James Harden's HISTORIC Brooklyn Debut | 32 PTS, 12 REB, 14 AST 🙌


James Harden made history in his first game as a Brooklyn Net when he recorded a 32-PT, 12 REB, 14 AST triple-double in the Nets' win over the Magic!
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  • 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy13 天 前

    Harden is the most overrated player in NBA history. Worst choker for a top player in the playoffs in history. All Harden is when you break it down is a 26PPG, 6 assist, 5 rebound player. The only reason his stats are bloated is because he insists on every play going through him. He is not a point guard, is too slow to be a point guard with not good enough ball-handling, so why the hell is Irving not the point guard of this team. Harden is 20 or 30 pounds overweight now, can't guard anyone even if he tried, he is too slow and fat. Harden does not make players around him better, and doesn't play well with Irving. Irving might as well be invisible now because every possession is Harden with the ball, holding the ball, traveling, drawing phantom foul calls. This team is winning now but with Harden controlling the ball throughout every possession, this team cannot win in the playoffs or finals. With just Irving and Durant as the stars, this team has a better chance against elite teams like the Lakers in the Finals. Harden will go 1-25 with 0-12 from threes in any key playoff or Finals game like he has done every year in the playoffs. Irving is arguably the best ball handler of all time, but yet we see fat slow Harden control every possession with the clock winding down. If Harden hogs the ball, it is hard not to average huge stats. I would still much rather have an Isaiah, Chris Paul or Kyrie as my true point guard handling the ball and dishing. Harden is not a winner and never will be. He is a top 12-15 best player in the league and if he knew his ROLE, he would be a 26-6-5 per game type player, that is WHO HE IS. At the rate the Nets are going, despite them winning NOW, Durant and Irving may as well sit out every game because Harden insists on every single possession of every play going through him and revolving around him. If the Nets win in the postseason and win a title it will be because of Irving and Durant, and Harden will do nothing but hurt them, despite his stats. Stats don't tell the whole story, and Harden is playing point guard as a fat slow lumbering balhog, never mind that Irving the greatest ballhandler ever is now all but invisible with Harden on the floor. Harden's step back 3, he takes 3 or 4 steps which is a carry. He takes 3 or 4 steps every drive into the lane which is a carry. I laugh at all you Harden fans who think he is a superstar. He is one step down from a superstar, and Lebron, Davis, Paul, Durant, Irving, Westbrook, Lillard etc. are all a step above Harden. And he is the least clutch star of all time, if you ever saw him in the playoffs. And I was a Nets season ticketholder last year and went to about 100 Nets games and went to about 300 Knicks games

  • Phoenix-Quenn Azula
    Phoenix-Quenn Azula10 天 前

    Best offensiv player in the World

  • imcoolwith that
    imcoolwith that15 天 前

    over a month later.. 50/40/90 shooting, 24ppg, 12 assists, 7 reb .. leading the nets to new heights

  • Z // Universe
    Z // Universe个月 前

    Look at James harden man so happy to be in Brooklyn. I'm glad. Rockets Fail :/

  • Z // Universe
    Z // Universe个月 前

    Man. I always have been a Brooklyn nets and Boston fan. Now Kyrie KD, James harden collabs. Brooklyn nets going to be lit

  • Yung Sky
    Yung Sky个月 前

    What is up wit the bierd

  • Cull Obsidian

    Cull Obsidian

    13 天 前

    He's an Israeli disciple don't fuc wit him he didnt come to Brooklyn to be pretty😤

  • Rowdy
    Rowdy个月 前

    Oh he’s ballin and seems to be in great spirits.

  • kappo YT
    kappo YT个月 前

    Where is Irving

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy个月 前

    Harden and KD look Goooood. Now let's see what's poppin when Kyrie come back.

  • Aaron Goines
    Aaron Goines个月 前

    Nets are beating Lakers Harden Kyrie KD vs King James and just AD easy for Nets.

