From Highs To Heartbreak: George Russell's Extraordinary Mercedes Debut


The Briton was just 0.026s off pole position, stole the lead at the race start, and led for 59 laps before his hopes of a maiden Grand Prix victory were punctured. Listen in on the team radio and re-live an incredible first race for George Russell and Mercedes...
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  • berkay cocacola
    berkay cocacola5 小时 前

    Can you explain me why he had a puncture?

  • Arhat Ménez
    Arhat Ménez6 小时 前


  • Hans Muster
    Hans Muster7 小时 前

    I keep coming back to this in hope that some day it ends in a win :(

  • Jan Foerster
    Jan Foerster10 小时 前

    russel is held back by williams

  • Starfall
    Starfall15 小时 前

    Doesn't know where the overtake button is, but overtakes his team mate anyway lol

  • Ευγενία Μιχαλοπούλου
    Ευγενία Μιχαλοπούλου天 前

    brave moves on bottas!!! get him to mercedes

  • Jason araga
    Jason araga天 前

    "no power" -George russell and then a fastest lap appears by George

  • Cypisoft
    Cypisoft天 前

    Russel to Mercedes Bottas to Williams or Alfa Romeo

  • Thomas Francis
    Thomas Francis天 前

    That Bottas overtake! 🔥🔥

  • Xx_LordGaben_xX
    Xx_LordGaben_xX天 前

    The most painful race I’ve ever watched

  • Eric Mendez
    Eric Mendez2 天 前

    Mercedes let George Russell Drive instead of boring Hamilton

  • TheMaroth
    TheMaroth2 天 前

    2021 should be Russels last WIlliams year. Give that man a WC winning car. Im not even a Merc fan but George is so calm and understandable. First time in the car, not his seat, not his wheel, doesnt know the car, doesnt know the buttons, still on pair with Bottas, if not even a bit better. You cant blame Bottas, Russel is simply a raw talent.

  • Bernardo Bonatto
    Bernardo Bonatto2 天 前

    If they sign with Russell, they'll probably have the next champion for sure, he did it quite well

  • Jacob Goebel
    Jacob Goebel2 天 前

    I don't remember "come on Russell give it a hustle". Never change crofty never change

  • toneykk
    toneykk2 天 前

    He wouldn't catch Pérez. Look at the charts he wasn't catching as fast to make it

  • Angelita Felicia
    Angelita Felicia2 天 前

    can't watch this past 2:00 my heart cant take this anymore

  • AppleLauda
    AppleLauda2 天 前

    George got robbed in this race

  • Jakub Puchalski
    Jakub Puchalski2 天 前

    give that man a mercedes !

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon2 天 前

    WhatsApp from Hamilton to Wolff: Hey man, don't let Russell win and make me look like an average driver man.


    Take bottas out of the team...Russel need that seat

  • x R IE a IP E r
    x R IE a IP E r2 天 前

    still hurts ..

  • dolanan hp
    dolanan hp2 天 前

    kotak kotak kotak kotak kotak

  • Lyle Adrienne Modequillo
    Lyle Adrienne Modequillo2 天 前

    russell is the bono pls 2.0

  • Bobi Ban Benobi
    Bobi Ban Benobi3 天 前

    This reminds me about the heartbreak in Bahrain 2019 where Leclerc lost the win

  • azee
    azee3 天 前

    i appreciate how all three of them made a point to tell george he did well and that he showed what he can do. im sure its something he'll be glad to hear in the midst of that disappointment

  • Nurazwan Mat Sanin
    Nurazwan Mat Sanin4 天 前

    Dont know hamilton is true champion or mercedes car too powerful compare than another team

  • Johnny Merino
    Johnny Merino4 天 前

    Dont get settle my boy! Perez has a better and faster 🚗 now😉 vamos Checo🇲🇽

  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Muhammad Iqbal4 天 前

    This was the only race I ever wanted mercedes to win

  • Barath Kiran
    Barath Kiran4 天 前

    That Heli shot of Merc looks like a Batmobile🦇

  • Noah K.
    Noah K.4 天 前

    The one time I wanted Mercedes to win they make a one in a millenium mistake and lose smh

  • Piyush Attri
    Piyush Attri4 天 前

    Did he really had a rear left puncture ???

  • Alex Yara
    Alex Yara5 天 前

    Really felt it for George... It's just sad the odds didnt play in his favor that day.

  • James Ryder
    James Ryder5 天 前

    Get this lad signed next to Bottas for 2021!

  • Gaming With Nicko
    Gaming With Nicko5 天 前

    This is why Bottas should be dropped. A Williams driver outperformed him. Hopefully George gets another chance

    SPARKIEOW5 天 前

    They dont have puncture.

