Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Instagram live [June 5, 2020]


  • Sofía Montiel
    Sofía Montiel10 天 前

    6:00 the best seconds of the video😂

  • miss norris
    miss norris23 天 前

    when the foam got on landos nose it was on purpose but it was cute tbh

  • _ DieserLinusYT_
    _ DieserLinusYT_个月 前

    lando is so concentrated, when he puts the beer in the glas

  • CyroFreeze-
    CyroFreeze-个月 前

    Father teaching his son how to poir a drink

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi2 个月 前


  • Les Scudamore
    Les Scudamore3 个月 前

    These two are just the best ❤

  • LazyGamerScotland
    LazyGamerScotland3 个月 前

    It’s so sweet how desperate Carlos wanted to meet up 🥺

  • Gioele Bacchi
    Gioele Bacchi5 个月 前

    Also if I am a Ferrari fan I will miss Lando and Carlos in mclaren lol

  • purvi raheja
    purvi raheja6 个月 前

    Love to see how these two are caring towards one another. God I love both of them together sooo friggin much

  • tg72201
    tg722016 个月 前

    "When are you gonna come to see me? When are we gonna see each other?" MY HEART

  • Adrienn Nagy

    Adrienn Nagy

    个月 前

    @Belén Aquino 6:45

  • Belén Aquino

    Belén Aquino

    个月 前

    what a minute????

  • thelousyllama
    thelousyllama7 个月 前

    “When are you going to come and see me” i love this bromance

  • Belén Aquino

    Belén Aquino

    个月 前

    what a minute??

  • Francesca Franquiotti
    Francesca Franquiotti7 个月 前


  • TheMrBennito
    TheMrBennito7 个月 前

    Carlos is such a cool Spaniard. Best around. Must be great to have him as a teammate/colleague

  • RedCyanPhotos
    RedCyanPhotos8 个月 前

    I could watch these two pour out alcohol free beer all day!! 😂

  • Krolkodil
    Krolkodil8 个月 前

    Germans are getting angry now...

  • Lucas Giménez García
    Lucas Giménez García8 个月 前

    Ayer me llamo mi ex 😭😭

  • _xXFrecarXx_
    _xXFrecarXx_8 个月 前

    Best placement

  • failtolawl
    failtolawl9 个月 前

    how many heatwaves are these europoors gonna complain about until they buy a fucking air conditioning system

  • Nathan Langdon

    Nathan Langdon

    8 个月 前

    failtolawl europoors ?

  • Bosco24
    Bosco249 个月 前

    Lando B O T

  • Edgar Cervantes
    Edgar Cervantes9 个月 前

    Soy lago

  • Matías León
    Matías León10 个月 前

    When you realize that Norris can't drink alcohol in the US

  • Manos L.v.e
    Manos L.v.e10 个月 前

    Carlos you have the combination of very sexy, sexy man for sure and good person i believe.

  • Sheru Qaiser
    Sheru Qaiser10 个月 前

    Smiled through the entire video 🤷🏽‍♀️😅

  • DedMan28
    DedMan2810 个月 前

    Was this livestream before Lando got to watch the Smooth Roberator vid? XD

  • Squiiz
    Squiiz10 个月 前

    It hurts in my eyes watching this

  • Manuela


    7 个月 前


  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller10 个月 前

    I feel like this is how it will be in 2021 when Carlos goes to Ferrari. Still checking in on his little bro Lando. :)

  • Machete Goose

    Machete Goose

    4 天 前

    He is

  • UrAllOnSteroids Uri
    UrAllOnSteroids Uri10 个月 前

    Bottles are for drinking out of :)

  • Nick
    Nick10 个月 前

    I think that is zero alcohol Estrella.

  • FbnF Facts
    FbnF Facts10 个月 前

    7:48 Carlos the rapper

  • Scarlet Bond
    Scarlet Bond11 个月 前

    I hope Carlos does well at Ferrari

  • Alfonso Chang Cardenas
    Alfonso Chang Cardenas11 个月 前

    La publicidad ante todo 😂

  • matty petr
    matty petr11 个月 前

    "mundo" is "week"? lmao

  • Manu Di Noto

    Manu Di Noto

    10 个月 前

    Is world

  • Eimy Jáquez
    Eimy Jáquez11 个月 前

    I'm laughing because people keep asking if Lando is old enough to drink when most european countries people drink since they are like 15-16 and the legal drinking age is 18.

