Funniest F1 Moments Of 2020!


The weird and wonderful world of Formula 1 shifted up a gear in 2020, and all your favourites from Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and many more were on form throughout the year...
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  • john lavvas
    john lavvas小时 前

    The educated okra unpredictably attack because beer ultrastructurally recognise of a robust button. delirious, watery capital

  • Ice
    Ice6 小时 前


  • Finlay Gemson
    Finlay Gemson13 小时 前

    the scooter paparazzi is still quicker than the Ferrari

  • Praveen Dylee
    Praveen Dylee天 前

    That's why I love the F1 so much

  • Harry Bedford
    Harry Bedford3 天 前

    2:43 Scuderia Paparazzi is still faster than the Williams 😂

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos3 天 前

    1:21 "I hope it's not Roscoe" Rocco (Lewis's Dog): Am I joke to you?

  • Michi383
    Michi3834 天 前

    1:11 Robert😁 Finally

  • Junaid Naseer
    Junaid Naseer4 天 前

    Say i am p1 Hahahahaha Carlos you’re a legend 😅😅😅

  • Junaid Naseer
    Junaid Naseer4 天 前

    It’s Friday then it’s Saturday sunday what That’s actually my vibe 😂

  • GeoMetall yt
    GeoMetall yt5 天 前

    That dog at Bahrain is the cutest doggo I've ever seen

  • imtiaz riadi
    imtiaz riadi6 天 前

    Max: did you remember to drink? Pit crew: no Max no, we're not getting the drink.

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear8 天 前

    1:36 Oh they are not going to China anytime soon.

  • Károly Szabó
    Károly Szabó8 天 前

    Control Alt Cancel-Task manager

  • Luckless
    Luckless9 天 前

    1:11 Robert being Robert

  • Tyler Gilman
    Tyler Gilman9 天 前

    This is beautiful

  • Random P3rson
    Random P3rson9 天 前

    We can all agree that this sport became a meme over the last years .

  • Luke
    Luke12 天 前

    I wish they included "I'm coming on your camera mate" 😂

  • Yuri Lakhtionov
    Yuri Lakhtionov12 天 前

    Williams mechanics won the award 🥇

  • Phil Kottkamp
    Phil Kottkamp12 天 前

    What Sunglass Model does number 26 wear? 😍

  • Phil Kottkamp

    Phil Kottkamp

    12 天 前


  • dj sasy Iodice
    dj sasy Iodice12 天 前

    0:12 ecco come si spiega il perchè la Williams non è performante

  • Christopher Chen
    Christopher Chen12 天 前

    Lewis ham 92 *Wait*

  • Esmeralda Morales
    Esmeralda Morales13 天 前

    ferrari and mclaren are my favorite cars

  • matthew
    matthew13 天 前


  • Wood Ant
    Wood Ant16 天 前

    Whoever making these vids is a smooooth operatooorrrr

  • K.A Faye
    K.A Faye16 天 前

    ferrari’s future world champion hope is in a banana suit.

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli17 天 前

    Hey F1, please adjust the Portuguese GP into the 2021 calendar. It was one of the best races last year. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭 What a track, Portimão! 🔥🔥🔥

  • beastmaster69
    beastmaster6917 天 前

    dany ric getting another podium for his shoey glory is golden

  • Subaru Scrubaru
    Subaru Scrubaru17 天 前

    Is Robert Kubica digging in his nose I Respect that 1:11

  • Mariaaa_Slm
    Mariaaa_Slm18 天 前

    You think the editors also laugh after watching the final result? 😂😂😂😂

  • Adhvaith Aarav
    Adhvaith Aarav18 天 前

    Thank you liberty media for this

  • Amiga 1200
    Amiga 120019 天 前

    F1 drivers and their crew have come across as sterile at best..

  • Gábor Miklay
    Gábor Miklay20 天 前

    01:11 Nelson Piquet did that once before a race. Around 1986 if my memory is correct. ? 🤔 I might be wrong...