  • chrissdevanoツ
    chrissdevanoツ6 天 前

    George is now on the podium for unluckiest drivers, along with Nico and Brendon

  • J MB
    J MB6 天 前

    everyone knows why russell didn't win. mercedes hindered him in every way, he couldn't win with hamilton out and ahead of bottas. this would have testified that everyone can drive a mercedes and hamilton is not that strong.

  • chris T
    chris T6 天 前


  • Chong Seng Mun
    Chong Seng Mun6 天 前

    They had to nerf him by giving him wrong tyre sets to not make Bottas and Hamilton look bad.

  • Chong Seng Mun
    Chong Seng Mun6 天 前

    I love how this young man isn't cocky af and actually asks for help and advise from the team because he's not familiar with the cars and buttons. I'd love to see him take Lewis's seat at Merc

  • Lucas Laino
    Lucas Laino7 天 前

    Russel was sabotaged

  • musodiaz musodiaz
    musodiaz musodiaz7 天 前


  • whale oil beef hooked
    whale oil beef hooked7 天 前

    Better than shamilton 👌

  • HostileRaccoon
    HostileRaccoon7 天 前


  • Kapitan Melanżu
    Kapitan Melanżu10 天 前

    I don't get it, their just borrowed him for a race?

  • Johan Johansson
    Johan Johansson11 天 前

    Síng Russel Kick hamilton

  • Tom Boyle
    Tom Boyle12 天 前

    George is the only reason why I want mercedes to keep going because Hamilton is turning down contracts well over 20mil and George is ready and has shown hes ready to step into the best car and prove his talent. He deserves the mercedes seat

  • Dika
    Dika12 天 前

    Man this opportunity makes me have so many george russell video in my recommendation and giving like in every george's new post in ig

  • kai burke
    kai burke13 天 前

    I believe George Russell will be in the Mercedes this year and Alex albon will be alongside him in 2022

  • Will Jalowy
    Will Jalowy14 天 前

    The one time Mercedes doesn't win is when George is in the car. :(

  • Will Jalowy
    Will Jalowy14 天 前

    What is it with the young guns missing out on their 1st win because of thing they can't control at Bahrain. First Leclerc then George

    SUPER LeXT15 天 前

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  • YiZuSc
    YiZuSc15 天 前

    They just didn't want to expose Lewis, that championship is unbalanced with that car. I'm glad for Sergio Perez though.

  • kai burke
    kai burke17 天 前

    I loved how george bossed the race he’s better than max in my opinion

  • NOVI0974
    NOVI097418 天 前

    So a Rookie in that car is quicker than Bottas .. Nice car you got there Lewis ;-)

  • Wibb


    6 天 前

    And when Lewis was a rookie he beat a 2 time world champion in the same car...

    CALIMINATE19 天 前

    Has no-one ever thought bought how George said he will get this opportunity again and then corrected himself🤔

  • VanilleMilch TV
    VanilleMilch TV19 天 前

    Hamilton: my tires are gone bono Also hamilton: wins Russel:no power Also russel: sets the fastest lap

  • Conflux26
    Conflux2620 天 前

    He had no clue of the car and still led most of the race and clapped Bottas. Truly a future Champion

  • Joshua Howard Racing Channel
    Joshua Howard Racing Channel20 天 前

    George had no clue what to do let alone how to use the steering wheel and he still beat bottas, James be like “Valtteri it’s James, yo know the empty seat in Williams right?”

  • Silent Sun
    Silent Sun21 天 前

    I wish I was as calm minded as Bono

  • David Qiu
    David Qiu21 天 前

    Not knowing where is the buttons are ... and still manages to making Bottas looks like a rookie beside him ...

  • Martin Jelínek
    Martin Jelínek21 天 前

    Can we get Bono to voice engineer for F12021 and on? Please? Thank you. Sincerely, all F1 gamers

  • brayan arevalo
    brayan arevalo21 天 前

    we all wanted Russell to win, we all are heartbroken!

  • Beto LF
    Beto LF21 天 前

    Come on Daimler, give the seat to George he will be world champion as well and you will save a lot of money

  • ᴀᴍᴏɪᴢツ
    ᴀᴍᴏɪᴢツ22 天 前

    When I see this race, I feel like crying for George.

  • Robert Mc Cormack
    Robert Mc Cormack22 天 前

    Yous should have made the video with lose yourself in the background

  • LouieMaker
    LouieMaker23 天 前

    i really hope george russell gets the drive to mercedes one day

  • pedro jimenez
    pedro jimenez23 天 前

    Russell was awesome ,my point of view Mercedes won't let continue because Russell was fast then Lewis and they know what im talking about

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo23 天 前

    AAAAAA *P T S D*

  • Lycan
    Lycan23 天 前

    Over the last few years I’ve started to dislike Mercedes quite a bit, their dominance over the last half decade or so has left a sour taste in my mouth, but to see a young driver like George head out there and give his all was great to see.

