Sorted - Introducing the East Coast Cars! S1 E1


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2003 Lexus IS300
2017 Dodge Viper ACR
1995 Toyota Supra
2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S
2017 Audi RS3
2001 Honda S2000
2008 BMW 135I
2017 Ford Mustang GT


  • Audi5Fan
    Audi5Fan天 前

    Loving the Rs3 build!

  • Mr.M
    Mr.M天 前

    Sound balancing is all over the place :(

  • 225TTuned
    225TTuned天 前

    Anyone remember tanners show on speed channel that featured a 1000hp 996TT sleeper????

  • 225TTuned
    225TTuned天 前

    This never came up in my feed. Found it on vinwiki story. Excellent show! This is what makes matt great. Like the original smoking tire. Starting in 2010 I modded two N54 bmw daily tuner holy grail, hpde, 1/2mi weekends, it was definitely about “proving” i could do it cheaper. However, they were 450rwhp and 420rwhp not 1000.

  • spencer kay
    spencer kay4 天 前

    Where your fcking mask guys

  • John Smith
    John Smith6 天 前

    Matt is rocking that "fly" look with those glasses lol

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall7 天 前

    That Audi valve cover is going to go soon. Or he’s lying and it’s not 900 hp. I don’t believe any of his numbers.

  • Galaxy Defender
    Galaxy Defender9 天 前

    Badly done. Too much talking

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson9 天 前

    I’m liking this program, can’t believe I haven’t seen this before as I live on youtube

  • Dustin Parmley
    Dustin Parmley9 天 前

    The welds on that audi intake are hot garbage.

  • Ovahl on yt
    Ovahl on yt9 天 前

    You should make each episode dedicated to each car

  • Boogdoggggg
    Boogdoggggg13 天 前

    silver supra guy was cappin a little about the 1/1 thing

  • Alon Smil
    Alon Smil13 天 前

    good job rob

  • John Krstyen
    John Krstyen16 天 前

    Already diging the Is300. Drag day then drove it to drift then drove down to do this test. Lol

  • Pablo Picaso
    Pablo Picaso19 天 前

    "It a little worrying that its on cheap knock of wheels" cuts to a close up of the wheels that say flow forged. Wouldnt exactly be worried about forged wheels my guy.

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks19 天 前

    For hundreds of thousands invested better be sorted shit its only money

  • Forty Bounce
    Forty Bounce19 天 前

    lol at the reps on the Porsche

  • hairychesticles1
    hairychesticles120 天 前


  • The Meralvingi
    The Meralvingi23 天 前

    Lose the glasses!!!

  • eichler721
    eichler72126 天 前

    Not a bad car in the lot. Man these cars look cool.

  • Cj Allen
    Cj Allen26 天 前

    Bro, they used 2pac and Biggie to differentiate East and West 🤣🤣

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B28 天 前

    am i the only one that doesnt like emilia?

  • DP Productions
    DP Productions28 天 前

    Wait is the Audi owner Cambodian? Hell yeah!

  • Clayton Yates
    Clayton Yates29 天 前

    Re71 on the bmw, he's like me. Everyone else is showing off, he's there to race and not spend a fortune.

  • Mark Lancster
    Mark Lancster29 天 前

    How can you make this crazy series of videos for 350k views? Seems like this would cost way too much for that.

  • Zack West
    Zack West个月 前

    aviators and sandals.... you already lost

  • Tom C
    Tom C个月 前

    12:31 Can someone who knows more about cars than me fact check this? Seems like bs.

  • AJ M
    AJ M个月 前

    I didn’t know dr.drew did commentary

  • Chiraq Auditor
    Chiraq Auditor个月 前

    So you gonna modified the only silver hardtop supra 😂

  • TacoPotatoMustang
    TacoPotatoMustang个月 前

    That Viper and 911...sweet Jesus.

  • R McMaster
    R McMaster个月 前

    Couldn’t give them my 98 12V ram 2500, makes 150 LBs of boost with the amount of fuel i dump into it you can destroy the engine in less than 60 seconds if you don’t really know what your doing

  • GR EG
    GR EG个月 前

    Cody with the s2000 is the JDM version of Jessie from fast and furious

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar个月 前

    I thought Emilia quit CNboth

  • The Road Ahead
    The Road Ahead个月 前

    Is the first guy Rob Ferretti’s son?


    Henry is the man!

