Formula 2: 2020 Season Highlights


Rapid rookies, non-stop action and a title race that went down to the wire. Re-live the best of a brilliant Formula 2 season!
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  • DeltaDS
    DeltaDS9 小时 前

    0:34 when you hit that perfect start boost on mario kart

  • comentarista25
    comentarista25天 前

    The missing thing is Hubert to not be there but hes in F1 heaven (i say f1 because hes dream was to be in f1 and he is now)

  • George
    George2 天 前

    I must say, Ticktum proved me wrong this year. Very impressive

  • Vinícius Apolinario
    Vinícius Apolinario5 天 前

    100% of races: Schumacher

  • Aaron Trimmer
    Aaron Trimmer14 天 前

    Why the music

  • Dipanshu Singh
    Dipanshu Singh15 天 前

    Really really sad for jehan as he had few amazing races and a race win and got absolutely zero screen time while zhou got feautred for not finishing so many races.

  • Bailey Hazelton
    Bailey Hazelton15 天 前

    In Monza 1 why was 1 guy DQS

  • Krevet Poulet
    Krevet Poulet17 天 前

    0:03 young vettel

  • hockysa
    hockysa17 天 前

    F2 > F1 Fight me.

  • Ice Angel
    Ice Angel18 天 前

    That Schumacher just doing calculations to take this one ,really nothing impressive from him as a racer or in terms of raw speed

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    5 天 前

    I think it's his consistency that took him to the title. He took big points a lot, even if he didn't have the wins to show it, like his other Ferrari Driver Academy teammates Shwartzman and Ilott.

  • Pedro Lucas
    Pedro Lucas18 天 前

    One of the best motorsport's season I ever seen! Huge thanks from 🇧🇷🙌🏼

  • Darren Pearn
    Darren Pearn19 天 前

    What was with the star wars bot with the trophy on it. the commentator saying they need a race. Haha funny stuff.

  • comentarista25
    comentarista2519 天 前

    When i watch f2 reminds me of Anthoine

  • Ömer Faruk Bal
    Ömer Faruk Bal19 天 前


  • Elliot H
    Elliot H19 天 前

    Michael would’ve been proud

  • Shreyas Pingle
    Shreyas Pingle19 天 前

    The disrespect for Daruvala in this video is unreal. At least say his name when he wins

  • Mad Villain
    Mad Villain19 天 前

    These kids are so disrespectful at defending their position

  • Ogulcan Buyuk
    Ogulcan Buyuk20 天 前

    Guys don't get me wrong, I genuinely love the posts of this channel. The UI elements are delightful and a joy to watch. But as being someone that has just been re-introduced to this sport, I think it would be really useful for folk like me, to make these highlights a little bit more comprehensive statistical information-wise.

  • Lintang Elka
    Lintang Elka20 天 前

    So much great drivers this year

  • Best Of Instagram
    Best Of Instagram20 天 前

    Schwartzmann you are the Best!

  • 45641560456405640563
    4564156045640564056320 天 前

    Empty stands....

  • EndyEP
    EndyEP20 天 前

    Music during Mugello?

  • Luu Duong Hy
    Luu Duong Hy20 天 前

    Congratulations Daruvala for win final race and by the time Zhou win a race, he only get 50% point.

  • Phaint
    Phaint21 天 前

    The beat for the Sakhir gp was insane, does anyone know what it is ?

    HONORERS21 天 前

    sad that jehan's win champagne not include.

  • Mees Roeloffs
    Mees Roeloffs21 天 前

    F**k this editing

  • Bert Jilk
    Bert Jilk21 天 前

    Spoiler alert: 2021 is going to look pretty much the same. Sorry.

  • Dingus Khan
    Dingus Khan22 天 前

    f2 is fun to watch but man those cars sound wimpy.

