Formula 3: 2020 Season Highlights


Nine thrilling race weekends and a title race that went right down to the wire - all the best bits from a super-exciting 2020 Formula 3 season...
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  • Kamil Buszmann
    Kamil Buszmann10 小时 前

    Do you know name of the song ? 1:06

  • Ömer Faruk Bal
    Ömer Faruk Bal3 天 前

    Song name at Monza plz

  • Vladimir Janda
    Vladimir Janda9 天 前


  • Bruges 4Ever
    Bruges 4Ever15 天 前

    Piastri, Purchaire and Lawson have a lot of talent. Cant wait see them in f1 once

  • William O'Grady
    William O'Grady15 天 前

    0:27 anyone else see Daniel Riccardo?

  • EinfachNurHannes
    EinfachNurHannes17 天 前

    Imagine that last overtake just over the line would have been for the Championship...

  • Guenther Steiner
    Guenther Steiner17 天 前

    4:35 most epic moment of the season

  • Ryan Manalo
    Ryan Manalo17 天 前

    Imagine is f1 2021 the game had f3

  • Krevet Poulet
    Krevet Poulet17 天 前

    0:58 Music ??

  • Ömer Faruk Bal

    Ömer Faruk Bal

    3 天 前

    JDP - Get U Some

  • Krevet Poulet
    Krevet Poulet17 天 前

    Allez Théo ! On compte tous sur toi !

  • Ethan V
    Ethan V18 天 前

    The amount of different people winning every race makes it so much more fun than formula 1 right now.

  • mircea miclos
    mircea miclos19 天 前

    I think they keep F2 and F3 out of the screen because they don't want to show how predicteble and boring F1 is. No wander sponsors and engine manufacturers are leaving.

  • mircea miclos
    mircea miclos19 天 前

    Why we have boring F1 racing on the telly when we have this ? WHAT A JOKE F1 IS BECOME COMPARED TO THIS !!!

  • Tiwiss
    Tiwiss20 天 前

    idk who your new cutter(s) is/are but they're absolutly brilliant

  • Acers2K
    Acers2K20 天 前

    This music choice.... just let the engines roar

  • David Moll
    David Moll20 天 前

    What was the song used from 1:00 to 1:45?

  • Ömer Faruk Bal

    Ömer Faruk Bal

    3 天 前

    JDP - Get U Some

  • GP Plays
    GP Plays21 天 前

    They should do this for f1

  • Mikkel
    Mikkel21 天 前

    More Hauger content!

  • Romanische050
    Romanische05021 天 前

    Formula 3 = iRacing Rookies.

  • IronJellyYT
    IronJellyYT21 天 前

    1:48 this had me dying of laughing 😂😂😂

  • Blitz_MG


    19 天 前

    Bro it’s literally just a deer

  • kavya sisodiya
    kavya sisodiya21 天 前

    Others : Nice content, Nice Racing. Me : 1:46 Why does the deer has a mustache??

  • Leo Guggenheim
    Leo Guggenheim22 天 前

    I love 28

  • Midaspl
    Midaspl22 天 前

    TBH F3 grid looks rather weak right now.

  • isarhochufertrainz
    isarhochufertrainz22 天 前

    Please broadcast F3 next year on YT like you do it with F2 already

  • Diego Arellano Buchmann
    Diego Arellano Buchmann22 天 前

    So much more exciting then F1!

  • Eddy Smurfy
    Eddy Smurfy22 天 前

    I hope Dennis hauger can put Norway in f1 someday!

  • GozieZilla
    GozieZilla22 天 前

    3:15 this should NOT be happening in 2020!!

  • Gryph Lane
    Gryph Lane22 天 前

    Alex Jacques showreel. Gonna miss his dulcet tones.

  • Sil Ae
    Sil Ae22 天 前

    What music is this?

