【ENG SUB】[创造营 CHUANG2021] EP01 Part I | The First Ranking Performances of 90 Trainees 学员初评级开启超燃团秀!


CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.
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  • Fathima Alfassy
    Fathima Alfassy11 小时 前

    Omg when one group sang meteor garden ost🥺🥺🤧🤧🤧🥺❤️❤️

  • I’m So chill
    I’m So chill17 小时 前

    周深对嘴 mic都差点拿对上

  • Freda Fang
    Freda Fang天 前


  • 4C-05 Chew_Cheuk_Yan_Natalie
    4C-05 Chew_Cheuk_Yan_Natalie天 前

    wow lots of international

  • anee
    anee天 前

    ive only watched ywy and not chuang before, but i came to watch nine. but oh my god now i'm super excited to follow this show the amount of talent is insane

  • Esther_ hmar
    Esther_ hmar2 天 前

    Keyu hmeltha💖

  • Liu Mason
    Liu Mason2 天 前

    求韓佩泉同志的reaction合集!!! 我願意付費觀看😂😂😂

  • Charlotte TG
    Charlotte TG2 天 前

    Came here for P Nine🥺

  • Mae Lim
    Mae Lim2 天 前


  • yeon tani
    yeon tani3 天 前

    Amber 😍 Santa 😍 Rikimaru 😍 zhou keyu 😍 Kazuma 😍 Mika 😍 Wu yuheng 😍 Amu 😍 Li jiaxiang 😍 Liu Zhang 😍 Yu yang 😍

  • Simone Wang
    Simone Wang3 天 前

    everyone been talking about the international trainees beating local trainees, let's not forget the biggest hero is the ones who provided this platform for all of them to be able to realize their dream

  • 甄玮
    甄玮3 天 前


  • Army X Blinks 4EVER
    Army X Blinks 4EVER4 天 前


  • Mizekr
    Mizekr4 天 前

    thanks for the eng subs, I’m here for 深深

  • Roshini Kathula
    Roshini Kathula4 天 前

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song in 1:11:37 please.....

  • Trament T
    Trament T4 天 前


  • Esther Yee
    Esther Yee4 天 前

    the amount of visual in thisis video is insane 🤲✨😵。。。🤣

  • Goh yi qi
    Goh yi qi4 天 前

    The performance from “intersection” literally lifted the whole quality of this competition. How are they even qualified as contestants, too good to be true 🤯🤯

  • 林轩竹
    林轩竹4 天 前

    奥斯卡的那段rap 后面的节奏有点像sugar的大吹打

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    便宜稳定高速翻墙VPN注册登录xindongli130点xyz5 天 前


  • Miss Tag
    Miss Tag5 天 前

    Iam here for you gays,INTERSECTION😍

  • Miss Tag
    Miss Tag5 天 前

    Mika voice just like floating RADIO, oh man

  • Trang xinh official
    Trang xinh official5 天 前

    China's good 👅

  • Un Sodanika
    Un Sodanika5 天 前

    Why 2020 only 7 seat

  • Un Sodanika
    Un Sodanika5 天 前

    Where Meiqi?

  • tan wee kiat
    tan wee kiat5 天 前

    First group really a joke !! Love it !

  • Kim Bidhan Namjoon
    Kim Bidhan Namjoon5 天 前

    Liu Zhang is so cool ...

  • Ng Mun
    Ng Mun5 天 前


  • Parulz Art
    Parulz Art6 天 前

    Omg rikimaru

  • 所有姓周的粉丝
    所有姓周的粉丝6 天 前


  • Ding Dooong
    Ding Dooong6 天 前

    I just love santa many love from Bangladesh

  • Asia Drama ost
    Asia Drama ost6 天 前

    Can you put arabic sub

  • annieeggg
    annieeggg6 天 前


  • 苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福趋避之
    苟利国家生死以,岂因祸福趋避之6 天 前