  • Der Kies
    Der Kies22 天 前

    f2 is the better f1 Change my mind

  • Yu Tomi
    Yu Tomi22 天 前

    6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07

  • ART Distinct
    ART Distinct22 天 前

    Definitely something strange about Schumachers starts

  • Real Struggle
    Real Struggle22 天 前

    That was by far the most exciting and thrilling season I have ever seen so far in F2. So many talented drivers (except Samaia 😅) and so many thrilling battles in every single race. I enjoyed every second

  • Robot Rocks11_f1
    Robot Rocks11_f122 天 前

    4:50 name of songh?



  • Aniket Mohanty
    Aniket Mohanty22 天 前

    How much bad luck could Callum Illot have man? Sad to see

  • Clark
    Clark22 天 前

    Gosh these cars are so much better looking than the current F1 cars

  • Frekison
    Frekison22 天 前

    why isn't Illot having an F1 cockpit in 2021 .... just anfair

  • Mauronicker The new update
    Mauronicker The new update23 天 前

    4:37 qui si può apprezzare la bestemmia di un meccanico prema

  • Tomas Garcia Ormello
    Tomas Garcia Ormello23 天 前

    Song 9:20 ?

  • Schmeler Errol
    Schmeler Errol23 天 前

    The unknown dolphin intracellularly suit because beat relatedly deceive lest a jobless door. uptight, massive smile

  • 07EMGEE
    07EMGEE23 天 前

    we need a f2 game from codies

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    12 天 前

    I think F2 being included in F1 is close enough.

  • James Brown
    James Brown23 天 前

    We love F2!😊💙

  • LeXx0r
    LeXx0r23 天 前

    Describe F2 in one sentence: It's like F1, but way more interesting.

  • Rheinhausen / Wuppertal
    Rheinhausen / Wuppertal23 天 前

    1 Question: why is Illott's Car Red but Zhough's (i hope its correct like this) is Yellow? Can they choose in F2 which colour they want?

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    12 天 前

    @Fredrik Z I think Schumacher and Shwartzman had different liveries because Schumacher had a German sponsor and Shwartzman had a Russian sponsor.

  • Rheinhausen / Wuppertal

    Rheinhausen / Wuppertal

    21 天 前

    @Fredrik Z thanks for the information ^^

  • Fredrik Z

    Fredrik Z

    21 天 前

    Zhou. Zhou's a Renault Academy driver and Illot comes from FDA. Not sure if they can choose the colour or design but last year Zhou and Ghiotto had different front wing designs and this year Schumacher and Shwartzman also had slight differences in their liveries.

  • Gabriel Rosa
    Gabriel Rosa23 天 前


  • Ergh
    Ergh23 天 前

    Mazepin shouldnt have his penalty points reset. Poor driver with an even poorer personality.

  • Stijn Gein
    Stijn Gein23 天 前

    is it only me or do like 50 % of the shots look like f1 2020

  • Mustafa Shoaib
    Mustafa Shoaib23 天 前

    I liked the bit where the cars went neooow

  • Lorenzo CB
    Lorenzo CB23 天 前

    I can not wait for drive to survive any longer

  • Ayuri Anchieta
    Ayuri Anchieta23 天 前

    Felipe Drugovich🥰

  • catyolozolo
    catyolozolo23 天 前

    Nikita is strong but dangerus

  • Schraibfela


    22 天 前

    And a racist

  • TJ
    TJ23 天 前

    Ticktum, Drogovich and Tsunoda have impressed me most, excellent racecraft.

  • mcmcnair97
    mcmcnair9723 天 前

    The biggest disappointment of the season: the junior series didn't get a chance to go to Turkey!

  • mcmcnair97
    mcmcnair9723 天 前

    The quality on the grid this year was fantastic. Schwartzman is probably favourite for next season but I'm looking forward to seeing Piastri, Lundgaard, Zhou take it to him and hopefully guys like Sargeant, Pourchaire and Vips find drives for next year

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    5 天 前

    Vips has a seat at HiTech, along with Liam Lawson, and Daruvula has a seat at Carlin.

  • Geometrix Dx
    Geometrix Dx23 天 前

    Surprised I haven’t seen any mazepout comments here

  • Ömer Faruk Bal
    Ömer Faruk Bal23 天 前

    What's the song name at Barcelona?

