F1 Drivers Look Back On Their 2020 Predictions!


At the start of the season, we asked the drivers to make their 2020 predictions. Take a look and see who nailed it - and who missed the mark!
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  • EvandaLemon
    EvandaLemon天 前

    Ricciardos second one was probably Cyril getting a Tattoo (because of his podium)

  • Jeremy van Grinsven
    Jeremy van Grinsven2 天 前

    4:23 My guess is that he wanted to make a Grosjean crash reference

  • Dylan Pitcher Shell
    Dylan Pitcher Shell2 天 前

    No one: Mercedes: has a whole department dedicated to making new tables for Toto

  • Patrik Toth
    Patrik Toth3 天 前


  • Marcomfy
    Marcomfy3 天 前

    Carlos: wHaT a LeGeNd!

  • Joshua Brüning
    Joshua Brüning4 天 前

    Red Bull won twice btw

  • genna Eudo-Mitchell
    genna Eudo-Mitchell4 天 前

    and Ricardo 2nd one?

  • genna Eudo-Mitchell
    genna Eudo-Mitchell4 天 前

    what was Noris's second prediction?

  • Noëlle de R.
    Noëlle de R.5 天 前

    Don't mind me, I'm just coming back to this video every other day

  • bliksemmcmeme95
    bliksemmcmeme956 天 前

    Bottas: Vietnam positive surprise. Corana: It is really positive

  • Mimi D
    Mimi D8 天 前

    I find Stroll not very likeable comparing to the rest of the drivers, I really don't know why...

  • kanika sharma
    kanika sharma9 天 前

    Almost everyone were so sure about Lewis Hamilton winning as if it has already happened. Happy for Hamilton absolutely deserving. I'm sure if he gets a chance he shall win the championship in 2021 as well and set a unbeatable record for everyone. Lots of best wishes and love to Lewis!!

  • magic spell
    magic spell9 天 前

    The aboriginal sailboat premenstrually care because north clearly answer beyond a aspiring screwdriver. enchanted, tedious baby

  • Rowan Huntly
    Rowan Huntly9 天 前

    I would like to see vallteri win the title in 2021 and then retire and have George in for 2022

  • Priyanshu Kulkarni
    Priyanshu Kulkarni13 天 前

    Now we know why kimi scratched the whole thing after writing his predictions.

  • Rory Davies
    Rory Davies13 天 前

    Wonder what landos 2nd one was😂

  • iluvmyjill
    iluvmyjill14 天 前

    Danny rics second one was defo roman crashing

  • Krunk Sounds
    Krunk Sounds20 天 前

    petition for Lando and Daniel to release the 2nd prediction

  • Heppa Tyttö
    Heppa Tyttö23 天 前

    The funniest part is that Kimi wrote 1, 2 and 3 (he meant by them on who will win, be second and third on the champion ship) on the paper and after the Number 1 it said ”Mersu” and it actually means Mercedes in Finnish so he was right that they will win the champion ship!😂

  • Jeff Roy
    Jeff Roy24 天 前

    2021 prediction - Hamilton to win 8th championship and Mercedes to win constructors.

  • Prem Naren
    Prem Naren24 天 前

    F1- make a predic- Drivers-LH wins a 7th title

    BUGSYGb1 [GANG]25 天 前

    Desk upgrades xD

  • Fernas RPG
    Fernas RPG25 天 前

    George did lose to his teammates. Bottas got ahead on Bahrein and Latifi had 3 11ths, while he had one 11ths. So technically he lost to both, despite having better pace. Just like last year against Kubica

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi25 天 前

    everyone: hamilton wins 7th title... yeah great.. i would ve expected something from their own team or personal achievements

  • Masire0009
    Masire000925 天 前

    Will Buxton is the nicest reporter ever change my mind

  • andy chen
    andy chen25 天 前

    Buxton is a lame unwitty speculator


    I didn’t realise Pierre Gasly had a beard ( kinda )

  • Powerate
    Powerate26 天 前

    Congratulations to LH for 8th Title my prediction

  • deadmoldable
    deadmoldable26 天 前

    guess what was landos and ricciardos #2. i bet smthg about grosjean and crashing.

