Flying Starts, Spins And The Best Onboards | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix | Emirates


Enjoy the best onboard action from the first-ever Sakhir Grand Prix and relieve one of the best races of the season through the eyes of the drivers. Presented by Emirates.
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  • Norbke Rubio
    Norbke Rubio3 天 前

    Checo the Best

  • Richárd German
    Richárd German5 天 前

    George its James

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan21 天 前


  • Juan Canales
    Juan Canales22 天 前

    LeClerc should go back to F2 for training

  • Натик Джафаров
    Натик Джафаров24 天 前

    Вот это бой!!!

  • Ethan Dickie
    Ethan Dickie25 天 前

    I really wanted Russel to win this race but then Mercedes messed the tyres up and he got a puncture

  • Lowz
    Lowz25 天 前

    This happen when Hamilton is out

  • David Oh
    David Oh28 天 前

    Ferrari, Haas is faster than you.

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan个月 前

    Confusing but great stuff.

  • Gerardo G
    Gerardo G个月 前

    Eres grande Sergio Pérez ♥️🇲🇽♥️

  • Theodore Skreko
    Theodore Skreko个月 前

    Looks like Mario cart out there 😬

  • Romanische050
    Romanische050个月 前

    Best of Onboards are the best, you could put team radio as well into it.

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t个月 前

    Verstappen “I couldn’t do anything” *Rewinds 5 seconds* Verstappen *Accelerates towards wall*

  • Carl Apfel
    Carl Apfel个月 前

    "best onboards" nr. 1 faces of drivers in cockpit :)

  • Ma Hang
    Ma Hang个月 前

    Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

  • Bálint Orehóczki
    Bálint Orehóczki个月 前

    no bottas first lap? :(

  • Oliver Isaías
    Oliver Isaías个月 前

    Muito bom

  • Yiğitcan GÜR
    Yiğitcan GÜR个月 前

    Don't worry Russell

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe个月 前


  • Deltic
    Deltic个月 前

    >"Bottas struggled after the restart thanks to his older tyres" >Perez gaps the field by ten seconds on even older tyres.

  • Damian Morales
    Damian Morales个月 前

    "so... Perez Won with two lap older then yours tyres" wow, that was harsh on Valteri

  • Luxeee
    Luxeee个月 前

    2:41 the vet makin plaaaaays

  • Milton Ferreira Junior
    Milton Ferreira Junior个月 前

    hamilton sempre será meu ídolo...😎😎😎😊😉😎😎

  • Milton Ferreira Junior
    Milton Ferreira Junior个月 前

    linda disputa entre kimi e kevin...😎😎😎😎😋😊😊😊😉😉😉

  • Neil Mackay
    Neil Mackay个月 前

    Storming first lap from Norris but, what crash was he avoiding?

  • tompw3141
    tompw3141个月 前

    Did Norris turn on easy mode at the start?

  • Tatiana Kushnarova
    Tatiana Kushnarova个月 前


  • adrian wright
    adrian wright个月 前

    Get that man in a red bull

  • Pavel Staněk
    Pavel Staněk个月 前

    George Russell pancer

  • Dion Peeters
    Dion Peeters个月 前

    I was so annoyed how they didnt show norris’ opening lap throughout the whole gp

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M个月 前

    I like when Stroll caught up to specifically give Perez thumbs up

  • Thông Dino
    Thông Dino个月 前

    Set speed 0.25 at 3:33:" they see me rollin they hatin........"

  • YHK
    YHK个月 前

    what did russell get rid of? 7:09 i didn't see that when I was watching the race

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith个月 前

    My favourite part was when they pressed the accelerator

  • Satria Saka
    Satria Saka个月 前

    3:34 Seb : "hi Kev!" Kev : "hey Seb whats up"

  • ChooseZ
    ChooseZ个月 前

    Butcher leclerc

  • Κωστας Γ.
    Κωστας Γ.个月 前

    I don't know if Vettel has given up on Ferrari or Ferrari has given up on Vettel anymore....