  • Melba Seaman
    Melba Seaman个月 前

    🔥🔥🔥It's so good to see Harden playing with great teamates.. Have any Japanese in here ?: cnboth.info

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou个月 前

    "When you’re playing with really good players" shots fired😂

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前

    dangdutan sambil isoman

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    个月 前

    baru lihat

  • Ritwa Kicas
    Ritwa Kicas个月 前

    bapak ku pasti seneng denger lagu ini

  • Wesua Liska
    Wesua Liska个月 前

    mantap kakak

  • Hure Koya
    Hure Koya个月 前

    kemana mereka sekarang yang nyanyi ini

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    个月 前

    dangdutan sambil isoman

  • LuKiiNhA7xNiNE
    LuKiiNhA7xNiNE个月 前

    Esse gordinho é chato 🤩

  • Wesua Liska
    Wesua Liska个月 前

    ini keren pada masanya

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前

    sama lagu ini, alfatihah

  • Wesua Liska
    Wesua Liska个月 前

    nemu lagu ini, jadi inget alm mama, seneng sekali

  • Hure Koya
    Hure Koya个月 前

    sama lagu ini, alfatihah

  • Wesua Liska
    Wesua Liska个月 前

    mantap nihh legend

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前

    sama lagu ini, alfatihah

  • Ritwa Kicas
    Ritwa Kicas个月 前

    mantap kakak

  • Wesua Liska
    Wesua Liska个月 前

    makna lirik lagunya ngena banget

  • Ritwa Kicas
    Ritwa Kicas个月 前

    kok yo kepenak

  • Ritwa Kicas
    Ritwa Kicas个月 前

    baru lihat

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前

    auto play kalo inimah

  • Casieh Mueks
    Casieh Mueks个月 前

    sama lagu ini, alfatihah

  • Hure Koya
    Hure Koya个月 前

    dangdutan sambil isoman

  • Hure Koya
    Hure Koya个月 前

    dangdutan sambil isoman

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前

    mampir dari fesbuk, salam semuanya

  • Hure Koya
    Hure Koya个月 前

    baru lihat

  • Briska Vausa
    Briska Vausa个月 前


  • Amos Ong
    Amos Ong个月 前

    Whrs irving

  • Hayduke Lives!
    Hayduke Lives!个月 前

    The nba....is a pathetic league

  • Emily An
    Emily An个月 前

    Harden and KD look Goooood. Now let's see what's poppin when Kyrie come back.

  • kamio kado
    kamio kado个月 前

    ok so I think harden needs to play pg and Kyrie come of the bench to make the team better.

  • anna Ford
    anna Ford个月 前

    This new type of game play is so weak!!!! Where is the intensity???????

  • matthew ramirez
    matthew ramirez个月 前

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  • Emily An

    Emily An

    个月 前

    This looks so fun?

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88个月 前

    It's like KD and harden picked right back up right where they left off

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88个月 前

    I'm saying it here first Jan 22 2021 the Brooklyn Nets are going to win the finals and be champions this year rember you heard it here first

  • EG 101

    EG 101

    个月 前

    I dont know because they did lose to the cavaliers twice in a row

  • agoi Richard
    agoi Richard个月 前

    No offense but I don't think this nets team will exist for long..

  • Jordan Sentell
    Jordan Sentell个月 前

    1:30 "pull up durant splash😐"

  • culture boy_apparel
    culture boy_apparel个月 前

    Nets are forming together like Voltron follow me IG @cultureboy_apparel

  • king Richard
    king Richard个月 前

    Makes it look easy

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr个月 前


  • Silent Majority
    Silent Majority个月 前

    I miss the 80s and 90s.

  • Haoosy Snippers
    Haoosy Snippers个月 前

    3:31 no travel my ass

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo个月 前

    Everyone: Who needs Kyrie Kyrie: Guess I will attend another birthday party

  • toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnr

    个月 前

    ..I can't see KD, was he in the game😂😂😂

  • momo nomo
    momo nomo个月 前

    the pabebe player 🤣✌🏻


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    TIREDLAND K.个月 前

    that women commentating is super annoying

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    个月 前

    NBA = Never Bother Again - way overpaid and they demand trades whenver they like. Bye bye. It's pure trash

  • Whyinem
    Whyinem个月 前

    James is the man

  • Marcel Supranowicz
    Marcel Supranowicz个月 前

    this video already has 3 mil views :O

  • the Mod God SCRIPT PLUG
    the Mod God SCRIPT PLUG个月 前

    yall crazy.. they should have him off the bench tbh so he calk ballhog once kd and kyrie get tired and take the bench.. this team looks like a darkskin warriors if u ask me

  • Gamer Luck
    Gamer Luck个月 前

    Houston should keep both Harden and cp3 ...

  • Toxic Shadow
    Toxic Shadow个月 前

    Who is mvp who wining

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli个月 前

    For all the fat or out of shape jokes people make about harden. Well imagine when he’s fully fit lol and he just got a triple double.

