Pagkamatay ni Christine Dacera | Quarantined with Howie Severino

Ilang linggo na ang lumipas, wala pa ring linaw sa pagkamatay ni Christine Dacera. May mga akusasyon at pahayag na binawi. Ang mga otoridad, magkakasalungat pa ang mga sinasabi. Pati ang proseso ng imbestigasyon, nahahaluan ng duda at kontrobersiya. Malalaman pa kaya natin ang katotohanan sa kasong ito? Pag-usapan natin 'yan sa episode na ito ng Quarantined with Howie Severino
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  • ALLURING. MK1024
    ALLURING. MK10244 天 前

    very nice content napaka informative kudos to mrs.rowena rosales 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻talagang maiintindihan mo lahat ang kanyang sinasabi and thanks to u sir .severano very nice content po sir

  • Jj Pals
    Jj Pals18 天 前

    Alam yan ni clark nan don sia 6:40am nandon sia na nag tatalo ang dalawa si macalla at madrid. Baka ayaw niya mag salita dahil pinag bantaan buhay nia. Or pinag bataan ang buhay nila kaya binawi na nilagyan ni mark rosales ang drinks ni tine

  • Jj Pals
    Jj Pals18 天 前

    Dapat makasuhan ang hotel sa pag labag nang COVID19 protocol nag check in nang tao at pinagparty kahit PANDEMIC. Dapat lahat nang boys kakasuha at may penalty !!! Grabi ang UNFAIR NANG GOBYERNO yung mga pasugal nang manok dinakip pa at may multa at nakulong pa! Bakit d nila itu ginawa sa 2207 boys at 2209 boys? Dahil mayaman sila?

  • abn bcg
    abn bcg21 天 前

    nag simula ang mali sa pagtangap ng hotel sa booking nila. simula doon nanganak na ng nanganak ang pagkakamali.

  • Bien Custodio
    Bien Custodio23 天 前

    Nagmukhang nag aral sa bangketa si karen davila pag nakausap nya itong si prof siguradong ang daming icocorrect sa mga questions nya pag sya ang nagtanong. Mr howie soverino is very smart at lahat ng tanong nya may sense lahat walang halong intriga.

  • EMEH Girl
    EMEH Girl个月 前

    ms kikay sardinas showhadda ka........ try mo kaya uminom ng ibat ibang brand ng alak kung dika ba mamatay.. kung me sakit kna pla na di mopla alam... lahat naman tau my skit e... kung dimo naalagaan my posibilidad na lalabas yan pg tumaas ung blood pressure mo.... try mo nga madam pra malaman mo.... kung anong feeling ung sobra sobra na... mgdamagan... kakaloka ka... m

  • EMEH Girl
    EMEH Girl个月 前

    comments ko lang sa case na ito... paulit ulit kasi nasa youtube e.. ang dapat sisihin ng pamilya dasera sa case ni ms tin... ung nag balsamo sakanya n walang pahintulot sainyo bago e autopsy. kaya yan ang dahilan kung bakit dina matukoy kung ano n ngyari... ung ang dapat sumagot.

  • Kikay Sadirnas
    Kikay Sadirnas个月 前

    Wala nman kwenta report nito

  • Lex Caliburnus
    Lex Caliburnus个月 前

    Hindi mo naman pwedeng basahan ng Miranda Rights ang isang Person Of Interest lang. Kung SUSPECT ka ay dapat may Miranda Rights.

  • Glenn Royol
    Glenn Royol个月 前

    eb to

  • anna leah evan
    anna leah evan个月 前


  • Bukang Liway-way
    Bukang Liway-way个月 前

    bakit daw "mga labi ni dacera"?


    excuse me po, sino po ba ang nag utos na iinbalsamohin na Walang pahintulot ang pamilya.

  • Katherine W
    Katherine W个月 前


  • Risk DIZ
    Risk DIZ个月 前

    One basic procedure of embalming or autopsy is to get consent from immediate family first.

  • Issa
    Issa个月 前

    Madam nakakahilo ka panoorin ang likot mo!! hahaha sorry po!

