Every Drivers' Post-Race Radio | 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


The 2020 season came to a close at the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi - and there were some touching tributes and goodbyes across the airwaves at Yas Marina. Hear messages from every driver on team radio...
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    Where is russell's

  • Fredrik Z
    Fredrik Z29 天 前

    Grazie Seb

  • Mantrr Uprit
    Mantrr Uprit个月 前

    message for dany...whatever?!

  • Teddietubehd
    Teddietubehd个月 前

    everyone: celebrating, singing and happy stroll: UNBELIEVABLE

  • No Tru
    No Tru个月 前


  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles个月 前

    2:53 It's unbelievable how bad YOU are at maintaining temperature Lance.

  • Filipe Augusto
    Filipe Augusto个月 前


  • Diogo Coelho
    Diogo Coelho个月 前

    4:10 I'm not crying, you're crying

  • Federico Guadiana
    Federico Guadiana个月 前

    Knot in my throat when I hear Sebs Ferrari song 🏎 Favorite Team Favorite Driver

  • Denys Takahashi
    Denys Takahashi个月 前

    Everyone (Kimi included): Let's finish the year with a positive and lovely message to the team and fans! Stroll: Temperature!!!

  • Legoo Jan
    Legoo Jan个月 前

    when sebsantian singing , really touching, smooth operator make me laugh

  • Joel Murugiah
    Joel Murugiah个月 前

    Doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say it anyway, absolute gold once again from Kimi.

  • Arav G Upadhyay
    Arav G Upadhyay个月 前

    in sainz and norris's radio you can hear the mclaren garage exclaiming for getting p3 in the championship

  • Jared Matthew Falck
    Jared Matthew Falck个月 前

    I love the fact that you can hear Zak in the McLaren radio

  • A_Hopeful
    A_Hopeful个月 前

    3:00 Lance: 'We're bad at maintaining temps in traffic"... Well, of course you are mate. You copied the Mercedes - it's only fitting you get their problems as well.. :D

  • Varun
    Varun个月 前

    Gutted. Checo's last race with RP was a dnf. He can't even feature in this video

  • MoonPanda
    MoonPanda个月 前

    I personally like Latifi that much better than Stroll, even though he's the better driver. Latifi just seems to have more sportsmanship

  • Auto formula_YT
    Auto formula_YT个月 前

    Everyone: thanks for the year, it was amazing... Stroll: ITS UNBELIAVABLE HOW BAD WE ARE AT MAINTAINING TEMPERATURE Bruh

  • Svenn31
    Svenn31个月 前

    seb been using half of the season to write that song and practice it cuz he ain't got noting left to do :(

  • William Vriend
    William Vriend个月 前

    1:06 you can hear Zak Brown celebrating trough the radio 🤣

  • Sofian Hassaine Year 9
    Sofian Hassaine Year 9个月 前

    Stroll didn't even bother tanking the team for the work they've done in the Pink Merc.

  • midelro
    midelro个月 前

    Lance "Suggar Driver" Stroll

  • Jakub Markiewicz
    Jakub Markiewicz个月 前

    Sainz in Ferrari: "Smooth operator" Engineer" "Copy, we are checking"/"Stay positive"

  • Iker Fernandez

    Iker Fernandez

    4 天 前

    Pronto, Carlos? S🅱innala

  • Maxi F
    Maxi F个月 前

    Awesome Video

  • menoname 43
    menoname 43个月 前

    This was one of the most emotional last races in all F1 history.

  • Shane Forde
    Shane Forde个月 前

    Is Charles Leclerc Jimí Raikkonens race engineer?? Uncanny

  • vexed garbo
    vexed garbo个月 前

    Carlos be making gang signs

  • Praise Erinle
    Praise Erinle个月 前

    Who else got their comments removed. Mine came back today

  • Rics gaming
    Rics gaming个月 前

    Sainz: 2017 Boomshakalaka 2019-2020 Smooooth operator

  • Juan Felipe Plazas
    Juan Felipe Plazas个月 前

    man, i'm gonna miss so much carlando :C

  • Max Constable
    Max Constable个月 前

    I really don’t like stroll

  • Davina Demers
    Davina Demers个月 前

    ~smooth operator~

  • Riften Guard
    Riften Guard个月 前

    0:00 Max Verstappen 0:28 Valtteri Bottas 0:35 Lewis Hamilton 0:56 Alex Albon 1:04 Lando Norris 1:28 Carlos Sainz 2:00 Daniel Ricciardo 2:10 Pierre Gasly 2:36 Esteban Ocon 2:49 Lance Stroll 3:06 Danil Kvyat 3:16 Kimi Raikkonen 3:37 Charles Leclerc 3:55 Sebastian Vettel 5:09 George Russell 5:18 Italian Jesus (Antonio Giovinazzi) 5:28 Nicholas Latifi 5:52 Kevin Magnussen 6:07 Pietro Fittipaldi

