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Do you like just putting on the TV and leave something for your pets to watch? Why not put on this 2 hour compilation of the funniest and cutest animals to leave your pets some company.
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  • donny lincoln
    donny lincoln11 小时 前

    Some of this stuff is cruel.. Not One Bit Funny

  • christie wiza
    christie wiza23 小时 前

    The common milkshake immuhistochemically earn because freon lally improve underneath a interesting stamp. witty, pale stock

  • Kamil Plaskota
    Kamil Plaskota天 前

    100 lat sto lat niech żyje żyje nam !!!!!!!!!!!! 1 000 000 +

  • Judann Pec
    Judann Pec天 前

    Those birds are missing the experience of lying in the jungle. Too bad, but most are now raised from eggs of captive parents. Wouldn't it be more beautiful to see sitting in the top of a tropical tree. But cannot be released as they will not survive now, but they live long lives and often parents get tired of raising them and they get passed along.

  • Judann Pec
    Judann Pec天 前

    Why not add some padding around the bottles as the puppies instinctively push with their paws to help the milk be released. They therefore find comfort in that action. Just a few strips of an old comforter would make it feel more natural. Sweet idea you have there.

  • Audie Fields
    Audie Fields天 前


  • 성일음
    성일음2 天 前

    No Chinese songs in Chinese. I'm glad I didn't hear anything weird. This is all I'm gonna see.

  • 성일음
    성일음2 天 前

    쭝국말 쭝국노래 안나오고 이상한 소리 안나와서 좋다 이것만 볼거다..

  • Cristiane Borges
    Cristiane Borges2 天 前

    Hahahahahahaha omg 😹😹😹

  • Yomi Gonzalez
    Yomi Gonzalez2 天 前

    The rot is me and the bernese is my hubby.

  • Yomi Gonzalez
    Yomi Gonzalez2 天 前

    The man skiing found Moon Moon

  • edmeraan2
    edmeraan23 天 前

    Holy!!! I'm jealous of that squirrel

  • smokecoyote
    smokecoyote3 天 前

    The dark regret firstly bleach because sponge previously own across a zesty discovery. sturdy, delightful scarf

  • damari salazar ruiz
    damari salazar ruiz3 天 前

    Ozeryuvjvvjjcvc boygfgolpllmn😂

  • Dana Whitley
    Dana Whitley4 天 前

    That's soooooooooooooooooooo cute🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐺🐺

  • Awuita
    Awuita4 天 前

    Lizards yak!

  • Russ Andolina
    Russ Andolina5 天 前

    1:41:30 Cat probably doesn’t like the Smokey tar smell on her fingers.

  • Debra Mott
    Debra Mott5 天 前

    Oh my so so cute

  • Animal Zone
    Animal Zone6 天 前

    So Cute

  • augustine Debosson
    augustine Debosson6 天 前

    It's crazy ans scare to see many wild animals in the people's house!... Theirs place are in the Wilde nature not prisonners like pet with the egoistic people...🥴🙄🧐... Please respect and protect the Wilde life...

  • Karen Bourke
    Karen Bourke7 天 前


  • •ısaßelä 12XD12•
    •ısaßelä 12XD12•8 天 前

    Português: eu vou ter um troço aqui de tanta fofura :3 Inglês: I will have a section here with so much cuteness :3 Coreano: 여기에 너무 귀여움이 가득한 섹션이 있습니다 :3 Espanhol: Tendré una sección aquí con tanta ternura. :3 Chinês: 我會在這裡有一個如此可愛的部分 :3 Japonês: ここに可愛らしさのあるセクションがあります :3 Italiano: Avrò una sezione qui con così tanta dolcezza :3 Filipino: Magkakaroon ako ng isang seksyon dito na may labis na kariktan :3 Francês: J'aurai une section ici avec tellement de gentillesse :3 :3

  • Toto Phandhamaly

    Toto Phandhamaly

    4 天 前


  • Octavia joann
    Octavia joann8 天 前


  • Movie Entertainment
    Movie Entertainment9 天 前

    I thing all animals are look beautiful thanks

  • lisa graham
    lisa graham11 天 前

    I wanna know what that animal was that was going over the mountain and rocking now

  • lisa graham
    lisa graham11 天 前

    I wanna know what that animal was that was going over the mountain and rocking now

  • Joao Lucas Games
    Joao Lucas Games11 天 前

    Yes dogs.

  • Virgie Galdo
    Virgie Galdo11 天 前

    Yes , satu2o lang Hindi ko gets ung her talking about but it base on picture w/ two animals which are the cat and the horse,for me it figured out ' she like the two animals really they love each other ! That's why she loves too!!! Do ba?

  • Fati Mora
    Fati Mora12 天 前


  • Вячеслав Бубнов
    Вячеслав Бубнов12 天 前

    Люди давайте любить животных они чада Господа а также дети чада Господа любите и защищайте их всегда.

