,389 M

  • ******
    ******天 前


  • Baby Mobile
    Baby Mobile天 前

    2,799,999 M

  • wonki babies
    wonki babies天 前


  • wonki babies
    wonki babies天 前


  • Syah Nan
    Syah Nan天 前

    omg! almost 2.8M ! MAKE IT 3M FOR HIS BIRTHDAY !!! or MORE

  • Marcela xD
    Marcela xD天 前

    TE AMO ❤️❤️

  • Seongeun Ahn
    Seongeun Ahn天 前

    오늘도 출근 :-)

  • shinhaja
    shinhaja天 前

    Why you make me here everyday chittaphon?♡

  • Elok Synta
    Elok Synta2 天 前

    Goes to 2.8 M kajja~~~

  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前

    I never lied when I cried for you...

  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前

    I'm blind.

  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前


  • 彡ᴀɴɢᴇʟʏ彡
    彡ᴀɴɢᴇʟʏ彡2 天 前

    que lindos:(((

  • Sunshine 1006
    Sunshine 10062 天 前

    I'm here again

  • АНЖЕЛИКА Загаевская
    АНЖЕЛИКА Загаевская2 天 前


  • Schimi Djek
    Schimi Djek2 天 前

    I come back everyday

  • Im a lemon
    Im a lemon2 天 前

    i see cat i click:)

  • Nisrina F P
    Nisrina F P2 天 前

    still my favorite relay cam

  • Star i
    Star i2 天 前


  • Ria Astuti
    Ria Astuti2 天 前

    My daily routine before sleep

  • Kan Ket
    Kan Ket2 天 前

    my my my I love the culprit part lol

    MOCHI MORI.2 天 前

    i watch this regularly 🥴✊

  • MY____1020
    MY____10202 天 前

    I'm here again

  • khyoda maduk
    khyoda maduk2 天 前

    Ten opppaaaaa😘😘😘😘😘

  • 이다인
    이다인2 天 前

    치타폰 귀엽다고 지금. 귀여워서 화날라그래.

  • Kseniya Ella
    Kseniya Ella2 天 前

    Does Ten know that cats can clean themselves? 😀

  • Sunshine 1006

    Sunshine 1006

    2 天 前

    Yes, cats groom themselves but some hard-to-reach areas needs to use cat wipes

  • Melia Susanti
    Melia Susanti2 天 前

    Semakin iri hati gw,😭😭😭

  • みにおん
    みにおん2 天 前

    나도 고양이 키우고 싶어

  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前


  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前


  • Narda Aguilar
    Narda Aguilar2 天 前

    Awww... cute boy

  • Inda Reski
    Inda Reski2 天 前

    23:09 pantesan jeno, jisung ngendus"😂😂😂

  • leeyoungheum wife
    leeyoungheum wife2 天 前

    Ten kamu mirip kucing

  • 최솔
    최솔2 天 前

    지나가던 머글인데 이거좀 힐링재질이네요 나긋나긋한 미남과 고양이 두마리.. 이것이야말로 지친 현대인의 심신을 치유해주는 무해한 영상...알고리즘 고마워

  • 서연
    서연2 天 前

    태민이 고양이가 개인기를 하길래 진짜 놀랐는데 원인이 여기 있는 듯 하다 ,, 고양이가 개인기를 하다니 아직도 신기해

  • Mami Tao
    Mami Tao2 天 前

    Can't Stop Watching Cat's Family 💕💗💓💖❤️💞

  • 양손에양송이
    양손에양송이2 天 前


  • Ho Scarlett
    Ho Scarlett2 天 前

    what perfume does TEN use?!!! curious!

  • 2226 supitcha
    2226 supitcha2 天 前

    so cute

  • Umairah Safiah
    Umairah Safiah2 天 前


  • Da-lei Coco
    Da-lei Coco2 天 前

    ten:I want to decor my house Me:you can always hire me 👍🏼😌💚

  • Anonymous. Com
    Anonymous. Com2 天 前

    The only sweet human i never seen God protect him always please

  • 유나tv
    유나tv2 天 前


  • bella
    bella2 天 前

    ten: "louis e leon estão ficando gordinhos, eu não sei o que fazer." ten também: *23 minutos alimentando os gatos.

  • sugaryplum s
    sugaryplum s2 天 前

    good morning

  • Kitten
    Kitten2 天 前


  • Ariadna Enriquez
    Ariadna Enriquez3 天 前

    🐈🐈🐈🐈 Love ten