Ross Brawn On A Unique F1 Year And The 2020 Season Reviewed In Full | F1 Nation Podcast


In the closing episode of 2020 TC and Alex welcome Ross Brawn to hear his thoughts on a year like no other (07:54), then Rosanna Tennant returns to review the season and set one last challenge (28:25). Finally as Alex bids farewell to F1 Nation we hear both the highlights and the occasions when things didn't go to plan when making the podcast (59:43).
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  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques18 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • F.L.O
    F.L.O20 天 前

    I would like to point out, not as anybody cares but the title "F1 nation" is missing from the thumbnail!!

  • Sebastian Odegaard
    Sebastian Odegaard25 天 前

    This might sound crazy, but I dont care. My step father and his father were friends with a billionare friend of Ross Brawn, they used to go fishing in the river my step father owns. I talked about f1 and casually brought up Ross Brawns crazy win, and he went on to say he used to drink wine and beer on our porch with him. I didnt believe him of course, but when he showed me actual photos of him with Brawn and some billionare friends of them, it blew my mind. I've been trying to get in touch with Brawn since I learned this, but I have no idea of how to actually do so. I can say that this was in Norway, but I wont show photos. Brawn and his friends asked them not to show the photos during that time, since it would end up in every single newspaper in Norway. If anyone have any idea of how to actually get in touch with Brawn, please let me know. They would meet every year for atleast 6 years, but its been around 5 years since last time. The friend of Brawn built a replica of a f1 circuit on his land at some french villa. I didnt get his name, perhaps some of you might be able to. He also owns 4 or 5 of schumis championship f1 cars.

  • Peter Hellmark
    Peter Hellmark个月 前

    i have liked Tom but when he Thinks Max is best 2020 I hope he thinks that redbull is the best team 2020 to

  • Dylan Cotton
    Dylan Cotton个月 前

    i could listen to ross forever. he is just amazing

  • Joshua Grant
    Joshua Grant个月 前

    Anyone know what the classical piece was they played over the end of year race highlights?

  • DocProdusser
    DocProdusser个月 前

    10:20 I started to think about this in the moment, when Stroll desperatly needed points and Checo catched the virus... hmmmmmm

  • david orama
    david orama个月 前

    Brilliant. Thanks for your work on the podcast this year! Hope 2021 isn’t a flat season after the race fest that was 2020! Only 90 days until Melbourne...

  • Made Bilan Asasia Binov
    Made Bilan Asasia Binov个月 前

    TC pronouncing Verstappen: VeSsShHhHHtAppEN

  • Jack Johnstone Orr
    Jack Johnstone Orr个月 前

    That outro.. goosebumps

  • Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte
    Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte个月 前

    Believe you me, Lando is going to outscore Daniel Ricciardo next year.

  • Sauvage94


    个月 前

    haha yeah mate keep dreaming..... Danny Ric has way more send in him.

  • Sheraad190
    Sheraad190个月 前

    Max winning in Portugal?? No chance... Remember Hamilton absolutely dominated it!

  • deepaksu_
    deepaksu_个月 前

    Thanks for the podcasts guys Enjoy the break.

  • David Addley
    David Addley个月 前

    If alex is leaving is this last podcast?

  • Raidiry Arias Abad
    Raidiry Arias Abad个月 前

    You will be missed AJ!!

  • mcmcnair97
    mcmcnair97个月 前

    Go well at C4 AJ, we'll miss you here but an AJ DC combo for races is up there with the best of them

  • mcmcnair97
    mcmcnair97个月 前

    26:16 that is why we love the nation. Any shout out to Kamui Kobayashi on the pod gets a thumbs up from me

  • My Comedy studio
    My Comedy studio个月 前

    CNboth: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" F1: mood changer

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki个月 前

    High positices are due to high testing. The tests lead to LOADS of false positives in a test group with low positive response. It's how tests work. Listen to Kary Mullis, the PCR test inventor and Nobel Prize winner. He died August 2019, conveniently... Listen to his opinion of leading CV19 decision makers such as Dr. Fauci.