  • DiegoJosue 15
    DiegoJosue 15个月 前

    Love the sequence of the 2nd and 1st Onboard... “It’s the first lap anything can happen” *WINS THE RACE*

  • Thierry Guibourt
    Thierry Guibourt个月 前

    Better than words, the silence of Bottas. Wanna be Max next sparring partner?

  • thevoodochild
    thevoodochild个月 前

    K-Mag is a beast!

  • blindgeorged
    blindgeorged个月 前

    Love him Kimi will sacrifice the position as he knows he can get them in the next DRS zone or set of corners.

  • Brian Ligat
    Brian Ligat个月 前

    Lando needs to get his elbows out more.

  • Soprano Loureiro
    Soprano Loureiro个月 前

    That overtake from Russel on Bottas was sick!

  • Stanley Burrell
    Stanley Burrell个月 前

    11:08 is Brad happy????

  • navnig
    navnig个月 前

    Perez has almost Ricciardo-like levels of race burgalry talent :)

  • Heisengame
    Heisengame个月 前

    Max's red bull sounded brut.. at least for the 300m he run

  • Christo Ponce
    Christo Ponce个月 前

    Magnussen' style is superb, he's one of the toughest guys,just look at his start and how he puts and squeezes his car in just the right place

  • Justin
    Justin个月 前

    Amazing how damaged the car's surface is 09:58

  • robinheil
    robinheil个月 前

    Would've liked to see an onboard with radio of Mercedes's botched pit stop. Thanks anyway

  • Squash Puddle
    Squash Puddle个月 前


  • anomaly P
    anomaly P个月 前

    8:37 I wonder who is at fault here.

  • Nick Govier
    Nick Govier个月 前

    Verstappen: hits the throttle and drives straight into the barrier. Also Verstappen: everyone else was driving crazy

  • Vishnukumar Magudeaswaran
    Vishnukumar Magudeaswaran个月 前

    All say Magnussen is a cracky driver difficult to pass by but Kimi made many overtakes on Magnussen so easy..That's Kimi for u..

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez个月 前

    11:45 ouch.. that is very harsh. Fair, but harsh.

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez个月 前

    If you watch from 4:20 you can see on Gasly's steering wheel (I think) his battery discharging on the straight, from 45-ish to 37 (per cent?). It then shoots up again during regenerative braking at turn 4. Never seen it as clear as this.

  • rozem
    rozem个月 前

    Leclerc came in like a torpedo

  • Sunny M
    Sunny M个月 前

    3:33 - Tokyo drift! 😎

  • D McC
    D McC个月 前

    Not including Sainz post race radio is criminal

  • CoopDaLoop
    CoopDaLoop个月 前

    3:34: Magnussen just cruising. His crew chief when Vettel spins: “Vettel..... uh ok”

  • Junio Queiroz
    Junio Queiroz个月 前

    this timeline is a mess

  • Sourabh Kumar Mahato
    Sourabh Kumar Mahato个月 前

    Where is luice hemilton?

  • Leonardo Araujo
    Leonardo Araujo个月 前

    Mercedes had its Ferrari moment of The year...

  • TheMega98765
    TheMega98765个月 前

    Wait so they stressed to Bottas that Perez won on the same tyre as him but 2 laps older?!!

  • Paul Daly
    Paul Daly个月 前

    This weekend just couldn't be as exciting.... right??

  • TheVipershark
    TheVipershark个月 前

    "...Vettel 1...Vettel's.. okay"

  • Tsuyoshi Yeung
    Tsuyoshi Yeung个月 前

    Mercedes don't let Russell win !!!

  • Carlos Díaz
    Carlos Díaz个月 前

    I'm missing the Sainz's onboards c'mon...

  • Marco Giovanatti
    Marco Giovanatti个月 前

    On the first lap Perez could keep the same trajectory as Bottas and avoid any accident, instead he closed the trajectory and Leclerc, who had braked late, was unable to do anything. blame 40% Perez, blame, 60% Leclerc

  • Pandu Andakara
    Pandu Andakara个月 前

    I felt sorry for kimi, he gave 130% in this race but that car is way too slow.