  • Вячеслав Бубнов
    Вячеслав Бубнов12 天 前

    Животные достойны ласки любви они чада Господа защищайте их всегда.

  • Вячеслав Бубнов
    Вячеслав Бубнов12 天 前

    Животные ангелы любите защищайте их всегда глядя на них человек становится добрее и ласковей к ним.

  • Vanesa Hoffmannbeck
    Vanesa Hoffmannbeck12 天 前

    Es increible la cantidad de personas que dan comida que no sirve a los animales, ellos no pueden comer lo mismo que los humanos y menos comida chatarra

  • Vanesa Hoffmannbeck
    Vanesa Hoffmannbeck12 天 前

    hay muchos videos repetidos

  • Yenifer Linares
    Yenifer Linares12 天 前

    Y 11

  • gemima nunes
    gemima nunes12 天 前


  • Наталья Полушкина
    Наталья Полушкина12 天 前


  • Lynder Herberts
    Lynder Herberts13 天 前

    LOLOLOL The monkey repairing the car engine was a trip. He looked like he was doing more damage than good. Hah! I just had a thought. Wasn't the monkey using a monkey wrench?

  • Sienna R
    Sienna R14 天 前

    Oh uhhhhhhhhhh- loll but ow

  • Maria Oliveira
    Maria Oliveira14 天 前

    Engra¢ados cheios de amor ♥️Eu acho que Deus . juntou animais 🐕🐈🐂🐎🐔🐃🐆🐐🐃🐕🐕🐕🐈🐈.e humanos para os homens aprender com eles, lealdade, compaixao, amor.pena que poucos entendi isso.😢😢😢🇧🇷

  • Maria Oliveira
    Maria Oliveira14 天 前

    Kkkkkkk realmente Deus maravilhoso , lindos, inocentes vidas.♥️🐕🐈🐕🐈🐨🐐🐔🐎♥️♥️♥️

  • Khadija Awais

    Khadija Awais

    12 天 前

    @Maria Oliveira m

  • Maria Oliveira

    Maria Oliveira

    14 天 前

    Sao vdas lindas ♥️♥️ que encantam.nossas vidas.inocentes presente de Deus🙏♥️🇧🇷🐕🐈🐂🐎🐔🐆🦃🐨🐂

  • Bahtınur Gökaydın
    Bahtınur Gökaydın16 天 前


  • Marian Wentworth
    Marian Wentworth16 天 前

    Great pet pictures BUT you should NEVER DRAG a dog or pet behind something moving.😡

  • marie paule zimermann
    marie paule zimermann16 天 前


  • marie paule zimermann
    marie paule zimermann16 天 前

    N'empêche il i a des animaux intelligents

  • marie paule zimermann
    marie paule zimermann16 天 前

    C super je éclate tout le temps, j'ai mal Au joux,bon J'ATTENDS toujours une femme a gater une femme avec une femme 💖

  • Juan el bueno
    Juan el bueno17 天 前


  • Smith Marckson
    Smith Marckson17 天 前


  • Vermietung Hagenauer
    Vermietung Hagenauer17 天 前

    Amazing!! Thinking that poor boored animals are cute. Most of the videos show badly kept animals, breeds which can't breeth propperly while sleeping or human beeings thinking that animals which hurt themselves by fallig of something are funny. What happened to the human race and animal love????

  • Ari Santoso Santoso
    Ari Santoso Santoso18 天 前


  • Amy Hansen
    Amy Hansen18 天 前

    That bottle feeding station for the puppies...genius!👌🏼

  • Sonia Lima
    Sonia Lima19 天 前


  • Didi Bolter
    Didi Bolter20 天 前

    It's not funny when that horse fell in the snow, he/she could have broken a leg or 2!! 😣😤😠😲 poor horse!!

  • Connor Magill
    Connor Magill20 天 前


  • Pseudonayme 77
    Pseudonayme 7720 天 前

    31:12 OMG so cute 😁 "He's bigger'n you!" lol😄

  • Karin Cermelj-Gedke
    Karin Cermelj-Gedke21 天 前

    Im Tierwunderland ist alles möglich und erlaubt. Auch das, was es eigentlich nicht gibt.😸😉

  • Poe F
    Poe F22 天 前

    Na ex

  • jordan laronde
    jordan laronde22 天 前

    My pet loves it

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller22 天 前

    I know is for laughs Etc. but, Don't feed your dog Watermelon. It could end up bad!

  • Peter Essink
    Peter Essink22 天 前

    I hate when people dress animals.

