Respondent: Christine Dacera was still breathing at 10 am, no more pulse at 12 nn | ANC

The respondents in Christine Dacera's case claim there was no foul play in the 23-year-old flight attendant's death. Rommel Galido recalls Christine was still breathing at 10 am, but became purplish and no longer had a pulse by 12 nn.
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  • miranda
    miranda12 小时 前

    This is so viral.. in Indonesia all talk about this.

  • Di Di
    Di Di天 前

    Pogi ni rommel noh,haist sana matapos n yn


    The situation is doubtly presumably there's a foul play on Christine


    May kapabayaan s a nangyari sa mga kasamahan Nanlamig subrang inum kulang sa alalay Kaya napatay c Christine

  • Romeo Evangelista
    Romeo Evangelista天 前

    D namn pdi sisihin mga frnd nya kc naantok na din cguro cla kya d na halos napansin c christine isa pa sobra ang tama ng alak kc malikot sya masyado paibaibang alak pa kya cguro lumilipat sya dun gawa mga frnd nya mattulog na mantala dun kwarto kabila gcng pa cguro at inaalok sya ng tagay ayn d kinaya totoo yn pag nsobrhn k alak kng d k maka recover mmaty ka talaga mskit ulo suka at nghihina ka pa hina ayaan sya ng frnd kc nga nsany n cguro cla n gnyan si christine pg nlasing kampnti lang cla.

  • proceso balingcos
    proceso balingcos天 前

    mahal na mahal talaga nila si tin

  • Ruth David
    Ruth David天 前

    Sana maholi na ang pumatay k dacera

  • Whelma Portillo
    Whelma Portillo天 前

    Kong hindi kayo mag salita ng totoo Bitayin kayo o kaya e little injection

  • Whelma Portillo
    Whelma Portillo天 前

    Mabuti pa magsalita kayo ng totoo para hindi kayo E death penalty

  • sexy xox
    sexy xox2 天 前 given taken

  • ruth noble
    ruth noble2 天 前

    What gives the ElitePower the right to put a bounty on the heads of "persons of interest" or "suspects?" Are they taking the lead of the President on how he has handled the drugs and the drug dealers? And it sounds similar to the way some were shot in the heads for not wearing masks during this fake pandemic, but such actions violated the Nuremberg Code. POI or suspects should be treated innocent until proven guilty in the Court of Law. PH, with its ElitePower, has become arrogant and self-righteous for being the judge or the arbiter without due process of the law. I now understand why the guys have to talk to the media as exposing such bounties may help save their lives and let the public know the unfair treatment and abuse of human rights by the authorities and ElitePower. Psalm 10 "In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak, who are caught in the schemes he devises. He boasts about the cravings of his heart; he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord. In his pride the wicked man does not seek Him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God. His ways are always prosperous; your laws are rejected by Him; he sneers at all his enemies. He says to himself, “Nothing will ever shake me.” He swears, “No one will ever do me harm.” His mouth is full of lies and threats; trouble and evil are under his tongue. He lies in wait near the villages; from ambush he murders the innocent. His eyes watch in secret for his victims; like a lion in cover he lies in wait. He lies in wait to catch the helpless; he catches the helpless and drags them off in his net. His victims are crushed, they collapse; they fall under his strength. He says to himself, “God will never notice; he covers his face and never sees.” The Lord is King for ever and ever; the nations will perish from his land. You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror." Jan 17 2021 4:35 PM Toronto

  • Bro. Bruce
    Bro. Bruce2 天 前

    i think they are saying the truth... otherwise they are not facing and answering interviews..besides we have God who sees everything happen and no one can escape... its just sad of what happen, yet God have a plan in each ones life.

  • Ro sas
    Ro sas2 天 前

    For me,,tin gayfrens saying the Truth..mas pinili nya mkipgkaibgan sa gays kesa kpwa bbae means she found loved sa mga gays.

