Fernando Alonso Reunited With Renault R25 | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Watch Fernando Alonso blast around Yas Marina in the Renault R25 which powered him to the 2005 world championship, the first of his two titles for the team he will be returning to in 2021.
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  • Lewis Cadman
    Lewis Cadman小时 前

    Him and senna are the most talented drivers ever

  • Dylan Riley
    Dylan Riley5 小时 前

    I get that we cannot have non-hybrid cars. But can you please at least give us a screaming V10 or V8 for some demo laps before each Grand Prix? Please F1, I beg you!

  • Dylan Riley
    Dylan Riley5 小时 前

    I love how all the teams are climbing on the pit wall to see this glorious race car in action.

  • Mike Platt
    Mike Platt21 小时 前

    I'm literally in tears every time I watch this...? The sound of the V10 gives me SOOOOOO many goosebumps and nostalgic feelings. I LOVE the sound!

  • MrArnd
    MrArnd天 前

    So satisfying and nostalgic wow 🤩

  • George
    George天 前

    The v10 engine sound is the best but the sound of the v8s before the lights went out was perfect. Such an intense noise

  • KakashiXIV
    KakashiXIV天 前

    The way he uses the cars natural oversteer to get the car around some of those faster corners is so beautiful.

  • Gene C
    Gene C2 天 前

    That's no GP2 engine. Looking forward to seeing him back in F1.

  • Frederic Mathieu
    Frederic Mathieu2 天 前

    Pop music, bang music.

  • Star Projector Mikes karaoke
    Star Projector Mikes karaoke2 天 前

    Great sound from the car it is so fast the old cars.

  • Richard Heriyanto
    Richard Heriyanto2 天 前

    v10 absolutely better for f1. v6t is for the mass car. race shouldn't care about the fuel consumption and co2

  • PyPaiX
    PyPaiX3 天 前

    I get a little emotional watching this. A true blast from the past!

  • Виталий Мошин
    Виталий Мошин3 天 前

    What was his best lap?

  • G tubedude
    G tubedude3 天 前


  • ZTH Unknown
    ZTH Unknown4 天 前

    I hope he missed that f1 car alot because of the world champion and the amazing v10 sound

  • Rutu Kedar Bhagwat
    Rutu Kedar Bhagwat4 天 前

    bring back the V10's. even the v8's would do!

  • kronnig nova
    kronnig nova6 天 前

    The real Sound

  • kiko gil martinez
    kiko gil martinez6 天 前


  • luca catenacci
    luca catenacci6 天 前

    ....SENTI COME CANTA IL V8 e non le lavatrici che si sentono adesso!!!! ..............V8, V10 E V12......CAME BACK!!!!

  • HakuOo
    HakuOo6 天 前

    I think i'm crying a little while listening to this absolute godlike sound.

  • Ben Tranter
    Ben Tranter7 天 前

    1:17 the reverberation of this engine sound is astonishing. Imagine 20 of these things coming around that corner!

  • El Kapitan
    El Kapitan8 天 前

    this is what F1 is missing for years now

  • tarshish thorat
    tarshish thorat8 天 前

    Pure V10 power..... it purrs like a kitten......aahhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍 bring back the v10 era mann❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex Mav
    Alex Mav8 天 前

    i have not watched a video more times than this one

  • Dharmesh Mistry
    Dharmesh Mistry8 天 前

    That sound is awesome 👌

  • kubemaster
    kubemaster8 天 前

    All this car needs is the grooved tires and I’d be done...

  • Harris Stutzman
    Harris Stutzman8 天 前

    Bring these engines back

  • Jack Colson
    Jack Colson8 天 前

    Fun fact: the v10's bass tone is on the same octave as the v6T's treble tone

  • The Author
    The Author9 天 前

    How about Formula one have CLASS cars meaning There would be different classes of Formula 1 cars! V10 and V12 will be the top class and race in their own championship, while V8 and V6 Hybrids have their own championship? It would be a race of a lifetime!

  • bjarne Syvertsen
    bjarne Syvertsen9 天 前

    I miss the v10 at 19000 rpm sound, looking forward too Monaco when they are going to use the old v10 at historic race. Hate the terrible v6 sound.

  • tiger saux
    tiger saux10 天 前

    modern f1 cars hit 327kph down that straight with DRS. I wonder how high the R25 got on the speed trap

  • DuGong
    DuGong10 天 前

    I know it's slower but it just looks and feels so much faster than F1 cars today??

