Exploring ABU DHABI for a week // travel vlog

We spent a week exploring Abu Dhabi on our way to Europe! AND our fam Lauren (@gypsea_Lust) & Jack (@doyoutravel) join us on this trip.
Abu Dhabi has so many different things to do and see. Watch to see what we get up too.
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  • black_ moon
    black_ moon29 天 前

    welcome to my pretty place hope you enjoyed it

  • Khalid-Alhashmi
    Khalid-Alhashmi个月 前

    I was looking for this vlog❤️🇦🇪

  • Amy Beauty
    Amy Beauty个月 前

    Loves this vedio

  • 樂樂樂
    樂樂樂3 个月 前

    Use 3:18 for quicker million views! Just saying haha, great video!

  • Tech Street Traveller
    Tech Street Traveller3 个月 前

    Abudhabi really amazing place 👌Like from abudhabi❤

  • Bentley Asnis Channel
    Bentley Asnis Channel4 个月 前

    Enjoyed watching your video. Miss Dubai so much! This is my favorite place in Dubai. You should definitely visit next time. cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/h3yQaqxon6-V2no.html

  • UAE Frames
    UAE Frames4 个月 前


  • Ahmad Salman
    Ahmad Salman5 个月 前

    its boring

  • Hollie
    Hollie5 个月 前

    LOVE this! Leave England this week and staying in Abu Dhabi for 5 weeks 😍 I have bought long sleeve dresses to wear. Will I always have to keep my arm tattoos covered?

  • M. D.
    M. D.5 个月 前

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  • XnogoX meem
    XnogoX meem7 个月 前

    منو من ابو ظبي لايك 👍🏼 🇦🇪 Yeah I'm from abu dhabi but some of places I haven't visited them. I'm so glad that you showed us the place love from 🇦🇪 🖤

  • XnogoX meem

    XnogoX meem

    天 前

    @Cullen Finn yo why r u commenting in my comment lol haven't both of you texted in instagram not here lmao

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    Wyatt Judah

    天 前

    @Cullen Finn cool! It took like 15 mins but it reallyworked!

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    Cullen Finn

    天 前

    not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hack ;)

  • Claudette
    Claudette7 个月 前

    This video is so extra and remind me sex and the city 2, sorry😂

  • Claudette
    Claudette7 个月 前

    Quarantine anybody????

  • Aurélie Jenna
    Aurélie Jenna9 个月 前

    i would love to visit abu dhabi 💗💗💗

  • Justin Summerill
    Justin Summerill9 个月 前

    Wow, what is all of this generalised nonsense I hear about travelling in Abu Dhabi? From what I've heard, if anyone dressed the way Ellie did they'd be immediately disowned. And that Abu Dhabi is actually not a place for tourism? And couple's of the opposite sex aren't even allowed to be together all of the time in public spaces? What a load of bull crap.

  • Snazzy Shiva
    Snazzy Shiva9 个月 前

    Is this wholesome or 3 some life video?

  • simply_ Diecast_
    simply_ Diecast_年 前

    What is the name of your Hotel you stayed in the one with the swimming pool? , very nice place

  • Baller Manc
    Baller Manc年 前

    Is this video about you or abu Dhabi??

  • M C

    M C

    10 个月 前

    I mean probably both since it’s HER trip to Abu Dhabi on HER channel? Lol get a life

  • Quantefiable Adventures
    Quantefiable Adventures年 前

    Great video, I would love to visit Abu Dhabi someday!!

  • putmyname ontheinternet?
    putmyname ontheinternet?年 前

    lol -I feel like the mosque wasn't the focus of the mosque shots.

  • MyCats
    MyCats年 前

    BE-AU-TY-FUL moment :) everything will be just fine :)

  • Emma Emma
    Emma Emma年 前

    That VB hat - love it!

  • Simple Bisdak Mukbang
    Simple Bisdak Mukbang年 前

    Nice video and place.

  • Kaka Kaka
    Kaka Kaka年 前

    Any body now in abu dhabi

  • jigs24
    jigs24年 前

    Nice video created and great job,keep it up.you are rocking.

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    Kim and Rose VLOG年 前

    Check our Abu Dhabi Travel Vlog as well 😍

  • علي زموري
    علي زموري年 前

    cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/e6SXqdaKlpjE27A.html. What I bought from morroco

  • Haidi Furnell
    Haidi Furnell年 前

    Hey Ellie, love your vlogs!! What’s the song when you guys are jet skiing? X

  • Kaka Kaka

    Kaka Kaka

    年 前

    Hi haidi

  • fdama
    fdama年 前

    A week in Abu Dhabi must have been so boooring. Nothing much to do there tbh.