  • Aqua Venus
    Aqua Venus22 天 前

    i guess David won't be carrying the family name up to f1 unlike his cousin anytime soon, I think he would be better off on the other categories instead of racing formula

  • James Brown
    James Brown22 天 前

    "That's it BOYS!" said Jake Hughes.😁

  • valentina vera
    valentina vera22 天 前

    Fred Vesti is my favoriteeee

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan22 天 前

    2020 F3 Season has tons of stories...

  • Ömer Faruk Bal
    Ömer Faruk Bal22 天 前

    Song name at Styria 0:52-1:46 plz

  • Ömer Faruk Bal

    Ömer Faruk Bal

    22 天 前

    Nvm i found it:JDP - Get U Some

  • django1123
    django112322 天 前

    Give these content creators a New Year bonus. Awesome quality work

  • The Avster
    The Avster22 天 前

    Why do I feel that f2 and f3 are more interesting than f1?

  • Bot Boy
    Bot Boy22 天 前

    As a American, I really want to see Sargent in f1 some day, I could then finally root for someone from my own country

  • Aleisternasia
    Aleisternasia22 天 前

    Fun Fact: David Beckman got both of his race wins this season via penalties for the car in front

  • Luckybro vlogs and gaming
    Luckybro vlogs and gaming22 天 前

    I know nothing about f3

  • An intellectual guy
    An intellectual guy22 天 前

    I don't know why but i really feel sad for Hughes...he's 26 but still in f3

  • An intellectual guy

    An intellectual guy

    22 天 前

    @Kevin Wacharapol his interview he the age of 16 he started karting

  • Kevin Wacharapol

    Kevin Wacharapol

    22 天 前

    He started racing very late. I think it was even during his teen years. Most do it before they turn 10.

  • Ben47
    Ben4722 天 前

    Song at 4:49 ?

  • Shihao


    11 天 前

    Bow - Nutty P, was also looking for it haha, had to Shazam

  • V revesz
    V revesz22 天 前

    i like sargeant lol

  • Sofía Campos Yáñez
    Sofía Campos Yáñez22 天 前

    This season was pure magic 🙌✨

  • HighVelocity
    HighVelocity22 天 前

    There is a bunch of S🅱️INALA Btw, weird season

  • Walter 2.0
    Walter 2.022 天 前

    I forgot there was f3 oh dang uhmmm that’s weird I never thought f3 was gonna be found

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t23 天 前

    The Viscaal Zendeli battle is still one of the highlights of the year.

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t23 天 前

    What a season, well done Piastri!

  • Abbedabest 04
    Abbedabest 0423 天 前

    I Hope that Dino Beganovic can get a F3 seat next year

  • Abbedabest 04

    Abbedabest 04

    15 天 前

    @miranda strickland You can always dream

  • miranda strickland

    miranda strickland

    15 天 前

    He’s still a little kid

  • Dodgeful Artist

    Dodgeful Artist

    20 天 前

    He should do a regional championship first.

  • Tibby
    Tibby23 天 前

    Pourchaire's going to be the first F1 driver younger than me isn't he?

  • Leo Ducreux
    Leo Ducreux23 天 前

    Theooooooo pourchaaaaaaaaire 🇨🇵

  • Callum Jocelyn
    Callum Jocelyn23 天 前

    Great season both in F3 and F2.

  • ERO Master
    ERO Master23 天 前

    Where was Billy Monger?

  • D M
    D M23 天 前

    Imagine being so young that you can poure champagne without being legally allowed to drink it. That's talent

    ZX R-CADE23 天 前

    Formula 3 was epic this seal it was more epic than f1 has been for the last 7 seasons

  • Edmon
    Edmon23 天 前

    Who will get to F2? thats a question I wanna know the anwser for

  • McPlayer8t


    23 天 前

    Piastri has been confirmed at Prema and Zendeli has been confirmed at MP (I think) it her than that, Pourchaire, Sargeant, Lawson, Novalak, Nannini and possibly a few others tested F2 cars, but are not confirmed.

