Lando Norris Tries To Learn Spanish With Carlos Sainz

Streaming su twitch :


  • Alejandro Ocaña
    Alejandro Ocaña2 个月 前


  • Carla Lavega
    Carla Lavega2 个月 前

    "the helicopter's got no ballsssss..." 🤣

  • A Day in the Life Nico Y
    A Day in the Life Nico Y3 个月 前 Senna

  • mirandabr84
    mirandabr843 个月 前

    why weren’t they aloud to go live? what is that for stupid rules!?!

  • LazyGamerScotland


    2 个月 前

    Dumb f1 rules, they give broadcast rights to sky etc so when you stream during the session they view it as breaking the rules. So stupid especially since the session was a total write off because of the rain

  • Angelo Rodrigues
    Angelo Rodrigues3 个月 前

    stupid rules, is FIA afraid Carlos and Lando would steal some viewers from the live session?

  • Paco AG
    Paco AG3 个月 前

    Valla dos 😂

  • Justin0o0
    Justin0o04 个月 前

    1 more race weekend. :(

  • Julieta Cao
    Julieta Cao5 个月 前

    Jajajajajajaja dios los amo

  • René E. G.
    René E. G.5 个月 前

    Eres un guarro xdddd

  • Eloy BS Racing
    Eloy BS Racing6 个月 前

    El helicóptero No puede volar

  • Jon Chui
    Jon Chui6 个月 前

    I hope they still hang out together next year when Carlos drives for Ferrari

  • zarin shapurjee

    zarin shapurjee

    13 天 前

    They said they would they are good friends

  • Álvarob


    个月 前

    Today the first day

  • LazyGamerScotland


    2 个月 前

    One can only hope 🧡🤞🏻

  • 大切な人を守って
    大切な人を守って6 个月 前

    😂worse than my Espanol!

  • GamingLive HD The Main Channel

    GamingLive HD The Main Channel

    5 个月 前

    Also we have that subject in College but the professor ugh

  • Mirko Maione
    Mirko Maione6 个月 前

    Solo io o sentito lando dire:shhhhh shhhhh cazzo shhhhhh ahahaha

  • Caterina Vigoriti

    Caterina Vigoriti

    2 个月 前


  • Biagio D. B.
    Biagio D. B.6 个月 前

    Ma non si potrebbe fare un team con 3 auto!!? Sarebbe un sogno vedere Sainz, Norris e Ricciardo insieme!!

  • Michel Germano

    Michel Germano

    3 个月 前

    Sorry,I can't answer you in Italian because I don't even know English already,but I understood what you mean. It should be a dream to see Carlos,Norris and Ricciardo on the same team. It would be Epic. Un abraccio dal Brasile

  • Andrea Lanzillotta
    Andrea Lanzillotta6 个月 前

    Grande vanzini