F2 EXCLUSIVE: Jehan Daruvala's First Win! | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix


Watch as Red Bull junior Jehan Daruvala secures his first FIA Formula 2 win in our final race of 2020!
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    We want indian grand prix back

  • Midship Sport
    Midship Sport6 天 前

    Go India 🇮🇳

  • Jhinuk Bati
    Jhinuk Bati6 天 前

    Jehan you are Rock....

  • deepak vishwakarma
    deepak vishwakarma10 天 前


  • Rakesh Rout
    Rakesh Rout11 天 前

    Congratulations Rohan....great effort

  • Parin Majithia
    Parin Majithia12 天 前

    India 🇮🇳 #01

  • Swapnil Sai
    Swapnil Sai13 天 前


  • Amit shrivastava
    Amit shrivastava14 天 前


  • ashish yadav
    ashish yadav18 天 前

    At least someone not destroying India's name rather making us proud.

  • Ambika Raghavendra
    Ambika Raghavendra23 天 前

    So proud to hear indian anthem

  • Shaikh Sameer
    Shaikh Sameer24 天 前

    Mashallah bahot bahot Mubarak

  • Mirza Belal
    Mirza Belal25 天 前

    Who would have thought. F1 CNboth Channel. Indian Driver Winning. Making millions proud! #1 in season end testing. @Jehan has set the pace for next season! He is gonna win FIA F2 Championship 2021. RB better have another seat ready for 2022.

  • Karan
    Karan26 天 前

    F1 in 2022 will say bye to 2 legends (maybe both stay) and will get a new version of him ( you know who is it )

  • 007Anukul
    007Anukul27 天 前

    Daruvala aaya ghar se chakna nikal.

  • M S Nanthu
    M S Nanthu28 天 前


  • Roshan Dudhalkar
    Roshan Dudhalkar28 天 前


  • sachin yadav
    sachin yadav28 天 前

    feeling proud of jehan...keep it up bro...want to see you champion in f1 race...jai hind..

  • Prathamesh Sawant
    Prathamesh Sawant29 天 前

    history in the making!!

  • Pradumn Kumar Dhoni
    Pradumn Kumar Dhoni个月 前

    A proud moment for all Indian🇮🇳👳

  • Andre george
    Andre george个月 前

    India OP❤️

  • Kaustubh Umak
    Kaustubh Umak个月 前


  • jack tube
    jack tube个月 前

    Super proud for this GUY! 👏🇮🇳.

  • Amazon Seller School Inc
    Amazon Seller School Inc个月 前

    Congrats Man.

  • traveling and fun with sandeep Choudhary
    traveling and fun with sandeep Choudhary个月 前

    yes yes....come on india next time in F1

  • Rahul Kunwar
    Rahul Kunwar个月 前

    🇮🇳 proud congratulations👏


    जय हिन्द

  • Biplab Mahato
    Biplab Mahato个月 前

    What a proud moment 🙏🙏👍👍👍 JAI HIND 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🥰🥰❤️❤️

  • kï ñg
    kï ñg个月 前

    India 💪💪

  • Harshit Mohan Sharma
    Harshit Mohan Sharma个月 前

    From just Fuc**g drive fast to winning a race💥💥💥🤘🤘🙏

  • Roshan Jain
    Roshan Jain个月 前


    SREEJITH S S个月 前

    Proud time for racer fans in india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • adrish basu
    adrish basu个月 前

    india is proud of him , he is not lord mahaveer and neither kartheikayan

  • curatron 24
    curatron 24个月 前

    Way to go man. Congrats and let it sink in :)


    congrats 👏🏻

  • gowtham haran
    gowtham haran个月 前


  • Man in Blue
    Man in Blue个月 前

    Respect ♥️🇮🇳.... This is Much Better than Boring Sport Cricket !

  • jasraj singh
    jasraj singh个月 前


  • Dank boi123
    Dank boi123个月 前


  • Chandan Swami
    Chandan Swami个月 前


  • ThunderAKP
    ThunderAKP个月 前

    Daruvala the first indian driver for a high tier team...red bull or toro rosso

  • TN72 EUR
    TN72 EUR个月 前

    Hope He gets a F1 seat at 2022

  • Steev
    Steev个月 前

    Just want to show the world that India is beyond cricket.

