Kevin Magnussen Goes Out In Style! | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Donuts were on the menu for Kevin Magnussen's final race for Haas F1 team, and some heartfelt radio messages too
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  • Joshua Lovatt
    Joshua Lovatt26 天 前

    F#$k I’m gonna miss him 😭😭

  • Doc
    Doc个月 前

    People crying over an average driver driving a P**** poor car 😂😭🤣

  • Doc


    个月 前

    @Duncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan He is better then me! oh wow!!!

  • Duncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan

    Duncan Sherman - Chelsea Fan

    个月 前

    Well, he’s better than you, so I’d keep quiet

  • carlo castillo
    carlo castillo个月 前

    Surely an emotional goodbyes. You can hear it from their voices.

  • No Tru
    No Tru个月 前

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

  • No Tru
    No Tru个月 前

    Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

  • Enrico Gaming
    Enrico Gaming个月 前

    Thank you Kevin for your four. Years

  • Numatixx
    Numatixx个月 前

    Is it bad that this almost brought me to tears? I was a fan of Kevin since I saw what we could do in that shitbox 2017 Haas. F1 will miss such a ballsy, aggressive, and no-BS driver like he is. Come over to America Kevin and drive for IndyCar or IMSA like your father, you'll be a champion over here for sure!

  • TheTorqueMusic
    TheTorqueMusic个月 前

    A GREAT loss for F1

  • Doc


    个月 前


  • Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen
    Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen个月 前

    Probably the smoothest burnout i’ve ever seen

  • Adreng20
    Adreng20个月 前

    Günther : te Should not golf smash my door

  • Adreng20
    Adreng20个月 前

    Kevin : *smashes the door*

  • K Alexis Dominic Binarao
    K Alexis Dominic Binarao个月 前

    Its a shame that Romain could not be there to do donuts with him.

  • Super U
    Super U个月 前

    Who will u chose? 1. A Danish ledgend 2. One billionaire Russian boy Haas: hmmmm

  • Spencer Lykins
    Spencer Lykins个月 前

    😭- Love you back Bro

  • Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen个月 前

    I've always seen him as one driver you don't want to race against, ever since that move on Nico in Hungary 2017, but it'll be a shame to not have him next year.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case个月 前

    I'm surprised he didn't hit anyone

  • André Winkelsträter
    André Winkelsträter个月 前

    Finally hes away. Im so happy. Thanks for leaving. Hope 4ever

  • Kailash Rai
    Kailash Rai个月 前

    Drive to survive is not a joke

  • That Terence Guy
    That Terence Guy个月 前

    Still sad Grosjean didn't get to have one more race, but glad KMag got to go out with donuts after a race

  • V1GG0
    V1GG0个月 前

    Denmark left the chat :(

  • AndyKB productions
    AndyKB productions个月 前

    Did they say Haas is leaving? Last time?

    RX GAMING个月 前

    Kevin noo :(

  • Ben Myatt
    Ben Myatt个月 前

    “Only the winner does burnouts” -Jimmie Johnson

  • mike o
    mike o个月 前

    Way to go! Without him and Romain, I'm not going to see much F1 next year.

  • Doc


    个月 前

    Hass is an utter joke rather drive a Williams!!!!

  • Andre Fernandes
    Andre Fernandes个月 前

    Ha. Romain did that in idk what race, during the race.

  • Luca Goodoer
    Luca Goodoer个月 前

    Unrealised potential.

  • Jefferson Gomes
    Jefferson Gomes个月 前

    I'll miss him

  • PENS
    PENS个月 前

    very cool

  • Shihabdeen
    Shihabdeen个月 前

    1:07 "that's what heroes do" ❤️

  • Sean Yeahright
    Sean Yeahright个月 前

    yeah but can he do a wheelie ?

  • Scott L.
    Scott L.个月 前

    Love ya, K-Mag

  • Elon Esqandar
    Elon Esqandar个月 前

    Guenther mental health is definitely gonna improve after this race.

  • Assault 13
    Assault 13个月 前

    Gonna miss you, kmag

  • McRocket
    McRocket个月 前

    You will be missed, K Mag.

  • Fred Peters
    Fred Peters个月 前

    97 dislikes from the guys who have to paint it all blue again...