  • Reyn Rana
    Reyn Rana个月 前

    Thank you Sir Howie, this video is very informative. And thank you prof Morales

  • Aujie Alamban
    Aujie Alamban个月 前

    Nice episode meron ako natutunan. I hope mabigyan ng justice si dacera ⚖️

  • Gie Pascual
    Gie Pascual个月 前

    Listening to Prof.Morales everything was well explained, parang gusto ko uli mag aral, at kumuha ng abogasya :) ganto ang mga intresting topic .Thank u Mr Howie

  • Corazon Eustaquio
    Corazon Eustaquio个月 前

    Professor saludo ako sa iyo......galing. Ang galing din ni Howie dapat eto pakinggan at panuorin para di sila maconfuse. Follow up pls. THANKS

  • jhona aganan
    jhona aganan个月 前

    i like this video because of her explanation to this case of Christine Dacera... Thanks po! i hope what really happened came out JUSTiCE FOR CHRiSTiNE DACERA🙏🙏🙏

  • Myshelle Pelaez
    Myshelle Pelaez个月 前

    In fact in the definition of rapee, male or female may commit the offense. With or without the presence fluid because mere touch of any object to the organ may qualify as rape

  • Myshelle Pelaez
    Myshelle Pelaez个月 前

    Perhaps what should be traced is whether there is a motive for investigators and medico legal officer to whitewash the investigation.

  • Mikey Canvas
    Mikey Canvas个月 前

    I could not be making much sense with my take on this case but am putting it out here anyhow so you can hear me out... WELL, the skeptic in me casts considerable doubt on the veracity of the gay suspects' account of the incidents which led to christine's tragic ending. From my perspective, it seems only half of the real story was revealed by the alleged gay suspects depicting a scenario of a mere death that simply took its course without a cause that warrants a suspicion of a foul play. By putting it plain and simple so that any speculation of a felony can be ruled out, the suspects hoped for the public to buy their version of the story so they could all get off the hook easily, walk away freely, and get on with their life without being held accountable.. HMMM.. BUT THIS CASE AIN'T OVER JUST YET... THEY JUST CAN'T GET AWAY THAT FAST! The public clamors for the truth to find answers to christine's tragic end. Something fishy lurks in the dark that needs to be probed further and to drill down deeper to get to the bottom of this and uncover the truth that lies beneath the surface. Finding a plausible lead or evidence could be the missing piece of the puzzle and would be a key in connecting the dots to solve the mystery surrounding this case. Although, their side of the story may have some truths to it, we cannot discount the possiblity of SUGAR COATING coupled with fabricated LIES to cover their asses and come out clean in public. I think these guys knew exactly what had happened that fateful night but opted to rather not spill the beans for fear that it could open a whole lot of cans of worms that might put them in a much harder predicament than they're already in....JUST HANG ON FOLKS and NEVER LET GO! Just like in any mystery novels, the plot starts to thicken, albeit gradually, and as we approach the CLIMAX, there might be a SHOCKING TWIST in the final stretch😲.... Kindly hit the "THUMBS UP" 👍icon below if you agree with me and thank you for reading my comment 😁.

  • Lorenzo Abando Jr.
    Lorenzo Abando Jr.个月 前

    I will not agree the procedure explain about the autopsy and inbalsamo without knowing the immediate family of the cadaver it might be causes of cover up for the truth of what happening...

  • Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo个月 前

    25:44...Not about reputation. It's about the lifestyle. Life style = health. She can enjoy her life the way she wants to. We are not Saints. Nobody is a saint.

  • Dolores Hikiji
    Dolores Hikiji个月 前

    Mayron kinalaman ang droga niyan at mayron police na binayaran seguro ng mayayamang mga magulang ng mga rapest...

  • Nhu Sya
    Nhu Sya个月 前

    I hope the PNP, medical forensic & people involved in autopsy or embalming does not use the excuse of making a mistake of the proper procedure of handling their job. No excuse & should be terminated from their job if that’s their excuse

  • nicanor jr pasaol
    nicanor jr pasaol个月 前

    Ano yan ... camera action ...

  • Harold Dinoso official
    Harold Dinoso official个月 前

    Pa subscribe po Harold Dinoso official.thanks po maann sir

  • Joyce Goolsby
    Joyce Goolsby个月 前

    This was a very eye-opening and interesting documentary/segment to watch especially about the rule of law and rights that everybody should be aware of across all walks of life.

