Sorted - Seeing How "Streetable" 1000 HP Cars Are - S1 E2


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2003 Lexus IS300
2017 Dodge Viper ACR
1995 Toyota Supra
2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S
2017 Audi RS3
2001 Honda S2000
2008 BMW 135I
2017 Ford Mustang GT


  • Audi5Fan
    Audi5Fan天 前

    Too bad he straight piped the RS3 you can keep it stock and it flows enough. But it does sound good XD

  • Daniel Plasencia
    Daniel Plasencia2 天 前

    I love watching Matt try and maintain a professional subjective mindset when he reviews cars but when he gets hit with a huge burst of speed or something, then he turns into a giant kid again it is the funniest thing ever especially in the Viper and the Supra 😂

  • torch357
    torch3572 天 前

    been watching matt review cars since i saw your guys old DVDs..... his reactions never get old lol

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson2 天 前

    She said the viper isn’t street able but doesn’t complain about the street ability of the bmw

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson2 天 前

    She seems to be surprised everytime she has to shift

  • Davie Jay
    Davie Jay3 天 前

    These cars are so out of place on public roads Breaking the law within a second of being on the throttle Within a couple seconds you're going to prison if you screw up Depending where you live, cops can seize the car n auction it off cuz you were speeding so excessively

  • Vasile Costin
    Vasile Costin6 天 前

    Worst shit i ever watched. Everyone now wants to have top gear. On top of that the cars where horrible. Lol 3 cars where bad ass and the rest was nothing cool.

  • Justin Lawson
    Justin Lawson9 天 前

    ahh cool show premise....Shitty hosts...

  • Galaxy Defender
    Galaxy Defender9 天 前

    Boring too

  • WearingGoldluck
    WearingGoldluck9 天 前

    Those Kalvo Vipers go from 0 - Jail time so fast, like 3-4 seconds fast

  • FLA Garage
    FLA Garage9 天 前

    How does this not have millions of views??

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia9 天 前

    The Audi drone annoyed me via headphones before they even talked about it.

  • Tyvek Homewrap
    Tyvek Homewrap10 天 前

    28:12 Matt's laugh was epic

  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !11 天 前

    Driving a calvo viper is like a foot on your chest that gets heavier the more you accelerate

  • MonsterZ !
    MonsterZ !11 天 前

    Calvo is legit I definitely think getting John Hennessy and Rob dahm should be next

  • Rebecca Kenworthy
    Rebecca Kenworthy13 天 前

    Now she's banging on about the seats. Oh, cooling seats- what a daily- is what no real car person ever said... Rob, you and Matt are keeping it real. Not feeling the female host

  • Rebecca Kenworthy
    Rebecca Kenworthy13 天 前

    Can cars be to fast to daily??? I don't think you can say it's daily driving ability is "slim to none" just because bit scares you...

  • CSL
    CSL13 天 前

    I'm the only one that thinks Emelia is the only from the 3 who knows how to hammer a car with manual gearbox ?? :|

  • GriffOutdoorTV
    GriffOutdoorTV15 天 前

    is it just me or does Matt have a vendetta against the Audi

  • TheGreener121
    TheGreener12115 天 前

    Dang, Emelias such a qt

  • nirat
    nirat17 天 前

    I don't even understand how can you guy daily drive this "street car"

  • Carlos Cansles
    Carlos Cansles18 天 前

    I love this show !!! Please dont go away !! Why isn't this on network television ???

  • leomikie
    leomikie18 天 前

    liking this , almost perfect show. rob, emelia and tanner are great!

  • Nate Diemer
    Nate Diemer22 天 前

    The Viper pulls remind me of the Hoonicorn on the strip, the sequential jump, the short gears, the insane power....

  • eichler721
    eichler72126 天 前

    I would take the Viper if I could pick any. However if I had to use one as a everything car I would pick the Porsche or the RS3

  • eichler721
    eichler72126 天 前

    This series is so great. Better then most TV car shows

  • Rory Gardner
    Rory Gardner26 天 前

    How on earth are you pulling those speeds on CNboth without getting busted? Are the laws on this different in USA?

