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  • Justin Case
    Justin Case个月 前

    When is the next episode!

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields2 个月 前

    Ferrari reliable..... hahahahahaaha. good show.

  • FunkyMonkey85
    FunkyMonkey852 个月 前

    That poor girl every time I see her she’s wearing them Ragged ass shorts. Rob,buy this girl pair of pants for the love of God..

  • Bruno Begic
    Bruno Begic2 个月 前

    I left as soon as I heard Tanner Faust, but then I remembered that I saw Leroy in the intro so I came back just not to make dear Leroy sad

  • w210source
    w210source2 个月 前

    Tanner Foust stinks

  • Thor B
    Thor B3 个月 前

    I like the mustache and I’m looking forward to the series

  • Stuart Anderson
    Stuart Anderson3 个月 前

    Hi Rob.. When can we expect the first videos for Sorted? Good luck with the cars..

  • Jay Grimes
    Jay Grimes3 个月 前

    You lost me at Emelia... Pass

  • Anthony Wade
    Anthony Wade3 个月 前

    Stashe looks good!

  • Chris Kurtz
    Chris Kurtz4 个月 前

    vf supercharged huracan would be my pick for fastest and most reliable

  • Travis Dunn
    Travis Dunn4 个月 前

    Should do a “CNboth car edition of it”

  • Rodolfo Foitinho
    Rodolfo Foitinho4 个月 前

    Glad to see the best ever s2000 participating 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • 1500HP GTR
    1500HP GTR4 个月 前

    what a joke, I can see people lining up to let you trash their cars around a track.... surely you can come up with something better than this...

  • Rhodewhore431
    Rhodewhore4314 个月 前

    I remember my first mustache 😂

  • brad dunaway
    brad dunaway4 个月 前

    Big fan of you and Enila glad to see you together I highly suggest supporting both channels. Thank you!!

  • Justa Hasbeen
    Justa Hasbeen4 个月 前


  • Nick Frame
    Nick Frame4 个月 前

    500whp 800tq nitrous 335d? 🤣 factory bmw diesel!

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay4 个月 前

    Tanner Faust ain't touching my car.

  • smith smith
    smith smith4 个月 前

    Who the f#€% is tanner fowst???? Lol all star my ass

  • CF8 Accord and YA4 CL
    CF8 Accord and YA4 CL4 个月 前

    Tanner Foust and Rob Ferretti? That seems like a combination of people that’ll get along 😒😑

  • Locoandchooch
    Locoandchooch4 个月 前

    I’m going to enter 👍🏼

  • Locoandchooch
    Locoandchooch4 个月 前

    Fast & Curious

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman4 个月 前

    Sorted or not, sign up and well kick the shit out of your baby for free

  • Christopher M KING
    Christopher M KING4 个月 前

    Did rob dahm put a submission in. Fingers crossed.

  • M .Tenorio
    M .Tenorio4 个月 前

    Seems like all car youtubers are sponsored by keeps or manscape 😅

  • Joseph Ellison
    Joseph Ellison4 个月 前

    Mr Ferretti I am a huge fan and was wondering if I could purchase a autographed photo or something autographed. Thanks

  • John Brown
    John Brown4 个月 前

    Cop stash

  • zabnat
    zabnat4 个月 前

    Curious to know which premium car brands in the 90's didn't come with a toolkit?

  • Phadic
    Phadic4 个月 前

    I can’t be the only one who read it as Snorted instead of Sorted

  • Steve Kraynik
    Steve Kraynik4 个月 前

    So like Fastest Car but without the super cars and adding in a pro driver testing them all on a road course/parking lot?

  • Sir MJR
    Sir MJR4 个月 前

    Wow, what a disappoinment. Anyone who actually goes for this is going to have a nightmare story to tell after it's all said and done. Everyone tag any lawyers looking for work! Let the lawsuits begin!

  • Speed Trapp 219 D
    Speed Trapp 219 D4 个月 前

    So people fight to give you there cars and you beat the shit out of them and they get nothing in return sign me up Duh !!!