  • Xin Lei
    Xin Lei7 天 前


  • Dilight
    Dilight7 天 前

    It brings me more joy to watch because I hadn't know any trainees there before xD

  • Sarah fei
    Sarah fei7 天 前

    Zhou keyu as main visual and lead dancer Oscar as amin rapper Mika as main vocalist Santa as main dance...perfect

  • Yelling like Yoongi
    Yelling like Yoongi7 天 前


  • park rosie
    park rosie7 天 前

    zhou zhennan

  • Vividha Avasthi
    Vividha Avasthi8 天 前

    intersection!! please vote for Mika, Caelan and Kazuma

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee8 天 前


  • Aadya Sharma
    Aadya Sharma8 天 前

    Santa, Rikamaru’s dance performance was just amazing. I’m in awe. They re professional dancers. I’m in love with their performance. And the intersection singrs and rappers were also awesome. All the international participants are so talented. Because of them i want to continue watching. 😍😍😍

  • Catherine le greatest
    Catherine le greatest8 天 前

    Ak Liu Zhang!!

  • Kirtonia Bishwjit
    Kirtonia Bishwjit8 天 前

    I miss tao and luhan. ...and happy for nane..😍😍

  • Sonita Ly
    Sonita Ly8 天 前

    Honestly, Come here for nene🤣

  • Jing Jing
    Jing Jing8 天 前


  • Alisha Rai
    Alisha Rai8 天 前

    Can't choose between Rikimaru and Santa🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Alisha Rai
    Alisha Rai8 天 前

    Lin Yuxiu really looks like the one from The Life of White Fox Chinese drama 😬😍

  • Alisha Rai
    Alisha Rai8 天 前

    Zhang Teng literally sang I TOLD SUNSET ABOUT YOU OST 😍😭

  • Megha Meghz
    Megha Meghz8 天 前

    1:06:12 wait why does it sound like daechiwta by yoongi

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    外贸CN2高速翻墙机场注册登录66yun102点xyz8 天 前


  • smsyan
    smsyan8 天 前


  • Timila Bariya
    Timila Bariya8 天 前

    I miss huang ztao,luhan,Victoria song,kris wu,Mao buyi from chuang2020

  • 杨芋凡
    杨芋凡8 天 前


  • yaoyao Tam
    yaoyao Tam9 天 前

    感觉这一季就是考验导师的情商啊😂😂😂 好喜欢宁静每次的发言🤭 深深一如既往的棒👍🏻 Amber 好久没见,希望f(x)可以合体啊 大家加油~

  • Diyxlx
    Diyxlx9 天 前

    oh wow I didn't know intersection were participating in it

  • Aeiko Kirari
    Aeiko Kirari9 天 前

    I'm watching Chinese show but I'm really my attentions went to inter trainee The are so good Hope they are not stuck with language reason Like how can they sings in chinese

  • chloe
    chloe9 天 前

    AMBER!!! 😻😻😻

  • Angel Xiara
    Angel Xiara9 天 前

    OMG i Saw Lay in Santa!

  • Angel Xiara
    Angel Xiara9 天 前

    When Caelan solo look at both Mika and Kazuma they look so damn proud with their lil brother!! Intersection is my fav!

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    点赞了 赞多👍好心疼他💘💔😔 我的白马王子🤴快好起来🥳加油💪🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    那个A Caminhada 好酷啊💕🖤

  • Гаухар Касанова
    Гаухар Касанова9 天 前

    Как передача называется на русском подскажите пожалуста????