    FELIX TV ETC2 天 前

    Ma check ba kung na take cya ng prohibited drugs kaya yun ang dahilan na mahirap cya huminga. Plus naka inom pa cya. Baka nag ka allergy c christine sa nainom niya ng drugs plus nakainom pa cya ng wineMahina n heartbeat ni christine kaya nag ka ganon. Pero bakit meron mga pasa sa ibang parte ng katawan Yun ang dapat investigahan

    FELIX TV ETC2 天 前

    Ma check ba kung na take cya ng prohibited drugs kaya yun ang dahilan na mahirap cya huminga. Plus naka inom pa cya. Baka nag ka allergy c christine sa nainom niya ng drugs plus nakainom pa cya ng wineMahina n heartbeat ni christine kaya nag ka ganon. Pero bakit meron mga pasa sa ibang parte ng katawan Yun ang dapat investigahan

    ETC CHANNEL2 天 前

    I think nasobrahan talaga sa powder drug sya hindi nakayanan kaya sya namatay.

    ETC CHANNEL2 天 前

    I think binigaw nyo si christine sa foriegner with dr lacey everything has a planed tapos may agreement kayo sa tao na yon with prize kaya pinainom nyo ng whiskey with powder drug para hindi nya maalala ang lahat sa mga nangyari sa kanya ang problema dinamihan nyo ng drug sa whiskey kaya sya namatay.

  • virgilio alvendia
    virgilio alvendia2 天 前

    Detective Conan left the conversation.

  • Angelina Gallardo
    Angelina Gallardo2 天 前

    Kasalanan ng mga friends ni Christine yan kc d agad nla dinala sa hospital Sana buhay pa Sana xa ngaun,dapat Lang maparusahan mga beki na Yan😫

  • annalia bella rio
    annalia bella rio3 天 前

    They have advancy technology with foresnic autopsy

  • Sheng’s Tv
    Sheng’s Tv3 天 前

    Guys bakit d NYU pinagtulungan buhatin ng gumagalaw pa sya...I mean ang dami NYU Kesa kanya alam n ninyu she’s not felling well na. Then yet pinabayaan NYU lng sya sa bathtub ganyan ba kau mg alaga ng little sister...? I’m not blaming NYU po kaya Lang wala eh pabaya ang naging tingin kosa pagkawala ni tin.sana guys maging lesson nato not only sa inyu sa lahat po.

  • happpitrip
    happpitrip3 天 前

    Simple New Year Celebrations changes the life of this friends. Instead of having fun now they are in pain. We can learn from this.

  • Pochi Labrador
    Pochi Labrador3 天 前

    Kung talagang best kayo ni Christine dapat Sana isinogud ninyo agad sa hospital ,Alam ninyo na may karamdaman ang best friend ninyo ..

  • carrera ferrari
    carrera ferrari3 天 前

    I was just wondering, ipang ganiy9ng case ang me4on sa pilipinas. Why is this specific see given so much focus.?

  • maribel noceda
    maribel noceda3 天 前

    Kulit mo karen davila nililito mo sila

  • Antonina Tiangco
    Antonina Tiangco3 天 前

    Wag ka na magtanong

  • Verica Z
    Verica Z3 天 前

    Edgar Lacey is a name the comes up iWatch a paranormal Channel called Gold Rush paranormal were the man speaks with Spirits people who have passed on and he specifically asked about the poor girl that died and she says that she was raped and beaten and the name came up as in some kind of doctor leaving or something but the channel is Gold Rush paranormal he is amazing you got to watch it please guys watch it you might get information there the name that comes up when he asked who killed you or who confronted you is Edgar Lacey

  • Aurora Del rosario
    Aurora Del rosario3 天 前


  • Aurora Del rosario
    Aurora Del rosario3 天 前


  • Eller Mejia
    Eller Mejia4 天 前

    Mas mganda ikulong lahat cla, wala palalabasin,,hanggAt wLa ngsasabi ng totoo

  • Lourna Flores
    Lourna Flores4 天 前

    this a lesson to learn about with friends. don't trust strangers in your group esp. ikaw lang ang true girl. kasi temptation is there always. ang lahat na guest as dalawang rooms must be interviewed para patas ang lahat. for me may nangyari if you focus the incident. lalaki ang lahat naka paligig sa kanya. kung mayroon ni lagay sa inumin ni tin so may purpose o kaba may nagalit sa kaya. so dig deeper mga police. nag basi lang ako sa napanood ko.