  • Imelda Lozano
    Imelda Lozano个月 前


  • adrielle samson
    adrielle samson个月 前

    Rest In Peace

  • Gheghemon
    Gheghemon个月 前

    May nanggulo lng kc pero kung tutuusin malinaw yan autopsy lng medico legal ok di ih paibaiba ung result dun lng magtaka kna

  • Jake R
    Jake R个月 前

    very educating ty

  • marissa asay
    marissa asay个月 前

    Ang tanong ko po dito bakit dinala po agad sa embalsamador ang katawan ni Christine? Baka po doon na sya inabuso kahit patay na at bago lang ang pagkamatay nya ng time na yun. Marami pong napapabalita na abusadong embalmer.

  • Cherry Bell
    Cherry Bell个月 前

    Hay ang galing mangatwiran nung pulis para makalusot pero maluktot naman. Covid nga inalala, eh ano kaya pinagkaiba nun sa embalming sa naka freezer ang katwan. Parehas lang na pwede makahawa kung positive man. Kakainis. Kaya lalong nasisira image ng mga Pulis sa osang katulad nya na palpak.kaya nawawalan na ng tiwala ang mga tao sa pulis. Kailangan muna dumaan ulit sila sa mahigpit na training at seminar ulit. Sayang lang yung dagdag sweldo. Di mano sinala muna mga pulis patola.

  • Angela Carla
    Angela Carla个月 前

    Dami ko natutunan.

  • TWP
    TWP个月 前

    How about the NBI looking into the mobile phones of the persons of interest? May violation din ba ng privacy?

  • TWP
    TWP个月 前

    Very good questions from Howie! The likes of K. Davila, other broadcast journos are irresponsible when doing interviews.

  • Selected 1 Dagatan
    Selected 1 Dagatan个月 前

    As parent, I sympathized Ms Sharon Dacera regarding the death of her daughter. Mam keep strong for God is with you and I am praying fo God as well to grant justice for Christine. Don't be intimidated by criminals doing harassment to you at this time. The truth will surely come out soon and culprits will be punish in our existing laws as well as in the laws of God. No one is above the law and all these criminals doing crimes against your daughter will pay soon. Keep strong Mam Sharon for God knows everything. God bless.

  • sandy tacsay
    sandy tacsay个月 前

    Mukha talagang wala naman kinalaman mga kaibigan nya ang pagkukulang lang hindi nila agad naitakbo sa ospital dahil mga nakainum n nga lahat.

  • sandy tacsay
    sandy tacsay个月 前

    Nasobrahan lang ng inum tapos naghalo-halo na yung ibat-ibang alak n ininum hindi na kinaya nung katawan nya.


    Rest in Paradise Christine .. 🙏🙏 Condolence po sa Family .. Salute po Sir Howie .. 👊🏽👊🏽

  • Garry Ranara
    Garry Ranara个月 前

    Very interesting. May sense mga tanong at very brilliant answers ni processor. Ang galing po ma'am nkaka impress 😊

  • Ludivina Valdez Nicdao
    Ludivina Valdez Nicdao个月 前

    Hello po , The important po , Dapat kuha muna cla medical records SA hospital. Pero humihingi yata Subpoena bfr release med. Records..Dito po indicate f ano kinamatay. Byr

  • Mamabear _
    Mamabear _个月 前

    Very informative sana maging aware mga tao sa rights mo para hindi ka makagipit keep calm

  • Edwon Pasamba
    Edwon Pasamba个月 前

    very interesting, Prof!!!

  • Gener C. D.
    Gener C. D.个月 前

    Mabuti nalang at walang nag check in na mahirap sa katabing room kung saan namatay si baby girl. Kundi, sila malamang ang ituturong may sala...

  • Zhiane Lee
    Zhiane Lee个月 前

    Inimbalsamo ng walang pahintulot ng mga pamilya ang huhuday din ng mga pulis

  • Roann Ocate
    Roann Ocate个月 前

    @6:40 is the reason why I kept wondering why the lawyer of Dacera’s friends has not discussed this during all of their interviews. Bakit may suspect agad, wala pang proven crime.

  • gemma murao
    gemma murao个月 前

    bulok ang systema ng pilipinas hahaha

  • junior bangasan
    junior bangasan个月 前

    Please lang ha! BIAS-MEDIA nga naman. Stop nyo na po ang pagbabalita dyan sa Decera case na yan, masyado nyo na nilapastangan ang pagiging PRESS-TITUTES ninyo. Nakakaumay na po, ibigay na ninyo sa NBI ang pagiimbestiga. Napaghahalata na Kasi na kayo lang ang nagpapalaki ng issues.