  • BigAli27
    BigAli27个月 前

    Gunther is like a teddy bear at heart with some anger problems but it’s okay. Who wouldn’t when leading haas hahaa

  • I- Txmbo -I
    I- Txmbo -I个月 前

    U have to imagine you could not drive anymore against k-mag in f1 2021 in the career mode with an 110 AI

  • Jejking
    Jejking个月 前

    1000th comment. Actually gonna miss you Kevin, you grew a lot.

  • eduardo C F
    eduardo C F个月 前


  • ilias
    ilias个月 前

    One of the best in F1! Racing without feelings and emotions! Absolutely,without thinking of death! Love you Mag!!!

    IL CRITICO个月 前

    • 7 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Formula1 World Champion (World Record, with Schumy) • 1 ☆ Formula2 World Champion • 1 ☆ Formula3 World Champion • 95 GP Winner (World Record!) • 98 Pole Positions (World Record!) • 165 Podium (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Winner (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Pole Positions (World Record!) • 3778 Points (World Record!) • GP Winner in all seasons (World Record!) •Pole Position in all seasons (World Record!) • 8 Times Winner in One Circuit (Hungaroring, World Record! with Schumy) Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Hamilton!

  • kuhmilch
    kuhmilch个月 前

    I'm not crying. You are!

  • Dmitry Merezhko
    Dmitry Merezhko个月 前

    It's a shame he didn't have a proper shot with a race winning car

  • ALVMusic
    ALVMusic个月 前

    Underrated driver who never got a real oportunity to shine, despite being right among the top drivers in terms of pure speed and overtaking ability. Sure he made some bad decisions in the past and this probably played a role, but can't help wondering what "might" have been if he had a competitive car. I'm sure he would beat almost any driver with the same car, but modern F1 doesn't really reward aggressive drivers...

  • fáze elims
    fáze elims个月 前

    Hamilton maybe retiring 😔

  • Novastarr
    Novastarr个月 前

    Godspeed KMag!

  • MrRj600rr
    MrRj600rr个月 前

    I’m not crying. I’m crying.

  • OlafComments
    OlafComments个月 前

    kmag being thrown out from Haas is unspeakable...hopefully he is coming back to F1 some day

  • Chapter End
    Chapter End个月 前


  • Darsh
    Darsh个月 前

    Romain: why can't i do donuts

  • Xuanwen Huang
    Xuanwen Huang个月 前

    I don't know why but this set of donuts hits a bit different. Thank you, Kevin! You will be missed

  • Berkay Akdag
    Berkay Akdag个月 前

    Magnussen is and always will be missed its a fact

  • Gabriel Matthews
    Gabriel Matthews个月 前

    I feel for k mag... We haven't seen the best of him in f1. I'm sure he'll do some great things out of f1 in motorsport too.

  • alphasumit1
    alphasumit1个月 前

    Sadly, F1 is about the car not the driver. They should change the rules, each race should only have cars only from 1 manufacturer and all the drivers should race on the same car. That would be fun :)

  • ZUZU117
    ZUZU117个月 前

    i’ll really miss k mag😰😥


    Ciao Kevin😭😭😭😭

  • Astrostevo
    Astrostevo个月 前

    Damitt I'm not crying. Oh wait I am... Respect. Never been big K Mag fan but this. yeah. This gets the heartstrings..

  • Robin Ho
    Robin Ho个月 前

    Wish you all the best at IMSA

  • Mehdi B.
    Mehdi B.个月 前

    Emotional Donuts :')

  • Hauptsache Puls
    Hauptsache Puls个月 前

    most stunning: Doing donots while wheel is straight. These cars carry so much momentum LOL

  • Digvijaysinh Gohil
    Digvijaysinh Gohil个月 前


  • The_red_ barron
    The_red_ barron个月 前

    0:10 'with you in the car we always have a chance on Sunday Kevin' so why are you getting ride of him then?

  • Ruskey
    Ruskey个月 前

    Goodluck @ IMSA KMaG !

  • Photokan Imaging
    Photokan Imaging个月 前

    Sad to see him go, but with the Chip Ganassi Racing team signing him he'll be fighting in the front at IMSA again. Not as prestigious as F1, but at least he won't be a back marker anymore :)

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5个月 前

    I will miss this straight-talking _Viking racer!_ All the best to him in the upcoming chapters of his racing career.