  • prince bogo
    prince bogo个月 前

    Okay okay so what do these people do for a living..... or how do they commit tax evasion so easily 😂😂😂

  • Tshego Sepeng
    Tshego Sepeng个月 前

    Get Farah a Fan

  • Mechanically Creative
    Mechanically Creative个月 前

    The hosts Top gear America should have had.

  • John Davis
    John Davis个月 前


  • mystxry -_-
    mystxry -_-个月 前

    That turbo s is soo fucking cool. Actual dream car

  • The Realist
    The Realist个月 前

    Get rid of Emilia, sorry cant do it

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay个月 前

    This Lebanese girl is very attractive.

  • limericklad2000
    limericklad2000个月 前

    Matt not doing so great in the Florida humidity.

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope个月 前


  • Superspeeder009
    Superspeeder009个月 前

    I dont like u. Because of you when you serch supaspeeder IT SHOWS UR CHANNEL . Edit: btw I didn’t watch the video

  • Joshua Foscato
    Joshua Foscato个月 前

    The disappointment in their faces when BMW man said 500hp😂😂😂

  • sharpi o lover
    sharpi o lover个月 前

    sweaty mfs gah damn

  • RacingWithParamotors
    RacingWithParamotors个月 前

    17:50 Those look like FAST FC04 wheels in titanium, they are made in Canada and aren't junk. Ask me how I know, I drove to Canada and imported a set for my car because there weren't any distributors in the US at the time.

  • Big Yasar
    Big Yasar个月 前

    You boys have some serious Cars

  • Erik Sturzebecher
    Erik Sturzebecher个月 前

    This is such a great show! This has that magic, special sauce all of the current "car shows" are lacking. This is genius!

  • Supra Market
    Supra Market个月 前

    Lol half these guys own performance shops 😂 I would Expect them to perform.

  • Christian Collins
    Christian Collins个月 前

    I’m so happy that a show like this exists. It’s a unique mixture of a game show and car show. Some shows (shall remain nameless) go too far in one direction. This is a wonderful blend. I will say, you gotta hire a new audio guy. These levels are so crazy whack. Good show otherwise.

  • chanel bennett
    chanel bennett个月 前

    Anyone else notice the transition music/sound is also the transition for the show Ballers? Haha had me dying every episode

  • TheShank6666
    TheShank6666个月 前

    Car tempest, I appreciate all the content support. Looks like a great series guys! Thanks

  • thebrassmonkey100
    thebrassmonkey100个月 前


  • CF8 Accord and YA4 CL
    CF8 Accord and YA4 CL个月 前

    10:48 Who’s TSX? 👀

  • Derrick Taylor
    Derrick Taylor个月 前

    OMG Fire the person who does your editing. Please get your audio even... I am constantly adjusting my volume when they talk and then the B roll is Loud AF!

  • Bashar- Al-Asaad
    Bashar- Al-Asaad个月 前

    Viper always wins

  • HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
    HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_个月 前

    Damn by the BMW Matt shirt looked like he went for a swim between scenes...🤣

  • J V
    J V个月 前

    What did Matt mutter when they were talking to the Lexus guy

  • SKGMD11
    SKGMD11个月 前

    everyone without a mask - how smart .

  • The Hobbit
    The Hobbit个月 前

    this show is so much better then CarTrek, this feels more organic and real, not forced, and its not trying to forcefully inject cringe humour like cartrek does, well done guys, hope it continues to go well :)

  • Jacobi Sparks
    Jacobi Sparks个月 前

    180 horsepower S2000? Rob Rob Rob, come on man lmao. Not saying they are powerful stock but thats undercutting it by like 50-60 horsepower. Even my 2.0l K20 makes 197HP. Lol.

  • Jacobi Sparks
    Jacobi Sparks个月 前

    "Having strong wheels is a concern" Matt says 45 seconds after Rob is shown getting air over a bump in the same car. I think those knock off HRE's are holding up fine lmao.

  • Luis L
    Luis L个月 前

    That chick is so annoying.

  • Jorge Adames
    Jorge Adames个月 前

    Glad I found this

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S个月 前

    I just noticed matt's sunnies are matt not glossy 😅🤣🤣

  • big weena
    big weena个月 前

    very entertaining! looking forward to episode 2!

  • Lawrence Shields
    Lawrence Shields个月 前

    dam the audio levels are terrible! hope you guys fix that in the later episodes, otherwise i will not be watching them. Great concept for the series though

  • Zer0Gravity31
    Zer0Gravity31个月 前

    Best free content ever

  • Raine Mandeville
    Raine Mandeville个月 前

    yo that rs3, canada represent!