  • Sofi Rodrigue22
    Sofi Rodrigue22个月 前

    Hey si ati que leíste esté comentario Dios te bendiga grandemente🙏🏼❤️

  • TJ The Holems
    TJ The Holems个月 前

    Yeahhhhhhh fat boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Zig Field
    Zig Field个月 前

    He's really quick for a pudgy guy

  • cqvio doli

    cqvio doli

    个月 前

    Houston we got a problem

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout个月 前

    and this is EXCITING

  • C L
    C L个月 前

    Does he know his beard looks like a minge

  • simon junior
    simon junior个月 前

    ..I can't see KD, was he in the game😂😂😂

  • Isura101
    Isura101个月 前

    Dunked that like china dunks on the Uighur muslims.

  • misolou fout

    misolou fout

    个月 前

    Well Everyone knows that Harden is a super player... Question is .,,, so is he going to win championship this year?

  • Danny Eledge
    Danny Eledge个月 前

    He was nice but my guy needs to go back to the frohawk.

  • E Dub
    E Dub个月 前

    NBA = Never Bother Again - way overpaid and they demand trades whenver they like. Bye bye. It's pure trash

  • Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison个月 前

    Fuck harden.

  • Keith Parker
    Keith Parker个月 前

    This shit is so fake. Lol ..... Looks like the wwe. No defense at all anymore. So obviously scripted. What a joke.

  • Javier Meza
    Javier Meza个月 前

    NETS nba champions 2021-2022-2023

  • adriel halliburton
    adriel halliburton个月 前

    Celebrating the triple double with a triple double w/ cheese

  • Mohammed Al Amri
    Mohammed Al Amri个月 前


  • Tim Jensen
    Tim Jensen个月 前

    The nba fucking sucks

  • μολὼν λαβέ
    μολὼν λαβέ个月 前

    That 3PIC point who remember cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/nYuOZtOIabKnrYI.html

  • xingwu zhu
    xingwu zhu个月 前


  • AceKingston
    AceKingston个月 前

    Houston we got a problem

  • NK DoSon
    NK DoSon个月 前

    Triple Double......to eat here pls.

  • Erwin Sugiharto
    Erwin Sugiharto个月 前

    james eats too many tacos

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft个月 前

    Harden and KD look Goooood. Now let's see what's poppin when Kyrie come back.

  • 뒝이
    뒝이个月 前

    Well Everyone knows that Harden is a super player... Question is .,,, so is he going to win championship this year?

  • JM10X
    JM10X个月 前

    What do these numbers mean for you? NOTHIN. Words of a champion

  • Nguyenthi Anhkhoi
    Nguyenthi Anhkhoi个月 前


  • Chua Feutimus
    Chua Feutimus个月 前

    Harden has gone old..I bet he's must have no modd

  • خالد سعد
    خالد سعد个月 前


  • Slayerof Thhots
    Slayerof Thhots个月 前

    Ngl the also got jeff green the looking kinda good the only team who could stop them would be the lakers

  • Jroc2k Beats
    Jroc2k Beats个月 前

    ohhhhh ok!!! now harden wants to be a team player!

  • Phÿton
    Phÿton个月 前

    3:10 that defender be like there's no way he stepping back

  • Phÿton
    Phÿton个月 前

    Harden fat, KD bald... gotta love them

  • marlboroman71818
    marlboroman71818个月 前

    Nice job Houston sports owners, you have now screwed up every major sports team here.

  • Lourenie Dorado
    Lourenie Dorado个月 前

    32-PT, 12 REB, 14 AST, 9 TURN-OVERS = Steve Nash: Almost a Quadruple Double, Harden is such a phenominal player lol

  • SummerXVI
    SummerXVI个月 前

    James Harden out here looking Like SHIVFPS lmao

  • Michael David
    Michael David个月 前

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  • Adam Bob
    Adam Bob个月 前

    Imagine K.I in this game

  • christian mark crisostomo
    christian mark crisostomo个月 前

    rockets won the trade bcoz harden dont want to play for them..

  • jouska
    jouska个月 前

    Ojalá los nets sean campeones

  • Hood Rich
    Hood Rich个月 前


  • Damiao Ramos De Carvalho
    Damiao Ramos De Carvalho个月 前

    The show men can back...

  • Gang time
    Gang time个月 前

    why highlights start at 1 minute left in first

  • Timmer
    Timmer个月 前

    I'm surprised they make anyone dribble anymore. This looks like absolute misery with no fans.