  • Alessandro Cristaldi
    Alessandro Cristaldi23 天 前


  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill23 天 前

    Did he really just win 1 race the whole season? Wao haja

  • Leonardo Zanarella
    Leonardo Zanarella23 天 前

    4.39: bestemmie dal paddock hahaha

  • Artur Filleul
    Artur Filleul23 天 前


  • Dev'z VlogZ
    Dev'z VlogZ23 天 前

    Bruh thing is the title is F2 moments so something funny also should be there 🤔

  • Kevim Teka Beshah
    Kevim Teka Beshah23 天 前

    Started following F2 this season and boy it's entertaining way more than F1, i have to say. I hope it becomes more popular in France.

  • Xeakpress
    Xeakpress23 天 前

    Idk who it is that green lighting this content but my hats off to you its fantastic Now we just need a playlist of this music

  • Glennis Cansana
    Glennis Cansana23 天 前

    The fact that Robert dedicated that win in Austria is tremendously respectful!!!

  • Cthulthu
    Cthulthu23 天 前

    Zhou 2021 F2 Champion. You heard it hear first.

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    9 天 前

    I don’t think so. He isn’t even confirmed for a seat yet. If he does have a seat, I can say he’ll be a title contender alongside Drugovich, Shwartzman, and Piastri.

  • Lucas Budde
    Lucas Budde23 天 前

    I have told all of my friends that I will be strong in the second half of the season. They all laughed at me but look how it was

  • The Avster
    The Avster23 天 前

    Out of curiosity, yuki drives with number 7 and so does kimi in f1. So who gets number 7?

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    12 天 前

    @The Avster 22

  • The Avster

    The Avster

    22 天 前

    Ok, thanks. It’s what I expected. But what number will tsunoda drive with?

  • Elizabeth Sterling

    Elizabeth Sterling

    23 天 前

    Kimi does. It's first come, first served.

  • Ewan Winship
    Ewan Winship23 天 前

    Callum really had no luck

  • Lady Tan
    Lady Tan23 天 前

    it felt like ilott had a better championship than he did

  • Tullio Puzo
    Tullio Puzo23 天 前

    Song at: 4:47 anyone?

  • Diego Cuneo
    Diego Cuneo23 天 前

    imagine f1 with this emotion...

  • Affan Rafique
    Affan Rafique23 天 前

    Robert Swartzmann should have been in F1

  • Lasse Büchen

    Lasse Büchen

    3 天 前

    Not in 2021

  • passiegames original
    passiegames original23 天 前

    I am missing Sean Geleal between the best f2 drivers

  • sri ram
    sri ram23 天 前

    Poor daruvala. Gets 0 screen time even being a race winner.

  • GB PN

    GB PN

    14 天 前

    @Mahaveer Raghunathan better here than there on track....👍🏼

  • Klonpilot Hawk

    Klonpilot Hawk

    20 天 前

    I mean he got his screentime when Yuki spun him.

  • Kamlesh Sisodiya

    Kamlesh Sisodiya

    22 天 前

    @Mahaveer Raghunathan Lord Mahaveer, nice to see you here. 🤣🤣

  • Mahaveer Raghunathan

    Mahaveer Raghunathan

    22 天 前

    Yeah bro

  • -Ne1S
    -Ne1S23 天 前

    5:43 Who knows what this track is called?

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    12 天 前


  • GolojeOfficial
    GolojeOfficial23 天 前

    9:23 song?

  • Keira Megan F1
    Keira Megan F123 天 前

    What 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 year 👏🏼

  • Seshvir Seodutt
    Seshvir Seodutt23 天 前

    3:20 Kimi needs this engineer

  • Yug Shrivastava
    Yug Shrivastava23 天 前

    Dear Team F1 & F2, Appreciate the efforts put in by you in making the video. I also understand the concept of showing what sells. The last race, the winning race for Jehan Daruwala, was a lot more special for us. Would gave liked the video even more if the fact that an Indian Driver had won an F2 race was also highlighted or at least given a slight bit of importance. His radio conversation was very well put in the video. If you want to target an audience of 1.3Bn you should also give some weightage to these things also. Cheers! Eagerly awaiting the new season!