  • Rugras
    Rugras26 天 前

    Never thought I'd say it, but i'm actually going to miss Kvyat.

  • Hawkevil _
    Hawkevil _27 天 前

    Mad respect to the presenter, my man was amazing

  • CJ Mattias
    CJ Mattias27 天 前

    Some things are quite predictable huh

  • Automotive ASMR
    Automotive ASMR28 天 前

    Even on paper Kiki doesn’t say much lol!😂

  • Joanimater
    Joanimater28 天 前

    6:12 just leaked drive to survive

  • Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues29 天 前

    3:29 Well, technically Bottas was his teammate for a weekend

  • Manuel Treitler
    Manuel Treitler29 天 前

    I bet Ricciardo had a Grosjean crash on his List

  • thomas fieberitz
    thomas fieberitz29 天 前

    Checo only taking W's

  • MBT
    MBT29 天 前

    1:18 In Max's head: *Yea and Mazepin is the next Lewis Hamilton*

  • nathaniel castillo
    nathaniel castillo29 天 前

    3:22 I love Finland

  • tww08
    tww0829 天 前

    I bet they never predicted a lot would lose there drives lol.

  • Amanda Fer
    Amanda Fer个月 前

    Need Lando’s 2nd one he didn’t share! Dying to know what it was

  • Gulaknikov
    Gulaknikov个月 前

    Daniel Carlos Lando are the funniest in F1

  • Päähenkilö
    Päähenkilö个月 前

    Kimi's list 😂: 1. Mersu 2. 3.

  • Raptorsified
    Raptorsified个月 前

    We need Dany back

  • M. Fadhil Akbar
    M. Fadhil Akbar个月 前

    No one predict Bottas win the title HAHAHAHHAA

    JEISKO个月 前

    I feel bad for Alvin :(

  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark个月 前

    Wish Vettel did go to red bull

  • Peter Fowke
    Peter Fowke个月 前

    I like the what Alex said about George Russell and all the drivers in F1 what person said what think was going to happen in 2020.

  • EclipsaMyrtenaster
    EclipsaMyrtenaster个月 前

    "Lando hits puberty." "Debateable." BRUH my man went VERY in

  • Víctor F. Amaya
    Víctor F. Amaya个月 前

    Lando and Dani Ric predicting Red Bull would drop Albon. I guess everybody saw that one coming lol

  • R3Vlog
    R3Vlog个月 前

    1:30 savage max

  • M. Serrano
    M. Serrano个月 前

    Max is low-key hilarious

  • Liam H
    Liam H个月 前

    Max: HEH HEH. HEH HEH.

  • Nathan Newbould
    Nathan Newbould个月 前

    Albon has left the chat

  • John Ramey
    John Ramey个月 前

    Where’s lewis

  • Connor Meulemans
    Connor Meulemans个月 前

    also notice how hamilton was never included in the predictions

  • Nicolas_Cage_Bees
    Nicolas_Cage_Bees个月 前


  • AZ
    AZ个月 前

    When Mercedes are so dominant, of all things to upgrade, they decided to upgrade a table for Toto.

  • Ryuichiro Suzuki
    Ryuichiro Suzuki个月 前

    danill predicted george for a point. what a lad. sad to see him go 😭

  • reltih floda
    reltih floda个月 前

    Mercedes have budget just for totos wolf desk upgrades

  • AHDHAN 16
    AHDHAN 16个月 前

    Kimi is kimi

  • Ahmad T
    Ahmad T个月 前

    Ricciardo must be predicting grosjean going to crash again


    I wanna know Lando's and Daniel's!!


    "the first one is debatable" I'm dyinggg what a savage

  • Saleh Ahmed
    Saleh Ahmed个月 前

    Where was lewis?