  • Martin Gerža
    Martin Gerža个月 前

    Love the mention 80s quattro 🖤 my fav car of all time

  • Καδής Θ.
    Καδής Θ.个月 前

    Amazing series overall. Most of the car vids on youtube are crap. But the bald guy (don't know their names, 1st time here) should have revved the cars near the limiter. Some of them didn't show all of their power like this. Also a daily car means a lot more, so this wasn't a good test. Let's see the next ones now!

  • Shooter Sanoff
    Shooter Sanoff个月 前

    My new favorite viper

  • I USE
    I USE个月 前

    This is a badass video. Good job

  • Sam
    Sam个月 前

    whos the bald guy, isn't he from something else? looks so familiar

  • John Tardi
    John Tardi个月 前

    That is300 has a gauge cluster from a 4 cylinder altezza and is reading wrong because of it.

  • Gerald Kottler
    Gerald Kottler个月 前

    how is exclusively doing hard pulls on the highway testing streetability?

  • Alec Saenz
    Alec Saenz个月 前

    “Bro that motherfucker said it was gonna go to 10 and it did!... that was bonsai shit!” Hahaha I love this series these 3 are great together 👍🏼

  • Justa Hasbeen
    Justa Hasbeen个月 前

    Cast your votes. How many engines does Emilia blow?

  • Andrew Castillo
    Andrew Castillo个月 前

    She needs a phone book to daily the viper... I'm 5'5 so the question is would I need a phone book to daily a viper. What a great idea bring me and my friends your car so we can do 160 down the hwy why didn't I think of that

  • Artagain
    Artagain个月 前

    Sorry but spinning tires at 100mph on the street is crossing the hoonigan line.

  • C. Fecteau
    C. Fecteau个月 前

    Excellent show... Great production value, awesome selection of cars, made by car enthusiasts-for car enthusiasts and best of all; independent of large networks and/or production companies. It goes to show, the media bottlenecks traditionally held by the big corporations is no longer relevant and big money does not necessarily translate into good quality. You guys (and girl 😁) should be very proud and don't stop delivering the high quality documentation of car culture. 5 stars!

  • Mechanically Creative
    Mechanically Creative个月 前

    "It's a mustang, It's just that hitting crowds and pedestrians thing". Indeed it is!

  • Derrick Bongei
    Derrick Bongei个月 前

    was that 160, oh it wasnt what a beautiful rainbow

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke个月 前

    I've used my fire extinguisher twice to saved others cars. One was a church van the other was an overturned vehicle with the driver still inside. I didn't have a license and was on probation so I got it of there after I put it out and left the extinguisher with another guy when I heard sirens

  • Jeff Hartwig
    Jeff Hartwig个月 前

    I always loved to boil my tires with my FRC!!

  • Dustin Faulkner
    Dustin Faulkner个月 前

    I like the owner of the RS3 more and Matt less after seeing that Trump $100 bill.

  • Colorado girl

    Colorado girl

    4 天 前

    I agree, that sweaty mess should leave his political opinions to himself when he's working. Not a smart business decision to alienate viewers because you can't be professional.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay个月 前

    Obviously this Matt guy doesn't know what homologation means.

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell个月 前

    Great Show looking forward to seeing more!

  • gameabetic
    gameabetic个月 前

    The longer they go into the video. The less they talk about how street able the cars are. Basically just took every car and went 150mph on the highway.

  • hypocrisy police
    hypocrisy police个月 前

    He thinks when it doesn't feel violent it can't have the power that was stated. Take the Corvette around a race track and see how you'll fare and then so the same with, say, the Audi.

  • Kingbanter
    Kingbanter个月 前

    Love the Porsche , the Supra and the Audi . Least favourite probably the s2000 the wing is at least a foot too tall

  • GearHead RD
    GearHead RD个月 前

    Somebody tell these guys the IS300 isn't revving at 9K+ RPM. It's an Altezza cluster, which is meant for a 4 cylinder. Put that in a 6 cylinder car, you're getting about 1.5 times the RPM. The owner needs to get his tach calibrated properly... If the turbo is spooling at 6500k RPM, you're driving a car with a ProMod size

  • oddly btw
    oddly btw个月 前

    the 135i is a car i think about all the time

  • Alfred Wendler
    Alfred Wendler个月 前

    Matt - your anti trump statements are why I no longer listen to the smoking tire podcast. Stick to cars. Plus you live in Venice where apparently people defecting on the street is acceptable

  • Colorado girl

    Colorado girl

    4 天 前

    I am right there with you. He should keep his political opinions to himself and be professional while he's working. Some people just can't hide the TDS.