  • SrMorais


    8 个月 前

    actually 18 is just the legal age in most countries, not only european countries

  • Filip Kovac

    Filip Kovac

    10 个月 前

    And drinking Beer with 0,0 very hardcore

  • Frixinator


    11 个月 前

    Legal drinking is 16 in Germany

  • Jaime Bazarra Dias

    Jaime Bazarra Dias

    11 个月 前

    Not all europeans drink before 18

  • Lewis Milne

    Lewis Milne

    11 个月 前

    1mbpswifisped Jesus man settle down, ur on a tear

  • Fernando Martínez
    Fernando Martínez11 个月 前

    You can tell this men are actual friends.

  • Strawberry12


    8 个月 前

    Rafiandra Putra nah they get along to well to be brothers. There friends

  • Rafiandra Putra

    Rafiandra Putra

    8 个月 前

    Fernando Martínez brothers actually

  • WidD_JifL
    WidD_JifL11 个月 前

    El carlos patrocinando estrella galicia un poco descarado xddd

  • Carter Stene
    Carter Stene11 个月 前

    go trolled😂😂

  • 大切な人を守って
    大切な人を守って11 个月 前

    i drink Christmas and New Year fruit champagne 😁it's zero alcohol and the home bar is running out of stock and my parents will be home soon. i gotta plan an escape .Heaththrow,maybe?

  • 大切な人を守って
    大切な人を守って11 个月 前

    spring exam over today 😁will be on McLaren vids binge

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly11 个月 前

    9:57 you can tell Lando has been practicing the correct pronunciation of that. Sticks his tongue out on the c to make a t. Bet thats part of the contract because the other words he says arent as precise.

  • Philip Davidson
    Philip Davidson11 个月 前

    You guys have made me laugh so much though the COVID-19 period. Thank you!

  • Will Heitner
    Will Heitner11 个月 前

    carlos really didnt want that estella

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy11 个月 前


  • Im Batman I really am

    Im Batman I really am

    8 个月 前

    @Simon E Do u drink your cola the Same? 🤦

  • RanzRudi008


    8 个月 前

    @Sobias Tobek Hehe 😅😅

  • Sobias Tobek

    Sobias Tobek

    11 个月 前

    @Simon E please never visit Germany and really stay out from Bavaria

  • Simon E

    Simon E

    11 个月 前

    No, pour straight up. Get the CO2 out of the beer, unless you want that stuff to foam up in your stomach... Pour a beer vigorously in a glass

  • Guenther Steiner
    Guenther Steiner11 个月 前

    some corona would be funnier

  • Ivda VM
    Ivda VM11 个月 前

    Nunca se tomó la chela el lando jajaja

  • Ber Hen
    Ber Hen11 个月 前

    Is he old enough to drink??

  • Idin Ghotbi

    Idin Ghotbi

    11 个月 前

    @Liam H ye and we are allowed to drink in our own house under parental supervision from 5 years of age (it says on the Nhs website)

  • Hugo Fernandez

    Hugo Fernandez

    11 个月 前

    In Europe yes

  • Vidal Cortés

    Vidal Cortés

    11 个月 前

    also in spain, but is 0.0 alcoholic beer

  • Liam H

    Liam H

    11 个月 前

    Thankfully in the UK, we're allowed to drink from 18.

  • Gooseman g

    Gooseman g

    11 个月 前

    Legal age is 18 in the uk

  • CoolGaming
    CoolGaming11 个月 前

    Carlos wearing the c'est normal shirt

  • Matthew Dix
    Matthew Dix11 个月 前

    if you look carefully you can see some estrella galacia product placement

  • Cos


    5 个月 前

    @Erwan K vive la bretagne :)

  • Erwan K

    Erwan K

    5 个月 前


  • Cos


    5 个月 前


  • Another Voyager

    Another Voyager

    11 个月 前

    @Antonio Buccheri I would hate a contract like that tbh, looks like they aren't enjoying it at all, but money is money I guess

  • lisciatoredimele89


    11 个月 前

    Did you say Estrella Galicia™?

  • Zedoche La pétoche
    Zedoche La pétoche11 个月 前

    Lando and Carlos vs Max and Charles .... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lissette Arroyo
    Lissette Arroyo11 个月 前

    Thank you for uploading! Can’t wait to see them on the upcoming race is Austria