F1 Esports Pro Series 2020: GRAND FINAL, Rounds 10 & 11 LIVE!


Our final event gets under way, with races around the much-loved Suzuka and Mexico City circuits! With four drivers and two teams in contention for the titles, anything could happen!
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  • Alberto Escolar
    Alberto Escolar11 天 前

    Buen sexto puesto de Daniel Moreno en Japón, 8 puntos más. Me gustaría poder ver todos los adelantamientos de cada carrera, no sólo los del grupo de cabeza, y que le pasó a Álvaro Carretón en Japón para que cayera del puesto 14 al 20 al poco de iniciarse la carrera. Estas carreras tienen mucho más espectáculo del que muestran ¿Podrían ampliarlo? Gracias y un saludo desde España.

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques18 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • guitargamery
    guitargamery22 天 前

    1:13 sometimes it is a disgrace how the person responsible for changing cameras are..is he sleeping? overtaking moments normally are not caught on camera..i already said this on the first race of the season and the same still happening...GUYS THESE SERIES TO BE MORE APPEALING YOU NEED A BETTER "CAMERA DIRECTOR" is really that bad...is getting almost boring like the real F1 that no one cares anymore with Mercedes or HAMILTON WINNING, wake up Esports...Camera work and direction is probably 40% OF THE ENTERTAINMENT HERE

  • guitargamery
    guitargamery22 天 前

    sometimes Natalie is being so polite and elegant and nick Hamilton looks to her in a very "weird?" way..so serious, he does always that(and i really like the guy) but i dont know what it is, even her already noticed that, is he jealous that she is more of celebrity than he is? 58:56 for example..but he does that to her all of the time...she is smiling and being a great guest, because she is my top 3 F1 host, and Nick never return a smile back to her, thats something i have been noticing since the first time she was on the show...very weird. I really like Nick but i have to say i don't like his brother at all...Mercedes and Hamilton made F1 the most boring sport to watch...i miss a lot the days of Vettel and Alonso, FIA need to change that somehow

  • Matthew's Tech Corner

    Matthew's Tech Corner

    13 天 前

    Mate, yk nick had cerebral palsy right? That's why


    Come fast

  • V19 Family
    V19 Family个月 前

    Nicolas longuet..... What a guy

  • Florian Jechow
    Florian Jechow个月 前

    Have all car the same speed ?

  • Mathieu Cruz

    Mathieu Cruz

    个月 前

    Yup all same car maybe different setups

  • Tuğrul Eskinöz
    Tuğrul Eskinöz个月 前

    Vehicle passing sounds are too bad in the off-vehicle camera

  • El Mamoune Naciri
    El Mamoune Naciri个月 前


  • Ei käytössä
    Ei käytössä个月 前

    James Baldwin really deserved these points!

  • Francisco Martin
    Francisco Martin个月 前

    Guys you need to put the classification of the race and both world championships up on the screen at the end of every race

  • Maxi F
    Maxi F个月 前

    Awesome races Lots of Side by side battles Opmeer vs Rassmussen for the title Suzuka awesome last laps Bredon Leigh legend Mexico Comeback to P2 awesome

  • Joppe De Groot
    Joppe De Groot个月 前

    Check my youtube channel, i upload F1 2020 content!

  • Kavya Prabhu
    Kavya Prabhu个月 前

    no! hamiton is not going to join ferrari

  • Bryan Alexander
    Bryan Alexander个月 前

    Why do i feel matt is better at commentating than crofty

  • c__j_r


    个月 前

    cause he is more relatable

  • hamster _roblox??
    hamster _roblox??个月 前

    Is that real or just game

  • Lowkey Cold

    Lowkey Cold

    个月 前


  • oliese
    oliese个月 前

    "Grand Final", one race left still

  • Ei käytössä

    Ei käytössä

    个月 前

    Today is a race

  • xMix Dx

    xMix Dx

    个月 前

    It's the grand final quarter

  • R Dub-Yah
    R Dub-Yah个月 前

    is it weird I don't want Opmeer to win the championship because he rage quit squad sprint?

  • My Comedy studio
    My Comedy studio个月 前

    CNboth: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" mexico:Mood Changer

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus个月 前


  • hahaha hahahaha
    hahaha hahahaha个月 前

    I hope f1 game next year becomes a real racing simulation games

  • FormulaGod
    FormulaGod个月 前

    Let’s go Jarno!!

  • Scott Meredith
    Scott Meredith个月 前


  • Джимми Нейтрон
    Джимми Нейтрон个月 前

    Rasmussen is Stirling Moss of F1Esports, title always sleeps out his hands at the last moment

  • Schnee Leopard
    Schnee Leopard个月 前

    Opmeer has a 16 point lead going into the last race. If Rasmussen wins, Opmeer has to get P5 to secure the championship.

  • HLMF1


    个月 前

    Rasmussen crosses the line in first and Brendon Leigh is ahead of tonizza WHOS ahead of opmeer but is that tonizza yes that’s tonizza

  • Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander

    个月 前

    @HLMF1 Imagine matt commentate.. rassmussen p1, p5*name the driver, p6 opmeer and recreating the scene shouting "is that glock?!", with "is that *name the driver?! Is that *name the driver going slowly!!??"

  • Adrian Vergio

    Adrian Vergio

    个月 前

    @HLMF1 yup

  • HLMF1


    个月 前

    So like 2008

  • Crecki
    Crecki个月 前


  • Jarno Opmeer
    Jarno Opmeer个月 前

  • ItzJustMichael


    个月 前

    Lekker Jarno RoadF1 😂

  • Francisco Martin

    Francisco Martin

    个月 前

    Congrats on a great race!!

  • Jarno Opmeer

    Jarno Opmeer

    个月 前

    @raymoendo828 i'm there this friday actually☻

  • Steven van Osch

    Steven van Osch

    个月 前

    @raymoendo828 hij komt als laatste

  • raymoendo828


    个月 前

    Once F1 season starts again, you should go to Ziggo Formula café and do the Zandvoort hotlap they usually do with guests