  • legit behind
    legit behind个月 前

    1:05 lol you can hear zach brown

  • Anshuman Bhatt
    Anshuman Bhatt个月 前

    Who else was crying, during Sebastian's time😭

  • Norm Alltime
    Norm Alltime个月 前

    Seb legend singer song writer

  • Pasca1
    Pasca1个月 前

    "Azzuro" but its sang by Vettel❤️

  • Kenneth Tang
    Kenneth Tang个月 前

    1:53 Dat moan tho

  • Alexander Schneider
    Alexander Schneider个月 前

    Right when you think you might actually start to like Stroll...


    Appreciated f1 and every team members gave us 17 races in this tough year, thank you!

  • supasonicdx 1998
    supasonicdx 1998个月 前

    When it was Seb's part, I felt super touched

  • Da Blitz
    Da Blitz个月 前

    Sebastian Vettel: Driver,mechanic,marshal,strategist, engineer and song composer

  • Rafael Righetto
    Rafael Righetto个月 前

    Well done guys !!! @ this crazy CRAZY & unusual Year !!! 😱😱🤦🤦🙈🙈 ... BIG HUG & KIND REGARDS FROM A BIG F1 FAN FROM BRAZIL !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🏎🏎🎯🎯🏆🏆🏁🏁😍😁😉👍🏼🤜🤛

  • Fabulous MTB
    Fabulous MTB个月 前

    I’ll miss Magnussen and Grosjean so much

  • Tuan Enambelas
    Tuan Enambelas个月 前

    Smooooth operatooorr

  • Hishmith V vardhan
    Hishmith V vardhan个月 前

    where is the great sergio perez

  • allenochi
    allenochi个月 前

    Albon knew that was his last team radio at Redbull

  • Win Cuesta
    Win Cuesta个月 前

    Listening to Seb's song made me cry

  • Not Streamer
    Not Streamer个月 前

    "Kimi you will not have the drink"

  • Manas9210
    Manas9210个月 前

    Seb is just an incredible human being. That gesture was wholesome! Sad seeing him leaving Ferrari but happy he is leaving for much better! Danke Seb!

  • Muhammed Ibrahim
    Muhammed Ibrahim个月 前

    The song seb sang is soo sad

  • shamanth Shammi
    shamanth Shammi个月 前

    Forever SEB

  • Ajitesh's Random Skits
    Ajitesh's Random Skits个月 前


  • ChillingSpree
    ChillingSpree个月 前

    19 drivers: Thanks guys and well done Stroll: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUHTHERHHAETHNARHNIH MY CAR DOO DOO

  • KrisMcCool
    KrisMcCool个月 前

    Everyone: yeah thank you, guys!! enjoyed it was a hard year but really thank you! Sir Lance a lot: UNBELIEVABLE DE CAR SUCCS

  • Seshadhri S
    Seshadhri S个月 前

    Kvyat's leaving for tsunoda for sure going by Gasly's message

  • Jordan Cogley
    Jordan Cogley个月 前

    stroll has the 3rd best car and hes still complaining

  • Whale
    Whale个月 前

    She was the biggest Ferrari fan all along

  • Laaka Motlogelwa
    Laaka Motlogelwa个月 前

    We will miss you Kevin and Grosjean!

  • Karl Macbeth
    Karl Macbeth个月 前

    I want to see Daniel's last lap

  • Grdi Majmun
    Grdi Majmun个月 前

    Seb is an amazing guy

  • Anurag
    Anurag个月 前

    Perez missed out. He was the only car that retired from the race. And Grosjean of course.

  • Ibra Ibra
    Ibra Ibra个月 前

    It's easy to sing when you can't drive. The pilots that sing have mostly no points at the end of the season. Shame in you . And you got payes millions. For whaaaat for singing???

  • Silent Knight Alam
    Silent Knight Alam个月 前

    I want Vettel to win the championship next year.