  • the magic conch
    the magic conch个月 前

    Hoonicorn vs viper

  • Sam P
    Sam P个月 前

    Matt hating on the RS3 cause of the Trump dollar. And no, it's not a Golf, it's legit half of a huracan engine.

  • F E
    F E个月 前

    2000hp makes matt pucker up s2k make him laugh like a kid 😂😂

  • Mike Anoneemus
    Mike Anoneemus个月 前


  • dwight tsanchez
    dwight tsanchez个月 前

    Worst part about the video was finding out that Farah is a Demorat

  • Eli Garner
    Eli Garner个月 前

    I hope if y’all ever do this again you find somebody who actually knows how to build a coyote car cause the procharged, stock MT82, base interior s550 is not a good example of what those cars can be at all 🙅🏻‍♂️

  • stormtropper88
    stormtropper88个月 前

    Farah how is it a very expensive hold when everything is different ? Oh the awd system is the same ... why does the back of your neck look like a pack of hot dogs

  • Sean Debblay
    Sean Debblay个月 前

    I dont know what it is but Emilia just sucks as a car person. Everytime she talks I get pissed off.

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez个月 前

    Buy stocks and buy more cryptos too, have invested into both and I found out that crypto investment is far better than stocks

  • Brian Rodriguez

    Brian Rodriguez

    个月 前

    Both investments are good to go into but if profit must be considered then crypto is far better.

  • HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
    HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_个月 前

    $253 for a 2.5lb fire extinguisher 🤣🤣 GTFOH...can get a no mess one from Walmart for $30 😅

  • Frank Jordan
    Frank Jordan个月 前

    Audi got lights on the dash at 9:51

  • Jason Stilgebouer
    Jason Stilgebouer个月 前

    Really wish this was on Emelia's Channel or Matts, Rob is kind of cringe.

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami个月 前

    When Farrah is in the s2k, it looks like he’s driving a sim rig lol idk why

  • Rene Iturralde
    Rene Iturralde个月 前

    The afr's on that is300 are mad sketch

  • JR's Properties
    JR's Properties个月 前

    Is it still called a manitino switch in a German car?

    RH2RACING个月 前

    Ok you earned my sub

    RH2RACING个月 前

    I'm surprised no brownies made an appearance.

  • Bob Last
    Bob Last个月 前

    is that BMW's steering wheel just a friction fit? no latch or anything? the way he put it on looks like its just a friction fit...

  • Jase Games
    Jase Games个月 前

    Supra is 100% the fastest as always

  • Joshua Gross
    Joshua Gross个月 前

    @28.15 Farrah looks like a god damn car...toon character lol

  • Ryan Harmer
    Ryan Harmer个月 前

    It’s obvious the 100TrumpBuck was a good sign not a bad one 🧐

  • That guy
    That guy个月 前

    Did she actually see over the steering wheel?

  • big weena
    big weena个月 前

    "This car makes me believe in adult diapers" -Rob

  • Arden Nielsen
    Arden Nielsen个月 前

    what was that, oh ya... 4 years ago i was walking around at night and a seen a dodge viper at a gas station. all i could think of was, wow what would i have to do to qualify to freely drive something like that that can become absolutely crazy as fast as a flinch causes me to bite my lip while eating a sandwich that i feel i should be allowed to eat until i feel like i am going to explode but the boss at work only paid me $4400 this month and i still don't have enough money to pack my guts... hmm, just say nothing and let the other people work as they best can. not getting paid to be fully geared up so not my problems. i have been making more asset'd income now that i am not working for $2.40/hr, but the paper work makes it look like $25/hr! hmm?

  • Arden Nielsen

    Arden Nielsen

    个月 前

    OBS GMC sierra with a sway bar on the rear end off of the front of a 1997 ford escort... the things that truck can run over and keep going? a little bit nuts.

  • TripleZ89
    TripleZ89个月 前

    Farrah driving the Viper sounds like Tigger!

  • Ronald Thompson
    Ronald Thompson个月 前

    Nothing really stands a chance against the 911, right?