  • SMG72 channel
    SMG72 channel4 天 前

    Host solid support at dikit napo ako syo host

  • Maria Barretto
    Maria Barretto4 天 前

    Hay naku malamang nabantaan din yan ng mga tinuro niya.

  • rosemarie palma
    rosemarie palma4 天 前

    Bakit hindi nyo dinala kaagad sa hospital that time nag susuka

  • Vic Olano
    Vic Olano4 天 前

    It's just my opinion, I think there's no foul play here.

  • Wilbert Fuentes
    Wilbert Fuentes4 天 前

    Bakit di nyo kaagad dinala sa hospital sa simula na syay ngsusuka?

  • Liz Ivonne Saenz
    Liz Ivonne Saenz4 天 前

    A boy child was in the house!!! In the video you can see it clearly!!!

  • Lord Perchie
    Lord Perchie4 天 前


  • Jovelyn vlogs
    Jovelyn vlogs4 天 前

    Grabe ito may pabuya pa sa mga yan.. Grabe na tlga ang pinas. don sa idol raffy kasambahay nagbigti daw pero di man lang nagbigay ng pabuya sa nagpatay.. Haist iba na tlga ang pinas. Philippines law is for rich people only .. Hahahaha ..

  • denboer908 Denboer
    denboer908 Denboer4 天 前

    2207- 11 persons before, today became 13 persons. Last 13th, Jake Esteron

  • Verica Z

    Verica Z

    3 天 前

    I was watching a channel Gold Rush paranormal and he did a spirit session talking to deceased people and he spoke to the girl who died and she said she mentioned the name that you just mentioned and she said that she was raped and beaten you can find the channel it's called Gold Rush paranormal and I think she mentioned that name

  • Ann Duchess Santos
    Ann Duchess Santos4 天 前

    Hirap na SyA huminga habang binubuhat SyA ni valentine Rosales at Sabi nya nagsusuka bakit hindi dinala na sa hospital ipinasok pa sa room 2209 ni valentine Rosales... Hinintay mamatay si Christine sa sobrang high sa liquid ecstasy or drugs palabasin natural death

  • Ann Duchess Santos
    Ann Duchess Santos4 天 前

    Bakit Hindi Nila sinabi na torture and pressure daw ang ginawa sa kanila Ng makati Police? Acting pa more

  • Renila Ulgasan
    Renila Ulgasan4 天 前

    The room 2207 must interview. May record naman yan sa information ng hotel kung sino naka checked in dun para ma trace nmn at maging patas . kwawa naman yung biktima na di manlng magkaroon ng totoong hustisya.

  • Violeta Jebulan
    Violeta Jebulan4 天 前

    dspat dinala n agad ss hospital noong sumusuka ng walang humpay

  • Jocelyn Avila Vlog KSA
    Jocelyn Avila Vlog KSA4 天 前

    Kawawa naman ang victim, malabong makamit ang justice...Sana bigyan ng guidance ni God ang mga authorities para matunton kung sino ang mga salarin.

  • Rolando Bayana
    Rolando Bayana4 天 前

    Baka iba dyan mag GF,pagnabalitaan lang namin na magAasawa iba sa inyo ipakulong agad.

  • Melven terante
    Melven terante4 天 前

    Kung wla talaga kayu kasalanan dapat huminge kayu ng sorry sa pamilya nila kahit nga sa burol wla hnde kayu pumunta, yan ba ang tunay na kaibigan, ang tropa sa kaligayan sa kasayahan sa inuman kayu mag kasama pero kung mag hirap kana lugmok kana wala kanang pera ang tropa iiwan ka nyan bigla, ang tunay na tropa mo pamilya mo