  • Leanne Tremain
    Leanne Tremain个月 前


  • svogender
    svogender个月 前

    Thank you Kev...You are a true hero here i Denmark...!! 👍👍👍👍

  • DaSpaceJammer
    DaSpaceJammer个月 前

    Grosjean & K Mag will forever be might be all downhill from here boys😭😭

  • coco pirata
    coco pirata个月 前

    f1 is only a show like werstling wwa wwwf

  • Sushmita Deb
    Sushmita Deb个月 前

    Wait he's retiring

  • Robert R

    Robert R

    个月 前

    Going to race at imsa next year. Retiring from f1

  • Silas T-H
    Silas T-H个月 前

    Where is the moments of his brilliance vid?

  • Maniyakkk
    Maniyakkk个月 前

    Better donuts then Bottas

  • Andrew Storm
    Andrew Storm个月 前

    He will have flat spotted his tyres

  • Simone Di Massa
    Simone Di Massa个月 前

    Breaking: Gunther Steiner thanks Kevin saying "Thanks for all the fok smashed doors"

  • Legondor Games
    Legondor Games个月 前

    Magnussen was a real one! One of the most underrated drivers! Give him a better car and he would definitly score better than vettel right now

  • egyptology22
    egyptology22个月 前

    I never really liked him but this changed my mind. Great video

  • Said Abdala
    Said Abdala个月 前

    This is the way we live. Life go zone. To get old is gift ..

  • The Slowworms
    The Slowworms个月 前

    Really gonna miss Kevin. Graceful exit as well.

  • michael16
    michael16个月 前

    you know the car is absolutely bad when even your team principal does not want to drive it

  • Hamilton Seshibe
    Hamilton Seshibe个月 前

    I still think Kevin Magnussen would make a decent team mate to Max at Redbull. The aggression and the fact that Kevin has massive race start skill. I also don't see how Redbull would push him around for Max's sake.

  • Nielsen
    Nielsen个月 前

    Sad that no other team brought him onboard, he's such an underrated driver I feel bad that he have had to put up with a car like his for such a long time..

  • Fryingpan
    Fryingpan个月 前

    did any of the hondas do a burnout? would love to hear that engine on full tilt

  • Debojyoti Sarkar
    Debojyoti Sarkar个月 前

    Why are they taking out this guy, for money? I feel emotional

  • GrootleBrax
    GrootleBrax个月 前

    Goodbye, the most underrated F1 driver in history

  • Lassemilling
    Lassemilling个月 前

    Criminally underrated...

  • Doğan Yazgı
    Doğan Yazgı个月 前

    There are no vankors left who could foksmash Guenther's door

  • Julian Pollet
    Julian Pollet个月 前

    "This is the worst experience i've ever had in any race car Ever"

  • Mark
    Mark个月 前

    P1 then P0 ...we need this engine for the whole of next season

  • jakob laier
    jakob laier个月 前

    sad to see him go. he was one of the few real racing drivers in f1, but he has been unlucky with his car since 2014, would love to se him drive a fast car, if you look at the point there the car dosen't mean anything like in starts and defending he is outstanding

  • Da Guys
    Da Guys个月 前

    "Thank you my frined" wait, didn't you fok smash his door?

  • BigFuckOffTurtle
    BigFuckOffTurtle个月 前

    Let us not forget Kvyat.

  • Bjørn Jensen
    Bjørn Jensen个月 前

    Tak for alt Kevin var med på sidelinjen i Spa i 14 stor oplevelse var sikker på at du ville blive en af de helt store men F1 er desværre ikke en helt fair sport selvom at at talentet er der Glæder mig til at se dig sejre i USA

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.个月 前

    we will miss you Kev.

  • JulianTung083
    JulianTung083个月 前

    At least Kevin have a chance to say goodbye. Romain sadly left the sport 2 races earlier...

  • Swaran Gs
    Swaran Gs个月 前

    Thanks for the last 4 are fired!!

  • Kerry Glaman
    Kerry Glaman个月 前

    Thanks for your efforts kevin, looking forward to seeing you next fall at road america.

  • Nikt Ważny
    Nikt Ważny个月 前

    I wish Romain could do that too :/

  • srinjoy bose
    srinjoy bose个月 前

    2021 WE have a Perv. in a F1 CAR

  • Julian Hu
    Julian Hu个月 前

    I'm not crying you're crying

  • Siddhant Patil
    Siddhant Patil个月 前

    We don't want mazepin we are okay with K-mag! Miss you K-Mag.