Perez's First Win, Mercedes' Disappointment And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix


What a race! And now's your chance to relive it with exclusive radio from the drivers, through the highs and lows of what were 87 drama-fuelled laps under the Bahrain lights.
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  • Ryan.Y
    Ryan.Y2 天 前

    Anything could happen

  • Egemen Koc
    Egemen Koc3 天 前

    He can't win this race but 2022 mercedes contract is in his pocket well done george🖤

  • A. B.
    A. B.4 天 前

    How do I do that?

  • somi park
    somi park6 天 前

    어제찍은사진누가 무슨권리로지우지?

  • siti rochani
    siti rochani10 天 前

    Russel: box box box box box box

  • sebastian uribe manzano
    sebastian uribe manzano11 天 前

    1:46 POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL Verstappen, Leclerc and Checo didn't understand that

  • Emiliano Franco
    Emiliano Franco13 天 前


  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques18 天 前

    This race was awesome! Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • Pranav Gummaluri
    Pranav Gummaluri21 天 前

    Bro I didn’t know whether to feel sad or ecstatic with this race.

  • Ahmad Danial Ridzuan
    Ahmad Danial Ridzuan21 天 前

    Boiii idk why every time 'it's James' coming in, he legit sounds like captain price. I dont know why.

  • lucho gonzalo
    lucho gonzalo28 天 前

    2:05 SANTO MARANELLO CARLETTO. this is not how hold the race.

  • Leenks Barrow
    Leenks Barrow个月 前

    2:47 😍

  • Izerko
    Izerko个月 前

    The used George like a tissue: used him once but never again

  • Ma Hang
    Ma Hang个月 前

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  • Luiza Castro
    Luiza Castro个月 前

    There's so many moments in this video that makes me wanna cry for so many different reasons

  • Shantanu
    Shantanu个月 前

    Valtteri must be feeling trolled after going back on same tires

  • Eliel Hudson
    Eliel Hudson个月 前

    no fitipaldi radios?

  • szewei85
    szewei85个月 前

    Haha what a freaking come back

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe个月 前

    Let's all go

  • Twardomirowo
    Twardomirowo个月 前

    What is the background music?

  • EnergeticEddy
    EnergeticEddy个月 前

    What si the music playing from about 3:00 ? Its great

  • Sudarshani Ayomi
    Sudarshani Ayomi个月 前

    1:47 power is nothing without control

  • aser39009
    aser39009个月 前

    Box box. Box box. Box, box. Box box. Box, box.

  • José Velasquez
    José Velasquez个月 前

    Viva Checo! Chingon! 🇲🇽👍

  • KK Speaks
    KK Speaks个月 前

    George, its James. I lost it there

  • GamingOver Galaxy
    GamingOver Galaxy个月 前

    im honestly happy for ocon... everyone deserves a podium.... and I'm still sad for our boy hulk :(

  • Anuj Kankaria
    Anuj Kankaria个月 前

    F1: The best team radio Verstappen: What the **** was that ****** doing?!

  • Clinton Halunajan
    Clinton Halunajan个月 前

    Wierd yet thats what F1 for, unpredictability!!

  • Dennis Tafeltennis
    Dennis Tafeltennis个月 前

    From last to winner daaaang nice job Sergio.

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega个月 前

    FYI. Checo's comment in spanish " Luis , asegurate que Checo esta viendo la carrera" translates to "Luis, make sure Checo is watching the race". I presume he is asking someone (Luis) in his household that his son (Checo Jr) is watching as it happens. What a nice way to call home!! Congrats Checo! I'm still getting the goosebumps whatching the reply!!

  • Red Tsar
    Red Tsar个月 前


  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir个月 前

    Mercedes: Doing F*ckups Lewis: Glad I am not there

  • Li No
    Li No个月 前

    best race this season !

  • Arod15st
    Arod15st个月 前

    Any one know the music in the video?!?!?

  • twice1020
    twice1020个月 前

    Russell deserves another chance for racing in Mercedes

    KOLIAT个月 前

    Im very for Perez and Russel. Russel have demonstrate way more in this GP with his crew mistakes.

  • Zack Teague
    Zack Teague个月 前

    F1, you forgot to add Belgium to the playlist.

  • Maarten Vermeulen
    Maarten Vermeulen个月 前

    Wrong subtitle on Russell's P2 after Q3: you were beaten by much should be you were NOT beaten by much.