  • Sauvage94


    个月 前

    so true

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    个月 前

    It says here Kary Mullis believed in astrology. He sounds like a bit of a nut.

  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki个月 前

    How many flu cases did the paddock have in 2018? Killed so many people and no-one cared.

  • Richard S
    Richard S个月 前

    Why does everyone think Merc power in the mclaren is going to be a Great Leap Forward? There’s little to base that on. The Renault power unit is very comparable to the merc. How about thinking on the repackaging of the merc in the back could cause them reliability issues next year?

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus个月 前


  • ocelotrevs
    ocelotrevs个月 前

    I've been a Lewis Hamilton fan his entire F1 career, and I've loved watching him win his 7th title, and continue to break records. I say all that to say that my Driver of the Season is Max Verstappen. He's been constantly up in there. Pushing the Mercedes. Out driving his car. Completely outclassing his team mate. He's provided so much excitement this season, and an X factor at the front of the grid. I really hope that Red Bull can produce a car that can challenge Mercedes all season long. I want to see Lewis get challenged again like he did in 2018.

  • Kumakichi
    Kumakichi个月 前

    Really going to miss Alex on the PLC, best commentator in the business. Hopefully F1TV can secure the rights to the C4 commentary for 2021 so my enjoyment of F1 isn't ruined by having to listen to Crofty again 😅😢

  • Taniyah Lea
    Taniyah Lea个月 前

    I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    个月 前


  • the hank sam

    the hank sam

    个月 前

    Shut up bot

  • onesoloving1
    onesoloving1个月 前

    Unique? 2020 F1 was just as boring as 2019, which was just as boring as 2018, which was just as boring as 2017.... At least F2 is exciting.

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    个月 前

    @Petidani0330 no it was better. F2 isn't a technical as f1. F1 has a lot more interesting right down to the half seconds. F2 is just the same car's. Might as well watch reliant Robins race. Or maybe you don't understand the technical side of f1

  • Petidani0330


    个月 前

    @Lachlan McMillan How were most of these races you brought up amazing? Apart from Turkey, the temple of speed and overtakes of Monza and the 'spectacular crashes', they were all the usual borefest. If however you really found those races thrilling, I say you're way too easily impressed. Do you even know what's an amazing race like? I recommend watching F2, usually it delivers them. Compare those races with the ones you brought up, and only then say to me that this F1 season were full of amazing races

  • Lachlan McMillan

    Lachlan McMillan

    个月 前

    @Petidani0330 Austria, Monza, Mugello, both silverstone, Sakhir, turkey, portugal and bahrain were all bangers. name a year since 2012 that we’ve had 12 podium sitters and that many amazing races

  • Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior

    个月 前

    I thought the season was pretty exciting. Silverstone was a highlight for sure.

  • Petidani0330


    个月 前

    @Lachlan McMillan That's an extreme exaggeration, but yeah, this year had a few interesting races.

  • Death Mask TV
    Death Mask TV个月 前

    Why its always on preview two face: Full hair Franc Tost and Pierre Gasly??

  • Kalpesh Patel
    Kalpesh Patel个月 前

    25:58 Perez picked up tyre management skills from Kobayashi 🤯 Tsunoda was exceptional at tyre management in F2 this year. Maybe it's just a Japanese thing 🤔 Fingers crossed Perez gets an opportunity in Red Bull. Looking forward to 2021 😃

  • Paolo G. Spinato
    Paolo G. Spinato个月 前

    Great to see F1 personalities be this outspoken.

  • l a
    l a个月 前

    Brundle Jr 32:17 "oh so close" is so reminiscent of his father commentating in Monza

  • John Rose

    John Rose

    个月 前

    Japan 2005 last lap vibes

  • Abdul Muhaimin
    Abdul Muhaimin个月 前

    One Hour podcast, though. 😮😮😮

  • Dave Shane
    Dave Shane个月 前

    Which one is ross brawn in the thumbnail?

