Fernando Alonso Drives Title-Winning Renault R25 | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Jump onboard for a very special lap of Yas Marina as Fernando Alonso takes his title-winning Renault R25 for a spin, 15 years on...
Video: Renault F1 Team
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  • terkmadugga
    terkmadugga2 天 前

    I only wish the car was showcased on an F1 track, instead of a carpark.

  • Star Projector Mikes karaoke
    Star Projector Mikes karaoke7 天 前

    The cars were so much faster in 2005. Alonso is very quick at driving.

  • Leonardo Fabbri
    Leonardo Fabbri12 天 前

    I laugh hard thinking to the current eco-green-vacuum cleaner F1 with aesthetics of a tractor and mobile wings to make overtakes easier. This kind of circuits, flat zig-zags parking tracks. I'm glad I left the sport. At least here we can appreciate a real car, a real driver and a real engine.

  • wOO6er
    wOO6er12 天 前

    Yeap guys ! And I imagine Flavio briattore congratulates him on finish like in old times !

  • Paolo Antolini
    Paolo Antolini13 天 前


  • Hanzs Karl
    Hanzs Karl14 天 前

    Is nobody gonna mention the slicks on the v10

  • Nickoboss 29
    Nickoboss 2916 天 前

    Hybrid technology is 20 years old, so, it's useless for manufacturers because they can't experiment new things... WE NEED AT LEAST THE V8 ENGINES BACK!!!!!!!

  • Nico Zana
    Nico Zana16 天 前

    That sound.....

  • Francesco Falagario
    Francesco Falagario17 天 前

    Orgasmic's sounds

  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet17 天 前

    I know the V10s won't come back (which is a shame really) but people need a lot of official exhibition events the FIA have to host, in order that we can appreciate the epicness of the sound coming from them.

  • ruedafest
    ruedafest17 天 前

    bring back Briatore!! I mean... bring back v10!!

  • Renzo Arganda
    Renzo Arganda18 天 前

    whats the lap time

  • Krisztian5HUN


    18 天 前



    most people dislike the v6 sound but the future is electric, everything vehicle related will be boring, that's why the aliens abduct us and shove instruments up our butholes probably



    9 天 前

    ​@Zacarias Cisneros Yeah I should've worded it better as in comparison to v10, I don't dislike it also I had a v6 car myself so I should be biased if anything but v10 have that scream and F1 just isn't F1 without it, sadge.

  • Zacarias Cisneros

    Zacarias Cisneros

    10 天 前

    Personally, I don't dislike the V6 sound at all... But compared with the V10's, the V6 it's disappointing

  • matthew stock
    matthew stock19 天 前

    How it should sound

  • Honda Camino
    Honda Camino19 天 前

    that sound is sick and way beter then the ones today in day

  • Marco Schmidt
    Marco Schmidt19 天 前

    Why did f1 killed the joy of watching these cars racing?

  • Costcobear 1
    Costcobear 121 天 前

    Sounds like it’s misfiring

  • Push To Start
    Push To Start23 天 前

    Does anyone know the time he set on this lap?

  • MagixBox
    MagixBox23 天 前

    Finally, we can see R25 in HD

  • Heikki Kuoppala
    Heikki Kuoppala24 天 前

    They got the onboard sound right in F1 2005 for PS2

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez25 天 前

    Tardo 1:48,es muy lento

  • Josenir Inocenti
    Josenir Inocenti25 天 前

    até viajei no tempo!

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan26 天 前

    As outdated and slow these cars are compared to its current V6 successors in terms of fuel efficiency,performance and speed but the sound,agility and sight of these cars are something you don’t have the words to describe at Find it funny on some of the Facebook saying these V10 engines are heavy or saying these cars are nothing but noise machines after a few seconds.

  • MaTaRó-_- OFF
    MaTaRó-_- OFF27 天 前

    V10 Renault world Champion F1. This is F1 .

    Juan HERNANDEZ28 天 前

    That sound

  • Mirko Miccinilli
    Mirko Miccinilli29 天 前

    No 7th shift?

  • Mirko Miccinilli

    Mirko Miccinilli

    9 天 前

    @guy990 So strange... old V10's had seven!

  • guy990


    9 天 前

    6 speed gearbox

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura29 天 前

    Earth shaking orchestra vs whistling lawnmover...

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell个月 前

    And also, we get to see an early 2000s f1 car on slicks!