  • Divyang Dodia
    Divyang Dodia23 天 前

    Jehan Daruvala had one great race and his victory wasn't shown in the highlights... 🙄🙄

  • Divyang Dodia

    Divyang Dodia

    23 天 前

    @Seshvir Seodutt epic

  • Seshvir Seodutt

    Seshvir Seodutt

    23 天 前


  • Joanimater
    Joanimater23 天 前

    I actually never saw the Sean Geleal incident up until now

  • Abhinav Reddy k
    Abhinav Reddy k23 天 前

    It seem like f2 is more entertaining than f1....

  • Michael Sanderson
    Michael Sanderson23 天 前

    I can’t believe we’re not going to have Ilott in F1 next year

  • Mantrr Uprit
    Mantrr Uprit23 天 前

    guess who totally got ignored even after his maiden win in bahrain

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    9 天 前

    @Seshvir Seodutt He wasn’t mentioned at the race of his first win.

  • Seshvir Seodutt

    Seshvir Seodutt

    23 天 前

    He didn’t get ignored

  • MassLuca007
    MassLuca00723 天 前

    Wish I could watch F2 and 3 but it's always at like 5am like I already gotta get up for races at 9am 😫😂

  • Karr im
    Karr im23 天 前

    Imagine if F1 like that..!! That's more interesting and dramatic than the F1 . I like Lundgaard..

  • Sindhu Sojan
    Sindhu Sojan23 天 前

    Zhou = Ricciardo Gp2 engine gp2 aaaarghh

  • Johnny Lee Jia Heng
    Johnny Lee Jia Heng23 天 前

    10:45 that's why we say no to Mazepin

  • Jericho Sotardodo

    Jericho Sotardodo

    23 天 前

    I agree

  • BetonNet Indonesia
    BetonNet Indonesia23 天 前

    Harvest Moon

  • Venu Krithish
    Venu Krithish23 天 前

    What happened to Lundgaard and Zhou

  • Susmit Sanyal
    Susmit Sanyal23 天 前

    Daruvala winning the sprint race best moment for any Indian F1 fan

  • K1234
    K123423 天 前

    Story of F2 2020: Mazepin

  • Seshvir Seodutt

    Seshvir Seodutt

    23 天 前


  • david garton
    david garton23 天 前

    Forget F1, this is proper exciting racing. ❤️

  • WholeWizard
    WholeWizard23 天 前

    I'm so happy, been cheering him on since 2019 LETS GO

  • Ruturaj Agashe
    Ruturaj Agashe23 天 前

    Surprising to see no mention about Deruvala winning the race.

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    9 天 前

    Give the man some screen time.

  • Ruturaj Agashe

    Ruturaj Agashe

    18 天 前

    @vedant pokale Absolutely.

  • vedant pokale

    vedant pokale

    23 天 前


  • jeremy F
    jeremy F23 天 前

    Whoa! I need to start watching F2...

  • Haekal Abdalla
    Haekal Abdalla23 天 前


  • Aryaman
    Aryaman23 天 前

    Hats off to the best F2 season we've had in a long time

  • Aryaman
    Aryaman23 天 前

    It's so crazy to think that Schumacher didn't win a single race till Monza. Managed to just about stay in contention and then capitalised when it mattered the most

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    12 天 前

    Honestly, it would have been possible for Schumacher to win the title without winning a single race this season.

  • pourya akbary
    pourya akbary23 天 前

    schumacher won championship with 0 pole position, 0 fastest lap, and 2 win!!

  • Allen Playz

    Allen Playz

    9 天 前

    Even though he didn’t win until Monza, and didn’t gain any wins right after that (Jehan Daruvula won at Sakhir), he got podiums and big points at almost every race.