F1 2020: A Season Like No Other


A unique, unforgettable season comes to an end. To everyone who helped make 2020 possible, thank you.
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  • Leon Klein
    Leon Klein天 前

    I have never had so much goosebumps

  • Michi383
    Michi3832 天 前

    Still, I am sooooo happy that Romain is alive. It's sad that he had to go, but its also sad for K-Mag, Albon ....

  • Mats Baarlink F1
    Mats Baarlink F12 天 前

    I cant wait to see this season in Drive to survive

  • The Lion
    The Lion4 天 前

    Is it just me or do others get emotional when watching this?

  • matthew
    matthew11 天 前




  • NemesizzleHD4K
    NemesizzleHD4K14 天 前

    Idk if there will be a season this unique again

  • Adam Davids
    Adam Davids15 天 前


  • genna Eudo-Mitchell
    genna Eudo-Mitchell16 天 前

    I hope Williams will be at the front of the grid again

  • Boopathy karuppusamy
    Boopathy karuppusamy18 天 前

    some old friends imola reminds me of ayrton senna

  • Jonathan106
    Jonathan10619 天 前

    When someone asks you why you watch F1 just show them this

  • Виктор Костырин
    Виктор Костырин19 天 前

    I’m rewatching this video for 10-15 time, but it still gives goosebumps

  • Nez Lo
    Nez Lo21 天 前


  • Thedudeabides803
    Thedudeabides80323 天 前

    Hamilton won by 124 points and 2nd place had 223 points. He won 11 races. Botas second? Put me in their cars I’ll bet I can win as well.

  • Андреј Спасовски: Горд Македонец и сакач на Скопје
    Андреј Спасовски: Горд Македонец и сакач на Скопје26 天 前

    1:46 What everyone probably came for

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques26 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • Abhishek Kulageri
    Abhishek Kulageri27 天 前

    So awesome season after 2012 guys but much better than it



  • VmarcXG YT
    VmarcXG YT28 天 前


  • Francesco Esposito
    Francesco Esposito29 天 前

    After all, it was an amazing year. Of one the best since years and years. Amazing tracks, amazing races, amazing love .love f1!

  • Soumyadeep Sarkar
    Soumyadeep Sarkar29 天 前

    Most incredible season we've ever had in 70 years of F1! An epic. ♥️

  • B1lly Turn3r
    B1lly Turn3r个月 前

    my am i nearly balling my eyes out. Honestly i swear this is the most emotional sport ever(this yr anyway)

  • Jaagup Sarv
    Jaagup Sarv个月 前

    Imagine disliking

  • Akshith Pillari
    Akshith Pillari个月 前

    A year I was expecting for

  • Gabryx
    Gabryx个月 前

    But 2012 and 2010 are still WAY better

  • Giuseppe Micciche
    Giuseppe Micciche个月 前

    This is an amazing season

  • Max Cowling
    Max Cowling个月 前

    Who ever dislikes this video, how about rethink your mistake. It’s technically laughing to someone who almost lost there life to a fire

  • Nitu Devi
    Nitu Devi个月 前

    Indeed it was one of the best years. F1 2020 a year to remember.

  • Jhyro Pe
    Jhyro Pe个月 前

    "It's not about the destination. It's about the journey"

  • ishoudaran
    ishoudaran个月 前

    What's the song name?

  • shrek smith
    shrek smith个月 前

    0:00 the first few notes of the music remind me of jurrasic world/park

  • Dr Banana
    Dr Banana个月 前

    Great, now fire Mazepin

  • Altsu
    Altsu个月 前

    Grosjean was almost about to be aryton senna. But he didn’t:)

  • Inara Mirzadjanova
    Inara Mirzadjanova个月 前

    So touching... I've become a big f1 fan this year🧡

  • O R
    O R个月 前

    What I wonder is how 15% of the grid managed to get cov-19 when they wear masks 24/7, live separated from everyone, and take one million tests per week? I've hardly used a mask, lived like normal, interacted with loads of people and not gotten ill once, and neither has anyone I know.