  • Robert Stahl
    Robert Stahl4 个月 前

    For every one of these track "sorted" cars with $200k into them... there are 100 track cars "sorted" on a common man's budget. Would love to see a budget series focused on that next... cars you can buy and get sorted for say under $10k. Miata, early WRX, 4th gen mustang, 4th gen Corvette, older Camaro.. etc etc. Cars you can buy for $5k, do some cooling, aero, seats/rollbar/harness, brakes... and have a "sorted" track car for $10k that is cheap on consumables. Then use the same rationale... a car you can drive on the street TO THE TRACK, no trailer cars.

  • auwz66
    auwz664 个月 前

    Someone please for the love of god get a Caterham 620R (or whatever they get in the USA) on this as it will stroll 10 laps and you would need a very, very fast car to even get close to the lap times.

  • ChopStickZero
    ChopStickZero4 个月 前

    Tanner Faust... no tank you. He may go faust himself. The guy screams entitlement and egomania.

  • MrSlowestD16
    MrSlowestD164 个月 前

    10 laps with a pro driver is fucking torture. Guarantee you there's a lot of "sport cars" out there that would have heating issues after 10 laps with a pro driver. That's no simple matter.

  • b baker
    b baker4 个月 前

    I'm not watching, let alone giving anyone my keys, unless you replace tanner with Randy, and I bet I'm not the only one....

  • BernieSandersMittens
    BernieSandersMittens4 个月 前

    You lost all credibility with me by going on that poser VideoBobs show and then follow up with making that douche nozzle Tanner Foust a host on your show. I guess douche nozzles flock together..

  • Bas BlasterXP
    Bas BlasterXP4 个月 前

    Ruff, done.

  • Self Secluded Survival
    Self Secluded Survival4 个月 前

    You couldnt find any one better than Tanner the toddler?

  • Brad Heys
    Brad Heys4 个月 前

    Loving the idea. Are you going to do some cars that didn’t make the cut for your competition but you guys thought were great submissions?

    RANDYLAYHE4 个月 前

    millionaires who want ya car to beat on no thanks bud tanners a dbag too so theres that goin for ya

  • YoDood215
    YoDood2154 个月 前

    Rob you do know Tanner is an absolute A**HOL* right? That's WIDELY known in our industry. Blows my mind why you or whoever chose him. Reply to my comment n admit it now. Cmon you know I'm correct.

  • guy midwest
    guy midwest4 个月 前

    "but we're going to use your car" - Can I get my wiring ripped out just like the blue vet?

  • Lord Brathwaite
    Lord Brathwaite4 个月 前

    So now we see what Rob Dahm was so excited about in his last video👀

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound4 个月 前

    If only it had Randy Pobst :(. Best of luck all the same to you and all the presenters on the new show !

  • Tyler 10
    Tyler 104 个月 前

    Street speed 717 ZR1

  • Tony Bird
    Tony Bird4 个月 前

    Man, I'd love to submit my ~500hp '91 Eclipse GSX for this. Especially because Tanner used to own a DSM and credits them with getting him seriously interested in cars and performance driving. Unfortunately, it definitely can't hang with some of these other cars that have been submitted and it won't survive 10 laps on a racetrack as it sits right now. If you guys do this again next year, I will 100% submit it for sure!

  • Aerodynamic
    Aerodynamic4 个月 前

    StreetSpeed717's ZR1 needs to do this

  • Pickle MeTimbers
    Pickle MeTimbers4 个月 前

    Please leave the mustache and drive the Bentley, handing out grey poupon to people.

  • Matt Henderson
    Matt Henderson4 个月 前

    I didn’t hear a word. I could only focus on the moustache.

  • Michael Hutin
    Michael Hutin4 个月 前

    Can I put forward my late 90's European high bhp car? 1996 VW Polo with 45bhp!!!

  • Stinky10R
    Stinky10R4 个月 前

    Easy. Viper wins the battle hands down. Nothing is more reliable.

  • P H I L L Y 7 5
    P H I L L Y 7 54 个月 前

    This show sounds great, can't wait for it to start...congratulations on this as well!!!

  • Phil Trumble
    Phil Trumble4 个月 前

    Leroy is steet legal.