  • Oktolibre
    Oktolibre个月 前

    Interesting Indian surnames, Daruwala, Nadiadwala, Tyrewala, Batterywala, Screwwala.

  • Ganapathy subramanian
    Ganapathy subramanian个月 前


  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar个月 前

    I so hope he does well in 2021. Cuz there's high chance that Gasly would not stick with RBR for 2022.

  • Baldeep Singh
    Baldeep Singh个月 前

    India is proud of you Jehan!... Well done Although You are no Raghunathan! 🙄

  • Nikhil Vasudevan
    Nikhil Vasudevan个月 前

    Legoooo India!!!

  • rohit patnaik
    rohit patnaik个月 前

    Ohhh yesss ohhhh yessss 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Sayantan Dasgupta
    Sayantan Dasgupta个月 前


  • Manish Chatterjee
    Manish Chatterjee个月 前

    It was an amazing performance by Jehan! Can't wait to see him fight for podiums next year!!

  • Anjali Sinha
    Anjali Sinha个月 前

    So happpy and proud

  • Adhityan Sridharan
    Adhityan Sridharan个月 前

    Jehan might be the next Kimi if he gets to F1. xD

  • CHEM-G ALL Rounder
    CHEM-G ALL Rounder个月 前


  • Think HV
    Think HV个月 前

    Congratulations to jehan

  • Flocki & Husky
    Flocki & Husky个月 前

    Force India Drivers Academy😃

  • aditya goyal
    aditya goyal个月 前

    Sab bolo.Bharat Mata ki jai.

  • aaron dsilva
    aaron dsilva个月 前

    Very Indian now : Feeling proud Indian di

  • Couch Potatoe
    Couch Potatoe个月 前

    Daruvala for albon?

  • Aarav and Benji
    Aarav and Benji个月 前

    The first Indian to win a F2 race Might be the first Indian to win a F1 race🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Raveen Dhanapalan

    Raveen Dhanapalan

    个月 前

    Technically it's not the first Indian to win F2 because, gp2 is what F2 is today, and karun won in spa Belgium for Durango racing in 2007

  • Apoorv Chetty
    Apoorv Chetty个月 前

    Jehan Daruvala has made us indians proud. I hope sponsors take notice of the massive number of indian f1 fans and support Jehan.

  • Saikat Mondal
    Saikat Mondal个月 前

    Ooo yeh 🇮🇳

  • Vivek Raju
    Vivek Raju个月 前

    I'm betting he's gonna be a title contender next session! Come on!🇮🇳

  • Dhairya Oza
    Dhairya Oza个月 前

    I want him in top 4 next year for super licence

  • Sonu Vyas
    Sonu Vyas个月 前

    duruvla inside..duruvla outside...na bhai na....Daaru wala😎😎Btw what a drive by Jehan...super proud.

  • Lington Daniel
    Lington Daniel个月 前

    A start is born❤️

  • Pranav D
    Pranav D个月 前

    F1 trying to cash in on Indian Motorsport fan base 😁😁😁

  • dibyasobhan roy
    dibyasobhan roy个月 前

    Indians have the capability to achieve anything. Hope we have a all Indian team in F2 and F1.

  • Gopal Sharma
    Gopal Sharma个月 前

    Amazing work by Daruwala 👌👌

  • prakash d
    prakash d个月 前

    Jai hind

  • Sambit Ranjan
    Sambit Ranjan个月 前

    He's the best drive India has ever produced. I rate him higher than Naraine Kartikeyan.

  • Solomon Bera
    Solomon Bera个月 前

    Vai shab itna Indian F1 ka fan ha pehli bar pata chala

  • Shrihari Prasad
    Shrihari Prasad个月 前

    His first win shadowed by Schumacher's championship win Still he has made his mark and he might have made an impact and entered the radar of the F1 teams. Still if force India was there his F1 entry might have become more easy Hoping for the best and the presence of a fast Indian in F1❤️

  • Rudrank Verma
    Rudrank Verma个月 前


  • LightningMan212 XD
    LightningMan212 XD个月 前

    Hopefully he can fare better than Narain Karthikeyan. . . Btw always wanted to hear what the Indian national anthem would sound like in F1/Motogp. He showed us in F2, now he needs to do the same in F1.