  • hanercat
    hanercat个月 前

    that was BONZAI shit

  • Jose cortez
    Jose cortez个月 前

    Bonsai shit.

  • Extratone
    Extratone个月 前

    Brilliant work folks. Very impressed. Refreshing!

  • Clyde Snow
    Clyde Snow个月 前

    Love the reactions from Viper!!!! Looks like type of Car you would do pulls with down every Street.

  • Mrs.Man
    Mrs.Man个月 前

    Just like f1 the matirials the rims are made of is important for temperature control in the brakes and maintaining proper tyre temp....

  • Interceptor2500
    Interceptor2500个月 前

    How many mistakes is Matt gonna make about the specs on the 911 TTS?? Come on dude!! That's a 991.2TTS...It's 580 HP stock , NOT 550. It's labeled a 3.8L and NOT the old Mezger 3.6L (even though it's actually a 3.7xL).

  • poot
    poot个月 前

    yoo they are driving on the road i drive to work everyday. beeline and pga

  • Neil Gilchrist
    Neil Gilchrist个月 前

    I just realized I was riding my bike in the side of the road when they drove past in the viper it was insane

  • Cullen Sons
    Cullen Sons个月 前

    Based off of other videos of the calvo viper, that sure didn’t look like the 2000hp tune lmao

  • Nathan Baxter
    Nathan Baxter个月 前

    It would be cool to see a CNboth edition of this series. Get LZ, Cleetus, B is for Build, with cars with crazy swap and see how they compare in these categories

    BLU_ SAGE个月 前

    You know the Car is fuego ,when emelia just laughs and giggles

  • Jeffrey Graves
    Jeffrey Graves个月 前

    Love that Trump2020 bill baby!

  • Drew D'Alesandro
    Drew D'Alesandro个月 前

    Like I have said before Calvo Motorsports in Austin have lost their minds! I have seen this Viper along with their other Vipers run at TX2K! It's not right! SO FAST!

  • Tristan Krager
    Tristan Krager个月 前

    Guys. Especially @Matt...who did the sound editing? I know that Matt is a perfectionist just by his vehicles, so I'm surprised this got through. Did anyone actually watch this on a TV before they posted it? The sound goes from VERY loud to inaudible, and the jingle between cars is annoying, and catchy in a VERY bad way. I love the smoking tire and i was looking forward to this being a really awesome and polished show like Car wars, but I feel like it missed the mark. It has fantastic potential tho, just needs a LOT of polish. Like a cool barn find...

  • Corza Dutch
    Corza Dutch个月 前

    Stability/Daily drive should include things like speed bumps, curbs, driveways, average roads, passengers, cargo, vehicle safety (eg lights/indicators, whether they've retained airbags, harnesses, seats) general comfort, dealing with stop-go traffic in low speed (that'll test heat management) not just going and smashing a straight line highway.

  • Matt
    Matt个月 前

    Street driving usually includes speeds under 100MPH. They plan on taking these cars to the track, so what's the reason? Street testing = city driving, maybe a drive-thru restaurant (popular with the 99%), navigating construction, potholes, traffic, etc. Any jackass can go fast on straight roads in Florida; especially using racecars that are only allowed on the street because of lax/nonexistent safety inspections. Also, not wearing masks is a terrible look in late 2020

  • Momo
    Momo个月 前

    “This car makes me believe in adult diapers “ 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂

  • autogeek23
    autogeek23个月 前

    Emilia with the " pay for what you get ". classic mix up. good entertainment!!!

  • Dynasty1K
    Dynasty1K个月 前

    Farrah’s reaction to the Supra was out-freakin-standing

  • That1Dude 44
    That1Dude 44个月 前

    Drone is a good thing!.. listening to these drivers who are supposed to be car enthusiasts talk negatively about drone is like hearing a baker complaining about the smell of cake when he's baking it.. I've built many cars over the years(4,6 & 8 cylinder)and every single car had drone at a certain rpm, it's just part of the deal folks

  • TheDcianfarini
    TheDcianfarini个月 前

    Awesome series! Awesome production quality. If you’re watching this series please give all the vids a thumbs up maybe even a comment. The more interactions these vids get the more CNboth will push them. Good work Spaghetti and team!!

  • Aaron Yoder
    Aaron Yoder个月 前

    Trump 2020 Matt!! Lol