  • A H
    A H个月 前

    Where is hulkenback??

  • Theo Williams
    Theo Williams个月 前

    Thank you NHS

  • szewei85
    szewei85个月 前

    haha this feels like the rebirth of 1950 season with so many possiblilites

  • Magno Lima
    Magno Lima个月 前

    2020 bastante diferente, mais bastante emocionante...🇧🇷 Brasil sentir falta da F1.

  • Eduardo Santos
    Eduardo Santos个月 前

    Melhor temporada nos últimos 30 anos sem dúvida.

  • Invox
    Invox个月 前

    Romain "The Phoenix" Grojean. 🔥🕊😃

  • Jayden Ylen
    Jayden Ylen个月 前

    So many things happened in 2020. I hope they could have a Netflix Season 3!

  • Mike DC
    Mike DC个月 前

    well Russell was robbed anyways

  • Timotej Kollar
    Timotej Kollar个月 前

    Hamilton L VETEL WIN

  • rien smeets
    rien smeets个月 前

    Why did people dislike

  • Stratowind
    Stratowind个月 前

    0:38 quartet Mentions three of them. Albon forgotten.

  • Adel Valeev
    Adel Valeev个月 前

    I watched F1 when I was a kid back in the 00s, but now, since after Grosjean's crash CNboth recommends me a lot of F1 stuff, I might as well start watching it again. Guess I'll start with the 2021 season

  • tasos alexopoulos
    tasos alexopoulos个月 前

    what do u call a thai-britt man who lost his seat? Alex Albon

  • Chris A. Nylander
    Chris A. Nylander个月 前

    Watching this over and over

  • samuel blachon
    samuel blachon个月 前


  • Snifey 76
    Snifey 76个月 前

    See you next year guys, we be here watching for a fresh new teams and colours

  • Christoph Windisch
    Christoph Windisch个月 前

    This actually could be a trailer for a hollywood blockbuster or not?

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki个月 前

    A new remembership for the life🤪


    Is it weird that I felt emotional watching this?

  • ISilentMG
    ISilentMG个月 前

    Did anyone else become Verstappens biggest fan last/this season? Guy has been the most exciting driver and seems to be the only guy who can take it to Lewis every weekend I love to see him and Lewis go at it, I know Max had critics for his brash style but the guy gives us wheel to wheel racing and overtaking something which isn't really common anymore

  • Dr. Banaji
    Dr. Banaji个月 前

    This season will be in our hearts...

  • Jack Price
    Jack Price个月 前

    Why is this like a patch update for a game showing off the new features???

  • Alanso 3000
    Alanso 3000个月 前


  • SSR Hamilton
    SSR Hamilton个月 前

    History Forever ❤️

  • ExcitedVelicraptorGaming7585
    ExcitedVelicraptorGaming7585个月 前


  • Brenno Romão
    Brenno Romão个月 前

    The besta Seasons since the end of the V8 era

  • JC does GAMEIING
    JC does GAMEIING个月 前

    Well I am an American fan and I started watching this year and I cant imagine a more interesting season. Well maybe a championship fight

  • Leebo88
    Leebo88个月 前

    I just do not understand how people are finding this season exciting after reading the comments, it's just nothing compared to what the sport used to be

  • Nga Tran
    Nga Tran个月 前

    My best race is Mugello because Alex got his podium here. In fact that I can’t see that scene because my mom told me to sleep early.

  • Daniel Cobb
    Daniel Cobb个月 前

    Who else saw Imola on there... never brings back any memories I want to enjoy. I remember 1994 but I don’t want to. Hopefully this brings back better memories next year...

