ITZY(있지) - 마.피.아. In the morning(Mafia In the morning) (Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 210430


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  • U
    U小时 前

    아 jyp 코디 진짜 화가 치밀어 오른다 아무 리 팬들이 글을폭탄으로써도 반성1도 안하네. 제왑피 제일 큰 문제점은 코디임. god 때부터 한결같이 제일 구린 스타일링 피지컬은 제일 좋은애들 뽑으면서 계속 제왑특유의 저 비닐바지 입히고 진짜 대대로 !! 저이쁜애들을 저렇게 밖에 못입히냐 god때부터 성골 제왑빠인데 오래묵은 화가 치밀어 오른다 진짜!!!!

  • dlyjdbs
    dlyjdbs小时 前

    역시 👍 있지 😎 사랑해용 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚

  • SoInto You
    SoInto You小时 前

    Yuna is so appealing

  • Muhammad alen
    Muhammad alen2 小时 前

    Idk why but when the intro I'm laughing at chaeryoung face lol love itzy vote itzy

  • susmitasingh Thakuri
    susmitasingh Thakuri2 小时 前

    wow oh my god whatt a mafia.

  • DenimAndLeather
    DenimAndLeather5 小时 前

    This song is such a bop

  • ᅳᅳ
    ᅳᅳ6 小时 前

    진짜이쁘당 유나~~

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan7 小时 前

    What a stable voice👑💞

  • Nicole Dunkak
    Nicole Dunkak10 小时 前

    lia and chaeryeong’s vocals are so good this comeback???? they’re both so stable oh my god

  • cain Jaik
    cain Jaik12 小时 前

    720p????? KBS 가 망하는 이유

  • choo
    choo16 小时 前

    Lia era

  • 장세금
    장세금16 小时 前

    진짜 아쉽고 아까움.

  • Christine Bermudo
    Christine Bermudo18 小时 前

    Love Ryujin's hairstyle

  • Xaniah Kho
    Xaniah Kho19 小时 前

    i rly loved lia’s voice in this song i’m addictedddd

  • BLACK BT21
    BLACK BT2119 小时 前

    Itzy is copying style of blackpink outfits , song lyrics , they trying to copy blackpink

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini20 小时 前

    * twerking aggressively *

  • lorraine ibay
    lorraine ibay20 小时 前

    lakas maka flex ng live vocals

  • Ravenclaw
    Ravenclaw20 小时 前

    Gzzz why Yeji look like Hoshi more n more I saw her 😭😂

  • 셀빗シ
    셀빗シ22 小时 前

    이 노래 별로라고 생각하는데도 계속듣게됨...

  • neji
    neji天 前

    damn theyre stable

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    20 小时 前

    1:05 cameraman on crack

  • Joe joey 90
    Joe joey 90天 前

    So amazing song

  • Good
    Good天 前

    Airtime so bad, It is Chraeryoung shot but the camera took Yeji in that frame 😡

  • Lynx
    Lynx天 前

    This era for them hits different Yuna's parts are all my favorite 2:23 SERIOUSLY RYUJIN'S DUALITY I GOT GOOSEBUMPS

  • sunday melody
    sunday melody天 前

    this is my favorite stage for mafia in the morning

  • sunday melody
    sunday melody天 前

    you'll never know

  • ZS_0927
    ZS_0927天 前

    YEJI's voice and rap can kill us so easly guys....

  • ZS_0927
    ZS_0927天 前


  • kagnomi
    kagnomi天 前

    Yuna at such a young age keeps improving more and more! She is literally oozing charisma!!!

  • MiLia Karamargisa
    MiLia Karamargisa天 前

    Hope everyone can support the group by plowing the view for this post to 100M. Thanks.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin天 前

    Dear god their vocals are so stable especially Yuna and Lia HELLO

  • Yani Daryas
    Yani Daryas天 前

    Yuna gurl has grown up becoming the baddest bitch i- 👁👄👁

  • No_i
    No_i天 前

    Omg itzy really don't know how to lip sync

  • Mmachukwu
    Mmachukwu天 前

    we do it like a mapia

  • Selen AKDOĞAN
    Selen AKDOĞAN天 前

    1:05 cameraman on crack

  • def soul
    def soul2 天 前

    I love the dance , but not the lyrics ..

