Fernando Alonso's R25 Hot Lap As You've Never Seen It Before


This is Fernando Alonso's jaw-dropping drive of the Renault R25, which powered him to the first of his two world championships, in 360°. Some incredible nostalgia, right?!
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  • Striker VX
    Striker VX5 天 前

    I didn't know it is 360 so I stared at the driver for 1 minute

  • Mayky Fiala
    Mayky Fiala12 天 前

    Is real f1 ...

  • Senzo Sithole
    Senzo Sithole12 天 前

    If motor bikes are allowed on the road why don't manufacturers make us F1 look alike car's that are cheaper. I love how they look I wish I had one.🏎️🏎️🏎️

  • Matt Barnes
    Matt Barnes13 天 前

    Dino Tosso. An artist. Simple!

  • kral pugmobile
    kral pugmobile15 天 前

    What no

  • Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner15 天 前

    I was shaking my phone as if I was driving it

  • Malcolm Middleton
    Malcolm Middleton17 天 前

    Any chance of showing Alonso's overtake of Hamilton through Eau Rouge? It's the bravest overtake in F1 history and yet it's never spoken about.

  • The blue Tardis
    The blue Tardis18 天 前

    It was great fun !! I think I will replay again !!

  • DT Racing
    DT Racing22 天 前


  • Aa Nugraha
    Aa Nugraha22 天 前

    Still faster than Ferrari

  • Dwayne Washington
    Dwayne Washington22 天 前

    ♐ thanks 1star

  • Payton Rodriquez
    Payton Rodriquez22 天 前

    ➚ thanks 9star

  • Lancio Martin
    Lancio Martin22 天 前

    Time of the lap?

  • Ric Stix
    Ric Stix23 天 前

    Wow that was cool Thanks

  • TheUsmc1488
    TheUsmc148823 天 前

    These two minutes are more exciting than the last 10 years of F1 COMBINED.

    SUJIT SINGH27 天 前


  • -
    -27 天 前

    Sure he needs a junior program

  • Piti Skandaloso
    Piti Skandaloso28 天 前

    1'39'"6 - Renault R25 1:40"9 - 2020 fast lap 1:35"2 - 2020 pole position

  • Cos
    Cos28 天 前

    do you have his chrono?

  • Cos


    28 天 前

    @Piti Skandaloso nice thanks. 1:35.2 this year Verstappen. It was just to compare the cars performance

  • Piti Skandaloso

    Piti Skandaloso

    28 天 前


  • somi park
    somi park28 天 前

    세탁관련 화학인들과

  • somi park
    somi park28 天 前

    빌의 기부액이 전국 전나라 청부살인으로

  • D T
    D T29 天 前

    Imagine having this view live during races and being able to swap cars whenever you want

  • Imraan Fredericks
    Imraan Fredericks个月 前

    This is staggering .... Wow amazing stuff !!! 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Kritarth Tripathi
    Kritarth Tripathi个月 前

    I didn't knew that there's something possible like this

  • Konnor Roth
    Konnor Roth个月 前

    ⇧ thanks vid 2star

  • Apollo Mays
    Apollo Mays个月 前

    ↖ great 6star

  • Brentley Rosa
    Brentley Rosa个月 前

    ➹ great 3star

  • MrJonnyYen
    MrJonnyYen个月 前

    How can he see where he's going with the camera facing backwards?

  • Jaime Miserol
    Jaime Miserol个月 前

    please F1 bring this sound back!

  • muergo
    muergo个月 前

    uffff what sound, pure F1

  • Daniel Hy
    Daniel Hy个月 前

    Los que entraron solo por el sonido:😎🇪🇸

  • Gold Digger Dave
    Gold Digger Dave个月 前

    Give this car a halo, and 160BHP ERS and let it race.

  • Ungur Dani
    Ungur Dani个月 前

    Ciao men subscribe

  • geekdiggy
    geekdiggy个月 前

    he drove it like a quali lap😳

  • Piti Skandaloso

    Piti Skandaloso

    28 天 前

    1'39''6!! amazing!!

  • S Batohi
    S Batohi个月 前

    What a beautiful noise.....

  • robert crampton
    robert crampton个月 前

    Real f1 car.Goosebumps.

  • Fernand Hoffmann
    Fernand Hoffmann个月 前


  • Snifey 76
    Snifey 76个月 前

    they use Pirelli's instead of michelin

  • 72defender
    72defender个月 前

    This sound IS F1!

    ELCHIKI个月 前

    que vuelba ese sonido hermoso a la F1 por favor

  • Robin
    Robin个月 前

    Must be crazy feeling driving a F1 car

  • thorpedrof1
    thorpedrof1个月 前

    Incredible Nostalgia? Hamilton's presence should be nostalgia, not the sound of these engines

  • fernando rojas
    fernando rojas个月 前

    amazing sound and driver.

  • James Lighter
    James Lighter个月 前

    This is dope.

  • Neithardt - Andreas Kreinjobst
    Neithardt - Andreas Kreinjobst个月 前

    Drivers like Hamilton, Verstappen or Perez are already far away from Allonso. He will never win the Indy 500 with his mentality. I'm sorry to say like that.

  • Yash Mali
    Yash Mali个月 前

    For baby Jesus’s sake, please bring back the V10’s

  • asifyouforgot
    asifyouforgot个月 前

    So many fast chickens 🐓

  • D. G.
    D. G.个月 前

    Alonso is back!