  • Σαββας Κατσαφαρος
    Σαββας Κατσαφαρος个月 前

    Who is cutting onions???🥺 See you next year F1!!👑❤

  • London buses 208
    London buses 208个月 前

    what a season thank you formula 1

  • Zanji
    Zanji个月 前

    next year we going back to the most boring tracks I can imagine letsgooo

  • Shubham Chauhan
    Shubham Chauhan个月 前

    I feel so alive when I see Grosjean coming out of flames



  • Elite Slash
    Elite Slash个月 前

    This video was emotional man what a year lads let’s fight on to the next

  • S W
    S W个月 前

    that season was emotional

  • See Co
    See Co个月 前

    Wow what a year to get into F1

  • Vicky Amin
    Vicky Amin个月 前

    I AM crying and you MUST BE too 😂

  • Kósmos Consultoria
    Kósmos Consultoria个月 前

    Amazing season!

  • Amanda Sousa
    Amanda Sousa个月 前

    I think I'm crying 😭😂😭

  • James Shoemaker
    James Shoemaker个月 前

    The title of this video is a season like no other..... seems to me it's been identical like the last four.🥱

  • Perico de los Santos
    Perico de los Santos个月 前

    2:32 change spanish for mexican and it would be more sad, not funny, sad

  • Akhil
    Akhil个月 前

    I am not crying, you are

  • {M̀Ǵ} Resecoot
    {M̀Ǵ} Resecoot个月 前

    Almost cried 😢

  • Hoppy Nation
    Hoppy Nation个月 前

    It was one of the most amazing seasons I've followed all way through for a long time!

  • sunil kumar arya
    sunil kumar arya个月 前


  • Matthijs Bruinsma
    Matthijs Bruinsma个月 前

    What a year! Thanks to all the hard working people of F1! And of course to all the circuit owners. Let's hope next year will be better. And please revisit some of the "new" tracks of this year. Those races were awesome!

  • kev62 minecraft
    kev62 minecraft个月 前

    This season is just a awesome movie

  • Anthos Lykos
    Anthos Lykos个月 前

    Russel winning the "esports season" was great. So many great moments came from that. It was a fantastic way for fans to connect with their favorite drivers, and for aspiring drivers to race with the pros. I hope they continue having a few virtual exhibition races as a new tradition.

  • David Lee
    David Lee个月 前

    Come on Alex Albon

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin个月 前

    Not gonna lie here, it was because of that Netflix documentary series that I started watching back F1 this year.

  • Charlie D.
    Charlie D.个月 前

    Meanwhile....Bottas shall sit in his basement with an unlimited stock of *Porridge* planning his 2021 Championship attempt....... LeWiS HaMiLtOn fOr ThE 8tH TiMe iS cHaMpiOn oF tHe wOrLd!!!!! -David Croft only 10 races into the season....

  • Wafee Kamil
    Wafee Kamil个月 前

    Watching it imagining this gonna be the trailer for netflix series this year

  • Babbis
    Babbis个月 前

    My first year watching F1 and boy was it an interesting one

  • Lorenzo Vol
    Lorenzo Vol个月 前

    Che sbocco di stagione

  • Sandro Santos
    Sandro Santos个月 前

    Yeah, boring like no other...

  • Stb Bic
    Stb Bic个月 前

    The F1 family grew this year. Feels like we’ve all become closer.

  • Long Chu
    Long Chu个月 前

    Drive to Survive season 3 will be so awesome!!!

  • Dragan Kralj
    Dragan Kralj个月 前

    F1 soooo boring! F2 much better 😉

  • A Macca
    A Macca个月 前


  • Sharmila Tamboli
    Sharmila Tamboli个月 前

    Martin Garrix

  • Valle
    Valle个月 前

    What an year🤩😔 F1 saved 2020 Lando, ocon first podium Russel getting his first points Gasly on pole Vettel on podium With more This was an underrated season😌🏎🥰

  • alexbandy2010
    alexbandy2010个月 前

    Another very "objective" video from the F1-Hamilton channel....They forgot to include (surely by mistake) the only voice of truth during this championship which was Albon calling the "worthy" champion the way he deserved:SORE LOSER

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez个月 前

    This is what I call a lovely season. It made each race weekend the highlight of my week. I won't forget this one. Thanks F1 for the effort to make it happen.