Mattia Binotto On The Pride And Pressure Of Leading Ferrari | Beyond The Grid | F1 Official Podcast


The job of Ferrari team principal is arguably the most prestigious in Formula 1, but it’s also the one that undoubtedly carries the most pressure. The man whose task it is to lead the Scuderia right now is Mattia Binotto, who joins us on this week’s show. Binotto is a Ferrari lifer, having joined the team straight out of university and worked numerous roles over his 25 years stay. He tells us all about that journey, which included working as an engineer for Michael Schumacher. Plus there’s also plenty of chat about Leclerc, Sainz and Vettel...
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  • ritik n
    ritik n3 天 前

    Do f1 post their podcasts on Spotify or something? Please tell

  • Pat: CS
    Pat: CS6 天 前

    ask him about the "Great Ferrari master 🅱lan ™"

  • 김봉식
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    Binotto out of F1 please

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson11 天 前

    Can you get Adrian Sutil? 🇩🇪

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute13 天 前

    Great interview, but there wasn’t enough questions on the dodgy Ferrari strategies which have been happening many times over the past season

  • Adikusuma Kenangdjatu Bimaprawira
    Adikusuma Kenangdjatu Bimaprawira15 天 前

    Ferrari have raced in every f1 season Thanks to the great Ferrari Master 🅱️lan

  • Szymon Kazanecki
    Szymon Kazanecki26 天 前

    Thanks to him Ferrari became one big yoke. He should give masterclasses on how to destroy a legacy. Imagine this happenig under Ross Brawn, Jean Todt or even Stefano Domenicalli. It's a yoke.

  • Kiến Phong Quách
    Kiến Phong Quách29 天 前

    Harry Potter's lost uncle is here

  • Jesse M
    Jesse M29 天 前

    🅱️eyond the grid

  • Gerry B
    Gerry B29 天 前

    Simply Excellent Interview, Mattia Binotto as always open and genuine, also not afraid to answer any question that was asked, loved this one well done on the interview Formula 1.

  • Aykut
    Aykut个月 前


  • Aykut
    Aykut个月 前

    "FeRRari" ❤

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  • Mehmet Fikret BABALI
    Mehmet Fikret BABALI个月 前

    Oh so this guy doesn' t talk from text to speech with an Italian accent

  • Aykut
    Aykut个月 前

    5:49 Listen to the start of a failed rags to riches story 😂 Dude was born in 🇨🇭💸

  • Eric o

    Eric o

    个月 前

    Being born in switzerland doesn't mean that you are rich, i am swiss and my family is a simple middle class family

  • Ivan Cheung
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  • Ashish Mepani
    Ashish Mepani个月 前

    It’s his fault Vettel became s🅱️indalla if he treated with the right treatment he would be better

  • Lando Norris
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  • Adrian Moya
    Adrian Moya个月 前

    🅱️eyond the grid

  • Pasha Zamani
    Pasha Zamani个月 前

    can someone explain me what this 🅱️ is about and what is the story behind S🅱️inella?

  • Mercedes F1 Fan
    Mercedes F1 Fan个月 前

    just here for the comments. S🅱️inalla never dies

  • Snowiemoo 1
    Snowiemoo 1个月 前

    The 🅱️est comment section I’ve seen for a while

  • DasHermanLP
    DasHermanLP个月 前

    Can you bring on Andrea Stella next year?

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    Donato Nocera个月 前

    What a 🅱odcast

  • Fernando Trejo Arceo
    Fernando Trejo Arceo个月 前

    Unpopular opinion, but I really like Mr. Binotto. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Kamikaze 01

    Kamikaze 01

    20 天 前

    he is a Meme ofc every1 likes him

  • Thomas
    Thomas个月 前

    One of the 🅱️est interviews I've seen.

  • Dekyi Yangzom
    Dekyi Yangzom个月 前

    jokes aside Such a nice podcast

  • Mr ProFire552494
    Mr ProFire552494个月 前

    🅱️eyond the grid

  • 윤성민
    윤성민个月 前

    Please make Ferrari great again S🅱️inotto

  • Lorenzo Ceccarelli
    Lorenzo Ceccarelli个月 前

    Master 🅱️lan

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  • Elias moises Perez
    Elias moises Perez个月 前

    The Ferrari masterplan™️

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis个月 前

    Ferrari master 🅱️lan

  • Bagiroud 12
    Bagiroud 12个月 前

    who are here just to look for 🅱️ in the comment section 🤣

  • Noah Cheung
    Noah Cheung个月 前


  • Phantom RS
    Phantom RS个月 前

    The harsher statements and conclusions people make, the less they usually understand the real situation. The crowd always has to blame someone, you know :) I'm pretty sure that most of those who now make fun of Binotto have never worked as hard as he did and still does. Tom, thank you for interviewing this smart and determined man!) I strongly believe Mattia, as a great professional, deserves some more years as a team principal to make up for this year's season and carry out his plans.

  • iMads
    iMads个月 前

    too many 🅱️

  • Jaroslaw Fuchs
    Jaroslaw Fuchs个月 前

    This conversation should've begun with "Pronto Mattia"=)

  • PetrolHead88 UK
    PetrolHead88 UK个月 前

    Mattia S🅱️inotto and the Master 🅱️lan. Cant say I was much of a Ferrari fan until S🅱️inn now I cant get enough.