  • Stev A
    Stev A个月 前

    This show is very enjoyable. Don't know why the Mustang is there, but okay. I really like the way you guys go about questioning the contestants and driving the cars. I can't wait to see more...

    MAD MIKE个月 前

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing this with us

  • OdinsSmoke
    OdinsSmoke个月 前

    Am I the only one who can’t stop staring at the M1 in the background?

  • OdinsSmoke


    个月 前

    Okay a 135i lol

  • Micheal Perez
    Micheal Perez个月 前

    Bro zip tied battery is ME ASF😂 it comes in clutch keeps the battery snug

  • Extratone
    Extratone个月 前

    Brilliant work guys. Very impressed. Refreshing!

  • Drew D'Alesandro
    Drew D'Alesandro个月 前

    The Calvo Viper will kill all! I have seen this car at TX2K! Along with their other Vipers! Look them up! STUPID FUCKING FAST!

  • blazin with James
    blazin with James个月 前

    whens the next episode?

  • E.M.R.G.
    E.M.R.G.个月 前

    Surprised Emelia didn't have to have someone to do the work there

    MIKEK3NT个月 前

    My thoughts everytime I see an RS3, FIIIIRE

  • Foxx Five
    Foxx Five个月 前

    Lol the only Toyota supra silver 95 Toyota ever made 1 of 1 haha that’s hilarious as I own a 95 silver in my avatar that’s a hardtop lol

  • Robert Stevens
    Robert Stevens个月 前

    Zip ties are acceptable in drag racing as well.

  • Belle maison
    Belle maison个月 前

    I feel sorry for emilia, like she has no nice clothes, pooooor women

  • Momo
    Momo个月 前

    “If I suck in a bird, I’ll give you a new turbo “... what a guy lol 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂🤷‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Brett Shaffer
    Brett Shaffer个月 前

    Might want to go over the audio a little more on episode two. Had to turn my tv up and down quite a bit for this one. Great show otherwise!

  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams个月 前

    I'm loving this so far at 10mins in but having difficulties with the volume. I don't know if it's just me but I keep having to adjust the volume of the tv to hear what the owners are saying and then turn it down again because the music is really loud in between scenes and then it goes quiet again. I would enjoy this alot more if I wasn't having to hold the tv remote in one hand to keep adjusting the volume.

  • Mark Helsel
    Mark Helsel个月 前

    Love you rob, but you guys cheaped out on post production and it undercuts all the work you did to shoot it. Next time go to a legit post house

  • Wickit96
    Wickit96个月 前

    Definitely wouldn't consider giant slicks on the rear low key for a Supra 😂😂mine must be a straight sleeper in that case haha Love this series!

  • Extraterrastrial Soy
    Extraterrastrial Soy个月 前

    who did that awful voice over lmao

  • michael hoier
    michael hoier个月 前

    Lake Erie Speedway. Holla. Erie PA

  • davesid1477
    davesid1477个月 前

    ACR n S2000 straight legit. I cant imagine how violent fast these would be. 650 hp 650 trq in my ZL1 1LE and that is bonkers.

  • Slurr
    Slurr个月 前

    The boob sweat is real😂

  • IsaiahZ48
    IsaiahZ48个月 前

    "iS ThIS A sTOcK BoTtOm EnD???111111????" LOL

  • Forgotten Autos
    Forgotten Autos个月 前

    I dig the idea, but I don't like many of these cars being "performance shop cars". Seems less fair when you have a company car being put up against some normal guy who uses zip ties to hold shit down. My two cents.

  • PITA 1211
    PITA 12112 个月 前

    AutoTempest putting out better content than the BBC..

  • flatplanefool
    flatplanefool2 个月 前

    Matt says the track guys go 285 everywhere.... Jolene (my Shelby) says you mean 305s right?

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P2 个月 前

    911 Turbo S for me all day

  • Nicholas Borrelli
    Nicholas Borrelli2 个月 前

    This show would be better if you compared vehicles that had similar sale values (without mods). Comparing an old supra (etc.) to a $150,000 viper and porsche is silly. Age of car should also be considered as well

  • Matthew Mazzella
    Matthew Mazzella2 个月 前

    I love the PURPLE Viper 💜 😍 how about complying with social distancing.

  • Accelerated Weather
    Accelerated Weather2 个月 前

    I live in PGA national and it was so cool to see all these cars there and you guys, even in all the footage I just recognize exactly where you were filming even down to being at the restroom Frigates where you filmed that squirrel 😂