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00:00 Otnicka - Пустота (Slowed)
03:27 Otnicka - Where Are You (Slowed)
07:00 Otnicka - Cocktails & Dreams (Slowed)
11:00 Otnicka - Everything (Slowed)
14:23 Otnicka - Fly With U (Slowed)
18:05 Otnicka - Leave Me (Slowed)
22:03 Otnicka - Dreamer (Slowed)
25:13 Otnicka - Babel (Slowed)
29:00 Otnicka - Sorry (Slowed)
33:30 Otnicka - Babygirl (Slowed)
36:54 Otnicka - Dependence (Slowed)
40:45 КИНО - Кукушка [Otnicka Remix] (Slowed)
43:22 Otnicka - Sorry [Daytonite Remix] (Slowed)
44:51 Otnicka - Cocktails & Dreams [Petryakov Remix] (Slowed)
The sound is not for everyone.
Many people asked to make several compositions in the Slowed-effect.



  • The Software Engineer
    The Software Engineer16 小时 前

    Your music is what I always searched for

  • Jazmin
    Jazmin2 天 前

    I like this mix🔥

  • Shreshta Patil
    Shreshta Patil2 天 前

    Spot on

  • jijo nair
    jijo nair4 天 前

    i love his music. just gets into me...i work listening all of it...there's something soothing. Lots of love and a huge fan

  • Alexander Marko 2021
    Alexander Marko 20215 天 前

    привет от Ростяна))

  • VeNoRusty
    VeNoRusty6 天 前

    I love most of them but i can't find them separate on youtube to listen just one of them it's possible to upload them 1 by 1 ?

  • Idris Ahmedzade
    Idris Ahmedzade6 天 前

    Hello Azerbaijan

  • Григорий Nexus
    Григорий Nexus8 天 前

    Отника или все же отписка?? 😅

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    8 天 前

    Отника! Отписка только для тех, у кого 2-ка по английскому :)

  • J P
    J P11 天 前

    Greetings from New York City ‼️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Awesome ‼️

  • Labeed Mansoor
    Labeed Mansoor12 天 前

    So soothing music, Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤

  • Labeed Mansoor
    Labeed Mansoor12 天 前

    Please upload 'slowed version' of ''Cocktails and Dreams'' separately. Please I need a 4 min separate video for tha please 🙏


    Love ❣️ from Himachal Pradesh INDIA.Keep it up 🔥👍

  • Murphy Mystical
    Murphy Mystical13 天 前

    Ur music is awesome....huge fan..will always support...Love from India...

  • Hridhya Das
    Hridhya Das13 天 前

    You are really so precious gift of God 😊😊😊 Keep it up Always following your musics It's just amazing......awesome ........ soothing ........beautiful ...... wanna hear that song again n again Where are you is my favourite music ♥ ❤ 👌 Great composition God bless you Lots of love from Kerala 😍😍😍😍

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    12 天 前

  • Vishal Satwani
    Vishal Satwani15 天 前

    God Bless You Otnika !U r the source of positivity in this negative and selfish world!

  • Amir Bakhsh
    Amir Bakhsh16 天 前

    Awesome job🤯🤯

  • Phanha K
    Phanha K18 天 前

    Drawing doing art music 😊❤️

  • Adi Technical Support
    Adi Technical Support19 天 前

    Waiting from long time for this.

  • Adi Technical Support
    Adi Technical Support19 天 前

    Love From India

    ЛЕСТЯ RIK19 天 前

    А почему ?

  • Surveyor Tengiz
    Surveyor Tengiz19 天 前

    + за Кукушку

  • Harshal Burude
    Harshal Burude19 天 前

    Unbelievable👍 awesome music bro

  • DjZx
    DjZx20 天 前

    The sound is not for everyone ;)

  • Mara Boni
    Mara Boni20 天 前

    Much love and appreciation from Greece 🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • DjZx
    DjZx20 天 前

    Hey bro can you tell me the name of girl in start of the mix?:D

  • perparim dida
    perparim dida20 天 前

    Best music ever love from Albania 😍

  • DjZx
    DjZx21 天 前

    otnicka - where are you(best)

  • Ihssane Monsif
    Ihssane Monsif22 天 前

    perfect timing wow ..