  • Rehan Naeem
    Rehan Naeem个月 前

    Leclerc repeated the same move which he made with vettel in the last race. Vettel said he should have crashed in, rather he avoided it. Leclerc should stop sneaking

  • Jeremy Sebastian
    Jeremy Sebastian个月 前

    Why does the Honda engone sounds linda weird ?

  • SladeN


    个月 前

    Sounds cool AF in my opinion. Regarding why it sounds like that I remember reading that Honda engines agressively disable cylinders when the engine is not under throttle saving fuel in the process.

  • Philip Limawan
    Philip Limawan个月 前

    3:28 Vettel 3, vettel 2, vettel 1...

  • Callum Dickson
    Callum Dickson个月 前

    Everyone's s close together, thought a lot of these were from Lap 1

  • DomHK
    DomHK个月 前

    Vettel 2, Vettel 1, Vettel's ...... ok..

  • Gary
    Gary个月 前

    Everybody's car: *makes car noises* Max' car in my right ear: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • SladeN


    个月 前

    I love that sound thou 🥰

  • Sefa Eker
    Sefa Eker个月 前

    03:32 + hi kevin - hi seb

  • neroz06 M.
    neroz06 M.个月 前

    The Honda PU sounds the best

  • DW
    DW个月 前

    Fantastic Grand Prix.

  • kontoge
    kontoge个月 前

    What a race? Think only if you were a Racing Point fan....which I AM.

  • Timbraska
    Timbraska个月 前

    *Engineer* : Vettel 2, Vettel 1 *Vettel* : Well hello there!

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson个月 前

    Vettels start was actually really impressive

  • GuzziHero
    GuzziHero个月 前

    The Raikkonen battle - who else was hearing "Hold the line, still there!" all the way through it? :D

  • Shadow Spirit Gaming
    Shadow Spirit Gaming个月 前

    Funny how different each car sounds

  • Álvaro Martos Fernández
    Álvaro Martos Fernández个月 前

    Where is the overtaking of Sainz to Bottas in the same place as Russell?

  • MrSam
    MrSam个月 前

    LeClerc - the new torpedo.

  • Konto zapasowe dla nie wiadomo kogo ale ma być
    Konto zapasowe dla nie wiadomo kogo ale ma być个月 前

    6:45 Aitken now know how kubica felt in 2019 xD

  • Frosty Bape
    Frosty Bape个月 前

    Interesting, I didn't hear 'honestly my tyres are gone' in this race.

  • James
    James个月 前

    The rag doll physics on Kimis car is amazing

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson个月 前

    Perez passed stroll like he was a beginner and Russle flew passed bottas like bottas was on a sunday drive how embarrassing!

  • Il Triumvirato
    Il Triumvirato个月 前

    “Ok Valtteri, so Pérez won with 2 laps hard tyres older than you” The environment is becoming toxic around Bottas

  • cinegraphics


    个月 前

    Mercedes had no right to talk about tires in that race.

  • Guezafro Life
    Guezafro Life个月 前


  • Sagnik Pradhan
    Sagnik Pradhan个月 前

    What happened to riccarrdo?

  • Miika Koivikko
    Miika Koivikko个月 前

    Forget Russel, give the Mercedes to Kimi already

  • Alex O'Grady Racing
    Alex O'Grady Racing个月 前


  • Shubham Nile
    Shubham Nile个月 前

    Max thought the black gravel was asphalt and tried turning to rejoin the race but ended up in the wall all thanks to that one person who decided to color gravel black

  • Виктор Крам
    Виктор Крам个月 前


  • Antero Jokinen
    Antero Jokinen个月 前

    What an aggressive start by Magnussen. Brilliant.

  • Ivan Melnichenko
    Ivan Melnichenko个月 前

    Did you see the great work from mercedes down to turn 1? Max started better than either of them, and merc guys at the same second closed the door between themselves

  • Ivan Melnichenko
    Ivan Melnichenko个月 前

    The onboard sound on Verstappen's car is so lound and clear (😂😂)

  • Anirudh Kulkarni
    Anirudh Kulkarni个月 前

    Vettel's ferrari looked so twitchy