  • Damyant Jain
    Damyant Jain23 天 前

    Ferrari Spotted: @1:48

  • skvirtonit
    skvirtonit23 天 前

    1:52 for this incident did not give panality bruh FFFIA

  • Ben Silveston
    Ben Silveston23 天 前

    10:10 - What a photo finish for the title battle! We can only dream of seeing the same in F1 these days!

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    That didn’t decide the title, that was Piastri passing Fernandez. Piastri would have won either way, just by less if he didn’t pass him.

  • MajorMlgNoob


    23 天 前

    Maybe the 2022 regulations will reign in Mercedes and allow McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Alpine to also compete for the title (Maybe even AlphaTauri)

  • Michael Tohme
    Michael Tohme23 天 前

    Well deserved by Piastri. It was his title from the start. The moves he pulled off were insane especially in Italy. Sargent just wasn’t on the same level across the season.

  • Jacob Hanekamp
    Jacob Hanekamp23 天 前

    Wait so has this just been happening behind the scenes of F2 and F1 and we haven't noticed? When do they race?

  • Reserve Messias

    Reserve Messias

    22 天 前

    If you use the F1 TV app you can watch, F1, F2 and F3.

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    No, the season ended at the Tuscan Grand Prix, they race at the same rounds as F2 and F1 this year, you just missed it. Next year, F2 and F3 wi still support F1, but they won’t be at the same rounds as each other. The W Series will also support F1, so hopefully that gets some attention too.

  • Nuno Monteiro Soares

    Nuno Monteiro Soares

    23 天 前

    At the same time and place as F1 and F2 (at least until this year, as in 2021 F2 and F3 will be in different weekends). F3 was usually in the morning 😅😅

  • Ca Studios
    Ca Studios23 天 前

    I need to see Enzo Fittipaldi racing again next year!

  • Nicholas Heath
    Nicholas Heath23 天 前

    Liam lawson did really well this year.

  • DodiGe
    DodiGe23 天 前

    Is ido Cohen in this series?

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    No, maybe in future.

  • Fabian Rocha
    Fabian Rocha23 天 前

    I love these F3 guys... So young... So innocent... (I dont know why I said that it was supposed to sound cool somehow)

  • Little Light
    Little Light23 天 前

    Hope Logan gets a chance in F2

  • TheParkster15 #P15
    TheParkster15 #P1523 天 前

    Logan, you will be a star one day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Aasav Shah
    Aasav Shah23 天 前

    Sad American fan noise

  • Jules
    Jules23 天 前

    I didn't watch it

  • Ferrari SF-90
    Ferrari SF-9023 天 前

    Ferrari SF-90 wants Maldonado brilliance

  • Formula 1 House
    Formula 1 House23 天 前

    Unpopular Opinion: Théo Porchaire could be Verstappen 2.0

  • BarceGT
    BarceGT23 天 前

    lets be real this was Logan's championship but c'est la vie

  • Steven Yeing

    Steven Yeing

    20 天 前

    @BarceGT Piastri was also taken out to hand him the possibility to win. He wasn’t mentally strong enough to just get points instead of risking it all, that risk cost it all, but again if you take out the times Oscar was taken out Logan wouldn’t of had a chance.

  • BarceGT


    22 天 前

    @C L would’ve won it if not for Fernandez. Taken out of the fight not even with his own fault

  • McPlayer8t


    23 天 前

    As I’ve said to others here, Logan cost himself the chance in Monza when he cut off his teammate, he didn’t need to do that on any day, let alone when he could score big points with Piastri out thanks to Novalak.

  • C L

    C L

    23 天 前

    Sure except it literally wasn't

  • Pierre Gasly
    Pierre Gasly23 天 前

    F3 > F1

  • miranda strickland

    miranda strickland

    15 天 前

    Pierre, wassup my g

  • Guiney


    23 天 前

    Hi Pierre

  • Pierre Gasly

    Pierre Gasly

    23 天 前

    @If u use dark theme the wallpaper is invicible hi. Please call me Pierre

  • If u use dark theme the wallpaper is invicible

    If u use dark theme the wallpaper is invicible

    23 天 前

    Oh Hi gasly

  • Hunter Cihal
    Hunter Cihal23 天 前

    I'm such a simp for Sophia

  • _ Bergziege
    _ Bergziege23 天 前

    I’m still not over the fact Charouz dumped Niko Kari for Stanek. He was looking so promising to be a front runner. What a shame.

