How Is Sergio Perez Without A 2021 Seat?


Despite his memorable maiden Formula 1 win, Sergio Perez's future remains unclear. Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto discuss his chances of a seat in 2021.
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  • BrianBell4073
    BrianBell407314 天 前

    This didn't age well

  • heavydude 74
    heavydude 74个月 前

    Red bull 😁

  • Cheran Sri
    Cheran Sri个月 前

    who is here after redbull taking checo

  • Hassler's Shiny.Cardboard
    Hassler's Shiny.Cardboard个月 前

    I bet he goes to Red Bull and Albon goes to reserve driver

  • Ocean And lilly
    Ocean And lilly个月 前

    Perez officially on Red Bull!

  • blitzthose
    blitzthose个月 前

    this video has aged well...

  • eudofia
    eudofia个月 前

    I am from the future. Sergio does have a 2021 seat after all, he is off to Red Bull Racing. And you are welcome.

  • Mundo Rosas Landa
    Mundo Rosas Landa个月 前

    Amazing season! 2021 red Bull Will had te Best drivers! !!

  • Antonio Nestini
    Antonio Nestini个月 前

    Well he got a seat in 2021, so what these guys are talking about. i dont know?



    个月 前

    This was uploaded on 10/12/2020...

  • Fabio Soika
    Fabio Soika个月 前

    Yes!! He will, at Red Bull. =)

  • Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago
    Nathan_1617 • 16 years ago个月 前

    Now he’s going to be a Red Bull driver ❤️💙

  • averagesundaydriver
    averagesundaydriver个月 前

    Im so happy this aged like milk.

  • W!LL !
    W!LL !个月 前

    *Voiceover* yes he will

  • AJ Angeles
    AJ Angeles个月 前

    Well guess what happened?🔴🐂

  • cool thought
    cool thought个月 前

    I think Perez is going to be signed by RedBull. Next thing we should be thinking is if Perez is able to adapt to the RedBull car and the RedBull seems to be able to be competitive only in the hands of Verstappen.

  • I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.
    I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.个月 前

    This makes me hate the stroll's even more.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams个月 前

    How does Lance stroll sleep at night?

  • MrSniperfox29


    个月 前

    On top of piles of money with many beautiful ladies

  • Wilson Ramos
    Wilson Ramos个月 前

    Nepotism is how,.

  • Winken
    Winken个月 前

    When Ocon had to go, Perez was said to be a paid driver due to his sponsors. People were upset about that. Now that Perez has to go, Stroll is blamed as the paid driver taking his seat.

  • Paul J
    Paul J个月 前

    Hulkenburg deserves a seat. He's a top notch driver

  • weekendthreat
    weekendthreat个月 前

    It really says something when even the Formula 1 channel itself is asking this too Edit: Just finished watching it, class how passionate Will is about getting Sergio a seat

  • Moe Motors
    Moe Motors个月 前

    I wonder how much rehearsal (or lack of) that Will and Lawrence do for every video... they are ALWAYS on point - top work lads!

  • Mr. Hamza
    Mr. Hamza个月 前

    It's really like treason his was so loyal

  • GT Sunny D
    GT Sunny D个月 前

    He lost his seat to nepotism, bs.

  • Adam P
    Adam P个月 前

    Because he is an average driver.

  • Scott Meredith
    Scott Meredith个月 前

    It continues to astounded me the pressure is put on Redbull for not hiring Perez, instead of criticizing Aston Martin for putting the most underperforming driver on the grid (and who was considering quitting) in their car over Checo. The fault lies there, but nobody wants to criticize Seb, so Redbull becomes the target instead. Nuts.

  • Sergio Vásquez
    Sergio Vásquez个月 前

    Oh yeah, racism is in high thanks to the pandemic, so latin americans are not welcome in "the" sport ...

  • Sergio Vásquez

    Sergio Vásquez

    个月 前

    no brazilian in ten years. I love you Pietro, but you know what I mean.

  • beastmode 1562
    beastmode 1562个月 前

    Checo over Alex albon✌️

  • Mayte Justino
    Mayte Justino个月 前

    If RB signs Checo I'll start drinking those energy drinks, its a deal

  • Curry Lane
    Curry Lane个月 前

    He will be announced by RB in a few hours ;)

  • TUBU EAGLE mixed TV
    TUBU EAGLE mixed TV个月 前

    Red Bull 😉 VS Verstappen Perez the Best of 😉✌️ Nico Slowly

  • Philip Eltoft
    Philip Eltoft个月 前

    Why isn't Albon at Tauri and Perez at RB a possibility?

