LaMelo Shows Some Love to Draymond After Accidentally Hitting Him at the End of Game | Feb 26, 2021


Charlotte Hornets vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game Highlights | February 26, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Tomeka Ewing
    Tomeka Ewing2 天 前

    vBritt Reid

  • fgtfyhf dfert
    fgtfyhf dfert16 天 前

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  • Ryan Mc
    Ryan Mc17 天 前

    If Warriors lost that game it's a diff story

    JUSTE17 天 前

    11 points. Game of his life. 🤣 I understand I’m the 🤡 in the comments but I hate that dude!

  • Bernard Moore
    Bernard Moore18 天 前

    Julian Newman watching Lamelo play from home still saying to himself "We the biggest names". 😂

  • Kola Alade
    Kola Alade18 天 前

    No, he just doesn't want to get hit in the crouch in the future .😂😂😂

  • Cheveux Fins
    Cheveux Fins20 天 前

    flooding draymond air plane green

  • Brittany Haynes
    Brittany Haynes22 天 前

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  • Damon Gill
    Damon Gill22 天 前


  • Total Kaoss
    Total Kaoss22 天 前

    Basketball players are so soft. What happened being a man! Shaking it off, being tough etc. they just lay there and express their pain and wait for attention.

  • Ripper Roo
    Ripper Roo22 天 前

    He is so overrated

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia22 天 前

    I mean what you trying to do. Down 9. No timeouts and 4 seconds on the clock.

  • | Ride.the.Flow |
    | Ride.the.Flow |22 天 前

    Melo looking like Lamar running through defenders

  • Luffy- Desu
    Luffy- Desu23 天 前

    I wish Lamelo name his son Lmao Ball

  • Emir Veziroglu
    Emir Veziroglu23 天 前

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  • Zack Butala
    Zack Butala23 天 前

    Curry needs show love he didn’t shake lamelo hand ✋

  • Ping Rock
    Ping Rock24 天 前

    Lamelo mabait humble

  • phengoiz27
    phengoiz2724 天 前

    If that was lebroll he’ll be rolling back and forth. 😂😂😂

  • The C in Comedy
    The C in Comedy25 天 前

    Draymonds acting skills are on point I give him that.

  • Twitch Highlights
    Twitch Highlights25 天 前

    Put Lamelo in Warriors and theyll win another ring

  • Seth Holloway
    Seth Holloway25 天 前

    Draymond such a beta

  • Jerry West
    Jerry West26 天 前

    Melo ain’t used to da flops

  • Joey Bateman
    Joey Bateman26 天 前

    Sparty love at the end.

  • Sean RB
    Sean RB27 天 前

    He left him hanging 🤣

    DRGONZOO27 天 前

    basketball still sucks, draymond over reacted like usual! flop!

  • :l
    :l27 天 前

    Mr.Flop on the field

  • Magic Skillz
    Magic Skillz个月 前

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    kasirab kasiyras个月 前

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  • yokensei
    yokensei个月 前

    LaMelo - “my fault og”

  • John Mayer
    John Mayer个月 前


  • Graham Gaskins
    Graham Gaskins个月 前

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  • Bubon Plage
    Bubon Plage个月 前

    down by 9, the rookie puts two warriors on the floor going hard to the paint for one final drive. -future legend

  • The Bruh
    The Bruh个月 前


  • Dillon Cochran
    Dillon Cochran个月 前


  • Heidi Cruz
    Heidi Cruz个月 前

    i love this kid, His parents did a great job raising them.. Black dads matter

  • yellawolf78


    个月 前

    Shout out to you Ms. Martinez!!

  • wisel
    wisel个月 前

    You probably won't be seeing this but I want you to know, Never Give Up on something you are passionate about. I hope I made your day

  • Dietrich Olguin
    Dietrich Olguin个月 前

    What a flopper!

  • RichVid
    RichVid个月 前

    Good boy

  • Alex Paz
    Alex Paz个月 前

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  • A5AP KillThemAll
    A5AP KillThemAll个月 前

    Lamelo didn’t want to get his ass beat

  • Mind Your Business
    Mind Your Business个月 前

    Yea he in there. He show dont get the love his older brother got his freshman year. He can walk in oppents crowds no elbows no bs. He can joke nobody gets offended. He found a home alright....

  • klynt westwood
    klynt westwood个月 前

    rudy tomjanovich had his life almost snuffed out when kermit washington blasted him in his face an kermit never apologized.🏤🏤

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel个月 前

    You’ve gotta give it to Draymond for not acting out and not “approving” his gesture

  • atlslugger14
    atlslugger14个月 前

    what a flop lol

  • Soldier of Christ
    Soldier of Christ个月 前

    The Lakers need to get this Kid.

  • Lin Dee
    Lin Dee个月 前

    looks like a flop though😁😆

  • Ivan
    Ivan个月 前

    Every player does that.... so they dont get fined or if they are young they want the older players respect.. I dont understand why everyone acts like.hes the only player who does this hahah y'all ride him too hard

  • Charlie Willis
    Charlie Willis个月 前

    What a flop

  • Joshua Newby
    Joshua Newby个月 前


  • Jeff King
    Jeff King个月 前

    This is how soft the league is now.

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez个月 前

    Big ups to Draymond he is definitely maturing and Lamelo is definitely putting some work out there 🙏🏽

  • Javi javierza
    Javi javierza个月 前

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  • geoffrey quiba
    geoffrey quiba个月 前

    those were some fouls, refs didn't care they wanted to go home

  • Daron Cannon
    Daron Cannon个月 前

    Draymond barely got hit

  • ray ray
    ray ray个月 前

    Imagine the youngest being better than older ones tho sheesh

  • Syril wayne Cuneta
    Syril wayne Cuneta个月 前

    I find it funny when steph was bumped by lamelo.