  • Maricel Dela Cruz
    Maricel Dela Cruz4 天 前

    Ang tanong. Bkt b c Christine nasa kabila? Ano b ung binabalik balikan Nia? Nakakapasok Ang ilan sa 2207, meaning nakikita nila kung Sino Sino ung mga Tao sa 2207. Impossible na nakapikit kau habang papuntang sa CR. If they can't identified their names. Bka pwede I sketch Ang kanilang Muka. Probably Edward can I dentified at least. Kung hindi si 11 persons Ang suspect. Bka pinasok sila Ng 2207 while there sleeping. Putol putol Kasi Ang video. Pero Kung mero tlga mag observed Ng video seconds buy second possible ma Trace. Hala 😕

  • Natalya Angel
    Natalya Angel4 天 前

    Play at speed 0.5 at 1:12 😳 they were kissing correct??

  • kreet2x
    kreet2x4 天 前

    I feel sorry sa mga 11 friends, that the pulis identified as suspects. Without even having enough evidence to support. Tapos Meron pang mga tao sa 2207, that the pulis not identified yet!!!

  • Charles G.L
    Charles G.L5 天 前

    Feeling q na de hydrate sya.

  • Gabriel Luis Adante
    Gabriel Luis Adante5 天 前

    I hate the Ads here.. Ok sana kung isa lang ads, SAMPU ata yung ads in 10mins. UnSubscribed!

  • Mrs Anonymous
    Mrs Anonymous5 天 前

    Lesson must be learn.. Pandemic time should stay with ur fam...

  • Luzon Visayas Mindanao
    Luzon Visayas Mindanao5 天 前

    What kept rommel galido from asking help outside of their room when he saw that christine was having difficulty breathing and prior panay ang suka.

  • Joanne Loraine Pecson
    Joanne Loraine Pecson5 天 前

    Dear Anc., Sana hindi niyo nalang po paulit ulit ulit na pinapakita yung cctv footage. Respeto nalang po sa tao. Di ba enough yung isa lang? Actually you guys shouldn't be airing this, sa court nalang sana diba hindi in public kawawa yung girl sa mata ng mga tao. Eg kung sayo mangyare yan tapos wala ka na, pinapakita pa yung ganyan? Respesto kahit anong nangyare deserve parin niya ang privacy.

  • maria Bautista
    maria Bautista5 天 前

    prang d nmn cla ngppanic s ngyri o maidala man agad c chtistine s hosp

  • G E
    G E5 天 前

    Sana maayos na ‘tong case ni Dacera. Balikan naman yung ... -Mag-ina na nabaril -Nawawalang P15B sa PhilHealth -Yung nagpakamalang holdaper na nabaril Sige lang po, feel free to add some issues na hindi ko na-mention dito. I don’t have any grudges sa inyo (for you to know ☺️). Let your frustrations be heard about the current state of our country and let the people heard you 📢 CTTO original owner.

  • Bryan Yambao

    Bryan Yambao

    4 天 前

    15B sa Philhealth mga Doctor involved dyan tapos sobrang tagal na

    THE MASK5 天 前

    Ma kukulong ka na

  • Kuw Kuw
    Kuw Kuw5 天 前

    Sayang Sana nadala agad siya s hospital

  • pamela Quijano
    pamela Quijano5 天 前

    Kawawa nmn Sila tumulong na nga naging masama pa, hnd naman purkit namatay na kasama Sila Sila na Ang suspect, Very Wrong!

  • madeline levy
    madeline levy5 天 前

    This is a drug related incidents! With the bruises that christine dacera had, It appears that there is exactly a foul play or she was sexually assaulted. The main suspects would rather be the friends of friends of dacera. If that so all of her actual best friends are liable and guilty.

  • X Æ A-12 Lannister

    X Æ A-12 Lannister

    5 天 前

    What if it happens in the morgue?

  • Rose ann Arrieta
    Rose ann Arrieta5 天 前

    Makapikon ba sino gali ang my sala dapat masakpan na looy man ang nanay nya

  • Gaddy man TV
    Gaddy man TV5 天 前

    halata nman n ngccnungaling ang mga yan. salita p lng hnd n mapagkakatiwalaan ang mga yan.