  • Oyek Purwandari
    Oyek Purwandari10 天 前

    This is F1 racing... Not like now. So quiet and no feells of sound engine of F1 car.

  • Hotel Charlie-Six
    Hotel Charlie-Six11 天 前

    If only we could bring these cars back!

  • KNB
    KNB11 天 前

    Da muss die Formel 1 wieder hin und nicht die Schrott Autos von heute

  • Akmal M. Taeb
    Akmal M. Taeb11 天 前


  • 櫻田俊介
    櫻田俊介11 天 前


  • ace
    ace11 天 前

    THIS is F1

  • Jatt AH
    Jatt AH11 天 前

    The same feeling I get back when I was 10 years old making my way to A1 grandstand from the parking lot at sepang back in 1999. This sound made me fall in love with F1. The sound heard on that track till today still give me goosebumps.

  • Terry Robinson
    Terry Robinson12 天 前

    This!! F1 needs to be quick, aggressive, loud, and a little... violent? Even when Schumacher was dominating like Hamilton is today, still got goosebumps hearing twenty two V10s scream through the gears heading for the first turn.

  • Fatah Nasreddine
    Fatah Nasreddine12 天 前

    Wow a fantastic original sound when he downshift like a missile bombing in the horizon

  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet12 天 前

    I know the V10s won't come back (which is a shame really) but people need a lot of official exhibition events the FIA have to host, in order that we can appreciate the epicness of the sound coming from them.

  • Ray Sherman Sephiroth5200
    Ray Sherman Sephiroth520012 天 前

    They gave him slicks. 😯👍 I really want to know what his lap time was.

  • Ray Sherman Sephiroth5200

    Ray Sherman Sephiroth5200

    12 天 前

    @Krisztian5HUN With a proper setup, it's faster than Hamilton's lap record, then. Interesting.🤔

  • Krisztian5HUN


    12 天 前

    1:39 (no drs, ers and not even setup for this track so this can do even more than that)

  • Steven Hart
    Steven Hart12 天 前

    I keep coming back to this, That sound is just mesmerising.

  • siti rochani
    siti rochani12 天 前

    Abu dhabi f1 2006

  • The Scientist
    The Scientist12 天 前

    why 2020 season can't get this kind of sound.. in terms of sound we're massively downgrade hahahaha

  • el rumi
    el rumi13 天 前

    This gives me back the exciting, the goosebumps, and no boring watching F1.

  • el rumi

    el rumi

    12 天 前

    1:46 here we go, the car is coming, the car is coming.

  • joost de clercq
    joost de clercq13 天 前

    I cried

  • zack fair
    zack fair13 天 前


  • Krisztian5HUN


    12 天 前

    this is v10

  • kls2020
    kls202014 天 前

    The first Hybrid transportation was a cross between a donkey and a horse

  • Hank Hildebrant
    Hank Hildebrant14 天 前

    Go nanda, flicking the understeer like he never left the car

  • Densch11
    Densch1114 天 前

    Hello FIA, my adwise for 2022! Ah, you looked the Video, great 😁😁 Bring back this screaming Engines Or you can look at the old Turbo Aera 1.5 l and sounds amazing. 👍

  • Deng bile
    Deng bile14 天 前

    real Formula1

  • Marco Schmidt
    Marco Schmidt14 天 前

    The only truly f1 car which lapped the circuit on that weekend

  • Jordy
    Jordy15 天 前

    bring it back plz

  • Lalitha Jose
    Lalitha Jose15 天 前

    Now imagine Raikkonen in the 2005 West Mclaren Mercedes MP4-20. 😍🤤🤑

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez15 天 前

    That time when f1 cars' sound when passing by was still superb.

  • arull godwin
    arull godwin15 天 前

    Pronto? Fernando? Yeah Binotto S🅱️innala

  • Rowan Noland
    Rowan Noland17 天 前

    Showed this to my 2 year old daughter and she was stunned. Dropped my lil pony in an instant to watch this!

  • Eduardo Calvillo
    Eduardo Calvillo18 天 前

    Que regresen los V10 a la F1

  • naiuto99
    naiuto9918 天 前

    This is the real sound of F1

  • Mike Platt
    Mike Platt18 天 前

    My wife was like... Hunny? Why do you have tears in your eyes? I said, this sound......

  • Cole Preston
    Cole Preston18 天 前

    Nobody will refuse V10

  • Alex WEC
    Alex WEC19 天 前

    This clip made 2020 a little bit better. Eargasm !!!!!