  • leeparoa
    leeparoa个月 前

    Andami dn po kase ibng cases n dpat pagtuunan sobra sobra n dn ung attention nito a social media at buong pinas ano pb ang gusto nio?ipagpaubaya nio n s batas..cguro nmn ai mgiging fair cla..bkit ka nio?mga simpleng tao lng dn nmn lht ng involve wlng mga pulitiko or something nde dn nmn ung sobrang yaman anu nmn mapapala ng mga pulis at batas qng may papanigan cla?ipagpaubaya n lng nten yan..mkakamtan dn ni christine ang justice n pra s knya in time..

  • Mario Brizuela, MD
    Mario Brizuela, MD个月 前

    Very informative! Thank you for doing this. 👍

  • Titi Kabayolol
    Titi Kabayolol个月 前

    Uhhmm. It seems like the party gurl don't get the justice she deserves. Another cold case.Well done Professor

  • Mark Tristan Acedera Javier
    Mark Tristan Acedera Javier个月 前

    Insurance is real!!!! Hindi nio parin mapapaikot ang paniniwala ng mga pilipino

  • Gigie Grueso Guzon
    Gigie Grueso Guzon个月 前

    Nkakalungkot isipin na dhil may pera ang involved nag iba ang tunay na nangyari..

  • mocabe gamer
    mocabe gamer个月 前

    nahilo ako sa camera ni ma'am ... magalaw masyado ...

  • Edita Fuentes
    Edita Fuentes个月 前

    Sir Howie👍🙏😇

  • Genaro Balabala
    Genaro Balabala个月 前

    For so many arguments and discussions mystery’s still going why you should not go for a lie detector test procedure to determine whether the involving parties were telling the truth or not, maybe this a possible way.

  • melphen mongcal
    melphen mongcal个月 前

    Pag may pera ka. Kaya mong tanggalin ang piring ng batas sa pilipinas

  • Mercedes Ordones
    Mercedes Ordones个月 前

    That's case is matagal Yan kc maraming Tao nakasali SA case niya.

  • hoplophobiadoc
    hoplophobiadoc个月 前


  • JD H
    JD H个月 前

    Please look into ROSIEL ENTIA'S case, there's an apparent foul play, yet her case is treated differently.

  • Jonie Ladiao
    Jonie Ladiao个月 前

    Wala bang aamin? O sigeh ako po ang pumatay!!! Para wala NG gulo yan! Char

  • Clarissa Caoile
    Clarissa Caoile个月 前

    Thank u Prof R.D.Morales....mabuhay kayo !

  • Karl Raymond de Guzman
    Karl Raymond de Guzman个月 前

    What's so special b sa topic n to at laging pinag uusapan?

  • Evangeline Dare
    Evangeline Dare个月 前

    Some commenters here keep on calling the good professor's surname as Rosales; it is not. It is Morales. Prof. Rowena Daroy-MORALES.

  • Golden Bell
    Golden Bell个月 前

    Nanay ba sya ni doris bigornia? pareho sila ng galaw at salita eh☺️☺️

  • Fan G
    Fan G个月 前

    sa dami ng nag interview sa kanila parehas naman sagot nila sa sinabi nila sa police, kung neretract nila statement nila sa police eh d pwede palang evidence ung interview nila kay sir raffy na tinuro niya si mark about drugs.puede kaya yun?

  • Hazel Cano
    Hazel Cano个月 前

    Mothers' knows best. The people opinion is a must because of this celebrated case. The outcome of the case is very important to us.

  • Arsenio Quillon
    Arsenio Quillon个月 前

    Wow, i really liked this interview, very objective and informative.

  • Happy House FR8
    Happy House FR8个月 前


  • Happy House FR8
    Happy House FR8个月 前


  • Ins Sco
    Ins Sco个月 前


  • Cannabis Sativa
    Cannabis Sativa个月 前

    Nilason! 😤

  • Otipep Zuegirdor
    Otipep Zuegirdor个月 前

    Magaling c prof Morales kht anung pasikot tanung ni Howie.. My punto pa din sagot ni prof.. Very well ma'am..