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    流星雨 好好听啊💖💖🥳💙

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    我好喜欢米卡 和马 床铃💗😻😻🔥🔥

    WAN TING POON9 天 前


  • Wenda Surya
    Wenda Surya9 天 前

    Amber amber amber

  • Alisa Gurung
    Alisa Gurung9 天 前

    This is the most hilarious show I've ever seen like the trainees are way too tallented and skills specially the international trainees

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    上来了第一个组 糖果超甜 小哥哥们好可爱的宝贝女儿啊👀🔥🥰😂💘

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    叶皓然 他好帅啊😻❤️我爱了🎉

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    Chuang2021boys 好多日本人加入啊 都好好帅啊😻💙💙

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前

    han peiquan 百因必有果你的报应就是我💘😂🔥抖音 很火的👀💙

  • Socheata Nim
    Socheata Nim9 天 前


  • 香菜宝宝吖
    香菜宝宝吖9 天 前


  • Cheng Zhan
    Cheng Zhan9 天 前


  • Cheng Zhan
    Cheng Zhan9 天 前


    BTS FANFICS9 天 前

    I don't know why but i want tao in this show😪

  • Mekori y

    Mekori y

    7 天 前

    Me tooo

  • InduShekhar teaching of English

    InduShekhar teaching of English

    9 天 前


  • K. N Bhavana
    K. N Bhavana9 天 前

    I live Mika's voice God!!!! 1:45:49

  • Yeo Nah
    Yeo Nah9 天 前

    1:45:44 this may be unrelated but who was reminded of Dino here? Because hearing this song reminded me of Dino

  • K. N Bhavana
    K. N Bhavana9 天 前

    Whose favorite is oscar Me!!anyone else

  • K. N Bhavana
    K. N Bhavana9 天 前

    I really loved at 1:32:25

  • Sora ceyo
    Sora ceyo10 天 前

    Amu yu gömleğinden anında tanıdım, resmen ben Antime AM im diye bağırıyor gömlek 😂 keşke William da olsaydı ama Kazu, Caelan ve Mika çok mükemmeller. Ah ah ilk post attıkları zamanlar geldi gözümün önüne... Caelan ponçik bir çocuktu resmen cool boy oldu 😭 Neyse neyse... Riki ve Santa, aşırı aşırı mükemmellik akıyor! Santa dikkatli ol lütfen sakatlanmanı hiç kimse istemez 😭😭 Daha fazla konuşmayayım. 皆さん、頑張れ!!!

  • Huda Bhagwani
    Huda Bhagwani10 天 前

    I'm sry but I feel instead of judging others they should pay attention yo their performances... The trainees just keep asking for chances... I feel youth with you S3 is much much better than this show... It's my opinion...

  • Xiao Neiky
    Xiao Neiky10 天 前

    Santa did his best. Hope he is ok .

  • Xiao Neiky
    Xiao Neiky10 天 前

    Yu yang's original was so good, and the lyrics too is so amazing 💖 I like it

  • w q
    w q10 天 前

    米卡 河马冲冲冲 超爱你们的啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊

  • Suibian
    Suibian10 天 前

    I lost count of the number of times I had to pause because of second hand embarrassment🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Rachana Jamatia

    Rachana Jamatia

    9 天 前


  • 翻滚吧胖平
    翻滚吧胖平10 天 前


  • ming fung wong
    ming fung wong10 天 前


  • Suibian
    Suibian10 天 前

    Are the groups debuting through this show temporary like produce Korea or stay together for more years?

  • Ma Va
    Ma Va10 天 前


  • Sowmiya Sankar12
    Sowmiya Sankar1210 天 前

    Is tat amber 4m f(x)???

  • w q
    w q10 天 前

    糖果齁咸表演后 静姐差点把恐怖说出来了hh

  • Elroclya
    Elroclya10 天 前


  • Rachel Zhang
    Rachel Zhang10 天 前

    Is it just me but santa looks like kai

  • Bornali Saikia
    Bornali Saikia10 天 前

    So many familiar faces....Nine, Patrick,Rikimaru....wow

  • Pink Sapphire
    Pink Sapphire10 天 前

    周深是一个非常专业和认真的导师。 他不吝啬的教导学员们 还提供有用的学习要点。

  • Colbie
    Colbie10 天 前

    Good luck nong Nine and nong Patrick. ❤️

  • bi lucy
    bi lucy10 天 前


  • Kapo Wan
    Kapo Wan10 天 前

    日本弟弟 井汲大祥❤️