  • The Blazing Gamer
    The Blazing Gamer个月 前

    Sergio Perez Engineer: Finds 14 million possible outcomes and Only One where Sergio Wins, Plot a scheme to take control of Charles Car and hit Sergio Taking out Leclerc and Max and Said "A lot can happen in this race" and continues, Next Steals Latifi's engine and Cause a VSC and Make the competitor pit at the wrong time and Perez is Past. Next pushed Jack to the wall and caused a safety car and Contacted Mr. s🅱️inotto to dress his pit crew as Merc and ruins the Merc Race and Finally told Hamilton to not Let George Win and punctured his tyre and Sergio Won This changes the perception of the Race

  • Tony Burton
    Tony Burton个月 前

    Feel a little bad for Russel but wow, what a win by Perez. Nearly out of race on first lap and drove through the field to win...Totally deserved that

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson个月 前


  • Graham Perry
    Graham Perry个月 前

    Gasly and Pérez are the reasons we watch F1. Endless respect to Lewis and the Mercedes team supporting him, who show up and perform at their absolute best, week after week after week. But the overwhelming emotion of listening to a driver win their first race against all odds, or even their first podium (Checo wasn't the only teary one on that radio)...those are the moments that you really watch for. That's what makes it all worth it. If he can't get a seat next year, then I absolutely hope he's got something lined up for '22. I say this not just as someone who declared Pérez to be his favorite driver in 2011, but I think F1 right now is going to be strictly worse if he isn't there. I've always rated him as one of the top talents in the field, as fast and reliable as even Daniel Ricciardo and able to show it at the front if only he hadn't thrown in with Mclaren that fateful year. Let's go for one more, Checo!

  • Steven Reyes
    Steven Reyes个月 前

    Last Sunday’s race was for me my favorite race ever. Maybe because I’m a Reyes ? I mean, I’m half a Mexican anyway..

  • rio
    rio个月 前

    Fernando Alonso: Absolutely disgraceful from Mercedes, they managed to do everything possible to deny Russell the win. They’ve had no issues with Hamilton cruising up front in previous races, but as soon as Russell is doing it, they start messing up. Totally messed Bottas up as well. There’s no way that Mercedes can make such silly mistakes. They cost Russell a very easy win. Russell totally deserved to win. Imagine how much he would dominate with more time in the car, he’s not at the limit yet; no one would be after such little time in the car. He didn’t even fit properly into it this weekend. That has well and truly put to bed the “it’s the car” argument, there is absolutely no doubt now that it is the car. Anyone can win in the Mercedes unless Mercedes don’t want you to win of course. No wonder Toto won’t put Russell alongside Hamilton. Hamilton is very happy with Bottas the wingman as his teammate.

  • BRN
    BRN个月 前

    So that's basically 1-3 for racing point

  • Ep!dEm
    Ep!dEm个月 前

    Bunch of crybabies LITERALLY...

  • Tarek El-Maddah
    Tarek El-Maddah个月 前

    George has proven that there are many out there whom can do what Lewis is doing.... not to take anything from Lewis... but it’s 90% the car 10% the driver

  • YouTube Commenter

    YouTube Commenter

    个月 前

    Bottas has always had a similar car. It's Russell who is like Lewis not just the car. Put Lewis on that same Williams and he will win races, mate.

  • Legoo Jan
    Legoo Jan个月 前

    i am happy for sergio, but also i can feel russel is really sad.

  • Eliseo Juárez
    Eliseo Juárez个月 前


  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk个月 前

    Finally not a Mercedes P1 P2 and everyone is crying?

  • Héctor Velázquez Fernández
    Héctor Velázquez Fernández个月 前

    Mi me ññp

  • Thomas Rees
    Thomas Rees个月 前

    if you look closely, tears running down George's face when he opens his visor 4:54

  • Daniel LeClare
    Daniel LeClare个月 前

    I hate the yelling commentary like they have in Aussie racing totally annoying ruins the experience for me..

  • Luca Donzelli
    Luca Donzelli个月 前

    Anyone knows the song?

  • greatkali
    greatkali个月 前

    I like that George keeps his british accent... not like other british drivers..

  • Mihai Florin
    Mihai Florin个月 前

    Too much about Russel because of British media.

  • Muhammed Ali Acaroğlu
    Muhammed Ali Acaroğlu个月 前

    Can someone explain me what exactly happened to russel

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei个月 前

    What are the songs used on this video?

  • ken c
    ken c个月 前

    George Russell's performance sure put Hamilton's into perspective. The car is 90% of it.

  • Lakazito
    Lakazito个月 前

    Missed Sainz's after the race radio

  • hardly workin'
    hardly workin'个月 前

    Actually. Mercedes won the race , because , as you all know, the pink panther is a Mercedes clone. If Perez does not get the second Red Bull seat, it's a true waste of a great driver and a very well designed car. Albon is not worthy of an F1 drive. Never has been.

  • Virtue Dreamer
    Virtue Dreamer个月 前

    The background music was really cool, is it copyright-free or is it F1-produced?