  • GuzziHero
    GuzziHero4 个月 前

    Talking of toolkits: I own a Moto Guzzi Griso motorcycle, Italian as you can imagine. What is most likely to fail on an Italian bike? Electrics. What is the ONE THING they didn't put in the toolkit? A fuse puller. I've had to call breakdown before because I couldn't get the fuses out.

  • Brian Hickey
    Brian Hickey4 个月 前

    Whys Mark Walburg dressed in a Rockstar race suit?

  • West Senkovec
    West Senkovec4 个月 前

    I'm rocking a mustache too. I was bored out of my mind.

  • CameraManFrank
    CameraManFrank4 个月 前

    The Lexus RCF !!!

  • EEZY Nah
    EEZY Nah4 个月 前

    submit your vehicle to have it broken on a racetrack. and judged by 3 people and emelia (unfortunately)

  • Eddie Arndt
    Eddie Arndt4 个月 前

    I don’t like this. No way I’m letting some else race or drive my car.

  • Bob Joseph
    Bob Joseph4 个月 前

    Can we not have tanner he is just an angry little man mad at the world he is the size of a sixth grader

  • 300zxdriver


    2 个月 前

    Bob Joseph I’m guessing you weigh 300 pounds. Stfu.

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo4 个月 前

    Streetspeed717s Corvette ZR1.. would be a good contender

  • fisher h
    fisher h4 个月 前

    Will Rob Dahm be putting a car in? His cars are properly sorted.

  • fisher h
    fisher h4 个月 前

    Can you get Justin Bell to do the race driving lap times of all the cars? He's good. Could have been a Stig IMHO.

  • Bob Riehl
    Bob Riehl4 个月 前

    Even more telling was when Jaguar put a back seat in there sporty car so you could take your mechanic along....

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G4 个月 前

    Man...I'm Hyped! I'll bring my camry!

  • Philip Hedin
    Philip Hedin4 个月 前

    Ooooh hype, rob dahms 4rotor incoming!!

  • Thin Blue Line Videos

    Thin Blue Line Videos

    4 个月 前

    They seem to be looking for 'reliability'

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G4 个月 前

    Ugghhh, Matt Farah. Instant fail. This guy a nobody. How he has a following is unfathomable. Listen to the words that come out of his mouth. And when other people talk to him, he doesnt even listen, he just rolls over them. He has this demeanour of "im the best", when he cant "carry" it. Anyway. good luck. Rob your the King. No doubt. You could do this YOURSELF .

  • Ayden Bruce
    Ayden Bruce4 个月 前

    says r34 then shows a 32

  • Sinky
    Sinky4 个月 前

    I hope some submits a Tesla.

  • Michael Erman
    Michael Erman4 个月 前

    Just called to book adventure drive even though you never sent me a sticker 😂

  • kheckmanakabeast
    kheckmanakabeast4 个月 前

    I like the idea but i think it's a big safety concern having others drive someones car even if they are a professional. especially if they are modified by someone.

  • TurboDieselDan
    TurboDieselDan4 个月 前

    Tanner Foust. Is that cuz Danica Patrick and Ken Block were busy that day... 😒

  • areton senner
    areton senner4 个月 前

    Rob got some of that keeps on his mouth

  • My Cool
    My Cool4 个月 前

    Does this mean Project car challenge is a no go?

    NZ DIRT4 个月 前

    I just realised Rob is an older, less successful Adam Lz

  • Rene Avila
    Rene Avila4 个月 前

    I thought I clicked on robs new video. Turns out it’s AdamLZ

  • logan turner
    logan turner4 个月 前

    looking forward to this series 3 great people in the car community

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith4 个月 前

    I know the one! Le Roy! He (I believe) won the last overall challenge you had. BUT, I do not think Cleetus would let anyone else drive Le Roy. Consider this, perhaps. The Freedom Factory has a Drag strip right next door, the oval, and figure 8 track. Wide variety of challenges with no travelling from one to another.

  • J Ellis
    J Ellis4 个月 前

    I want to watch the new series, but it’s no secret Tanner is a grade A AZZHOLE. He treats everyone one like shit, and I hope for Matt and your sake you replace him soon. I mean the guy can drive but regarding personality total duchebag

  • bob reid
    bob reid4 个月 前

    Dude commercial after comm than 10min of your commercial bye

  • Eddie h
    Eddie h4 个月 前

    777K subscribers congrats! nice #

  • snakerb
    snakerb4 个月 前

    Ok, I’m excited. Looking forward to this show.