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    Same, I actually thought he was an older driver since he raced in F2 in 2018, but he is 21. He still has plenty of time if he gets a drive.

  • NYUnbox IT
    NYUnbox IT23 天 前

    Background sound list please

  • cslibre
    cslibre23 天 前

    Next year Enzo Fittipaldi comes strongest

  • Rob The Green Engine
    Rob The Green Engine23 天 前

    3:54 Oh hi, Webber. You’ve made this video that little bit more awesome just by being here.

  • Kinqadamjr Kinqadamjr
    Kinqadamjr Kinqadamjr23 天 前


  • Alper B
    Alper B23 天 前

    0:53 song: JDP - Get U Some

  • Guillaume C
    Guillaume C23 天 前

    This season was awesome , best category this year .

  • Michael
    Michael23 天 前

    Honestly the title shouldve been Sargents, but I guess that’s just racing. Hopefully he can make the step up to F2 next year and compete.

  • Steven Yeing

    Steven Yeing

    20 天 前

    @Purwanti Allan Piastri did?

  • José Dias

    José Dias

    22 天 前

    @El cactus de la muerte The F1 test was in Abu Dhabi so i made a mistake.

  • El cactus de la muerte

    El cactus de la muerte

    22 天 前

    @José Dias no need to apologise the seasons been an absolute mess calendar wise. After your comment I had to double check there hadn’t been two tests and I missed one 😂

  • Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

    22 天 前

    @v10 sound poor Piastri there... he should've won the F3 2020 title.

  • José Dias

    José Dias

    22 天 前

    @El cactus de la muerte Oh yes sorry about that, the test was in Bahrain, i forgot.

  • Ayon Shahnewas
    Ayon Shahnewas23 天 前

    So much chaos !

  • John Whittaker
    John Whittaker23 天 前

    Disappointed with Floeresch’s season. If she’s there next season I hope she performs better

  • El cactus de la muerte

    El cactus de la muerte

    22 天 前

    I’m not really sure if she will. No offence to her but there’s a reason she’s known more for her accident and controversy than her actual driving ability. I hope she proves me wrong and performs but when you look at her stats there’s not exactly anything that marks her as someone with incredible potential

  • McPlayer8t


    23 天 前

    Well she was driving for one of the worst teams, Peroni scored all of Campos’ points, though the other teammate was Deledda...

  • Koe Het dier
    Koe Het dier23 天 前

    Yay a new f1 video

  • Armando Vazquez
    Armando Vazquez23 天 前

    Season was incredible but as an American I can say I was gutted not to see Logan Sargeant win the championship

  • McPlayer8t


    23 天 前

    As an Australian, I am obviously happy. Logan is fast, I might even say faster in the second half, he just made too many mistakes and took unnecessary risks. He ultimately lost the fight in Monza when he chopped across Vesti.

  • LOU!S


    23 天 前

    As a Frenchman, really gutted not to see Pourchaire win the championship... But Piastri is a Renault driver academy so it still ok

  • José Dias

    José Dias

    23 天 前

    I'm Brazilian but i was supporting Logan this year.

  • Tomcat4888


    23 天 前

    Yeah same 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Robert Harrington
    Robert Harrington23 天 前

    Anyone else feel mildly disgusted every time Uralkali appears?

  • Edala Naveen
    Edala Naveen23 天 前

    That finish line drag race was sooooooo epic!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden23 天 前

    If he didn't overtake him on the final lap would he still won the chmapionship?

  • McPlayer8t


    23 天 前

    Yes, but only by a point or two.