  • George Russell Fan 63
    George Russell Fan 6324 天 前

    George will definitely get 3 or more world titles by the end of his career

  • BadDay - Lets Plays
    BadDay - Lets Plays24 天 前

    Bono... read me a bedtime story... please

  • Phoenix YT
    Phoenix YT24 天 前

    What happened to Hamilton?

  • Potato Racer
    Potato Racer25 天 前

    Can’t wait for George to get in a better car.

  • Jay Barnes
    Jay Barnes25 天 前

    When he said gorge Russel takes the lead I laughed because he's always at the back because of the williams

  • graham hamlin
    graham hamlin25 天 前

    Get rid of Hamilton and put Russel in there 👍

  • skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
    skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo25 天 前

    Remember he had to learn a different car, he drove for Williams

  • Flynn Charge
    Flynn Charge25 天 前

    Imagine getting George and Max in the mercs, time to change the old guard? Or will 2022 rule changes give red bull and max that little more they need to beat the mercs ?

  • Joshua Lovatt
    Joshua Lovatt26 天 前

    4:23 he is a liar

  • ViPDriver GT
    ViPDriver GT26 天 前

    0:36 "And George Russell takes the lead" I would love to hear that phrase in the near future

  • Dimitrije Minic
    Dimitrije Minic27 天 前

    Still hurts watching this AAAAAHHH!

  • I Like F1
    I Like F127 天 前

    Man when he said “..No Power “ my heart skipped a beat , im absolutely gutted aswell , George , You will win a race in the future , im confident you will’

  • James Masey
    James Masey27 天 前

    I don't normally feel sorry for drivers for losing a race but for George I did. The way he dominated the race, in a car he has never driven before is amazing. He will surely be driving for Mercedes soon

  • Swrve™
    Swrve™27 天 前

    Norris and Russel, oh I can’t wait to show my children these drivers

  • RoRacing Guides
    RoRacing Guides27 天 前

    Am I the only one who has watched this multiple times and keeps watching it over an over

  • ViPDriver GT

    ViPDriver GT

    26 天 前

    Not only you

  • fabian davids
    fabian davids28 天 前

    Funny how they cover Lewis whole performance this year with that powerful car. If he did wi than we all know it wasnt that impressive wht lewis done this year. George almost blow lewis cover. Lewis is great but it just show that the other drivers never had a changes to win.

  • Stefan Rusev
    Stefan Rusev28 天 前

    It should have been Russel instead of Perez

  • Abdu
    Abdu28 天 前

    Russell: no power Everyone: **EVERYONE'S HART STOPS**

  • Web crawler
    Web crawler28 天 前

    Russel: right pedal makes it go faster right? Also Russel *is faster than Bottas* 😓

  • Sam PAlmer
    Sam PAlmer28 天 前

    @gorege Russel

  • The imaginist
    The imaginist28 天 前

    Wait, so did he literally get out of the Williams and straight into the Mercedes?

  • DyrmaXXX


    27 天 前

    Też, he is member of Mercs junior program and Toto Wolf is his manager

  • sneekyturbo_AMG
    sneekyturbo_AMG29 天 前

    I'm so looking forward to George joining mercedes

  • The BLX Clan
    The BLX Clan29 天 前

    Poor Sus

  • Henry Stack
    Henry Stack29 天 前

    i cant bealieve martin brundle just lied! he legit just said "your never going to know what happens!". like each race am i going "oh hamilton won! i would have never saw coming! oh look he won again!! wow he won the last 20 races it would be shocking if he won the last race- OH HE DID IT!"

  • paeng paeng
    paeng paeng29 天 前

    Future champ

  • Henry Hatt
    Henry Hatt29 天 前

    Mercedes messed it up on purpose to keep russel from the win

  • TheNinjaGinger
    TheNinjaGinger29 天 前

    I haven't felt up and down in a race like that since Button in Canada 2011. George has gotta have that seat at some point.

  • Advitiya Singh Rathore
    Advitiya Singh Rathore29 天 前

    They should have george instead of bottas

  • Spud 607
    Spud 607个月 前

    Even though he still got 9th i think the result doesn't reflect on Russells incredible performance.

  • keropoklekor 007
    keropoklekor 007个月 前

    wow his engineers just play him well.

  • ViPDriver GT

    ViPDriver GT

    26 天 前

    That's bono