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith个月 前

    Melo: Sorry bro I didn't mean to hit, good game. Draymond: Good game young buck man you're nuts...are safe for now....

  • Nagy Brayden
    Nagy Brayden个月 前

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    Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

  • Planet Jigobot TV
    Planet Jigobot TV个月 前

    LaMelo was protecting himself from a future train wreck.

  • Buom tut
    Buom tut个月 前

    Draymond has always been a good guy but people would love him if he was on their team I know I would love him on my cavs 😂 and ima draymond green fan and I like him as an player and as an person and I feel like when he kicked steven adams in the balls twice I think he was too undersized for steven adams and he prob had to play really physical against him because he's only 6'7 and steven adams is listed at 6'11

  • Devon Jordan
    Devon Jordan个月 前

    ... I’m going back to hockey videos

  • Jay H
    Jay H个月 前

    Accountability is the basis of sportsmanship.

  • Paul Angelo Palisoc
    Paul Angelo Palisoc个月 前

    Draymond cant recruit this cause he does not have a team. 😂😂😅🤣

  • Amran
    Amran个月 前

    Lamelo is special 💯

  • creamypasta
    creamypasta个月 前

    I know Lavar sometimes pull up some crazy statements but he's a great father to all his sons

  • Voltaire Voltaires
    Voltaire Voltaires个月 前

    Social distancing?

  • Felix Vasquez
    Felix Vasquez个月 前

    Wtf was this video about. Who cares about this .

  • silver carter
    silver carter个月 前

    funny..I thought green woulda kicked him in the nutz

  • dajse spokoj
    dajse spokoj个月 前

    What's all that hugging about?! C'mon, just tap him in his arm if it was bad and that's it. The more muscles they have nowadays the more feminine they become. I'd rather watch the competitive 80's and 90's.

  • Tyler Dixon
    Tyler Dixon个月 前

    Come to the dark side lamelo!

  • Heatcliffx Josu
    Heatcliffx Josu个月 前

    admit it ball brothers are respective

  • Matthew Adams
    Matthew Adams个月 前

    Lamelo is the GOAT

  • Mhv _rastaaa
    Mhv _rastaaa个月 前

    “Good job boy.don’t forget to come by the house tomorrow.Ima see you at my house.” -Draymond

  • Slibbs
    Slibbs个月 前

    Draymonds starting to be a little too nice to these young ins

  • Soph x
    Soph x个月 前

    Damn and this is supposed to be one of the toughest guys in the sport? NBA is soft

  • Adrian Valencia
    Adrian Valencia个月 前

    draymond looking at those nutz like ... “👀🥜”

  • JayKob Franklyn
    JayKob Franklyn个月 前

    Lámelo is already getting the respect. I underestimated him

  • flaco
    flaco个月 前

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  • Kelly Richard

    Kelly Richard

    个月 前

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  • Riv & Reb
    Riv & Reb个月 前

    Hate to say it but I've become a fan of Melo. Called him a Kardashian, didn't think he'd even make it to the league and if he did it'd only be to sell tickets. Going #2 and putting up ROTY numbers. I'm eating my words

  • Ibraheem Mohammedally
    Ibraheem Mohammedally个月 前

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  • haijac00
    haijac00个月 前

    And that’s how you do it, when you’re truly sincere it show and people gravitate towards that.

  • aeminence
    aeminence个月 前

    is that fake crowd noises? :S

  • James Salazar
    James Salazar个月 前

    At the end of the day everyone understands that they want to win, whatever happens in between is just blood sweat and tears.

  • PUNKS 6661
    PUNKS 6661个月 前

    Melo better than oubre and wiggins in few more years, warriors will not go anywhere with those two on the team as starters

  • LilSupernova
    LilSupernova个月 前

    Gotta Love Lamelo

  • Sirito
    Sirito个月 前

    Lamelo is already better than lonzo in my opinion

  • ᒍ.ᖇ. ᗪᖇᗩᗰᗩ
    ᒍ.ᖇ. ᗪᖇᗩᗰᗩ个月 前

    NBA so soft get a tech for caring

  • Simply VickyD
    Simply VickyD个月 前

    The karate chop 😂

  • Jet Life
    Jet Life个月 前

    Damn Draymond went off that game

  • Alex Shulz
    Alex Shulz个月 前

    Play hard, but show love to opponents. This is how you gain the respect from others. No need for fake "thug" toughness.

  • Teddy
    Teddy个月 前

    Kid is a class act

  • Roni Brito
    Roni Brito个月 前

    People wanna hate on Lavar but he raised his kids to have sportsmanship.

  • flex five
    flex five个月 前

    Lamelo is different and the best Ball brother of them all. Cant wait to see what this kid does

  • 90s Yungin
    90s Yungin个月 前

    I’m proud of Lamelo he’s grown so much

  • Joseph Wil
    Joseph Wil个月 前

    LaMelo: My fault dray Draymond: it’s alright young bull 🐂


    So basketball is now soccer with the flopping

  • Anthony
    Anthony个月 前

    Nice to see lamelo being a stand-up dude, but draymond is still a trashman

  • killafornia CA
    killafornia CA个月 前

    I think If EGO doesnt exist there will be more love than we expected everywhere

  • Lovethissong
    Lovethissong个月 前

    Respect! Love it!