  • Marjorie Culala
    Marjorie Culala5 天 前

    Ung taong nging koneksyon nila sa room 2207 ang dpat lumabas at mgphyag ng mga pngyyari.bkit wala cy kungdi cy ang dpat bigyan ng patong n pera sa ulo dhil hindi cy ngppkita.hindi ang mga taong ito n kusang pumupunta sa pulis at ngppkita sa media.pkiusap alisan nyo ng patong n pera sa ulo ang mga taong ito n ngssabi n wla clng alam sa pagkmatay ng kaibigan nila.hnpin nyo ung lhat ng ns room 2207 nung gabing imbestigahan nyo rin.hindi ung puro barkda ni Tin ang dinidikdik nyo.

  • Kay Astu
    Kay Astu5 天 前

    Galawang ninja na ngayon si NUEZCA. Wag masyading busy sa kasong ito tatakas na yon.

  • Brodie 23
    Brodie 235 天 前


  • Kikay Ako
    Kikay Ako5 天 前

    Kung 4 hours sya nagsusuka, malamang dehydrated na sya. Kung na dehydrate na added factor un sa cause of death, plus hng sobra pagkasaling. If meron man naglgay ng drugs sa drinks nya, added factor of cause of death rin yun. So overall, over intoxication of alcohol, plus drugs added sa drink nya plus dehydration - talagang ikakamatay nya yan. Malamang ang bruises nya caused of pagsuhod nya sa toilet bowl kakasuka. Ang tnong dyan... sino naglagay ng drugs sa ininom nya which could make all the situation worst.

  • maris manipol
    maris manipol6 天 前

    They really look innocent.

  • gmc1570
    gmc15706 天 前


  • gmc1570
    gmc15706 天 前

    Most filipino are lack of knowledge when it becomes in first aid. CPR is to restore partial blood oxygen in the heart and brain. Without oxygen 1 min brain cells begins to die . 3 min serious brain damage. 10 min many brain cells have died and unlikely to recover!! FYI>>All workers in United States and especially the healthcare workers have to attend a mandatory BLS training..

  • Gilbert Perdez
    Gilbert Perdez6 天 前

  • Gilbert Perdez
    Gilbert Perdez6 天 前

  • Albert Ripani
    Albert Ripani6 天 前

    New Friend po. Pa Dikit din po. #bossbadista

  • amarah trisha
    amarah trisha6 天 前

    mga statement nyo paiba iba mga Cnungaling".kung pwd lng mgturo ng suspect".sa vision ko hindi lang iisa ang suspect"🙁

  • Matilde Salvador

    Matilde Salvador

    3 天 前

    nkita nio pnay suka ni christine at mhina na at hinde pngkariniwan ang suka nia hinde nio pa dinala sa ospital ang dami nio jan wala ba nkpagisip na emergency yan ksama nio

  • amarah trisha
    amarah trisha6 天 前

    nakukuha nyo pa mtulog ng mganda"samantalang ang family ni christine d mkatulog"!kayo ang blooming pa mga mukha nyo"!🙁🙁lalabas na ang totoo humanda na kayo sa muntinlupa"🙁

  • amarah trisha
    amarah trisha6 天 前

    wala kayo mga kwentang kaibigan"never kayo lumbas pra humingi ng tulong"inuna nyo pa ang takot"keysa humingi ng tulong"ntkot kayo dhil may krimen kayo ginawa"🙁

  • EdgarLumbres
    EdgarLumbres6 天 前


  • blue morphine
    blue morphine6 天 前

    parang may. ngyari na di nila sinabi sa kbilang room.. Keep safe po.. cguro lahiat ng mga nanonood at mga ksma sa ngyari for sure may natutunan sa ngyari na ito.. . Trust na process nkatadna nman na lahat.. may reason tlga lahat.. May we find justice for the victim at kung wla man sa knila , hope maclear narin nila ang kanila name.

    LACY LOU6 天 前

    Bat nk on air if may case ito, my GOD give the death justice !