  • Matthew Hook
    Matthew Hook19 天 前

    I’ve been trying to get my 3 year old son to watch F1 with me but he always gets bored after about 2 minutes and wanders off. As soon as he heard this he came running over pointing at the screen shouting “Racing car! Racing car!” The boy knows a real race car when he sees/hears one.

  • Andres Ponce
    Andres Ponce19 天 前

    Esos si eran motores no como la porqueria de ocupan actualmente

  • Twinbee
    Twinbee19 天 前

    " Nothing against F1 car these days but this is just better " - Jenson Button -

  • AugPlays
    AugPlays20 天 前

    This song 😍😍😍😍

  • Jordy Rafael Fontalvo
    Jordy Rafael Fontalvo20 天 前

    Sound perfect 😍🤤

  • Josenir Inocenti
    Josenir Inocenti20 天 前


  • Dani Cardosa luis
    Dani Cardosa luis21 天 前

    6 marchas y como lo petaba el motor Renault de esa generación de motores Alonso el más grande

  • Narendra Mahasin
    Narendra Mahasin21 天 前

    remember when we took these things for granted? jeez how we saw the world so differently back then

  • Apophis STR
    Apophis STR22 天 前

    The noise of these engines is one of the biggest wow factors that separates F1 from most other sports/motorsports, took it away and the appeal instantly dropped by a whopping 25%, for me at least.

  • MaTaRó-_- OFF
    MaTaRó-_- OFF22 天 前

    Alonso !! Alonso !! Alonso !! This is F1 ...

  • VordecK
    VordecK22 天 前


  • Azarel Pillay
    Azarel Pillay22 天 前

    Back then when the words "Formula one" were uttered in a conversation this was the sound that was automatically heard.

  • glen dsouza
    glen dsouza22 天 前

    I wanna see alonso winning another title with Renault having same livery and same engine noise...

  • Nathan Julio
    Nathan Julio22 天 前

    Isso era f1

    Juan HERNANDEZ23 天 前

    That sound is a symphony

  • Russki46
    Russki4623 天 前

    The sound INSTANTLY gave me goosebumps! Haven't had that at all since we went into the turbo-hybride era....

  • Armando Altomare
    Armando Altomare23 天 前

    Perché avete abbandonato i V10????!!!!

  • MrNotagoodtime
    MrNotagoodtime23 天 前

    Man you don't realise how wide the track actually is until you see a 2006 (or 5) f1 car go around there

  • Oreo Scha
    Oreo Scha23 天 前

    Miss that v10 sound in 90's

  • Achintya Aatreya
    Achintya Aatreya23 天 前

    Light,nimble,agile and melodious like no other. I wish they make the cars smaller in 2022 and hopefully in future bring a V10.

  • Steven D
    Steven D23 天 前

    Missing F1 without DRS

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G23 天 前

    Ah the sound, the smell and hearing loss even with ear plugs. I pity those that didn't experience V10s in person

  • Eugenio Abad
    Eugenio Abad24 天 前

    v10 COMEBACK!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Salinas
    Alejandro Salinas24 天 前

    Cuando la fórmula 1 era fórmula 1.

  • Jarhead89
    Jarhead8924 天 前

    If we get these times back, I will be back on F1 but not with this girl cars actually

  • TerrorMau5
    TerrorMau524 天 前

    women have their moments & movies where they cry, This is one of those rare moments where men cry when they hear a V10 screaming on a track.

  • Rock R
    Rock R24 天 前


  • Studio Mamu
    Studio Mamu24 天 前

    Brutal sound, cannibal corpse should make a song out of this brutality.

  • Jamie Plimmer
    Jamie Plimmer24 天 前

    Hasn’t changed his steering method

  • Mike Platt
    Mike Platt24 天 前

    The changing of gears is even a turn on 😀❤️❤️

  • andrew Fish
    andrew Fish24 天 前

    These are awesome the V8s and v10s were the reason I loved F1!

  • Lelen Bates
    Lelen Bates25 天 前

    This looks like the modern car, the current cars look and sound like a Honda with a body kit.

  • Xavier Jackson
    Xavier Jackson25 天 前

    its so nimble

  • Pramudya Novandry
    Pramudya Novandry25 天 前

    That sounds.....

  • EE-Anirudh R
    EE-Anirudh R25 天 前

    the R25 be like 'i got stance wat about u' to our hybrid power cars.

  • Teutonic Archer
    Teutonic Archer25 天 前

    Bring back the NA V10s, and you’ve got a fan again. Turbos are garbage.