  • Bunana Palumbung
    Bunana Palumbung2 天 前

    Is this Lia's era?

  • mashaal shahid
    mashaal shahid2 天 前

    Guess who loves you? Naea na

  • mashaal shahid
    mashaal shahid2 天 前



    I love when Yuna says" you are gonna love it" with that expression

  • Anita Padilla
    Anita Padilla2 天 前

    Lia QUEEN

  • Miss Lee
    Miss Lee2 天 前

    lia's vocal was so damn stable😍

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi2 天 前

    Yeji is the reason why I breathe

  • 4everinsomnia773
    4everinsomnia7732 天 前

    Seriously. Where to start? What a performance!

  • 귀족쿠치키
    귀족쿠치키2 天 前

    진짜 유나 채령 머리카락진심 너무잘쓴다..소름끼쳐 서로 머리돌리고흔드는데 완전 홀린다..ㅜㅜ

  • Yuri Land
    Yuri Land2 天 前

    They're very talented their stage is perfect litterly

  • Elizabeth Galvan
    Elizabeth Galvan2 天 前

    If you like this song 👇

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    2 天 前

    류진이는 진짜 나중에 연기로 나가도 될듯 분위기 오져.. 표정도 자연스럽고..

  • Menal JH
    Menal JH2 天 前

    كل شي حلوووووو💙💙💙🔥

  • GreenNinja Playz Roblox
    GreenNinja Playz Roblox2 天 前

    yeji's underarms attracted me.

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華2 天 前


  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華2 天 前


  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華2 天 前


  • Alejandra Menendez
    Alejandra Menendez2 天 前

    *twerking like the mafia*

  • GoldenHobi loves Sprite
    GoldenHobi loves Sprite2 天 前

    Anyone else being so bias wrecked by Chaeryeong this comeback? Her voice is literally angelic to me here

  • KK
    KK2 天 前

    lia has improved so much! she seems so much more confident and her vocals are amazing as ever

  • Michelle Mostacero Castillo
    Michelle Mostacero Castillo2 天 前

    Chaeryeong ~ Best dancer

  • 응듀정
    응듀정2 天 前


  • possy clover
    possy clover2 天 前

    OT5 That's it

  • simplysee chelsea
    simplysee chelsea2 天 前

    I love that this is yuna's era

  • Dramatic Llama
    Dramatic Llama2 天 前

    Why they're so beautiful at their outfits..

  • 당근
    당근2 天 前

    류진이는 진짜 나중에 연기로 나가도 될듯 분위기 오져.. 표정도 자연스럽고..

  • Moments of Alwaysness
    Moments of Alwaysness2 天 前

    I'm not really a fan but why am I so happy to see Ryujin and Lia's improvement in their live vocals. And Lia's voice holds soo much power that needs to unleashed. Way to go girls!!🔥

    THE ARMY2 天 前

    Sizce en güzel kombin kimindi Bence: YEJİ

  • Martha Angelina
    Martha Angelina2 天 前

    TY for the fire, MuBank You really know this stage must became hot

  • chasa jane
    chasa jane2 天 前

    Today is mitm 1st win congrats!!

  • chasa jane
    chasa jane2 天 前

    4th gen queen itzy

  • Niña Quilaquiga
    Niña Quilaquiga2 天 前

    Yuna's ring ding ding ding Lia's Bridge part Chaeryeong:finally,finally Ryujin:do is show you? Yeji's all raps

  • Hwang_
    Hwang_2 天 前

    Dalla Dalla : 9🏆 ICY : 12 🏆 Wannabe : 8 🏆 Not Shy : 5 🏆 MITM : 1 🏆 and counting Total : 35 Wins 🏆

  • Just A Kool Kpop Fan
    Just A Kool Kpop Fan2 天 前

    Atleast we can all agree taht intro is not it, bruhh editor replayed the intrp 3 TIMESS!!