  • Nguyen Nam Khanh
    Nguyen Nam Khanh个月 前

    4:30 who??

  • Elestro Air-soft

    Elestro Air-soft

    个月 前


  • JusticeSheperd
    JusticeSheperd个月 前

    3:35 Lando's 2nd Prediction: Albon get's demoted

  • WiseFish
    WiseFish个月 前

    “Before the season you made some predictions” Kimi: Predictions for what? You made some predictions.... Kimi: FOR WHAT?!

  • somi park
    somi park个月 前

  • somi park
    somi park个月 前


  • somi park
    somi park个月 前


  • somi park
    somi park个月 前


  • somi park
    somi park个月 前


  • somi park
    somi park个月 前


  • somi park
    somi park个月 前

    모가 떨어지눈 나ㅏ낟하낙하

  • Voin Radu Cristian
    Voin Radu Cristian个月 前

    I appreciate they did not show the Ferrari drivers out of respect =)))

  • Nash Tichy
    Nash Tichy个月 前

    “lance stroll on pole@

  • Denizhan Acar
    Denizhan Acar个月 前

    You were supposed to qualify for Q3 with Williams, Russell, which you didn't. If you knew you'd be racing with Mercedes due to Hamilton's illness, then I suppose you're an alien from another galaxy

  • JustViggo 64

    JustViggo 64

    个月 前

    No one can reach q3 in a williams

  • Bim Robohon
    Bim Robohon个月 前

    Checo the man !

  • Gunjan Patil
    Gunjan Patil个月 前

    Kvyat is a Russian version of Elon Musk, just as reckless and not as smart. :)

  • Jose
    Jose个月 前

    “P2 was posible, if we didn’t retire so much.” He was one race away of screaming “GP2 engine!”

  • Vandan Sonkar
    Vandan Sonkar个月 前

    We know how much danny loves seb

  • Annabel Arendt
    Annabel Arendt个月 前

    why is no one talking about how Hamilton isn't included?

  • Kushagra Chaturvedy
    Kushagra Chaturvedy个月 前

    Gasly went big brain with that AT best season prediction

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander个月 前

    I'm so happy for sergio. He looked so pleased with himself. I really hope he brings the fight to max.

  • David Hawkins
    David Hawkins个月 前

    I wonder if any of the predictions they felt bad for had to do with any certain people and crashing

  • Ayush Shankar
    Ayush Shankar个月 前

    Hey I think there was no Seb .

    AdzSONLINE个月 前

    Stroll is such a beige man

  • Mohd Awad

    Mohd Awad

    个月 前

    He's Canadian

  • Child2.0
    Child2.0个月 前

    "Valtteri, it's James" Valtteri: 3:21

  • Max Koppel
    Max Koppel个月 前

    I’m gonna miss Kvyat so much not gonna Lie

  • E V A
    E V A个月 前

    Riccardo def predicted that Grosjean would crash

  • Regan Louise
    Regan Louise个月 前

    Haha Lando just going off on a laughing fit after looking at the 2nd prediction 😂 I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE PREDICTION WAS

  • Anthony Cutt
    Anthony Cutt个月 前

    I felt that 'Ooh' from Magnussen about Hass getting their most points.

  • Uday Hiwarale
    Uday Hiwarale个月 前

    "OF WHAT" - Kimmi 2020

  • Hmduk 07
    Hmduk 07个月 前

    Pierre Gasly be like

  • Milaad M
    Milaad M个月 前


  • SpeedMasters
    SpeedMasters个月 前

    Will - But that point counts for Mercedes, George was driving for them. Dani - But Williams educated him y’know 😂😂

  • Remi24
    Remi24个月 前

    I am happy for Checo’s signing to Red Bull but I’ll miss Alex :(

  • Franseven 7
    Franseven 7个月 前

    cmon i wanted charles and seb...

  • almar456
    almar456个月 前

    This was before Abu Dhabi wasn't it? Max has won twice and Honda three times now.