Lady Gaga - Alice [1Hour]


Lady Gaga - Alice [1 Hour Version]
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I do not claim the authorship of audio material. This is 1-hour version of not my song


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    1Hour HQ Videos11 个月 前

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  • PrototypeC4
    PrototypeC42 天 前

    for God and the Gays 🙏

  • Hans Schoonen
    Hans Schoonen15 天 前

    wonderfull r

  • Syn Celeste
    Syn Celeste2 个月 前

    Not long enough

  • Adryan Sousa
    Adryan Sousa3 个月 前

    Meu filhoo pode colocar 10 horas aí...que eu não enjoo ❤🤩🕺🇧🇷

  • Rafael Cassiano

    Rafael Cassiano

    15 天 前

    Eu também não!!!!!!!!!

  • vensios
    vensios11 个月 前

    should i be worried that 1 hour repeating is not enough for my ears to hear this masterpiece? PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF HER CAREER

  • Florian Knezevic

    Florian Knezevic

    6 天 前

    Agreed! 😂😂

  • Rafael Cassiano

    Rafael Cassiano

    15 天 前

    Off course! I loved so much!

  • Mxolisi Simelane

    Mxolisi Simelane

    个月 前

    Agreed its amongst her top 3 best songs

  • Kaan Umut
    Kaan Umut11 个月 前

    current mood:dancing with this new song

  • Renato Rocha
    Renato Rocha11 个月 前

    Omg thank you very much for this video!!! Thats what we al need specially if we drive and we don't need to press de replay buttom! This is amazing! Keep this amazing work ! Maybe you can do it with all the songs of chromatica and others?

  • Renato Rocha

    Renato Rocha

    9 个月 前

    Hahahaha yeah right hahaha!

  • Bunnikiniso


    9 个月 前

    Feel you hahaha I'm driving as well

  • Elizabeth Pérez Guzmán
    Elizabeth Pérez Guzmán11 个月 前

    I needed this hahaha

  • Rafael Cassiano

    Rafael Cassiano

    15 天 前

    Me too!!!!!

  • my last braincell is sad and lonely now
    my last braincell is sad and lonely now11 个月 前


  • Andres Poiche
    Andres Poiche11 个月 前

    Thanks for this