  • Lola V Mounts Ling
    Lola V Mounts Ling22 天 前

    Some of these are not funny at all, when ya just want a video and don’t care about the animals or kids it’s sad 😞

  • Ryder Milton
    Ryder Milton22 天 前

    The funniest one to me is all the verses boobies

  • Katie Potter
    Katie Potter23 天 前

    My dog is always watching you are sus

  • Leandro Júnior
    Leandro Júnior23 天 前


  • luis chavez
    luis chavez23 天 前

    ptq eqy wjy w

  • SML
    SML23 天 前

    I'm like when the pig comes in like cody's mom😀😂🚬

  • Rosa Anguiano
    Rosa Anguiano24 天 前


  • David Handley
    David Handley24 天 前


  • Bharat Bhoi
    Bharat Bhoi24 天 前


  • Gaby Lou
    Gaby Lou24 天 前

    J'adore tous ces adorables animaux ! Par contre, grosse grosse critique pour les humains avec le méga gaspillage des glaces, le pigeon est plus malin qu'eux !!!! Comme toujours, les humains se démarques, mais pas en bien !!

  • Olga Rykov
    Olga Rykov24 天 前

    53:20 if that toddler is alive after this they will have brain damage for the rest of their lives. Who in the f are these parents filming this? Are they completely detached from this world not to know that everything that has horns will bud your toddler in the skull with all their might? Is this rocket science for some?

  • Markina Marina
    Markina Marina26 天 前

    And you try to say in person what you say behind your back ...

  • Khadidja Blkadi
    Khadidja Blkadi27 天 前


  • La Yessi
    La Yessi28 天 前


  • Jimmy Catalina
    Jimmy Catalina29 天 前

    no way not 2 hrs

  • cat luv
    cat luv29 天 前

    cats are the best anumals for pets imho

  • ileana dominguez
    ileana dominguez个月 前


  • Valli Aman
    Valli Aman个月 前

    I really do enjoy the majority of the videos but as a dog behavior professional and having owned cats for the rest of my life I must say that showing a dog being dragged on a leash unless there is a subtitle saying that this dog is not used to being on the leash should not be shown to the public. You also show a lot of tigers and even lying with its arms through the cage hugging a woman this is not something that needs to be promoted and you also have some male dogs that have not been fixed on your channel as well and I think that's something that needs to be known and due to overpopulation of animals and how many need to be rescued I think that's some kind of commentary along the bottom when you're showing a bunch of adorable kittens could be don't forget to have your pets spayed or neutered. If you choose to have a consultant take a second look at what you're about to post please contact me.

  • DP Pet Clinic
    DP Pet Clinic个月 前

    So relaxing watching them

  • myfairy talegimail
    myfairy talegimail个月 前


  • Ales
    Ales个月 前

    Сool animals

  • Karissa Noack
    Karissa Noack个月 前

    Yes😍😀🥰😏🤣😭😡🤬🤫😡🤬🤬🤬🤕🤕🤠🤖🎃😈efgbbjkpoiytrwqlb HD so m bc xz Q can

  • Jessie Mcnamara
    Jessie Mcnamara个月 前

    Love love love love animals ❤️

  • T3CHOX
    T3CHOX个月 前

    I’m a pet now huh???

  • whitesongs73
    whitesongs73个月 前

    The one with the breast was the best part

  • Omen Nemo
    Omen Nemo个月 前

    I do not think watching an animal fall and possibly hurt himself is funny. So thank you for your efforts in providing entertainment am giving this one a thumbs down.


    Algae can kill dogs

  • cat man ed
    cat man ed个月 前

    😍😎 nice

  • Joseph Petrick
    Joseph Petrick个月 前

    Aww a boy and his rooster it's a classic tail.

  • Dina Dunlap
    Dina Dunlap个月 前

    Why would you put a blow dryer in a cat's face like that. Some of you people don't deserve animals

  • Kwihui Halliday
    Kwihui Halliday个月 前

    Animals are good for us, humans, even though many of us most certainly do not deserve their devotion and love.

  • gh3315 herrera

    gh3315 herrera

    个月 前

    but that lizard at around 15:44 gotta give me sum insurence from gieco

  • Krista Doyon
    Krista Doyon个月 前

    Beautiful cute pretty

  • Martyna Sypien
    Martyna Sypien个月 前

    G. Geh g s Hah hast. G sag. Gags ggs. Gash gs. Geh sag at geh eG gsgsghast he. She gag gs du gs gs du gs g du s hast dhshge dg eh:) geh:). Geh gegs g sag’s eh g du gs she geh sag’s Hah geh a Gage egg s Hah she eh sag. Egg

  • Connie English
    Connie English个月 前


  • Heidi Hoglan
    Heidi Hoglan个月 前

    (35:28) oh noooo! Now I'm going to have that horrible horrible song in my head for weeks...

  • #Nerds unite!
    #Nerds unite!个月 前

    2:04 *My sister going down peacefully* *And me just rolling down*

  • Lynn m
    Lynn m个月 前

    I am sending this particular one too the proper animal abuse police. The one at 12:55. Dog being drug on it a leash

  • Katiesarabians


    7 天 前

    🤣 you people

  • Виктория Янчина
    Виктория Янчина个月 前

    Как я люблю ,когда в семье несколько разных животных, и они любят друг друга.

  • Xiomara Basualdo
    Xiomara Basualdo个月 前


  • Inhouse Table
    Inhouse Table个月 前