  • Taikatanhu
    Taikatanhu个月 前

    Popcorn be like 2:32

  • gpanizza
    gpanizza个月 前 ... « yes I agree »

  • Ave Jaly
    Ave Jaly个月 前

    Bono is a psychologist. Don't tell me otherwise.

  • OmegaClark
    OmegaClark个月 前

    Sorry for George

  • Aadil Siddiqui
    Aadil Siddiqui个月 前

    So is no one gonna talk about Bottas, like how he was robbed too?

  • Alejandro Cesareo
    Alejandro Cesareo个月 前


  • Gustavo de Lima
    Gustavo de Lima个月 前

    Muito bom com legendas em português, continuem assim 👏👏👏❤

  • Rory Evans
    Rory Evans个月 前

    I must have rewound this more times than Bono actually said box just to hear box box box box box box box box box box, what’s the merc strategy today James? Idk why don’t you ask Bono “box box box box box box box box, slow pit stop in the box, box box box box box box fit the wrong tires, box box box box box box box box, puncher box box box box box box, James where do you live, “I’m a box box in box box, Bono what’s 2+2 erm is it box box box box?

  • Rory Evans
    Rory Evans个月 前

    Bono says box so much it begin to lose all meaning as a work, I’d be confused if I was George and Bono told be to box 7000 times I’d be like are you sure tho

  • Pavan Potharaju
    Pavan Potharaju个月 前

    Thank you Checo, for everything!!! For every thing!!!

  • Rory Evans
    Rory Evans个月 前

    Every weekend Bono has a competition with himself to say box more times than he did the previous weekend and he always seems to win 😂😂

  • Вячеслав Петухов
    Вячеслав Петухов个月 前

    Part of the 🅱️lan

  • Maxim Dusek
    Maxim Dusek个月 前

    Is it just me or does it sound quite worrying how the drivers need to ask where to go and which switches to use...

  • JL-1070
    JL-1070个月 前

    4:05, can someone translate??? 🙂

  • Dæp


    个月 前

    He wanted his son to be watching

  • Season_MinZ
    Season_MinZ个月 前

    i hope george gets bought by the mercades and lewis and george become teammates that will be insane

  • Smily Penguin
    Smily Penguin个月 前

    Not bad a Mercedes 1-3 Sorry that is pink Mercedes

  • MrLigers14
    MrLigers14个月 前


  • Sierotkin
    Sierotkin个月 前


  • Ronnie
    Ronnie个月 前

    At 4:02 Why does Checo (on the team radio in Spanish) tell Luis to make sure that Checo is watching the race? I don't get it...

  • Daniel Vivas
    Daniel Vivas个月 前

    Perez asking Louis to make sure his son was watching the race. Emotions.

  • James
    James个月 前

    It's beyond words that Perez is being replaced by Vettel. Lets hope Perez get the second Red Bull seat.

  • LOU!S
    LOU!S个月 前

    4:28 Love how F1 translated "superbe" by "superb" and then put "merci" without any problem 😂

  • jun z8
    jun z8个月 前

    Lewis could have overruled the call from the team, I bet. too risky at that moment.

  • Krishna Jyothis
    Krishna Jyothis个月 前

    Everyone cried in hearing George's radio. :(

  • lookingrandom
    lookingrandom个月 前

    Mercs pulled off a classic Ferrari

  • jun z8
    jun z8个月 前

    From Max is always "What the f..." first!

  • Giesbert Rademacher
    Giesbert Rademacher个月 前

    Russel durfte nicht gewinnen.....

  • Shefat F
    Shefat F个月 前

    Can't wait for Marcedes's debrief this week.

  • Tom bo
    Tom bo个月 前

    I think even Maldonado could go P2 with a Mercedes

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil个月 前

    This one was 🔥

  • Abhinav Reddy k
    Abhinav Reddy k个月 前

    LH : My tyres are gone .... Sets the fastest lap George : No power .... Sets the fastest lap

  • GozieZilla
    GozieZilla个月 前

    1:47 tell that to Leclerc

  • Tomani
    Tomani个月 前

    Pérez: I came up from the bottom and into the top.

  • Florian Smerda
    Florian Smerda个月 前

    Carlos Sainz is the new Lewis Hamilton: What is this MERC doing😂😂

  • Felipe Magalhães Oliveira
    Felipe Magalhães Oliveira个月 前

    " So i need to turn left no? Yeah."

  • Florian Smerda
    Florian Smerda个月 前

    Fantastic Job from Racing Point and Perez they defenilty deserve that PS: Please Hit the like button 20 Likes?

  • Florian Smerda
    Florian Smerda个月 前

    George its James

  • Arkaprava Banik
    Arkaprava Banik个月 前

    I'm not crying, you're crying 😭 at 4:56 George was literally broken into tears 😢😢