  • NoNameNeeded
    NoNameNeeded4 个月 前

    Whatever y’all do , please don’t do the fake acting from a script.

  • ZeLoPandah
    ZeLoPandah4 个月 前

    Seems like bullshit 😂 just because you say you’ll bring it in if temps go high doesn’t mean shit. Anything can break instantly 🤷‍♂️

  • Jonathan Kiernan
    Jonathan Kiernan4 个月 前

    @ 6:15 i believe the word you were looking for is categories lol

  • Jerry Jrs Garage
    Jerry Jrs Garage4 个月 前

    I want one of the top 3 cars after it’s over with.

  • rocking546
    rocking5464 个月 前

    Was good until you said Tanner Faust

  • TurboDieselDan
    TurboDieselDan4 个月 前

    GOOD LUCK getting people to hand their keys over to Tanner after watching John Ficarra's now deleted VINwiki story about Tanner Foust purposely destroying the car John lent to the Top Gear USA production. You really need a consultant that would tell you these things beforehand.

  • Bic Boi
    Bic Boi4 个月 前

    Why skip over texas? Houston has a huge street scene and hosts tx2k... like wtf Spaghetti man

  • TurboDieselDan
    TurboDieselDan4 个月 前

    Wow, I'm surprised Tanner is still getting work after that VIN Wiki story but it's not like I'd expect Rob to have his ear to the streets or principles to not hire him. Hopefully you got him on a discount now that his reputation took a hit.

  • 300zxdriver


    2 个月 前

    TurboDieselDan Where can I see this story?

  • Scott Lauren
    Scott Lauren4 个月 前

    Saw this a few days ago. Cool to see you 3 all working together.

  • Canadian Thomas
    Canadian Thomas4 个月 前

    Tanner, nice! can't wait!

  • Chris ???
    Chris ???4 个月 前

    This should be fun!

  • Jack Hoffman
    Jack Hoffman4 个月 前

    Will the spaghetti cook off be on the food network

  • chrimac
    chrimac4 个月 前

    I was excited until you said tanner Foust. I've met him on numerous occasions and he is a prick.

  • chrimac


    2 个月 前

    @Baron Wilson I'm just the organizer i work for the customer and I "ORGANIZE" everything from catering to extra lavatories. I started working for myself back in 2016 and have worked with Foust twice in my time alone, and a couple times before that when I worked for a company out of Fort worth. I never said my feelings were hurt I said he's a prick because he's hard to work for. Im sorry that I'm not a fan of working 80 hours a week on an event that should only take 20 hours total to complete; Then to get yelled at when I serve you the invoice with a full breakdown of where my time was spent and the total cost of the services you requested is ridiculous. Based on my experiences with Foust I feel justified in my assessment of him. Im here to do my job so I can keep food on the table and the power on and people like him make that difficult.

  • Baron Wilson

    Baron Wilson

    2 个月 前

    @chrimac sound to me. You work for somebody else. Hired to take pix and videos. But hey. Its not about getting you. You calling people names bcuz your feelings got hurt. Yeah it happens when you think your special and come to find out. Youre not.

  • chrimac


    2 个月 前

    @Baron Wilson Sure did get me. I totally said im the photographer and the videographer for events. I hire those guys to photograoh and video different events. You can think of me as a GC when you want a house built. Sure got me and my 3 subs?

  • Baron Wilson

    Baron Wilson

    2 个月 前

    @chrimac event organizer? With 3 subscribers? Gotcha.

  • K A

    K A

    4 个月 前

    @chrimac pop his tires

  • UpperRobin29
    UpperRobin294 个月 前

    Donnie is like a baby Student Driver

  • Ciorram1
    Ciorram14 个月 前

    This is a genuinely cool show idea. I am looking forward to seeing this.

  • StefanThePro
    StefanThePro4 个月 前

    I’ve never been so early to a video, I would lend you a few of my cars from the stable to use, though I’m closer to you in NY than LA