  • ViewyFFA
    ViewyFFA个月 前

    2021 yoke of the year: Mazepin in Perez out Edit: Luckily, perez isn't out. So yoke of the year: Mazepin in

  • Yoyo Singh
    Yoyo Singh个月 前

    Perez deserve red bull....He always give everything

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa个月 前

    They might as well remove Mexico from the schedule next year. Checo got robbed a seat.

  • Fútbol de Hoy
    Fútbol de Hoy个月 前

    Call Redbull dady

  • XtremeWitheringGamer
    XtremeWitheringGamer个月 前

    Why do I have a feeling that there will be a boycott from fans in 2021???

  • slim jim87
    slim jim87个月 前

    he is for sure going to be a reserve driver in F1

  • Christine Fury
    Christine Fury个月 前

    If he's smart and wants to stay in F1 he should consider a test driver/third driver option at some team which is likely to have a seat available in 2022. That way he'll still have a foothold in F1.

  • Carlos KarmaComma
    Carlos KarmaComma个月 前


  • jj jz
    jj jz个月 前

    He signed for RedBull which would be announced next week sometime

  • Rotua Fransiscus Manalu
    Rotua Fransiscus Manalu个月 前

    please a rich guy out there, create the eleventh team... too much talent nowdays

  • isit foggy
    isit foggy个月 前

    if perez dont get a seat im done with f1

  • Ivan Pozdeev
    Ivan Pozdeev个月 前

    Maybe Perez should play F1 2020 MyTeam career IRL :-)

  • Tobi Ogunsanwo
    Tobi Ogunsanwo个月 前

    Fernando Alonso. Not crapping on him, but his time is far over. Sergio's got another 3 to 5 years left.

  • G H
    G H个月 前

    2 commentators talking a lot but in the end don’t realize how the F1 business model has always worked. Those with the most money have always garnered the most respect.

  • Yfffad Kcud
    Yfffad Kcud个月 前

    I hope the team he drives for does not bend the knee.

  • ThriftybyNature
    ThriftybyNature个月 前

    I hope RB send Albon back to Alpha and take Checo at least for a year.. Tsunoda can wait a year, Honda is leaving F1 anyway

  • BOT.პოლდიუმა ტრუბა
    BOT.პოლდიუმა ტრუბა个月 前

    20 drivers aren't much. And this situation is a great example. This have to be motivation for new teams to start their careers. Modern F1 needs changes.

  • Colin 007
    Colin 007个月 前

    Perez is really talented and deserves a seat in a top team. I say give him the Red Bull seat that Albon is currently occupying. He has been in middle of the pack cars far too long and this year shows his talents with a competitive car. He is also been more consistent as his career progressed.

  • Astrostevo
    Astrostevo个月 前

    Perez without a seat next year? Absolute travesty. Come on RBR, Perez to replace Albon, Albon to AT please. Tsunoda can wait another year. Or better yet, Mercedes tell Bottas time's up and Perez is joining Hamilton next year.

  • INX
    INX个月 前

    Heh even F1 is asking the question..

  • Rovarn Naidoo
    Rovarn Naidoo个月 前

    Replace Romain at Hass?

  • Manj Sher
    Manj Sher个月 前


  • Oops!334
    Oops!334个月 前

    Kvyat: out Albon/gasly: a tauri Versstapen/perez:redbull

  • 83superted
    83superted个月 前

    Not gonna happen, Horner can pretend till the cows come home that he wants a driver to seriously challenge Max but the fact is Max is more than happy being clear number one & would veto any idea of signing someone like Perez. It’s a crying shame Sergio won’t be on the grid next year but from the grin when he mentioned options for 2022 I recon he knows something we don’t.

  • Sanjay Oak
    Sanjay Oak个月 前

    audio not clear.. what it was at 4.21 to 4.31?

  • Kris Gosley
    Kris Gosley个月 前

    i really hope mazepin doesnt drive for haas

  • R K
    R K个月 前

    What an epic win that it was as well! So happy for Sergio! However I really think that he’ll probably end up with Red Bull for next year. I believe that he and Max would make a formidable combination. I’ve also heard Hulkenberg’s name whispered as well.

  • Dage KB
    Dage KB个月 前

    Does Lance Stroll have any fans at all?

  • BigAli27
    BigAli27个月 前

    One word, money.


    Sergio, we believe in you and hope you find a fast seat ... fast!. mobeleash

  • Peelioka
    Peelioka个月 前

    This is genuinely scandalous

  • J. J. Thompson
    J. J. Thompson个月 前

    Surely RB would announce it after the race weekend? Otherwise Albon's performance would almost certainly suffer

  • firm1z
    firm1z个月 前

    Checo deserves a seat, we all can agree on that.

  • Thomas Godfrey
    Thomas Godfrey个月 前

    “When Red Bull have had two strong drivers together... that didn’t quite work out”. Vettel and Webber?