  • Bukhari Jabar
    Bukhari Jabar20 天 前

    Bahrain Practice: *dog comes out on track* Race: *Grosjean crashes* *Bottas has 2 punctures* *Stroll flips over* *the torpedo reigns again* Maldona-dog???????😱😱😱😱😱

  • Aarya Namboodiri
    Aarya Namboodiri20 天 前

    It's easy you put lando in the thumb line everyone clicks 😂

  • Simone Apa
    Simone Apa21 天 前

    Lando is the absolute protagonist of this video

  • Kyle
    Kyle21 天 前

    I think I’m the one millionth view

  • Rafa
    Rafa21 天 前


  • Dean Gibson
    Dean Gibson21 天 前

    Vettel: Who let the dog out! Ferrari: We are checking, we are checking.

  • Bukhari Jabar
    Bukhari Jabar21 天 前

    Kvyat enjoying every last second in that Alphatauri.....

  • Martin Hopland Nilsen
    Martin Hopland Nilsen21 天 前

    Red bull f1 game 2020 is only seat for Albon🥲

  • Luki 0710
    Luki 071021 天 前

    2:55 He is living in 2135

  • Karen Olarve
    Karen Olarve22 天 前

    The part where Roscoe meets his owner (Lewis) was the cutest part I've ever seen... 🥰🥰🥰

  • YouFoundSharpe Official
    YouFoundSharpe Official22 天 前

    2:03 WW2 in f1 be like:

  • David Allen
    David Allen22 天 前

    Anyone know what the music track is behind this video?

  • Nafiz Imtiaz
    Nafiz Imtiaz22 天 前

    "Who let the dogs out"

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M22 天 前

    How could Daniel forget the shoey! Sir Patrick Stewart should be very disappointed that he would forget!

  • Yoshiuki __
    Yoshiuki __22 天 前

    I'm big in all the wrong areas, proceeds to look down

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths22 天 前

    This is just a daniel and mclaren funny moments compilation with some bonus clips

  • Phil Meiklejohn
    Phil Meiklejohn22 天 前

    0:02 doctor octavius

  • Art of the Chicken
    Art of the Chicken22 天 前

    You missed saying: Scooteria Paparazzi

  • The Real Jeff Dude HD
    The Real Jeff Dude HD22 天 前

    Did no one teach leclerc about alt f4

  • Assault 13
    Assault 1322 天 前

    Can't wait to see mclaren lineup in 2021

  • Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson22 天 前

    It’s funny how much sleep I missed out on waking up for quali and race 😜 see you next szn

  • Tallis Mario 47
    Tallis Mario 4723 天 前

    Norris um perfeito babaca ricciardo entao nem se fala

  • Piet Jongbloets
    Piet Jongbloets23 天 前


  • Ricardo Morales
    Ricardo Morales23 天 前

    Where is the DRINK?

  • Sure Why not
    Sure Why not23 天 前

    The comedy from William mechanics in the background this season was under appreciated. They pulled some hilarious gags in the paddock interviews.

  • vyzershock
    vyzershock23 天 前

    0:43 *Angry Kimi noises*

  • Xile OW
    Xile OW23 天 前

    Radio check on the backup radio: 𒅌꧅꧅𒁎꧅𒀱꧅𒌧𒅃꧅꧅꧅ 𒈓𒈙꧅𒈙𒈙ဪဪ﷽﷽﷽﷽

  • Google Account
    Google Account23 天 前

    Does Toto say what I think he says at 2:03 ?

  • Bruno Lima Dias
    Bruno Lima Dias23 天 前

    2:17 dad, when I disrespect mom...

  • Bruno Lima Dias
    Bruno Lima Dias23 天 前

    No fun at Haas.