  • Evelyn Lim
    Evelyn Lim个月 前


  • Viel Balolong
    Viel Balolong个月 前

    2:06 pansinin sa salamin. May Babae nakatayo..

  • Winlag Vlogs Music,Art and Foods
    Winlag Vlogs Music,Art and Foods个月 前

    ang ENGLISH ni prof. lupet ang galing mag salita

  • daryl gacusan
    daryl gacusan个月 前

    Wla kme paki sa dacera..kmusta ung kaso sa tarlac ung police na pumatay..? Kumusta

  • jeanette see
    jeanette see个月 前

    Anggaling mag explain ng Prof.

  • VickyHk Vlog
    VickyHk Vlog个月 前

    Pag lasing na ang tao, wala na sa katinuan. Paano pa kaya kung nakadrugs? Bakit may tatay, kapatid, uncle, kapitbahay, kamag-anak na nakapanghalay ng bata kahit lasing lang at hindi nakadrugs?

  • John Russell T.M.
    John Russell T.M.个月 前

    Finally, a sensible closing statement. Pero sa body or content ng “vlog”, ang daming anggulong di natalakay. Anyway, ok na rin naman.

  • gloria penano
    gloria penano个月 前

    I like howie doung the report

  • gilbert caling
    gilbert caling个月 前

    i dont think slight bruises and small cuts is enough evidence for rape case, hindi lang sa paa dapat ang bruises nya or mga pasa, dapat sa braso at ibang part din ng katawan nya to showcase the struggles of the woman...

  • Anonymous Bot
    Anonymous Bot个月 前

    Maganda si Christine, ginalaw yan kaya inembalsamo.

  • zenny valentine
    zenny valentine个月 前

    Boy Abunda is the only Journalist (I guess he is)..interviewed the respondents with lawyer....

  • Shem de la S.A
    Shem de la S.A个月 前

    Baka binangungut si christine ?

  • John Russell T.M.
    John Russell T.M.个月 前

    I was only 48 seconds on this and I was already disappointed. Howie Severino already categorized Dacera’s case that there was a crime committed. Well this is just based on your opening statement. Opening statement pa lamang huh. So case closed na din ba sa iyo to Mr. Severino?

  • Jude Untar
    Jude Untar个月 前

    LeArned a lot po.

  • josdser
    josdser个月 前

    I salute you prof for being straight forward, in your last few statements about the media is definitely correct the more things getting complicated and worse they are even more interested in any case. They should be a source of truth not of intrigue, but thanks for gma and Howie for this good report. Now we know.

  • Ching Cabaltierra
    Ching Cabaltierra个月 前

    Yes ang galing po Ng explainations nyo about Miranda rights

  • Queen Kuesh
    Queen Kuesh个月 前

    all has been explained very well. pero bakit parang hindi alam ni sinas at ng kapulisan ang mga important information and procedure na nabanggit?

  • kj V.
    kj V.个月 前

    Walang katutuhanan sa bias na midea

  • overjay 2020
    overjay 2020个月 前

    wow super knowledgeable.....101% NAPAKA...PROFESSIONAL.... Congratulations to both the host and the resource person... ( dapat gayahin at tularan) tinapos ko buong video na di tomayo sa inuupuan ko at di nag check sa CP ko... and takenote inuulit ko pa ang ibang part ng video na ang gagn ng mga terms na ginamit ng resource person.... love love love it. 101%

  • aida06 delacuadra
    aida06 delacuadra个月 前

    Ang masasabi ko dyan, mahirap ng mabigyan ng katarungan siguro Yan, parang mahirap ng magtiwala, para sa akin, kawawa naman ang biktima, maraming parang nahirap bgo namatay

  • Nancy Vinluan
    Nancy Vinluan个月 前

    What's the result of toxicology...para malamn natin what caused of her death..maybe its alcohol overdosed

  • Leopoldo Dalupan
    Leopoldo Dalupan个月 前

    I feel like I'm a student of law listening to a very talented professor. I recall of my teacher in Political Science Mrs. Ramos in UE the precise, right words of a subject and definitions Prof. Morales has said. I wish I will study under her. She is a well rounded professor of Law. Hope someday I will meet her. A very good discussion. (watching from Canada)