  • Simone Rauscher
    Simone Rauscher23 天 前

    LOVE LOVE LOVE....I'm so excited to load a playlist of your music to my pods whilst training for my long distance open water swimming.....definitely going help me push through and feel amazing while alone in the deep blue sea 🎧 Much love from Cape Town, South Africa🇿🇦

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    18 天 前

  • Tarek HOUIMEL
    Tarek HOUIMEL24 天 前

    Very good! Keep Going 😊❤️

  • shot eagle yt
    shot eagle yt25 天 前

    👍opp broo

  • Sharrukh Ahmed
    Sharrukh Ahmed27 天 前

    Anyone from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 ?

  • Alperen Kütük
    Alperen Kütük28 天 前

    Where are you and Babel excellent

  • Relaxing Fireplace
    Relaxing Fireplace29 天 前

    This is very beautiful music bravo Otnicka Music :) FROM TURKEY

  • kampot kampot
    kampot kampot个月 前


  • Abdul Basit Raza
    Abdul Basit Raza个月 前

    I loved it

  • Владимир Путин
    Владимир Путин个月 前

    Под первый трек вспомнил как разбился diablo__r1 😫

  • Hemant Sajnani
    Hemant Sajnani个月 前

    Otnicka makes perfect music for ears. No irrelevant bass or inappropriate treble. Perfect and balanced inputs....Love from India (Delhi)

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • pratham yadav verma
    pratham yadav verma个月 前

    i listned to this 4 hour straight while riding to some where. idk my type of lowkey people connect with your music like soul

  • Mohamed Ezzat
    Mohamed Ezzat个月 前

    Good jop bro❤️💗

  • Franklyn Vrij
    Franklyn Vrij个月 前

    Damn is great music, this is an shout out from Suriname 🇸🇷

  • Greg y Jvivvivi
    Greg y Jvivvivi个月 前

    Hellø Sir Indian love you

  • † ƒƒ_ყuหg_shelby †
    † ƒƒ_ყuหg_shelby †个月 前


  • Igor Lukyan
    Igor Lukyan个月 前

    Petition to have his song “Fly with U- slowed” to have its own release. The slower version just feels so right!

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

    Unfortunately, we can't officially publish the slow version. This is not possible based on the technical requirements of the sites. The print is the same. open.spotify.com/album/4OZxOeZzley2mNMoMaVeR8

  • Rafael Bond
    Rafael Bond个月 前


  • Mohammed Kessar
    Mohammed Kessar个月 前

    I just had a coffee in the neighborhood and the first thing I thought about in this beautiful day is to put my earphones and start this masterpiece. Now while I'm writing I'm in high level of connection with the vibe of this track list it feels like me against the world Greetings from Morocco

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • Mr LoOzEr
    Mr LoOzEr个月 前

    Wow osm

  • Просто Я
    Просто Я个月 前


  • Сергей Гавва
    Сергей Гавва个月 前

    Cool song and music. Like 🤔🎧🎼👍🎶🎶🌅👍🇷🇺

  • Azzeddine Nador
    Azzeddine Nador个月 前


  • Cemil A.
    Cemil A.个月 前

    Otnicka, you're really good musician on the EDM. Keep going!

  • yldskck
    yldskck个月 前

    〰️🙏💭🌃🌍〰️ "👀"

  • Рома Фадеев
    Рома Фадеев个月 前

    Так держать

  • DJ Nasro
    DJ Nasro个月 前

    E love bro💋💝💝💝💝💝

  • Peaky Gamers
    Peaky Gamers个月 前

    Otnicka is greatest of all time🔥

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur个月 前

    Subscribe him He is the door of new possibilities

  • Shree Sonawane
    Shree Sonawane个月 前

    Truly make in different zoon

  • simple and sober gamers
    simple and sober gamers个月 前

    i think you are having your fans much from India by the way I am also from India , much love for your music it just let me go to the another world something like fanatsy world and i love it

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • Igor Larionov
    Igor Larionov个月 前

    Superlifemuzic forever!....

  • Shahil KM
    Shahil KM个月 前

    thanks ❤🇮🇳

    PRIZPAK个月 前

    Дико извиняюсь, но почему убрали Syml - where's my love. Очень понравилось. Особенно в вашем замедлении.

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

    CheapeX - Verlernt Zu Lieben

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

    Кто-то засемплировал фрагмент оригинального исполнителя и лицензировал свою работу (незаконно). И на данное видео пришло нарушение не от имени артиста "Syml" (было ожидаемо), а от имени "нарушителя". Я такие "дела" не поддерживаю :)

  • Wasiq Faheem
    Wasiq Faheem个月 前

    If not on Spotify can we get the slow version on sound cloud or the internet Please post it on sound cloud or on the web (Where are you)

  • Wasiq Faheem
    Wasiq Faheem个月 前

    Love this

  • No Limits
    No Limits个月 前

    Your album has always been on top for me when driving my car and whenever I feel depressed ...your music takes me to another world and confidence boosts up.