  • Conscious Crissy
    Conscious Crissy年 前

    The sand dunes part😂

  • Kaka Kaka

    Kaka Kaka

    年 前


  • hatice pala
    hatice pala年 前

    i love this city so much.

  • Jazmin A
    Jazmin A年 前

    This was so beautiful 💕

  • Kaka Kaka

    Kaka Kaka

    年 前

    Have you been in abu dhabi before

  • Kaka Kaka

    Kaka Kaka

    年 前


  • Noz_Rashel
    Noz_Rashel年 前

    Nice vlog 👍 reminds me of our holiday. Glad I vlogged it 😀

  • Picassobby
    Picassobby年 前

    Hope you guys had a blast 👍🏻

  • Picassobby
    Picassobby年 前

    Place looks insane!

  • Chloe Gonzalez
    Chloe Gonzalez年 前

    Loved this video and it made me laugh so much (especially with all the stacks and Alex's jokes haha) xx

  • Avien Syah
    Avien Syah年 前

    what is the tittle intro song?

  • Marie Ann
    Marie Ann年 前

    who would travel to Abu Dhabi in summer... I mean...

  • Shanelle
    Shanelle年 前

    It looks fun!

  • Ashleigh Reece
    Ashleigh Reece年 前

    Love this video!

  • Femke's Diary
    Femke's Diary年 前

    I just found out about your channel & instagram account and I love it 💕 Your editing skills and aesthetics are amazing! I'm trying to be more plant-based myself and you're such an inspiration already! xx

  • John doe

    John doe

    5 个月 前

    Are they vegans or what ?

  • Fridaber
    Fridaber年 前

    This was so much fun to watch! Loved seeing Abu Dhabi as I've never been, and loved the editing! :) Hope you upload more soon xx

  • Robert Lami

    Robert Lami

    10 个月 前

    Come and visit us ❤️

  • R. L.
    R. L.年 前

    Hey Ellie! Where did you get your red swimsuit? It’s so prettyyy

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    Rei it’s from Lahana Swim 💕

  • Pinkvibes211
    Pinkvibes211年 前

    Pretty Gorgeous!! Not xtra..

  • Mike Skylark
    Mike Skylark年 前

    Very neat video. :)

  • Amelie Tahiti
    Amelie Tahiti年 前

    Hey Ellie! I loved the vlog ! I love you for keeping vegan while travalling so much.. i mean now it probably is easier that you can afford fancier hotels with amazing breakfast buffet (and you deserve and worked for it!!!) but I know you're always tryin ur best and thank you for showing the example < 3

  • noah takes the world

    noah takes the world

    年 前

    I love your content. Hope we can work together.

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    年 前

    Great Video Bro! Keep Inspiring, DDG New Music Here

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    年 前

    great work

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    Nghia Plaza TV

    年 前

    mÁY XÚC làm việc tuyệt thật

  • Claxsb
    Claxsb年 前

    Omg Ellie what a vlog ! Your editing skills are amazing. I loved that it was a 25 minutes one. Your Life is litteraly an inspiration and what about your diet. However thank u so much for sharing a bit of your universe with us. Keep going plant-based babe 💛🐝

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    Thank you!xxx

  • Hanna Long
    Hanna Long年 前

    Would love to know where you get your rings from ;)

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    Lots of different makers: n+a New York made 2 of them, one is Sarah Sebastion, and Lane & Lanae. My husband designed my engagement ring x

  • Hajer A.
    Hajer A.年 前

    Abu Dhabi looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing these awesome experiences 💕

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    You're welcome! Thanks for watching! x

  • Chasing Wanderlust
    Chasing Wanderlust年 前

    Great video, I loved the editing! I hope you had a good time. We just got back from traveling around Europe and we've been documenting our travel adventures. We'd love it if you could check it out!

  • Katie Gross
    Katie Gross年 前

    I love every time you post a video! You are definitely one of my favorite people to follow and a huge source of inspiration to me! This vlog looked like so much fun and now Abu Dhabi is climbing to the top of my travel list!

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    Thanks Katie xxx

  • Lilysatoko
    Lilysatoko年 前

    The sand boarding looked so fun! Lauren was hilarious

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    It was actually SO much fun! I was feeling pretty unwell so I didnt think I would give it a go but I couldn't not after how fun it looked! x

  • Asma AlMarar
    Asma AlMarar年 前

    ahh I'm so glad you came to Abu Dhabi, tourists usually just go for Dubai. I feel like you captured our country in the best way possible, hope you come by again and again haha. 😍 ps those maroon cover ups are called abayas (we usually wear the actual ones in black)

  • Raiza Jacomino

    Raiza Jacomino

    年 前

    Your famous

  • Elsa's Wholesome Life

    Elsa's Wholesome Life

    年 前

    Yeah I have actually never visited Dubai! Thanks for watching :) xx

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