  • Agustin Xeneize
    Agustin Xeneize个月 前


  • New Something
    New Something个月 前

    2020 and this is the video quality??? It is trash!

  • Marten
    Marten个月 前

    I hope this will be standard in the future for Formula 1 bc it's epic af, and when a car does a spin it would be awesome to see it in 360 degrees

  • Max Babutzka
    Max Babutzka个月 前

    Grandpa at work🙈👎

  • Maurits Heesbeen
    Maurits Heesbeen个月 前

    And that without halo 😈

  • Marvin
    Marvin个月 前


  • Marek Martiška
    Marek Martiška个月 前

    Not the best video to watch while on the toilet

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark个月 前

    About 1;40 for the lap, Vs 1;36 for pole position. I'm happy with that, nobody cares they are 2 or 3 seconds slower.

  • fred04001
    fred04001个月 前

    Worst sound ever

  • François Masot
    François Masot个月 前

    Se despertaron todos los animalitos del desierto,,,,,,,,y uno dijo La Formula UNO a vuelto !

  • Bonnie Class
    Bonnie Class个月 前

    🎧❤️ F1 2021 this Sound 🙏🏼

  • German Cegarra
    German Cegarra个月 前

    Piloto que no se ha oxidado pese a estar 2 años sin conducir un F1, talento innato!

  • szewei85
    szewei85个月 前

    holy smokes

  • AM General Building
    AM General Building个月 前

    Bring them back

  • Martin E
    Martin E个月 前

    Thumbs up for my spectacular cinematography

  • Marty 2030
    Marty 2030个月 前

    If Lando test drive R25 I think is save to say he will hit puberty

  • Toni g
    Toni g个月 前

    beautiful sounds

  • Diogo Sales
    Diogo Sales个月 前

    What was the lap time?

  • Piti Skandaloso

    Piti Skandaloso

    28 天 前


  • Diogo Sales

    Diogo Sales

    个月 前

    I calculated myself was about 1:39 ish but I wonder if there was any official timing on this lap

  • jjed300
    jjed300个月 前

    Can someone set up Lewis to drive his 2008 car? That would be awesome 👌

  • MrNinjaFish
    MrNinjaFish个月 前


  • Will Goodsell
    Will Goodsell个月 前

    Cant wait to see him drive again next year!

  • Mohamed Amazian
    Mohamed Amazian个月 前

    Bring this f.... v10 back

  • Jimmy Alghazaly
    Jimmy Alghazaly个月 前

    The sound? Is it my phone or the recording was bad?

  • Florian Laborde
    Florian Laborde个月 前

    I'm this R25's front wing and I like it. POV

  • Bartosz Grywaczewski
    Bartosz Grywaczewski个月 前

    Bring back those engines please

  • Sandrine Coudert
    Sandrine Coudert个月 前

    Renault sound offre the respect.

  • Kena
    Kena个月 前

    I feel like R2D2 in his X-Wing watching this

  • Stevie Irvine
    Stevie Irvine个月 前

    Tut tut Fernando, not wearin your halo.. no excuses

  • Sebastian Krol
    Sebastian Krol个月 前


  • Frank Engel
    Frank Engel个月 前

    I wish he will surprise the World and have a comeback and Wolrdchampion 2021 🤔💭💥💯👍🙋‍♂️☘🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦


    Where the halo?

  • John S
    John S个月 前


  • Jerrycan _hoop
    Jerrycan _hoop个月 前

    Look mum, no halo.

  • PorreTeam
    PorreTeam个月 前

    Why not use this engine for f1 now? i don´t know.. and nobody understands it.. :(

  • kmdrzt
    kmdrzt个月 前

    Played it like Real Racing lol

  • Miguel Bocanegra
    Miguel Bocanegra个月 前

    👍👍👍espectacular!!! Una forma inmersiva para ver F1, una carrera en 360⁰ debe ser apasionante!!!

  • Stevan Zdravković
    Stevan Zdravković个月 前

    i saw whole video watching in helmet dayum :"/

  • Santi Suarez
    Santi Suarez个月 前

    Es mejor piloto del planeta.


    BRING BACK THE REAL F1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos M. Peláez
    Carlos M. Peláez个月 前


  • DriftingToast
    DriftingToast个月 前

    Does it have the dampener to keep grip consistent?

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez个月 前


  • Moreno Cappelletti
    Moreno Cappelletti个月 前

    Pure sound ! No turbo YES party.

  • icaros82
    icaros82个月 前

    Very bad sound!

  • Кирилл Андреевич
    Кирилл Андреевич个月 前

    I love sound V10😍

  • Лиза лиза
    Лиза лиза个月 前

    ТHE. BEST !!! 🇷🇺

  • Jamster
    Jamster个月 前

    Turn it backwards and watch The Man work =D

  • - Nadie En Absoluto -
    - Nadie En Absoluto -个月 前

    Los f1 con el V10 molaban y emocionaban de verdad, cosa que ahora no pasa

  • anissa purwaningsih
    anissa purwaningsih个月 前

    Keren banget siii

  • Handry Hanafiah
    Handry Hanafiah个月 前

    Its too old, not interested..come on, pls move on...

  • J Q
    J Q个月 前

    Alucinante la cámara de 360,.para el mejor piloto,Magic alonso

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe个月 前