  • dalélama
    dalélama个月 前

    No one is talking about Lance Stroll's radio ? LOL check 2:49 . Every other radio was so positive except this....

  • Akshit Bisht
    Akshit Bisht个月 前

    Gasly happy due to Ocon's overtake!! 2020 can't be much weirder😂😂

  • Wesley Lemayian
    Wesley Lemayian个月 前

    Say what you will about Seb, but he's a real class act. Grazie Raggazi.

  • Michał Falkiewicz
    Michał Falkiewicz个月 前

    Gasly being happy for Ocon winning a battle... Strange year

  • HighSolo
    HighSolo个月 前

    Lance didn't pass the vibe check.

  • Thatguy
    Thatguy个月 前


  • David 999
    David 999个月 前

    From pilots to singers it is an instant😂😂🤣

  • Matt Hartley
    Matt Hartley个月 前

    No guys, Thank you

  • Ballsey
    Ballsey个月 前

    I thought Vettel is such a nice guy off-track but now he's it on-track aswell. Grazie Seb5.

  • Ice Cream Tv
    Ice Cream Tv个月 前

    I wanna hear y'all sing it: Smoooooth Operator

  • Pawbulhed


    个月 前

    Smooooooooooooooth operator

  • Jerry Jerries
    Jerry Jerries个月 前

    I think Gasly just confirmed that Kvyat is leaving.

  • Will M
    Will M个月 前

    Vettel: I sing for you, Dama da ne🎶 weebs unite

  • Werevertumoto
    Werevertumoto个月 前

    Checo post race message: lost this f*** engine again 😪 And that's where Racing Point battle for third was lost

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward个月 前

    Don't know why leclerc was saying thank u for his tractor he has been driving

  • xDkf4Evs
    xDkf4Evs个月 前

    Lando imrpoved a lot this year

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle个月 前

    I wish you'd spell whoa properly.

  • Jorge Delgado
    Jorge Delgado个月 前

    Nobody Hates more Lance Stroll than Lance Stroll’s engineer.

  • Jayed AL Sabit
    Jayed AL Sabit个月 前

    The 2 reasons why Racing Point couldn't get P3 in the constructors are :- 1. Stroll 2. Cheating and copying One reason they can't compete with the top teams in the future:- They got rid off Checo And one reason they might compete with top teams:- S.Vettel!

  • Kian jones
    Kian jones个月 前

    Carlos giving Lando the finger XD. they are amazing

  • azamiruddin
    azamiruddin个月 前

    You should hear what Perodua Myvi driver said. Please include them next year.

  • Rishen Reni
    Rishen Reni个月 前

    3:23 Kimi is Disappointed 😟

  • Abhishekh Jonathan Rathnam
    Abhishekh Jonathan Rathnam个月 前

    Stroll 🙄🙄

  • Samaksh Panjabi
    Samaksh Panjabi个月 前

    He does not fok melt my tyres

  • Theo Magonis
    Theo Magonis个月 前

    Nobody is gonna talk about Gasly confirming Kvyats exit?

  • William Lyle
    William Lyle个月 前

    Smooooooth operatorrrrrrr

  • Jay Borah
    Jay Borah个月 前

    Sainz 🤟Norris

  • Grenadier Gaming
    Grenadier Gaming个月 前

    My heart will Grosjean

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel个月 前

    I'm not crying its just sweat on my face I will say happy new year in March

  • muhdfuad 24
    muhdfuad 24个月 前

    Vettel masa dekat Redbull dibenci Vettel masa dekat Ferrari disayangi. Truely gentlement

  • Tambos Simanjuntak
    Tambos Simanjuntak个月 前

    If you’re a Ferrari fans, u will never hate Vettel. EVER!! He love our red color.. Forza Vettel !! Grazie !!

  • Wong Wai leong
    Wong Wai leong个月 前

    What did you sing,Sebastian Vettel?

  • hsieh811
    hsieh811个月 前

    Sergio's last radio message: "I have no power...." =(

  • Aniket basatwar
    Aniket basatwar个月 前

    belated happy birthday lannan (lazrer beam) yeeeeet

  • m talha afzaal
    m talha afzaal个月 前

    Sad for seb

  • Gerard Khachaturyan
    Gerard Khachaturyan个月 前

    *Surely someone was cutting onions *

  • DeltaMike
    DeltaMike个月 前

    such a cry baby Stroll!!!!