  • Clementos 01
    Clementos 01个月 前

    So Ferrari employed an engineer who, when asked, couldn't draw a valve and eventually made him team principal... Anyone still wondering why their engines are bad? Just joking of course, Mattia clearly is a highly accomplished human being and cannot be individually blamed for the lack of performance of the team this year.

  • SaltyDVa - Overwatch & Gaming Discussion
    SaltyDVa - Overwatch & Gaming Discussion个月 前

    Absolute clown. He should be leading car development and forget team management.

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  • mark duchey
    mark duchey个月 前

    He’s terrible

    COCCO_COLA个月 前

    stiamo cercando di capire ahahhahahaha grande mattia 🅱️8

  • Nikhil Sai
    Nikhil Sai个月 前

    I am glad people get to see a part of the real Mattia Binotto. The man has taken a lot of criticism this year- all of which is not his fault. Probably the best interview on the series so far.

  • Razzix
    Razzix个月 前

    🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️ -my job here is done

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  • Nicolas_Cage_Bees
    Nicolas_Cage_Bees个月 前

    F1: Uploads Binotto video Comment section: I'm 🅱️out to end this man's whole career

  • Luke Walker
    Luke Walker个月 前

    The clown himself

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay个月 前

    This dude is definitely head of The Camorra

  • Catbird
    Catbird个月 前

    I gotta say, this man is really professional, incredibly experienced, and it was so interesting to listen to him. Ps: mandatory 🅱️

  • Vyanktesh Kanungo
    Vyanktesh Kanungo个月 前

    Not much talk of Seb ofcourse. Classic ignorance

  • Vyanktesh Kanungo
    Vyanktesh Kanungo个月 前

    On Vettel 49:36 Ferrari Master🅱️lan

  • Jonathan Chester
    Jonathan Chester个月 前

    He's got more bad press than a politician. Note sure this helped him one bit. 😎

  • planarian 17
    planarian 17个月 前

    Stop posting hate comments please, i can't stop liking them

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura个月 前

    Sergio Marchionne wanted a reply in 30s to whatsapp in the middle of the race, or else...

  • Shauree S
    Shauree S个月 前

    🅱️lan eh?

  • Floyds high heels
    Floyds high heels个月 前

    Can anyone time stamp the part where he talks about Schumacher because I can’t be bothered listening to the whole thing

  • Floyds high heels

    Floyds high heels

    个月 前

    @Raphael Freiberger Legend, thank you

  • Raphael Freiberger

    Raphael Freiberger

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  • Tyminator
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    the sheer amount of 🅱️ in the comments section scares me

  • Musculus IV
    Musculus IV个月 前

    Would be great if F1 could add time stamps for the topics

  • Sleeper Cell
    Sleeper Cell个月 前

    Matthew Bennet, British Leyland Team Principle. It just doesn't have the same gravitas does it?

  • Joey Stocato

    Joey Stocato

    个月 前

    Haha true

  • Armchair Critic
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    The comments are rushing 🅱️!

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    just came here to dislike and read comments.

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    People love him huh? 🤣

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  • Stefan Egger
    Stefan Egger个月 前

    Leading? Did you mean: Misleading?

  • Vyanktesh Kanungo

    Vyanktesh Kanungo

    个月 前

    Hahah exactly this is going to be the worst ferrari plan ever

  • Renzo Miku 69
    Renzo Miku 69个月 前

    Mattia S🅱️innoto

  • Stéphane Edouard
    Stéphane Edouard个月 前

    I've listened to the 59 minutes of it and learned litterally *nothing*, except he LEARNED a lot.

  • Bimon Solivar

    Bimon Solivar

    个月 前

    The fact that they changed the first corner in Fiorano just because Schumi didn't like it was interesting!

  • Kevin Koplikaj
    Kevin Koplikaj个月 前

    Always trust the 🅱️lan

  • Munshi Mohammad
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    "Hey maybe for once the fans will be mature in the comments" I'm so proud to see this community proving me wrong ❤️

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    Ah yes, S🅱️inotto

  • Guenther Steiner
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    Pronto, beyond the grid cast? S🅱️innala *Podcast stops randomly*

  • Swarz o
    Swarz o个月 前

    "Pride and pressure of leading Ferrari to doom" is the more apt title, I would say.

  • January Baby
    January Baby个月 前

    hE’s dOnE sO wElL

  • delija komita
    delija komita个月 前

    The man who ruined ferrari

  • A Car Channel
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    The Master of Master🅱️lan

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    Amida Withanage个月 前

    Comment section = 🅱️

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    🅱️eyond The Grid: Mattia 🅱️INOTTO e d i t i o n

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    His 🅱️lan is perfect !

  • gal is not a noob anymore
    gal is not a noob anymore个月 前

    I dont hate him i want him demoted

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    kuru32244个月 前

    Not really care about the interview, I come here for all the 🅱️ comment.

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    Warning: It's a crazy comment section here.

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    dekx räikkönen个月 前

    He's as boring as he looks.

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    Im gonna say the S word

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    Stop the 🅱️ comments guys I can’t like all of them

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    s🅱️inotto causing the s🅱️innala

  • ReDHeaDSg1
    ReDHeaDSg1个月 前

    So he became engineered and principal because of passion and not knowledge nor experience .... recipe for disaster.

  • Song Bai
    Song Bai个月 前

    Am I the only person who has trouble understanding BinOtto?


    "Leading"......... This Clown is not a leader.