  • Oscar Stanley

    Oscar Stanley

    23 天 前

    he still would have won

  • Dante
    Dante23 天 前

    Really hope to see Pourchaire, Lawson, Piastri and Sargeant all in F2 next year, wanna see what else they can produce and if possible get into F1 as well.

  • sheeple


    20 天 前

    @Alexander Wijaya Pourchaire also isn't going to have a great time I think, ART is very inconsistent and seems to favour one seat over the other, and I think Pourchaire wont be in that favourite one.

  • Alexander Wijaya

    Alexander Wijaya

    22 天 前

    @FLX Probably not gonna be a championship-contending year for Sargent in the next F2 season, given he's at Campos. F2's technically spec but some teams (Prema, ART, UNI) consistently do better.

  • FLX


    23 天 前

    Looks like Pou at ART, Sargent at Campos, Lawson at Hitech and Piastri already confirmed for perms

  • Lilla Gottlieb

    Lilla Gottlieb

    23 天 前

    Oscar is confermed

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys23 天 前

    Mercedes has Pourchaire on the hire list way higher than George

  • iLuizin-R6
    iLuizin-R623 天 前

    let's go fitipaldi

  • Flipflop ,
    Flipflop ,23 天 前

    Dennis Hauger for f1!!!

  • 2R1_2021 AADVIK MOHTA
    2R1_2021 AADVIK MOHTA23 天 前


  • MrShizeeR
    MrShizeeR23 天 前

    this is what is currently missing from F1 ... a stronger fight than crying to engineers and judges .... and the alignment of F1 cars. :D

  • Azeria
    Azeria23 天 前

    Théo Pourchaire is already pulling this kind of thing off at 16-17 years old. Can’t wait to see where he ends up.

  • Purwanti Allan

    Purwanti Allan

    19 天 前

    @Alan Ali 12 hope Pourchaire would graduate to F1 in 2022.

  • Steven Yeing

    Steven Yeing

    20 天 前

    Oscar is only 19 both have crazy talent.

  • Alan Ali 12

    Alan Ali 12

    22 天 前

    @breckr No he’s born In august 2003 not September 2003 , so he’s In grade 12

  • Alan Ali 12

    Alan Ali 12

    22 天 前

    @S 13 He’s born august 2003, if this was the UK system, he should be classified as 2002-2003 class of year 13. Year 12 is 2003 September- August 2004

  • Neon YT

    Neon YT

    22 天 前

    I won’t be surprised if someone like merc try to take him of saubers hands. I hope he makes it into f1, Probs gonna support him.

  • Ismael Basalah
    Ismael Basalah23 天 前

    Alex Peroni so underrated!!!

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    True, I was hoping he would get a drive at a better team next year, but it looks like he will race Indy Lights instead.

  • Pit Stop - Der F1 Podcast
    Pit Stop - Der F1 Podcast23 天 前

    Prema won the 2020 team and drivers championship in the F2, F3 and Formula Regional Euro Championship. The Mercedes of Junior Formula.

  • aditya banerjee

    aditya banerjee

    23 天 前

    Lando Norris is still the only non Prema driver to win Euro F3/FIA F3 since it began in 2012.

  • Kasper Knudsen
    Kasper Knudsen23 天 前

    How many collisions and crashes do you want? F3: Yes boiii!

  • McPlayer8t


    22 天 前

    Young drivers with a lot to prove, and Deledda...

  • Jack Crola
    Jack Crola23 天 前

    No highlights for Lord Deledda? He clearly should be the driver of the season...😏

  • Nithin Gowda
    Nithin Gowda23 天 前

    1:00 which is the background song??

  • Ömer Faruk Bal

    Ömer Faruk Bal

    3 天 前

    @Nithin Gowda Bow - Nutty P

  • Ghjurdcbjiuttfvv 6203

    Ghjurdcbjiuttfvv 6203

    22 天 前

    JDP-Get U Some

  • Nithin Gowda

    Nithin Gowda

    23 天 前

    And also the one at 5:30