  • Stoatsta
    Stoatsta个月 前

    Ross Brawn is so just informative and a great communicator. Always so insightful!!

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys个月 前

    Well Gates wants another 12 months lockdown so more financial woes for F1, maybe 2022 will ford a total of 3 teams 🤣

  • Rachael Kathy
    Rachael Kathy个月 前

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  • Aaron Anish
    Aaron Anish个月 前

    wish f1 is like f2, that there is equality performance wise for the cars. only pure talent can win, and there would be competitive racing

  • Rajesh Kathiriya

    Rajesh Kathiriya

    个月 前

    @Chris Collins exactly

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    个月 前

    People that say f1 needs to be like f2. Don't understand f1 at all

  • Rajesh Kathiriya

    Rajesh Kathiriya

    个月 前

    @beandip2112 I know. I was talking the main comment.

  • beandip2112


    个月 前

    @Rajesh Kathiriya F1 will never have equal cars. There are other motorsports that do that. Go watch those.

  • Rajesh Kathiriya

    Rajesh Kathiriya

    个月 前

    What you talking?

  • Andres Muñoz
    Andres Muñoz个月 前

    Primer comentario en español

  • Blaise
    Blaise个月 前

    Oops! Too early. I'll come back when the comments section is full of diverse opinions

  • Josh Gee
    Josh Gee个月 前

    Ricciardo 3 wins in 21'

  • Large Memory
    Large Memory个月 前

    Ross Brawn must be the manager of Ferrari again. Ferrari need to it

  • Wolfdog


    个月 前

    He never was jean todt was the manager ross brawn was the technical director

  • Nick Gregory
    Nick Gregory个月 前

    I must say vettel and leclerc did pretty well this season considering they were driving tractors

  • Ankit Senna

    Ankit Senna

    个月 前

    @Radko2006 really ??

  • Manu Thomas

    Manu Thomas

    个月 前

    lol the real Toto Wolff 😹

  • SeaMan


    个月 前

    how can vettel go 3 seconds slower than leclerc when last year he was a tenth back or a tenth in front of him.. i don't know about you and your rear ends but my rear end has a really bad feeling about what they did to his car...

  • Soham Mhatre

    Soham Mhatre

    个月 前

    @Marco Imanuel , Vettel actually has a lot of pressure now to perform next season because yes, the RP20 is a very stable car and Vettel should be finishing Top 6 every race

  • Marco Imanuel

    Marco Imanuel

    个月 前

    @Soham Mhatre true, next year vettel's going to be in AM/RP team and they have a very stable rear so hopefully he could do better in it

  • Tumppi
    Tumppi个月 前

    Formula 1 Best Podcast! 👇

  • Rohit Wellington
    Rohit Wellington个月 前

    We need the PLC in India!

  • Rohit Wellington

    Rohit Wellington

    个月 前

    @beandip2112 Pit Lane channel. It has more real time data and viewing screens in the same view.

  • beandip2112


    个月 前

    what's PLC?

  • Prinz Aeri Zack
    Prinz Aeri Zack个月 前

    Everyone first until they refresh

  • Rebel Faze
    Rebel Faze个月 前

    First comment

  • prashant agrawal
    prashant agrawal个月 前


  • Param Jain
    Param Jain个月 前


  • [KĮŇĞ] l
    [KĮŇĞ] l个月 前

    What did he saaaaayyyyy

  • Ahmed Yasha
    Ahmed Yasha个月 前

    i love hamilton

  • Rajesh Kathiriya

    Rajesh Kathiriya

    个月 前

    As a fan right?.... Me too... only as a fan.

  • AMK


    个月 前

    1st. Why 2nd. Makes f1 very predictable

  • Faqr _

    Faqr _

    个月 前

    How can you love hin?

  • Mr.B ean
    Mr.B ean个月 前


  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama个月 前


  • LiamUltraRacer
    LiamUltraRacer个月 前