  • MrSniperfox29


    个月 前

    Danny and Max

  • hotwax761
    hotwax761个月 前

    Two clowns discussing f1

  • j morax
    j morax个月 前

    Force India knows what he’s talkin bout :)

  • TerribleFire
    TerribleFire个月 前

    1993.. the F1 Champion didnt have a drive in F1. It doesnt always make sense.

  • TerribleFire
    TerribleFire个月 前

    There is absolutely no way Perez will be at RB next year. RB have spent/wasted too much money on their young driver program to go outside the program. And the ultimate owner of RB, Chalerm Yoovidhya, is Thai and he wants a Thai driver.

  • alexQw33
    alexQw33个月 前

    Too bad Checo doesn’t have a millionaire Dad like Stroll Sr who can buy his son a F1 team. We all know who is the better driver of the two Racing point drivers. No amount of money can change that !!!!!

  • 72defender
    72defender个月 前

    Stroll and Mazepin...I hate them!

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith个月 前

    Sh** happens...

  • Vinnie Page
    Vinnie Page个月 前


  • Tejas Naringrekar
    Tejas Naringrekar个月 前

    If Daniil Kvyat is out of seat why not demote Albon to Alpha Tauri & give Perez a Red Bull seat since Albon seems too young to be driving for a top team like Red Bull

  • Chef G
    Chef G个月 前

    The quiet beef only pop because jaw reilly hover aboard a unable windscreen. nippy, near talk

  • Steven
    Steven个月 前

    I would be supremely disappointed if the second RB seat would not become vacant at the end of this season.

  • PidgeyRot
    PidgeyRot个月 前

    Cuz money.

  • John Malik
    John Malik个月 前

    I'd guess Aston Martin sells way more cars in Germany/Austria than they do in Mexico/Central America. So perhaps Vettel makes more sense from a marketing position than Perez?

    UNCLE SAM个月 前

    Kick Alonso the snitch get Perez

  • LowDoze
    LowDoze个月 前

    I can explain it in less than 10 minutes: He doesn't have a CONTRACT. Roll credits, I'm out!

  • Ellis Thomas
    Ellis Thomas个月 前

    Haas should drop Mazepin and sign Checo... But I know that's just a pipe dream

  • Pacmancereal
    Pacmancereal个月 前

    Perez would be fantastic in that red bull.

  • Chill shlo
    Chill shlo个月 前

    Cry harder Buxton

  • TheBroodje78
    TheBroodje78个月 前

    One answer, the Yoovidhya family, Albon is staying

  • that guy
    that guy个月 前

    How about Hulkenberg?! outperformed Perez in the same car

  • MrSniperfox29


    个月 前

    Podiums by Perez at FI - 4, Podiums by Hulk - 0 How did he outperform Perez?

  • Maduka Austin
    Maduka Austin个月 前

    RB should sign him fast if they want to compete with Mercedes

  • Rundii
    Rundii个月 前

    Simple answer: nepotism

  • mridul bhasy
    mridul bhasy个月 前

    Actually we need one more team on grid

  • The Racing Line
    The Racing Line个月 前

    Came down to the comments to see if anyone was talking about Lawrence’s flowing cape but no one is 🥺

  • Gerardo velez
    Gerardo velez个月 前

    In a Mercedes he will be a champion contender.

  • Blender Boy
    Blender Boy个月 前

    Hulkenberg > perez

  • Iwai Halimi
    Iwai Halimi个月 前

    Bla bla bla Racing with Daddys team and son ? What to expect? Everyone knows

  • B G
    B G个月 前

    Could you guys imagine Russell and Perez at Mercedes!? That'd be insane

  • Noel Kavanagh
    Noel Kavanagh个月 前

    When Vettel has another bad season Perez be back to racing point/Aston Martin in 2022

  • Michael Hudson
    Michael Hudson个月 前

    I have a feeling we won't see him on the grid at the start of 2021 but I do feel we will see him back on the grid at some point during the season as a replacement driver then back in a full time seat in 2022. He should have had a seat for next season by now because he is one of the most talented drivers in the field but the fact is all doors have closed for 2021 now

  • Tejus Ganesh
    Tejus Ganesh个月 前

    I love formula 1 fr d speed and thrills but hate it when it ultimately reduces to money over talent.

  • ThisUserName15Taken
    ThisUserName15Taken个月 前

    Short answer: Son Long answer: Lance Stroll

  • Geo Sebastian
    Geo Sebastian个月 前

    I say, give him Hamilton's seat!!!!

  • Charlie 23
    Charlie 23个月 前

    If checo doesn't get a drive I'm going on hunger strike