F2 EXCLUSIVE: Schumacher's Championship-Winning Weekend | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix


It was a roller coaster final F2 weekend for Mick Schumacher, which finished with him being crowned champion of the series!
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  • Julius Kossmann
    Julius Kossmann个月 前

    And then there is Sophia floersch saying Schumachers are just hyped because of their names...

  • anshul 1045
    anshul 1045个月 前

    Guys trust me he will be the next legend

  • Bachelor Sensei
    Bachelor Sensei个月 前

    Can't wait for "M. Schumacher joins the chat" memes.

  • Shreya Patra
    Shreya Patra个月 前

    Okay so now, we are going to have our Jr. Schumi!!🔥

  • Hrithik Raj
    Hrithik Raj个月 前

    What if he race with Russel after Hamilton and Bottas in Merc...

  • anshul 1045

    anshul 1045

    个月 前

    @DGB DGB 😂



    个月 前

    @anshul 1045 but he's a ferrari junior

  • Toxiko


    个月 前

    He is a Ferrari Junior

  • anshul 1045

    anshul 1045

    个月 前

    Schumacher will replace Hamilton and Russel will replace Bottas

  • Mirko F20
    Mirko F20个月 前

    That sprint race was pure strategy masterclass hold up Ilott destroy your and his Tyres so the only way Ilott will go is backwards at the later stage

  • Richard Ashley
    Richard Ashley个月 前

    His father always a legend (Micheal shumacher)

  • Soham Belge
    Soham Belge个月 前

    Kimi's answer:By winning

  • ansWer
    ansWer个月 前

    well deserved


    Beware guys, a schumi is coming.... M.Schumacher will be on board once again

  • My Comedy studio
    My Comedy studio个月 前

    CNboth: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" formula 1:Mood Changer

  • 8Tommek9
    8Tommek9个月 前

    Schumiiii 😍🤩

  • TobyBlack
    TobyBlack个月 前

    Mick's hype is real. And he will prove him self in F1.

  • Sagar ST Patil
    Sagar ST Patil个月 前

    5 dislikes really? I mean you may dislike a person, but this comeback is awesome . . . You can not hit dislike on this.

  • anshul 1045

    anshul 1045

    个月 前

    It's youtube bots.

  • Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    个月 前

    he was the one that shunted the other guy. was an amazing comeback but he fckd up.

  • dReeem
    dReeem个月 前

    Like father like son. He's rising 🤙

  • dReeem


    个月 前

    @Leon Timmermanns hehe 😏

  • Leon Timmermanns

    Leon Timmermanns

    个月 前

    Nice faker bro

  • Niemand Fragt

    Niemand Fragt

    个月 前

    Hamilton: Still we rise guys STILL WE RISE!!!! 😂😂

  • mulinanr
    mulinanr个月 前

    *Drives into a guy* "Why does this guy crash into me?!" Wut? :D

  • Hermann26


    个月 前

    2nd contact is SUPER weird.

  • scudfer 57

    scudfer 57

    个月 前

    To be fair he was on a fast lap and everyone else was slowing the premas down. Nissany should not have been on the racing line. The rest of course ist Micks mistake

  • adhish singh
    adhish singh个月 前

    I wish Micheal could see his son doing wonders live.😭😭 Love and speedy recovery Michael Schumacher ❤️

  • anshul 1045

    anshul 1045

    个月 前

    @Mirko F20 hey can you link it.

  • Mirko F20

    Mirko F20

    个月 前

    @Harry698 interview a while ago believe it was around Portugal where Jean meet Michael

  • Harry698


    个月 前

    @Tim. When and where did he say that?

  • Tim.


    个月 前

    He actually is. jean todt revealed that micheal watches every race.

  • Tim0n4t0r
    Tim0n4t0r个月 前

    Imagine this young lad being i a team with mazepin. thats just not fair.

  • Chaitanya Rao

    Chaitanya Rao

    个月 前

    Genuinely wish Mazepin gets kicked out, he does not in any way deserve his seat.

  • Arthur Lopes

    Arthur Lopes

    个月 前

    This might be funny but... They were teammates in the past already

  • breiteralseinufo
    breiteralseinufo个月 前


  • H3xagon GD
    H3xagon GD个月 前


  • Caso 27

    Caso 27

    个月 前

    Try Leute moinmacs hier