  • Veeresh Angadi
    Veeresh Angadi个月 前

    He must get some bigggggass sponsorship from any Indian companies so that he can get a seat in F1. Irony he beat Mich Schumacher who's into HAAS next year, father's influence may be!

  • Saurabh Thapliyal

    Saurabh Thapliyal

    个月 前

    Mic won the complete F2 championship...he has deserved HAAS seat. Hope Jehan does great next year

  • Rupanjan
    Rupanjan个月 前

    F1 I see what you did here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aravind Balachandran
    Aravind Balachandran个月 前

    Admiration levels have increased from 0 to a freaking 100%!😍

  • Captain Levi
    Captain Levi个月 前

    Proud 🇮🇳

  • amit shet
    amit shet个月 前

    Hopefully he gets to drive F1 in 2022

  • Lockheed Martin
    Lockheed Martin个月 前

    So many Indians 😂

  • SnoopCat
    SnoopCat个月 前

    Yes its all falling into plan. India Superpower 2020 ATMANIRBHAR GANG wya?

  • My Comedy studio
    My Comedy studio个月 前

    CNboth: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" formula1:Mood Changer

  • bobby arya
    bobby arya个月 前

    Jehan! You beauty 🎉

  • Vatsal Singh
    Vatsal Singh个月 前

    He somewhat sounds like stroll

  • Vatsal Singh
    Vatsal Singh个月 前

    He defends so well🔥🔥

  • Vatsal Singh
    Vatsal Singh个月 前

    I really hope to see Jehan representing India in F1 someday soon , indian fans really deserve this❤️

  • Vyas Ponnuri
    Vyas Ponnuri个月 前

    I'm so proud of Daruvala, an Indian finally doing wonders in F2🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • aneesh89
    aneesh89个月 前

    Fun fact: Daruvala in indian literally means "liquor man" hope he will be popping more champagnes on the podium

  • Srihari Desai

    Srihari Desai

    18 天 前

    basically daru also means wood in Sanskrit;)

  • The Olympians

    The Olympians

    21 天 前

    @adrish basu No actually it's madyasara in kannada, so not all languages

  • Nawal


    个月 前

    @adrish basu Daru is the universal language. Hahahah 😝

  • adrish basu

    adrish basu

    个月 前

    @Krishna Kireeti Tata daru is daru in all the 22 languages dude

  • Sarang Tambe

    Sarang Tambe

    个月 前

    What is Indian in this context? But hey, I am from India and it means the same in my language.(Marathi)

  • dayitva gandharva
    dayitva gandharva个月 前


  • risith roy
    risith roy个月 前

    He's eating cucumbers and praying to lord mahaveer

  • Arvind Wee
    Arvind Wee个月 前

    Question is, can he overcome the legend of Lord Mahaveer?

  • Red Shanks
    Red Shanks个月 前

    Give Cem Bölükbaşı a seat

  • Jashan Thapar
    Jashan Thapar个月 前


  • hisham parveez
    hisham parveez个月 前

    Atlast something we Indians could be proud of

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh个月 前

    Congratulations to J.Daruvala. We are very hopeful of seeing him wining more n more race not only in f2 but in f1 asap. It was proud a moment for all motor sports fans in India and hearing the Indian National Anthem at that platform was like a deam come true. Best of luck Daruvala. Go Daruvala Go ... !

  • Farhaan Amaria
    Farhaan Amaria个月 前


  • Grenadier Gaming
    Grenadier Gaming个月 前

    Hope daruvala gets a seat in f1


    Lord Mahaveer has left big shoes to fill in for him. GOAT

  • Manish Panwar
    Manish Panwar个月 前

    yas man jehan amazing man 🇮🇳

  • yashwanth gowda
    yashwanth gowda个月 前

    So f1 casually thought to give something for Indian fans lol