  • Nick M
    Nick M个月 前

    Me: Dad, why is my sister called Rose? Dad: Because your Mum loves roses Me: Thanks, Dad Dad: No problem, Renault RS25 3.0l V10

  • Javi _am88
    Javi _am88个月 前

    This real formula 1 V10 engine

  • Andres Escudero
    Andres Escudero个月 前

    A mí no me engañan, vienen por el hermoso sonido del v10

  • Zacarias Cisneros

    Zacarias Cisneros

    10 天 前

    Un gran piloto, un gran auto, y un gran sonido de motor El mismísimo Fernando Alonso en su Renault R25 con el motor V10. Belleza en su máximo esplendor

  • Michael Pedrosa
    Michael Pedrosa个月 前

    F1 bring back the old formula

  • Stoßtruppen 99
    Stoßtruppen 99个月 前

    this car, this sound. Just like old times. Hey you know what, we need it back.

  • KSok
    KSok个月 前

    He even uses his "understeer-turning" in some corners! This is so amazing

  • klepetar
    klepetar个月 前

    it has REAL tires this time..not those dumb grooved ones.. that was terrible

  • aLAN VLD
    aLAN VLD个月 前

    B E S T SOUND!!!! V10

  • Godofredo José De Oliveira Neto
    Godofredo José De Oliveira Neto个月 前

    Sounds perfect

  • Kev Jade
    Kev Jade个月 前

    You can't beat a V10 you just cant the noise is just beautiful a wonderfull wonderfull sound

  • desaljs
    desaljs个月 前

    And while we are at it, bring back the tobacco company sponsorship too!!

  • RodriDeAnta
    RodriDeAnta个月 前

    Put an 1h long video of this please

  • Igor Cerjan
    Igor Cerjan个月 前

    Yes ladies and getlmen, that's a formula 1 car....

  • succ my baIIz
    succ my baIIz个月 前

    This onboard looks very hd for bring a 2005 one

  • Glenn B
    Glenn B个月 前

    Come on man! Bring them back!

  • Roger Tang
    Roger Tang个月 前

    Miss this SOUND!!!!!!!!

  • Max Maximus
    Max Maximus个月 前


  • Nicholas
    Nicholas个月 前

    the fact this was the same laptime as hamiltons 2019 fastest lap says alot

  • hellobooom


    2 天 前

    @Otto Knabe Yes, This was not the fastest he went...

  • Andrey Silva Da Cunha

    Andrey Silva Da Cunha

    8 天 前

    @Orange and NO DRS!

  • Orange


    19 天 前

    15 years old car, Not on right tires originally for Michelin, setup prolly Not perfect for abu Dhabi and the driver isnt pushing because legendary car. Do i need to say more?

  • Otto Knabe

    Otto Knabe

    26 天 前

    No? Lewis did a 1:39, this was a 1:42

  • Todd Musicant
    Todd Musicant个月 前

    This was more exciting than the past 10 years, FACT!

  • Thanatos425
    Thanatos425个月 前

    We need t bring back these screaming engines, this is what F1 sounds like!!

  • Brayan Nogales
    Brayan Nogales个月 前

    Bring v10 back!!

  • Israel Moreno
    Israel Moreno个月 前

    Bring back the V8s, V10s and V12s cause their sound is pure magic

  • Dante Andreozzi
    Dante Andreozzi个月 前

    Bring it back, pleaseee!😥

  • Gren Phelps
    Gren Phelps个月 前

    Best era of f1, u can't beat the sound of the v10's, I've got goosebumps, truly amazing....we need v10's back 👍👍

  • geminiano
    geminiano个月 前

    Aún recuerdo aquel verano del 2004 Alonso vs shumacher fue increíble uff

  • Gigavox!
    Gigavox!个月 前

    I still can't decide how cursed this car looks on pirelli slicks... Wicked sound though

  • Ádám Hanák
    Ádám Hanák个月 前

    The original F1

  • David Martinez Baeza
    David Martinez Baeza个月 前

    bring that sound back to F1 😍

  • TheG7thcapo
    TheG7thcapo个月 前

    F1’s next innovation should be loudspeakers for their engines!!!!!!!

  • HellRaiser
    HellRaiser个月 前

    That sound is heavenly, this is the sound f1 needs

  • Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz
    Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz个月 前

    His driving style makes it look like he's using a keyboard to steer

  • Thomas McNamara
    Thomas McNamara个月 前

    P U R E P O R N

  • Logan Hebda
    Logan Hebda个月 前

    Just let it race with the vacuum cleaners

  • Anderson Maciel
    Anderson Maciel个月 前

    Bring back this engine.

  • José Roberto Zaracho Zárate
    José Roberto Zaracho Zárate个月 前


  • Gaetano De Andrea
    Gaetano De Andrea个月 前

    Il sound dei motori aspirati è musica per le mie orecchie!!