  • eny margaretha
    eny margaretha23 天 前

    Me when i get a+ on a math test: 0:30

  • _that_michelle_
    _that_michelle_23 天 前

    3:52 this didn't age well 🙃

  • LEON 110
    LEON 11023 天 前


  • Theo Robbins
    Theo Robbins23 天 前

    This could’ve been at least 20 minutes long. 2020 was the funniest F1 year

  • Danilo Pereira
    Danilo Pereira23 天 前

    ok so i scratched my nose and when i looked back at the screen i saw 1:11 i'm scared

  • Werder fan
    Werder fan24 天 前

    2:43 still more pace than Ferrari

  • Nico Zana
    Nico Zana24 天 前

    George and Alex playing F1 online 😂

  • Nick Govier
    Nick Govier24 天 前

    The funniest moment was definitely when Norris deliberately drove backwards around Spa and got himself wedged sideways in the pit lane during the Australian Supercars invitational, after complaining that Pagenaud had wrecked his Indianapolis invitational race and it was unfair to behave like that because so many people put a lot of time and effort into those races and take them seriously.

  • Max Richmond
    Max Richmond24 天 前

    Anyone else surprised that F1 decide to risk including the clip if a guy grabbing another guys chest? Seams like a bit of a slap in the face

  • Bajerowski Adam
    Bajerowski Adam24 天 前

    Kubica is The best

  • Schnitzel
    Schnitzel24 天 前

    1.58 wait whatttttt

  • pee poo
    pee poo24 天 前

    1000th comment



  • CletusNifler
    CletusNifler24 天 前

    Roberttttt @1:11

  • FurzelFuzzy
    FurzelFuzzy24 天 前

    I missed the clip, where a driver (don’t remember who) hold his drink on the head, cause he had a higher temperature, than he should have, before the Austrian GP

  • Thushar Teja Meruvani
    Thushar Teja Meruvani24 天 前

    husband: let's go hiking today wife: yeahhh! but where? husband : you'll know... ( gets to a hill across the track)

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M24 天 前

    3:53 Mazepin to Mercedes crew?

  • Rafael Gimenez
    Rafael Gimenez24 天 前

    the radio check on the back up radio do sound like discord though XD

  • Nathan Sanches
    Nathan Sanches24 天 前

    it was a better f1

  • KelchanFerret
    KelchanFerret24 天 前

    "So, I turn left here?" "Yes, turn left and go down this squiggly bit."

  • Niko P
    Niko P24 天 前

    I cant wait to see Daniel and Lando in One Team. It will be so funny😂

  • Armando Matos
    Armando Matos24 天 前

    fun fact: The Scooter Guy from Scuderia Paparazzi scored the same points as the two Williams combined!! (Yess yess yess i know russel scored but not in the williams)

  • Soham Belge
    Soham Belge24 天 前

    Okay now memes of 2020

  • Hervé M
    Hervé M24 天 前

    3:52 That's Mazepin ???

  • Christian Uson
    Christian Uson24 天 前

    2:16 Albon's job for the mean tme

  • Yoram Brinkman
    Yoram Brinkman24 天 前

    I love the williams pit crew

  • Jaffethepolice
    Jaffethepolice24 天 前

    scooter guy drive through penalty: Jump start

  • CreamCandy
    CreamCandy24 天 前

    0:33 roBottas

  • 123Tubie
    123Tubie24 天 前

    what's funny?

  • le jeux gaming
    le jeux gaming24 天 前

    Sa serait bien d’avoir des sous titre en fr

  • Doug Banister
    Doug Banister24 天 前

    This is probably the most characters we’ve had on the grid ever

  • Dalma Révfi
    Dalma Révfi25 天 前

    lando & dan absolutely owned this

  • EspenX
    EspenX25 天 前

    If that is the funniest moments of F1, F1 is not a funny sport.

  • Barış Oktay
    Barış Oktay25 天 前

    Valtteri be like: So that's my week guys hbu. *driving an F1 car*

  • Kyran Wild
    Kyran Wild25 天 前

    Now, this is content guys🔥

  • Gonzo Gonzalez
    Gonzo Gonzalez25 天 前

    And Geooooorge???

  • Poloooj
    Poloooj25 天 前

    20% teams 80% LANDO

  • AlexJ
    AlexJ25 天 前

    Its Friday then...its Saturday, Sunday, WHAT? ITS FRIDAY THEM...ITS SATURDAY, SUNDAY, WHAT?!