  • Claire Armstrong
    Claire Armstrong3 天 前

    ryujin’s mic is ON

  • Salvador
    Salvador3 天 前

    Ryujin ❤

  • Amani Bayaty
    Amani Bayaty3 天 前

    People...... CHAERYEONG AND LIA ROCKED !!!!

  • April
    April3 天 前

    눈을 뗄 수가 없네

  • Ezgi Su Kilit
    Ezgi Su Kilit3 天 前

    OMG Lia knows how to wear definitely!!!

  • purplingtae
    purplingtae3 天 前

    lia said MY MIC IS ON 2:31! yuna and lia blew me away this comeback

  • Leyton Jann Abunda
    Leyton Jann Abunda3 天 前

    Is no one gonna talk about that they are literally singing live Edit: Thank you for 5 likes its the most likes i ever had

  • choo


    16 小时 前

    Wdym? They always do that

  • Qian Kun
    Qian Kun3 天 前


  • Kai Arneson
    Kai Arneson3 天 前

    Who, did we ever figure out who the mafia is?

  • Foni
    Foni3 天 前

    Lia is so stable, wow

  • Andrew Matthews
    Andrew Matthews3 天 前

    Nobody does it like ITZY

  • co coco
    co coco3 天 前

    오프닝 랩 진짜 너무 후짐

  • sofia dafirst
    sofia dafirst3 天 前

    midzy please help stream yeji’s and lia’s fancam vid i never see them in my recommendationnnnn!!😔😊

  • The last Style bender
    The last Style bender3 天 前

    Is that really lia wow

  • Micah Back-up
    Micah Back-up3 天 前

    Yejis visuals. Brotha im tellin ya.

  • Banin2001 Mahde
    Banin2001 Mahde3 天 前

    Itzy's like a Blackpink dance, or am I imagining 🤔

  • Banin2001 Mahde

    Banin2001 Mahde

    2 天 前

    @Janeta Gale I'm saying my opinion.

  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    2 天 前

    When did BlackPink ever dance this cool and hard? BlackPink dances are weak compare to ITZY’s complex chreo.

  • Ruby Spacek
    Ruby Spacek3 天 前

    ITSZY are icons PERIOD every single one of them

  • Urmila Shrestha
    Urmila Shrestha3 天 前

    They slamed to those who say they do lipsyn

  • dd dd
    dd dd3 天 前


  • Louella Marie
    Louella Marie3 天 前

    Ryujin 😍

  • Raven C
    Raven C3 天 前

    Someone do a side by side of ryujin's haha with hongjoongs

  • Tatiane Macena
    Tatiane Macena3 天 前


  • andres toro vega
    andres toro vega3 天 前

    Their CHARISMA

  • Bhavna11
    Bhavna113 天 前

    Damn I can hear all of their voices. I love it that they almost always sing live

  • Sarah Park
    Sarah Park3 天 前

    I ran out of breath did these girls do all that and maintained their stable vocals????? ITZY LEGENDS

  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon3 天 前

    This song is so trash... 😖

  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    2 天 前

    Get your ears checked kid


    ITZY.. Yokk yokk bisa yokk.. Slamat Malam dan salam kenal Dr Channel sebelah 😆🙏 jangan lupa mampir brader

  • Cristea
    Cristea3 天 前

    they’re so stable!!! im a proud midzy!!!!!!

  • alida flus
    alida flus3 天 前

    Yeji's rap hits different

  • X Cartel
    X Cartel3 天 前

    Bakit papa

  • Nrsyzwanidah mslan
    Nrsyzwanidah mslan3 天 前

    midzy Please i don't think itzy will win... Cuz their votes and vi*ws of MV very slooowww...please midzyy u already goneee... Please make itzy too this may many sunbae will make a comeback!!!! Please make itzy to winsss

  • Janeta Gale

    Janeta Gale

    2 天 前

    They did!!! They got their 1st win for this era today at Mnet Countdown!!!

  • woo
    woo3 天 前

    so catchy istg