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • No Limits
    No Limits个月 前

    This music ... Single sofa ... Roof top ... JD on the rocks ... Night stars and cloud... Building lights . DON .

  • Lovenish Beriwal
    Lovenish Beriwal个月 前

    Dope it is!

  • Simply Classic
    Simply Classic个月 前

    *SoulCrushing Music* 🔥🔥🔥

  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh个月 前

    You are so amazing brother !! Love you 😊❤️

  • Abdul Shaik
    Abdul Shaik个月 前

    Everyone’s here for 3:27 I bet y’all ❤️

  • Sergio Toro
    Sergio Toro个月 前

    can youtube allow us to give more than one like ?

  • Becali Xx
    Becali Xx个月 前

    By order of the fucking peaky blinders

  • Blazer ✓
    Blazer ✓个月 前

    Best Song 👉🏻❤️😍

  • Fraser
    Fraser个月 前


  • Majo_the_fish
    Majo_the_fish个月 前

    I want these slowed versions on Spotify - so good

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

    Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the nature of the licenses.

  • Zouhair Belhaj
    Zouhair Belhaj个月 前

    The best music

  • Farah Habchi
    Farah Habchi个月 前

    Your music is a therapy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh个月 前

    What type or genre of this song please tell...I want to listen more songs like this ... please help & tell

  • Sol Haze
    Sol Haze个月 前

    Excellent work...thank you for making this..♥️♥️♥️

  • Efe Arpacı
    Efe Arpacı个月 前

    The slowdown in harmony with those music was very good and relaxing. thank you

  • Ali Jaafar
    Ali Jaafar个月 前


  • Ali Jaafar
    Ali Jaafar个月 前


  • nandita nager
    nandita nager个月 前

    Yasss it out ! My work focus music 💕

  • Devrrat Purang
    Devrrat Purang个月 前

    Out of words on this one ❤️

  • Tomáš P
    Tomáš P个月 前

    Good for jogging, but not at all good for concentration/coding. Variable tempo is super distracting, especially when you are used to "originals". That being said don't let my negative feedback stop you from experimenting, your music is awesome.

  • Aniket Kanse
    Aniket Kanse个月 前

    Another gem ! Thanx otnicka..!

  • TannySard
    TannySard个月 前


  • Ёкарный Бабай
    Ёкарный Бабай个月 前

    OTNICKA-это уже бренд,может пора уже делать мерч бейсболку ,свитшоты,кеды с космодизайном???❤️Надо провести опрос ,готовы ли люди поддержать музыканта и покупать такой мерч❤️👍

  • Otnicka Music

    Otnicka Music

    个月 前

  • Igor Lukyan
    Igor Lukyan个月 前

    Bro HOW is Fly with U(slowed) not it’s own video??

  • П. Ковский
    П. Ковский个月 前


  • Alpha Wolf Gaming
    Alpha Wolf Gaming个月 前

    Just speechless... love the music!

  • l azhari._YT
    l azhari._YT个月 前

    🇩🇿 no comment ❤️

  • B jagdish Kumar
    B jagdish Kumar个月 前

    The best time to listen Slowed music 🎶 is at Night 🌃 (before 😴 sleeping) . Much relaxed music. Thank you OTNICKA. 🔥✌🏼😁

  • A. L 1 K 4
    A. L 1 K 4个月 前

    Best music of 2021 💥👏

  • Elnur Rahimov
    Elnur Rahimov个月 前

    Не оторваться от плейлиста!)

  • parvesh thakur
    parvesh thakur个月 前

    Love from INDIA ❤️🇮🇳

  • MA Salman
    MA Salman个月 前

    3:27 🔥 Heard about Otnicka from this music (Where are you)

  • nalotikna
    nalotikna个月 前

    Good felling 🥺❤️❤️

  • Hitarth Chauhan
    Hitarth Chauhan个月 前

    Your peaky blinder to much good

  • lilmayank
    lilmayank个月 前

    Dis is 🔥🔥 love frm india 💓

  • Abdulaziz Mukhammedov
    Abdulaziz Mukhammedov个月 前

    best song of the world were are you👏