  • Dear Rosemary
    Dear Rosemary个月 前

    Great sound

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor个月 前

    Pure sound of F1...love it

  • Christian Juventino Costanzini
    Christian Juventino Costanzini个月 前

    Alonso 2021 champion winner 🏁🏆

  • ina Alex
    ina Alex个月 前

    It's so weird to see Pirelli tyres on 2006 F1 car

  • msagoo29
    msagoo29个月 前

    F1 was about the sound as well as the speed, it gave us all goosebumps when we heard them, it's an emotion. The FIA are useless, they don't understand what F1 fans want, they only know how to bore the fans and turn them away

  • Whitman 79
    Whitman 79个月 前

    He is one of the drivers that gives f1 class and reputation.

  • Coruja Política
    Coruja Política个月 前


  • Rafael Franceli
    Rafael Franceli个月 前

    Queria ver uma demonstração de f1 clássicos como esse contra os f1 atuais

  • Marty 2030
    Marty 2030个月 前

    If Lando test drive R25 I think is save to say he will hit puberty

  • Pavel 49
    Pavel 49个月 前

    This is how F1 car should sound, V8s were also ok, but current joke of engines which only goes to 11k - 12k rpm instead 18k are terrible and cars are faster because of more downforce not that these engines are better.

  • brkix
    brkix个月 前

    Exactly the reason i stopped watching f1, and going on races (hungaroroing and monza) every year.

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton个月 前

    "Bring back fckn V12" - Sebastian Vettel

  • Clenio Lievore
    Clenio Lievore个月 前


  • Ricardo Melo
    Ricardo Melo个月 前

    This is a F1 car...

  • EDDIE 99
    EDDIE 99个月 前

    *Alonso drives the *Heart-Winning** *car*

  • Peter Krumpholz
    Peter Krumpholz个月 前

    Schickt die F1 Karren von heute auf den Schrottplatz und holt die Alten F1 wieder raus dann kann man das ganze wieder anschauen!

  • firestorm996
    firestorm996个月 前

    That sound, nothing like it!!

  • Ian Milo
    Ian Milo个月 前

    This is Formula 1. Rip.

  • d'jeff dj
    d'jeff dj个月 前

    C'est un truc de fou ce son.....😁

  • Julian Gan
    Julian Gan个月 前

    Alonso’s lap was 1:39:2 which is roughly on par with Lewis Hamilton’s fastest race lap time of 1:39 on the same track in 2019. Let that settle in...

  • mawi19


    个月 前

    I mean, race laps are a lot of coasting and low engine maps. Only goes to show how slow these cars are compared to the current ones

  • Royston Stiver
    Royston Stiver个月 前

    Truly one of the most magnificent sounds ever

  • Real M
    Real M个月 前

    This was more exciting than the entire F1 season. Because it had DRAMA. That soundtrack :))))))

  • REI02021809
    REI02021809个月 前

    I saw it race at that year's British GP. Loved the V10 era. Bring it back

  • Aussie Scotty
    Aussie Scotty个月 前

    After watching for two decades I haven't watched F1 since 2015 after i realized how boring the turbo hybrid era has made the sport. No one questions the current crop of cars are quicker and reliable but they generate zero excitement. The sport as a whole has just become a bore. This kind of sport is meant to generate awe, excitement and entertainment and fails on all 3. Could watch these V10's all day though.

  • stamoulis7
    stamoulis7个月 前

    I sh*tted my pants just listening to this orchestra..

  • AK KTW
    AK KTW个月 前

    I like this camera angle it looks raw and real with the sound wind noise as well as world championship dive it make me boots

  • Pxel Guy
    Pxel Guy个月 前

    So great to see this amazing car in such high quality

  • lustin jams
    lustin jams个月 前

    Son: why are you crying dad? Me: ....you wouldn't understand son ...

  • rafinha canarinha
    rafinha canarinha个月 前

    el R25 era un coche muy fiable y fernando le supo sacar el máximo rendimiento.

  • RodHammett95
    RodHammett95个月 前

    Back when F1 cars looked and sounded beautiful, fast and scary all at the same time.

  • Léo 111
    Léo 111个月 前

    Muito bom Alonso ...

  • Andrea Pondrano
    Andrea Pondrano个月 前

    This is F1!!!!

  • john doe
    john doe个月 前

    I can't stop watching this. I want my F1 back. Can't watch at the vacuum cleaners.

  • BMW 335i dct
    BMW 335i dct个月 前

    Please come back the atmospheric v10 engines. The best sound ever and cars ever.

  • Jan Gerhards
    Jan Gerhards个月 前

    My wish for christmas: video loop of 55 laps to make it a complete F1 race :)

  • roberto andronico
    roberto andronico个月 前

    Gogogogoeeee goeeee goeeee goeeeèeeeeeee!!!!!