Special Delivery! Malamutes Love Boxes! (Cutest Baby!)

So it turns out Milo thinks he's a dog and the malamutes think they are cats the way they act with boxes! Phil loves his confined spaces and challenges himself to sleep in them, he wants to get back in the box when we take him out, Niko is just happy doing everything haha.
This was the box Amelia's car came in it's that heavy it came on a pallet. I think we filmed this around mid November, you can see the change in both Amelia and Teddy in only 2 months!!
Who wants a malamute shipped to them haha we still have the crate... xx
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  • Lisa Adhi
    Lisa Adhi7 小时 前

    Phil has such innocent face! Wondering what is happening with his tail? :D

  • Ironymus
    Ironymus3 天 前

    _"Garry, quit it. You're gonna start a howl!"_

  • Kikie Channel
    Kikie Channel13 天 前


  • Jun Pineda Jr.
    Jun Pineda Jr.14 天 前

    How i wish,Teddy,Niko,Phil,Mia,would tell the baby ,she was adopted by Jodie and her husband,my that would be hilarious.2😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣

  • 张爽
    张爽15 天 前


  • houseb2
    houseb216 天 前

    Just so darn cute. My dog 🐕 Thor would love to play with them

  • Wer Wer
    Wer Wer19 天 前


  • Becky link
    Becky link21 天 前

    I would take them anytime. Post them to me. I have always wanted one of those dogs.

  • Conversations With Me
    Conversations With Me个月 前

    Those dogs are sssooo COOL!

  • Mariana Perez Moreno
    Mariana Perez Moreno个月 前

    Bellos... siempre encantadores!!! 😍😍❤️😘

  • bringsik100
    bringsik100个月 前


  • bringsik100


    个月 前

    well. this distort my perception about boxes.

  • Mary-Anne Swanson
    Mary-Anne Swanson个月 前

    My address is ....... They are so sweet

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    Jeff Perteet个月 前


  • Charlotte Dils
    Charlotte Dils个月 前


  • KODA BEAR the Samoyed
    KODA BEAR the Samoyed个月 前

    this is too precious!

  • Z
    Z个月 前

    3:40 amgry with the box?

  • panna kotian
    panna kotian个月 前

    Love ur family guys all adorable personalities noko Phil Mia and kitty.love u all .one big happy family.u guys must be so busy all day😂😂😘😘😘

  • Paul C
    Paul C个月 前

    Teddy is her dog. The others are yours. And don't you forget it. Lol

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L个月 前

    How is it already her birthday, I could’ve sworn she was just born

  • Tracie Hall
    Tracie Hall个月 前

    Hi this is Tracie Hall of Sunbury Vic Australia, I'm still lovn your family, they always give me a cute squeal, and a heartwarming smile!. Happy birthday Amelia you gourgous girl, enjoy your new wheels, and make sure you run mum and dad crazy with it, girl that's your job!!, Give the dogs a pat from me and give Amelia a kiss from a 48 year old woman who adores her. I can't wait for grandkids! Much love always Tracie xxxooo.

  • Korono Wirus
    Korono Wirus个月 前


  • 황홀해서새벽까지
    황홀해서새벽까지个月 前

    애기가 대장이네!!

  • Paddy
    Paddy个月 前

    I hope they dont get splinters.

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    Ginna个月 前

    Who would like the dogs posted to them? Erm....me!

  • Aspen Dreams
    Aspen Dreams个月 前

    GOD, I love that Philly ham

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    Светлана Гаврильченко个月 前

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  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson个月 前

    Please post Philly Bear to me in Richmond, Virginia.❤❤❤

  • Lilly Langtree
    Lilly Langtree个月 前

    It never ceases to amaze me how gentle they all are with Amelia, she has a wonderful life with all these beautiful animals around her and such loving caring parents. Blessings. xx

  • Wil A
    Wil A个月 前

    You’ve heard of jack in the box. Well, meet Fluff in a box.

  • India Henretta
    India Henretta个月 前

    So adorable and sweet ❤️ from San Diego California USA

  • KiwiRosa
    KiwiRosa个月 前


  • dimitris kostoglou
    dimitris kostoglou个月 前



    My favourite, I want it but I can't... Its too expensive 😩

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    lê légraben个月 前

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  • madyogi
    madyogi个月 前

    This kid is going to have a great time with these pups... x) I hope, I'll not sound pretensional but one note of caution - 1:52. If at the moment (anyhow) puppy looses balance to the right, the girl goes straight onto the concrate/bricks with her head down. Yes, stupid accidents that wouldn't cross ones mind do happen...

  • Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.
    Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.个月 前

    They are all so adorable! Just wondering how can you walk and exercising 1-2 hours a day with 3 big dogs!

  • James Madison Williams
    James Madison Williams个月 前

    We can get the Malamute gang in one Package 📦!

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    Manjinder Singh个月 前

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    Jeff Perteet个月 前

    The boxed polar bear harrassed by the coyote

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    AlphaCenturion个月 前

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    eknoor malhi个月 前

    Your vid makes my day . Thank you❤️

  • Arno Bhattacharya
    Arno Bhattacharya个月 前

    Hi, my dad used to watch every single video of these dogs and me and my mom were so surprised because he really was not a dog person. It would mean a lot if you guys could acknowledge this message. Sadly he passed away yesterday. I truly hope you enjoy everything you have left with your family.

  • ParsleyPalace


    个月 前

    Dear Arno: I am so sorry. My mom used to latch onto cute stuff in her last days, and giggle a little. I feel you. It's very hard. Take care.

  • Paul C

    Paul C

    个月 前

    So sad to hear about your dad. Deep down inside all people are fur people it's in our DNA since the beginning of time. We do better around them and they us even if only virtually. You will meet your dad again on the other side and he will be waiting with all the fur people you have ever loved.

  • Erza Pandora

    Erza Pandora

    个月 前

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    Sébastien Carron个月 前

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    Heather Escalona个月 前

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    Sven Lm个月 前

    There's a malamute called Diesel that walks past my house sometimes. He's absolutely gorgeous, so handsome and fluffy. I know the owner watches your videos. If they see this, hi guys, I hope you all are well.

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    Zorglub2244个月 前

    dogs didnt go in this box by themselves ,0:56 funny you dont see the dog getting in the box because its the parents putting them in,so no they dont love boxes

  • Life with Malamutes

    Life with Malamutes

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    Richard wellington个月 前

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    Pauline Delgrosso个月 前

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    A Vishnu Sankar

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    Life with Malamutes

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