  • art studio channel
    art studio channel6 天 前

    Anu Yan teacher

  • freetchiecapao
    freetchiecapao6 天 前

    Grabe ha kahit nahirapan na huminga hindi parin nila ma gets yon? Hinayaan pa. Ba't di agad nag ask nang tulong sa hotel habang humihinga pa. Tsk tsk

  • Sylvia Khan
    Sylvia Khan6 天 前

    I feel sad of the friends of her they are all victims but I think someone behide

  • AgelessCollector
    AgelessCollector6 天 前

    Pero nung financing sipa kung na drug sila, nag pause sila naghihintay na may sumagot sa kanila

  • rneryisaak
    rneryisaak6 天 前

    wl nmng nkinom na may tama ng dilat at kpg nsobrahan tlgang medyo mhihirapan ka ring huminga. thats my experience. tahimik lng ako kpg may tama ng konti not her lalong mkulit at bk maingay pa. yan ang di alam ng magulang at ibang tao,only her closed friends na mphkktiwalaan nya

  • ChengNiZha
    ChengNiZha6 天 前

    it's not right to call them suspects but person of interest can!

  • Kristeen Nance
    Kristeen Nance6 天 前

    Kaya nga need ng toxicology test. Kahit sabihin nilang may nilagay or doesn't prove anything.

  • RyC reate
    RyC reate6 天 前

    Hindi mabihisan ni Tin ung sarili nya, pero kaya niyang bumalik sa kama mag-isa at bumalik ulit sa bathtub? really?...dun palang may sablay na sa kwento...Tapos inoobserve nyo pala ung breath nya all throughout simula nung bumalik sa kwarto nyo..kung gaano kalakas o kahina? bakit niyo inoobserve, may nangyari ba kaya takot kayong mawalan siya ng hininga?

  • ainah saripada
    ainah saripada6 天 前

    Ikaw pala ang nagsasalita.wag nah

  • rissa das
    rissa das6 天 前

    Ayaw na ayaw ko tlaga boses ni Karen Davila...nkaka stress...

  • Elvira Saballa
    Elvira Saballa6 天 前

    Mga cnungaling kau mga beki kau makukulong kau if ngkataon mailabas na mga evidence...laban sa mga lie nnyo....

  • Love Love
    Love Love6 天 前

    isa Lang ung nurse sa kanila, but almost lahat sila nag perform ng CPR. i think they were inosent . pero sana man lang they take care of her more. like kinausap nila kung ok lang ba talaga xa. ung maririnig nila sana na sumagot man lang kahit nakapikit.

  • Arlyn Mag-usara
    Arlyn Mag-usara6 天 前

    Humihinga pa pala siya dapat dinala na agad nyo sa Doctor upang maagapan pa, wala kayong kuwintang kaibigan sa tutuo lang 😱

  • Drac
    Drac6 天 前

    did yall remember when nike ends the contract with pacquiao because of comments he made about gays?

  • Amazing
    Amazing6 天 前

    Bat yung mga friend ni christine pinagbibintangan??YUNG SA 2207 DAPAT IMBESTIGAAN AT DAPAT MAG PALIWANAG

  • Mae Lardizabal
    Mae Lardizabal6 天 前

    sa yang if autopsy's good then done nah etch ngayon complicated na

  • Althea corneta
    Althea corneta6 天 前

    Kc kung drugs or binechin lng hndi ka kgd mmtay don..alm ng mga tga probinsya yn about s plorisen..daw2x kuno ang twag...

  • Althea corneta
    Althea corneta6 天 前

    Panigurdo bka nilgyn ng florisen n basag ang ininom nya...patay ka tlga don..

  • Salve Cilocilo
    Salve Cilocilo6 天 前

    Dapat kasi noong nag susuka palang dinala Na agad sa hospital

  • Paul jordan Navarro
    Paul jordan Navarro6 天 前

    Kasuhan na yan...

  • Ahaka Gud ani
    Ahaka Gud ani6 天 前

    Sana matapos nakitang nagsuka na inuwi na kaagad or tinawagan iyong parents para kunin si cristine at sila ng bahala kong dalhin sa hospital o hindi